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Publicly-Held Company

Corporate Taxpayers ID (CNPJ/MF): 61.486.650/0001-83

Company Registry (NIRE): 35.300.172.507


Diagnsticos da Amrica S.A. (DASA), in compliance with the article 157, paragraph 4th, of
the Law No. 6.404 of December 15th, 1976, as amended, and in the Ruling issued by the Brazilian
Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) No. 361 of March 5th, 2002, as amended, hereby
informs that it has received on this date the attached communication from Cromossomo
Participaes II S.A. (Offeror), its controlling shareholder, regarding the Offerers intention to
launch a voluntary tender offer to acquire up to the total ordinary shares issued by DASA, and
held by DASAs non-controlling shareholders, to delist the DASAs shares from the special listing
segment of securities market, known as Novo Mercado, operated by BM&FBOVESPA S.A.
Bolsa de Valores, Mercadorias e Futuros, without the cancellation of DASAs registry with the
CVM as securities issuer category A, in the terms of the CVMs Ruling No. 480 of December 7th,
2009, as amended (Offer).
The Offer is subject to the conditions described in the attached communication.
DASA will keep the market in general and its shareholders informed about the matter addressed
This material fact is for information only and does not constitute a securities tender offer.

Barueri, April 27, 2015.

Paulo Bokel Catta-Preta

Investor Relations Officer

Annex with Material Fact of April 27, 2015

The content of this Annex is not a Diagnstco da Amrica S.A. manifestation.