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Bateman Case

Alyssa DiSciscio
Kevin Anastas
Christine Neals
Brooke Drost

Executive Summary:
Most people when they think of Salem, MA, just think of witches, but our goal was to
make the residents and students of Salem State and the surrounding areas more aware of
online banking with PopMoney. The goal of our teams campaign was to increase the
awareness of how PopMoney works and could benefit them especially the students who
attend Salem State.
With our generation so much of our time is spent using technology and always being on
the go, why not use online banking to make your life easier? By increasing the awareness
of PopMoney our team got together to create a survey to see just how many people knew
about it to begin with. Using this information we were able to get PopMoneys name out
there and raise awareness. Also, our aim was to allow neighboring stores and businesses
to allow PopMoney to be a payment method, which would make things easier on both
ends. Come with us and shop till you pop!

With over 7,143 undergraduate students, Salem State University is one of the largest state
universities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. For full-time students, paying
$8,530 in tuition each year, on top of gas money, phone bills, rent, etc., sometimes paying
your bills on time can be tough. In todays society we use mostly social media, email and
text messages to communicate with one another. In such a digital world, why are we still
using last centurys technology of paying each other with cash and checks?
Many Salem State students work part-time jobs while attending school, but most
still need some financial help from family members or friends. Rather than taking the
risk of sending or receiving money in the mail, students need a reliable online banking
Popmoney allows you to send and receive money to friends and family and pay
bills online. Popmoney is powered by Fiserv, used by 55 million people and is certified
by TRUSTe. Popmoney is not only reliable and easy to use, but it allows students to
manage their money on their time. Itll allow parents to send their children money online
rather than having to send it through a money wire or waiting till they see them in person,
which could be very inconvenient if they dont live close to Salem. Popmoney can also
have roommates set up a certain date each month thatll automatically send money in for
their rent.
If students were more aware of what Popmoney could allow them to do just at the
touch of a button on a computer or cellphone we think they would be a lot more satisfied.
As we campaign for Popmoney we will try to set out on making students at Salem along

with their families and local businesses more aware of the opportunities that are out there
for them.

According to Pew Internet as of a survey in May 2013, 61% of adults
18+ use Internet for online banking. Through this information we can
note that more than half of our primary targeted audience, in some
way, will be accessing the Internet for bank usage. This could benefit
for us because if people are already using online banking they might
be used to how PopMoney works and can understand the basics of it.
Off of that information we then focused on our surrounding
populations. Through our secondary research we looked up facts for
college students, their parents and surrounding audiences that affect
their lives. With this information we can focus on whom we can aim
towards promoting PopMoney.
Undergrad college students:
92% of Salem State freshman file for financial aid.
72% of Salem State freshman receive a form of a federal grant.
79% of Salem State freshman receive a loan.
Undergraduates at Salem State are a total of 7,143
Incoming freshman 1,095 as of 2012.
Incoming transfer students are is 860
Returning students are 5,188
*According to Salem State University
Undergrad living on campus:
Total full time undergraduates: 35%
First year freshman: 71%
Other first year: 43%
Second year: 41%
Third year: 23%

Fourth year: 14%

*According to Salem State University
Ethnicity and Race of Salem State Students:
73% White
8% African American
9% Hispanic/Latino
3% Asian
3% Non-Residential Alien
2% Two or more races
1% Ethnicity unknown
*According to College Board
Gender Comparisons of Salem State:
61% women
39% men
*According to College Board
Graduate and Professional:
A total of 1,348
*According to Salem State University
In-State Cost: On Campus:
Tuition & fees: $8,530
Room & board: $11,880
Books & supplies: $1,000
Estimated total: $21,410
*According to College Board
In-State Cost: At Home:
Tuition & fees: $8,530
Room & board: $3,350
Books & supplies: $1,000
Estimated total: $12,880
*According to College Board
Salem, MA Statistics:
Males: 19,641 (46.5%)
Females: 22,578 (53.5%)
Median resident age: 37.6 years
Median household income: $55,436 (as of 2011)
Median house or condo value in 2011: $300,414
Median gross rent in 2011: $1,050

