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Daylan Bakes, Celeste Tarbox, Samantha Galman

Core Decisions of Lesson Design

First Draft

We decided on sequencing as the skill on which would focus. From there, we knew our
First Grade students had previously worked with the Three Little Pigs folktale in
Kindergarten. With that previous knowledge in mind, we developed a lesson closely
focused on a comparison of texts and the synthesis of beginning, middle and end.
Aligned both with the 1st Grade curriculum and CCSS, sequencing is a literacy objective
with which students are currently working.
We will combine pair/share, shared writing, and group discussion to achieve our goal of
students’ understanding of sequencing and summarizing events. We will perform a
preliminary reading of the traditional version of The Three Little Pigs to reestablish
students’ foundational understanding of the master narrative. We will then create a
storyboard to establish basic sequencing by having students order image and text in pairs.
The class will listen to a read-aloud of The True Story of the Three Little Pigs. From this
read-aloud, students will order images of new text and after, teacher will write studentgenerated sentences underneath the sequenced images. From these sentences, students
will synthesize three summary sentences (beginning, middle and end).
A Classroom Mentor mentioned that students needed work with intertextual connections
and the sequential development of narrative. Creating graphic organizers outlining
beginning, middle and ends of a story paired with the implementation of shared writing
strategies supports our belief that students engage best when presented with multimodal
literary planning.