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Alan Corado
Professor Packer
English 2010; 5:30
April 20th, 2015
The Eminent Change

The 21st century brings with it not only the extraordinary technology but also the creation and
destruction of certain ideologies. What society once believed was sinful and immoral in the
1960s is now considered righteous and also revered. Gay rights (marriage, adoption, harassment
free) is a hot topic that causes much conflict with those still stuck in a time warp-hole; causing
much hate and separating society. Thats why it is an urgency to face the bigotry and legalize gay
marriage. It should easily abolish all of the hateful segregation and negative mindsets while also
creating unification.
The argument that arises from creating equal rights for homosexuals is that adopted
children will not have the so called ideal family. This ideal family is considered to be
composed of a single mother and a single father whom nurture and care for the wellbeing of the
children in the home. The male portion of it is that for the young male son, it showcases the ideal
form of masculinity. The female portion of it is that for the young female daughter, it showcases
the ideal form of femininity. Although it is much simpler to pass on these double standards,
individuals forget that these things are concepts. They dont understand that both of these
concepts can be created artificially by whomever. I was fortunate enough to have a single mother
to raise me and educate me on proper mannerisms as well as to act masculine.

Besides the whole double standard thing, religion also comes into play. Individuals with a
deep and strong faith believe that it is immoral to have romantic feelings towards another
individual of the same sex. They claim that God has clearly stated that anything of that sort is
blasphemy and completely vile. The second is this: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.
There is no other commandment greater than these. (Mark 12:31) This quote out of the bible
clearly establishes that God absolutely loves us all and that our greatest commandment should be
to love one another. By applying all these hateful opinions, religious individuals taint the image
of religion and of all the people surrounding it. It creates a horrendous stereotype that forces us
to believe that all religious folk are nothing but bigots and hateful people when thats not the
case. Although opinions flourish, it is our job to shoot down any form of bigotry to allow a
complete remedy.
Now lets shift our attention from the religious aspect of gay marriage to the economic
impact gay marriage has on the United States. It is a $2.5 billion dollar question; how does gay
marriage impact the economy? An article on Nerd Wallet states that the $51 billion wedding
industry (employing more than 800,000) could be affected in a positive manner by gay marriage.
With 33 states legalizing gay marriage, this creates potential for local economies to grow. People
honestly forget that homosexuals in our communities are respectable individuals with good
paying jobs just like everyone else. Although it is only a prediction and individuals in newly
legalized gay marriage states immediately wed up in a courthouse; evidence shows that after a
few years of establishing this legalization, the money truly begins to pour in (California gay
marriage income: $414,343,588). With that in mind, this should bring hope to local wedding
businesses of potential customers in the future.

The final question truly at hand is how can you fix this issue? There is no quick solution
and it is a long process. What we all must truly do is unite as a huge community and destroy the
monsters of bigotry and segregation. We must push for legalization everywhere and rip out of
our ancestors mentality of the South. View every individual as a unique and independent person
and truly admire our differences. Embrace the evolution of time and come to grips with the truth;
gay marriage is not wrong. If our whole goal as a society is to evolve and succeed, how can we
truly break this stagnant flow and become the most dominant species on earth? Truly think hard
about it and find the answers in your heart as I found mine in my heart.


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