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Beyond Imagination: ON SPIRIT

Beyond Imagination: ON SPIRIT

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This is a collection of quotes and passages on spirit and the spiritual that were selected from the Beyond Imagination expression that began in 1993. The Beyond Imagination expression comes forth as a stream of consciousness. The material in this work is presented in chronological order of the way that it was generated. The nature and variety of the material is such that I could think of no better way to organize it. I trust that the source that speaks through me knew what it was doing when it brought forth the information. My goal in creating this work was to present a new perspective on spirit and to open your eyes to some new possibilities that you may not have considered. I regard spirit and the spiritual more highly than I regard anything ... yes, more highly than I regard life itself. Personally, I have chosen to live a life of spirit. Hopefully, this work will encourage you to choose to do the same. Though, how you might do this will be unique to you. Don't accept everything that I say on face value. Use utility as your sole criteria for what you accept or not. That, and your own inner knowingness. Some of what is captured here will speak to you directly ... confirming what you already know or suspect. Other material may be new to you and give you cause to think. Even after nearly 17 years, I still do not know how all of this is able to come forth through me. It remains a mystery ... one of the biggest mysteries in my life. Yet, I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to experience all of this and produce the works that I have produced.

There are many aspects and perspectives presented here. Our hope is that they give you insight into spirit and the spiritual, and how these express in our life and in the world. Feel free to open to any page and start anywhere on that page to find material that may be relevant to you in the moment. There is no need to read this material in a linear fashion. Also, the passages are numbered, so allow the numbers that show up in your life to guide you to the passages that you need to see. I apologize up front for the disjointed nature of this work. The only things that hold it together are that each quote and passage contains "spirit" in it and they all came from the Beyond Imagination expression. At this point, that has to be enough. I am still amazed that all of this could have come forth through me. Feel free to create your own works by selecting passages from ours in any way that suits you and adding your own comments and/or passages to it.
This is a collection of quotes and passages on spirit and the spiritual that were selected from the Beyond Imagination expression that began in 1993. The Beyond Imagination expression comes forth as a stream of consciousness. The material in this work is presented in chronological order of the way that it was generated. The nature and variety of the material is such that I could think of no better way to organize it. I trust that the source that speaks through me knew what it was doing when it brought forth the information. My goal in creating this work was to present a new perspective on spirit and to open your eyes to some new possibilities that you may not have considered. I regard spirit and the spiritual more highly than I regard anything ... yes, more highly than I regard life itself. Personally, I have chosen to live a life of spirit. Hopefully, this work will encourage you to choose to do the same. Though, how you might do this will be unique to you. Don't accept everything that I say on face value. Use utility as your sole criteria for what you accept or not. That, and your own inner knowingness. Some of what is captured here will speak to you directly ... confirming what you already know or suspect. Other material may be new to you and give you cause to think. Even after nearly 17 years, I still do not know how all of this is able to come forth through me. It remains a mystery ... one of the biggest mysteries in my life. Yet, I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to experience all of this and produce the works that I have produced.

There are many aspects and perspectives presented here. Our hope is that they give you insight into spirit and the spiritual, and how these express in our life and in the world. Feel free to open to any page and start anywhere on that page to find material that may be relevant to you in the moment. There is no need to read this material in a linear fashion. Also, the passages are numbered, so allow the numbers that show up in your life to guide you to the passages that you need to see. I apologize up front for the disjointed nature of this work. The only things that hold it together are that each quote and passage contains "spirit" in it and they all came from the Beyond Imagination expression. At this point, that has to be enough. I am still amazed that all of this could have come forth through me. Feel free to create your own works by selecting passages from ours in any way that suits you and adding your own comments and/or passages to it.