*According to City Data

Education for population 25 years and older in Salem State:
High school or higher: 87.8%
Bachelors degree or higher: 37.6%
Graduate or professional degree: 13.7%
Unemployed: 10.2%
*According to City Data
Salem Relationships:
Total pop: 40,407
In Households: 39,247
Householder: 17,492
Spouse: 6,790
Child: 10,351
o Own child under 18: 7,465 *According to Salem Area
Population in Families Living in Salem:
Total: 28,133
Under 18 years: 7,619
18 years and older: 20,514
*According to Suburban Stats
Ethnicity in Salem:
81.5% White
4.9% African American
0.4% American Indian
2.6% Asian
0.1% Native Hawaiian
3.4% Two or more races
75.9% White alone, no Hispanic or Latino
*According to the US Census Bureau
*See work citied for citations


See appendix for survey of primary and

secondary audiences.
30 student surveys and 10 parent surveys were handed out at random to help
better understand the presence of PopMoney within the college community. The main

goal of the surveys were to further the knowledge of students and parents about
PopMoney and to gain information about their financial situations, banking needs, and
their desire to use PopMoney. The financial involvement of parents in their childs life
was also surveyed. 30 students and 10 parents were surveyed all together. Of these 30
students 43.3% (13) are male and 56.6% (17) are female. 3.3% (4) of the students
surveyed are 18 years of age, 23.3% (7) are 19 years of age, 16.6% (5) are 20 years of
age, 26.6% (8) are 21 years of age, 10% (3) are 22 years of age, and 10% (3) are 23 years
of age. 16.6% (5) of these students are freshmen, 23.3% (7) sophomores, 26.6% (8)
juniors, and 33.3% (10) seniors. Most of the students attending Salem State University
are in state, with a ratio of 70% in-state students and 30% out-of-state students. 73.3% of
students are employed, 90% own debit cards, and of this 90%, 50% use their debit cards
frequently. 53.3% said that they often make purchases with their debit card online, 66.6%
have bills to pay and 43.3% use mobile banking on a daily basis.
One survey question that stood out from the rest was when students were asked if
they were paying for school on their own or if their parents were helping them to pay for
school, there was a 50/50 split among the students. 50% are paying for school on their
own and 50% are receiving help from their parents to pay for school. This is a major
factor because parents helping their children to pay for school could greatly benefit from
the use of PopMoney as a means to transfer money from their bank account into their
childs. One of the first questions in the survey asked students and parents if they had
ever heard of PopMoney, 83.3% of students said that they had never heard of it. After
reading about PopMoney and taking the survey, 40% of students became interested in
using PopMoney, although there are still 60% of students who did not take an interest in

the use of PopMoney. Of the 10 parents interviewed, 50% said that they occasionally
transfer money into their childs account and 40% said that they would be interested in
using PopMoney. Again, PopMoney could greatly benefit parents who transfer money
into their childs account because it would make it easier and faster for them to do so.
In conclusion, the survey revealed that a majority of students attending Salem
State University live on campus as full time students, are in state students, have jobs, own
debit cards and use them often and have bills to pay. The students who participated in the
survey ranged from 18-23 years old, including freshmen, sophomores, juniors and
seniors. Half of the students are paying for school on their own and half are receiving
financial help from their parents. A majority of students had not heard of PopMoney
before taking the survey. Half of the parents surveyed transfer money into their childs
account and less than half are interested in using PopMoney. The surveys were successful
in giving the researchers information about SSU students knowledge of PopMoney and
their parents financial involvement with students.

