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Scott McAdams was first elected to his local school board in 2002 at the age of 31.

the last five years, Scott has been an eager student of school board governance, and
currently serves as the President of the Sitka School Board, Vice-President of the Mt.
Edgecumbe High School Advisory Board, and as the President-elect of the Association of
Alaska School Boards. Scott is happily employed at the Sheldon Jackson Museum in
Sitka . He and his wife Romee enjoy three children at home. Scott is a true believer in
local governance, and understands that students are best served when they are equipped
with a results oriented school board willing and able to provide the vision, structure,
accountability and advocacy needed to deliver a comprehensive school program that
successfully meets the challenges of external policy mandates and local expectations.

Scott has participated in the Alaska State Council on the Arts Alaska Arts Education
Summit for the last two years, and serves a school district well known for it’s
commitment to arts education. Scott is interested in legislative advocacy, has actively
participated in ten State and three Federal organized association lobbying fly-ins, and has
served as an active volunteer lobbyist for the Sitka School District for the last five years.
He hopes to continue his service in this area on behalf of kids in the years to come.