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Published by: Wayne Hartman on Feb 04, 2010
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A Beyond Imagination Work Wayne Hartman
February 2010
INTRODUCTION This is a collection of quotes and passages on spirit and the spiritual that were selected from the Beyond Imagination expression that began in 1993. The Beyond Imagination expression comes forth as a stream of consciousness. The material in this work is presented in chronological order of the way that it was generated. The nature and variety of the material is such that I could think of no better way to organize it. I trust that the source that speaks through me knew what it was doing when it brought forth the information. My goal in creating this work was to present a new perspective on spirit and to open your eyes to some new possibilities that you may not have considered. I regard spirit and the spiritual more highly than I regard anything ... yes, more highly than I regard life itself. Personally, I have chosen to live a life of spirit. Hopefully, this work will encourage you to choose to do the same. Though, how you might do this will be unique to you. Don't accept everything that I say on face value. Use utility as your sole criteria for what you accept or not. That, and your own inner knowingness. Some of what is captured here will speak to you directly ... confirming what you already know or suspect. Other material may be new to you and give you cause to think. Even after nearly 17 years, I still do not know how all of this is able to come forth through me. It remains a mystery ... one of the biggest mysteries in my life. Yet, I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to experience all of this and produce the works that I have produced. There are many aspects and perspectives presented here. Our hope is that they give you insight into spirit and the spiritual, and how these express in our life and in the world. Feel free to open to any page and start anywhere on that page to find material that may be relevant to you in the moment. There is no need to read this material in a linear fashion. Also, the passages are numbered, so allow the numbers that show up in your life to guide you to the passages that you need to see. I apologize up front for the disjointed nature of this work. The only things that hold it together are that each quote and passage contains "spirit" in it and they all came from the Beyond Imagination expression. At this point, that has to be enough. I am still amazed that all of this could have come forth through me. Feel free to create your own works by selecting passages from ours in any way that suits you and adding your own comments and/or passages to it. I AM THAT I AM THAT YOU ARE ... SPIRIT ENFLESHED. Wayne


PASSAGES ON SPIRIT FROM BEYOND IMAGINATION - 1993-2008 1 - We are spirit incarnated into flesh. The time has come for us to consciously manifest our true nature. 2 - Remember, you are here to experience the joy, the wonder, and the exhilaration of living life as spirit in flesh. 3 - The challenge is simple -- to allow spirit to more fully manifest in flesh. On an individual level this involves bringing one's true divinity, one's soul, down to Earth in a practical way. It involves being the powerful creator that you are, and owning responsibility for that which you manifest in your life. 4 - Each of us, as individuals, has our own sparks of light to share. As spirit in flesh, this is our birthright. As we learn to follow our Hearts and listen to the dictates of our souls, this individual spark grows greater in intensity. Further, when combined with purpose and intent, these sparks can be joined to create beams of light that can serve to illuminate the larger way for many. Multiple beams can serve to illuminate cities and towns, and in large enough numbers, states, countries, continents, and the entire Earth. 5 - Illuminated beings operate from the Heart, the center of Love/Wisdom in accord with their understanding of their part in The Plan as dictated by their spirit. Because of this, all that they do and create is blessed. Love, peace, and harmony abound in all their interactions and organizational structures. 6 - Needs encompass all areas of an individuals well-being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. 7 - As the momentum behind the New Age builds, metaphysics presents people with various spiritual principles and ideas related to the nature of reality creation. Out of this core springs forth much of the information on which a foundation for the coming Age of Aquarius can be built. 8 - For the Aquarian Age, the goal is to allow spirit to be enfleshed as fully as possible on this planet. As spirit-in-flesh living in this world, the rights called out by our founding fathers become our birthright and the objective becomes to live in a manner consistent with these selfevident truths. Society's chief task then becomes one of creating the environment that allows this to be realized in flesh by all individuals on Earth, HERE and NOW. 9 - So long as the world revolves around money, economic power will mean something. At some point however, there will be a major transition in which economies are forced to bow to spirit. The ecological movement is only the start of this trend. 10 - The same spiritual laws operate throughout the cosmos. The same spiritual laws operate throughout the cosmos.