Target Audiences:
Primary Audience: The student population within Salem State University ranges from
ages 18-24 years old. The oldest percentage of students is 24 years old, meaning they are
our main primary audience. This is an excellent primary audience because these are the
students who will soon be graduating, taking on numerous bills and the payment of
student loans. The average age of full time students is 22 years old. There are a total of
7,741 undergraduate students attending Salem State University. Many students are
unaware that PopMoney is a payment service where you can easily exchange money,
saving you time while paying for groceries, rent, gas, books and many other life

necessities. Our team aims to focus on Salem State students that depend on money from
parents, friends or family members. With PopMoney, money can easily be transferred
from person to person. There are many students living off campus in their own
apartments, going out to eat and shopping in local Salem venues who could easily benefit
from the use of PopMoney. PopMoney can also be used for direct deposit for students
who are employed. Salem State students come from all over the world. Ethnicities range
from 73 percent white, 9 percent Hispanic or Latino, 8 percent African American, 6
percent unknown or other ethnicity. 61 percent of Salem State students are women and 39
percent are men. A majority of Salem State students are utilizing the many benefits of
social media and are savvy with the Internet. The students use of technology coincides
with Popmoney since it is an online payment service that helps in simplifying the
payment process.
Secondary Audience: The secondary audiences of Salem State University are
mainly the parents of students, family memebers, roommates, and even local businesses.
PopMoney is available in more than 1,900 participating financial institutions according to
its website, which will allow a lot of families to begin using it once they are aware of its
benefits. We would like to gain the interest of business owners because they can easily
invoice and accept payments electronically opposed to the process of writing and cashing
checks. PopMoney is easy for parents to use because it is based off of pre-existing
checking or saving accounts. The only account they would need to set up is their own
PopMoney profile, which is free and easy. The average transaction size for PopMoney
users is approximately $400. PopMoney can be used to transfer up to $500 a day with a
debit card and up to $2,000 a day through your bank account. This is vital information for

parents, family members and friends in case they need to send a large amount of money
to their child/friend/etc. PopMoney is secure and safe and alerts you when money has
been transferred in to your account and when money has been transferred out. PopMoney
also allows you to set up bill pay so that the money is taken out of your account and
transferred automatically on the day of your choice.
*See work citied for citations

Key Messages:
1. PopMoney helps students pay for their education.
According to a survey of 30 students and 10 parents; 50% of
students receive financial help from a parent. 50% of parents
surveyed already transfer money into their childs bank account.
Transferring money between accounts helps students pay their
tuition fees on time.
2. PopMoney makes banking easy for busy students!
Of students surveyed, 43.3% use mobile banking all the time.
73.3% have a job and 66.3% have bills to pay. PopMoney allows
busy students to pay bills and send or receive money between
classes and on the go.
3. Using PopMoney is easy!
According to our secondary research, 61% of adults over the age
of 18 use online banking. PopMoney functions similarly to other
online banking sites, so users will be familiar with the process.
4. Anyone can use PopMoney to send and receive money!
Our secondary research shows that PoMoney works with over
1,900 financial institutions. This gives many students and
parents the opportunity to use PopMoney with their existing bank




Goal: To increase the awareness of PopMoney in the Salem, Ma, area.

Objective 1: Get PopMoneys name out into the Salem State campus.
Strategy 1: Develop a flyer on just on what PopMoney is.
Tactic 1: Ask the school for permission to post flyers.
Tactic 2: Make sure the flyers stand out so theyre
Strategy 2: Plan out a process on where they will be seen the

Tactic 1: Post flyers promoting PopMoney on each location

Tactic 2: Allow the flyers to be readable and have a clear

Objective 2: Get at least 5 nearby stores to allow PopMoney to be

promoted by them.
Strategy 1: Create a way stores could promote PopMoney.
Tactic 1: Do research to figure out what stores students go
to the
Tactic 2: Contact the stores managers to ask if theyre
willing to
Strategy 2: Ask if the stores would donate some products to be
used at
a promotion activity at the school.
Tactic 1: Allow stores to use free promotions by allowing us
tie their name with PopMoney.
Tactic 2: Set up a table that you could give out free gifts
from the
Objective 3: Get a group of up to 30 students to attend a meeting on
PopMoney & online banking.
Strategy 1: Ask the school for permission to use a campus
Tactic 1: Make sure the room is large enough to hold the
amount of people that will be attending.
Tactic 2: Schedule the meeting for a time available to most

Strategy 2: Announce when and where the meeting will be held.

Tactic 1: Provide a good overall summary of how
Popmoney and
online banking can benefit the students
life and make it
Tactic 2: Allow questions to be asked at the end of the
for clarification.

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