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All ,

Now we have MoboXterm on Appjump V3 Servers too , to access Oracle GUIs as needed. Here you
go for walk through on usage
Step 1 : Browse through Appjump V3 URL
Step 2: Logon to Appjump V3
Step 3: Pick any of the following servers


Step 6: Pick MobaXtem from drop up menu list

Step 6: Logon to Unix Ijump Server ex :

Step 7 : Logon to target unix Target / Destined DB server as oracle ( oracle user )

Step 8: Check the GUI ex: xclock

Congrats .. Hopefully you too got it .

Limitations , Till RHEL 5 we dont have any limitations to get Xwindows / GUIs , But certainly we
have limitations from RHEL 6 as Xorg is deprecated by default and can be installed on demand as
Sofar , I dit not get the chance to test MobaXterm on other UNIX flavors like ,
Solix / HPUX / AIX . But I hope, we can get Oracle GUIs through MobaX without any Xorg support .