11 - We've become so lax spiritually that we have no moral basis to society. 12 - It seems that right functioning of society requires a spiritual component. If the religious community cannot provide this effectively, then maybe it's time for the state to step in. The bottom line is that society cannot function effectively without a strong moral basis. If this is not being taught in the home or in any religious setting that children are exposed to, then there is something critical missing in the very foundation of people’s beliefs about how they live among others. This must be remedied before problems can be addressed effectively. 13 - It is time for all to learn of the great power that comes from uniting together for a common enterprise. Synergy is a magic form of spiritual energy that arises in all such endeavors. Such is what makes villages, cities, states, and countries hold together for ages. Such is what makes some small groups able to accomplish what more loosely coupled larger groups have failed to achieve. 14 - At a spiritual level we are all spirits expressed in flesh. We all possess divine sparks of our creator. We are gods in becoming, all of us -- yet we don't act like it most of the time. 15 - There is a saying in India, "namaste"; it means "I bow to the spirit within you". Such a nice saying, and so true. It would serve the entire Family of Man very well if we we're to treat one another with the respect that such an utterance demands. We would see troubles, problems, and disagreements disappear in a heartbeat. 16 - The body is the temple for the spirit. It must be kept in the best health possible to give spirit the optimum vehicle through which to do its works. 17 - My largest complaint is that the way economics is practiced is for the most part devoid of spirituality. This is largely because of flaws at the very basis of free enterprise and free market economies. 18 - When spirit is fully enfleshed, whatever it desires is a need for its further expression. 19 - Doing something well should be assessed at the holistic level for the society as well. Our works should agree with whom and what we are, spirit expressed in flesh. 20 - As spirits, we are here to express ourselves creatively. Anything creative thus has value to society. 21 - Creativity, anywhere, is the expression of spirit. 22 - Elegance is a prime directive for spirit. It often appears to the mind as beauty, but a beauty that comes from being designed in a perfect fashion for ones function. 23 - All four areas of an individual's life (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) must be covered by the education process, but there should be no set curriculum that everyone must go

How wonderful.especially as a spiritual one.Our true nature is as spirit.The creations of people who love what they do are works with Heart -. where equality is ever-present. 33 . only brethren and kindred spirits. 32 . 28 . My belief is that the spiritual path by necessity must be a personal one and I refuse to have any intermediary between me and my maker.Help whomever you are moved to help in whatever ways you are moved to provide that help.Spiritual education is especially important since we want all major decisions made for the good of all concerned. No one has granted to the church any right or authority in spiritual matters. 35 . This can only happen when each individual has a spiritual foundation established as part of that individuals education. the closest we can get to creating works of spirit or god.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT through except at a very rudimentary level.For society to function at its optimum. If you follow your intuition and the voice of spirit inside you. 29 . they will not ask for things or be strongly motivated to learn anything that is not in line with their purpose or the higher expression of their gifts and talents -. Metaphysics comes closer than anything else that I have ever encountered to describing the nature of how this expression happens. each individual must operate as a spiritual being in flesh. you will know when you have an obligation to help and when you do not.All of the material that I have found most important to my development as a spiritual being in flesh came from outside of any formal education system.How wonderful it would be if we could be thankful for rather than fearful of strangers. but such is neither my choice nor my recommendation to others. 34 .Construct transactions as WIN/WIN whenever possible.When individuals are operating as spirit enfleshed. This ensures that transactions are 4 . indeed. 31 .The bottom line is that we are all spirits expressing ourselves in flesh.so. The inspiration of such works can move the planet in ways that are simply beyond imagination.I'd prefer to stay away from religion. One exception is the spiritual area. 30 . if there were no strangers at all. 25 .Read because that is one of the only ways to access particular information necessary to your development as a whole being -. Even better. and what society expects from them. where everyone needs a basic understanding of who and what they are. Individuals may give their personal authority to such institutions as they choose. all requests for training should be fulfilled upon assessment of the student truly being ready.works of Love. 27 . 26 . in general. 24 .

Each time the ego changes.We are not our bodies. 42 .Our body. it's only a slight shift away. Finding ways to do this on a global scale is why I am here. At the very least. In some cases. we have souls like Mahatma Gandhi. or at least to work on to whatever degree I am able. nor our minds. What it was ceases to be.hence has a very limited expression. key world leaders will have such experiences to prepare 5 . throughout the world. As we come closer and closer to the time of transition. it must be treated with respect. without distractions.The right brain is the most important component to spirit being enfleshed.To some degree we are all manifesting spirit in flesh at all times. if only we would have the spiritual eyes to see. my personal purpose. and spiritual. At the very extreme. this is experienced as a rebirth -. 36 . Some see spiritual guides of various types. paying attention to the true you that is observing all of this and trying to offer guidance if only we would listen. At the other extreme. we have true spiritual masters such as Jesus. 40 . Some have hunches or intuition about things. 41 . 37 .For spirit to be more fully expressed in flesh. Some talk about an inner voice or an inner knowingness. In particular. 45 . This also requires that selfish motivation be eliminated or at least minimized.be it religious or in a social sense. how does one get spiritual sight? It all starts with insight. including our brain. nor our emotions.Ego changes are a natural part of spiritual emergence.How do we restructure ourselves. 39 . intellectual.The Age of Aquarius is just around the corner. is the temple through which we express spirit. Literally. emotional. it goes through a transition similar to death. These beings were truly enlightened ones in flesh. this happens many times. but is barely there -. 44 . 38 . and Buddha. For most people. We are beyond all of these. however. the functions of other parts of the brain need to be accepted by the ego as valid sources of information and trustworthy interpreters of reality. It is the only flesh there is in which to house whatever part of our soul can be expressed through this form. and it is now something new.So. For those on a spiritual path. and our society so that spirit can be more fully expressed in flesh? This is the one question that I personally came to answer. who allowed that spark within them to grow into a very large flame allowing his presence to affect a great many people in very beneficial ways. WIN/WIN transactions should consider all four levels of being: physical. Spirit is what gives us that special force called life. It's always there. when we can get in touch with who we really are. We are spirits who brought these things into being so that we could play a role within physical reality that would allow us to learn something we needed to know about ourselves. seeing inside oneself. The key in bringing out any of this is quiet time. our lives. 43 .BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT fair and equitable. They offer shining examples of what we may all become. spirit is just a small spark within them. we'll see more and more of these changes occurring throughout the country -then.

52 . and this only by the greatest minds among us.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT them for the changes they will see in the world. it will only last so long as one has the discipline to maintain the inner focus.yet they come out smoothly and effortlessly as if on cue. frequencies. It works behind the scenes to write the play and draw to each individual that which they need for their highest growth.I'm rapidly reaching the conclusion that spirit expresses as consciousness. the prosperity will eventually consume itself or the society will suffer from great problems. Many individuals trained in the western world have been taught that this is true. vibrations. and learning to trust and rely on inner guidance as direction from spirit. ideas. Form is the same kind of stuff only denser and operating at different frequencies. without spiritual insight. Most of us have not developed ourselves enough to turn on large parts of this potential due to how we create and interpret our reality and where we have placed our efforts and attention. Also.The main task in getting spirit more fully expressed is to get the ego to expand its identity by incorporating other aspects of physical consciousness into its framework of being. The ego lives solely in the moment. 6 . This requires recognizing that these parts exist. at the place of the third eye or where the pineal gland is. Some say this "Real I" is centered between the eyebrows.It has been estimated that we only use 10-15% of our brains. Unless the speech is memorized. 54 . 50 . The reason for this is because our brains were sized for handling a given amount of spirit expressed in flesh. but it must do so in the present. 47 . learning to trust inner information and consider it in making decisions. 46 . 51 . learning how to listen. 55 .The scientific world view only considers the world of the senses to be reality. Little to no attention is paid to the inner reality of spirit. it is thought stuff. learning how to translate and understand inner information. When one begins to speak.As an example of spirit operating in flesh. Consciousness is without form. 48 .Manifesting spirit in flesh involves evolving the "I" to the "Real I".What is required is a balance between inner and outer. It may think about past or future. one has not made the spirituality physical in a practical way. consider the action of speaking.The objective is to get the ego to realize that it is truly spirit and that most of what it sees as reality [Real I -ty] is nothing but its own creation. 53 . taking the time to listen. there is no conscious knowledge in the moment of the words to be spoken -. It observes everything and ensures that karma is balanced.The superconscious mind is a higher connection to spirit. 49 . the words form instantaneous in the moment. If one achieves spirituality by renouncing the outer world for the inner. and for the new type of actions that will provide the only real solutions.If one achieves prosperity through will.

for this may go away in its own right as the psyche adjusts to its higher state of awareness. Even matter is light. an emanation of vibration from God. 59 . 60 .There should also be a place where individuals can go when they experience spiritual growth. drugs alter one's state whether or not the psyche is ready for the experience.Extended families may occur along physical or spiritual lines. but as a group that is operating harmoniously in a cooperatively interdependent manner. in the case of spiritual changes. 61 . it is not clear that it is important to treat the symptom at all. It wasn't until the heavy drug experience of the 60's that significant numbers of people got into these states. We are all light. 58 . Free will may enter to choose various things within the Play. Everything is light or vibration. It's the overall purpose that drives our purposes as individuals. The Plan is what drives the play.Mystics in all religions have been experiencing the states of mind that accompany spiritual awakening for many centuries. we came with a larger goal of creating a vehicle in which cosmic consciousness can more fully express in flesh. It's not at all clear that the physical symptom is not the effect rather than the cause. Further. 63 . The Plan must be executed. 57 . 62 .It's time for all of us to start living up to our potential and realize that we came explicitly to bring through as much of our spiritual essence as is possibly at this time on this planet. They look primarily to a physical cause.As our awareness of our true nature grows.Locations of communities should be chosen for their ability to meet all needs of the particular communities but especially for their ability to activate the spiritual energies of people. Official medical science is not yet ready to acknowledge such changes. it's the major theme behind everything. and further that we came to fulfill a particular function or role within a larger whole that is the collective society in which we live. They are joined together by a desire to interact strongly with one another. 64 . and that all are meant to be in accord with the Plan. and a warning cry that the time has come to unite and get on with the dance of spirit.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 56 .but our nature is still as light. These offer a challenge to the forces of light. we rise in consciousness to become the spiritual beings we truly are. not necessarily as an individual. Since this will be happening on a massive scale. we may want the educational facilities to be used instead of any medical facilities. This in turn burns out various brain pathways because the current is too great for the circuits. This is confirmed by science. but the Play always conforms with the Plan. Such is the directive of spirit. 7 . Unfortunately. Einstein got it right.In my recent spiritual awakening. As a group. I was shocked at the lack of spiritual service provided. This would be a hospital for the spirit.Spirit is Light. Very powerful and knowledgeable people may arise who have no connection to heart and spirit. where one is given what is needed to integrate the experience and feel whole again. Creation happened with the Word.The real battle zone is the gray area where people of different levels of awareness use their skills and powers for and against one another. We are vibrations much further down the spectrum -. if not for millennia.

or goal. spiritual needs. Everything else is checked against beliefs. a new City of Light will be established as a community of Lightworkers.Those of us who believe in what is unfolding regarding the birth of the Aquarian Age can do what we came to do to prepare ourselves.When the time is right. and the amounts and types of effort the individual puts in to achieve these desires. and thousands -. until we see some major spiritual growth. If not. Each individual is encoded with the knowledge required and will be linked and aligned with spirit. nothing manifests or the actions result in failure. to be practical. All that's left to do is to build the foundation under it.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 65 . Those who are ready will be drawn to the city to perform functions in accord with their purpose. The way we do this is one step at a time. If appropriate conditions are satisfied. and then starting to collect people around us that are part of our spiritual family. our country. 73 . Even a single city of this type will be an enormous fountain from which increased spiritual energy can flow throughout the world. 68 . 72 . The ideal case would be to have no government required because each individual is spiritually governed.Any needs are routed to the reality creator to line up the appropriate circumstances for meeting the needs in line with beliefs and spiritual purpose. and our world. hundreds. and the appropriate attention must be given to what kind of government can best get the job done.The bottom line is that spirit based society is an idea whose time has come. finding a way to get outside the present economic system so that we can work on the tasks we are here to do. 66 . We collectively are society. Banded in groups of tens. right now we need government direction to fill in for the lack of individual spiritual direction. some exploration of what rules and regulations are required to maintain peace. making ourselves whole. a task well within our means at this time on this planet. 8 . others. It's potency will be such that the change that manifests will be wondrous to behold. order. This demonstration is required for the further manifestation of spirit in this world.the spiritual energy that results from the synergy of our society will be simply beyond imagination. 67 .We need a prototype city to serve as the physical manifestation of what can be. too bad. However. The dream is alive. 70 .Besides infrastructure. and proper functioning within the community will need to be done. When aligned with spirit what we can do will be miraculous. the reality creator lines up the appropriate circumstances to satisfy the desire. The castle is in the air.We are gods in the making.Where possible think in terms of creating a sacred space. 69 . for this will imbue the whole enterprise with added spiritual energy. Government still has a role to play in this area. 71 . want. and there is nothing on Earth that will be able to stop it from manifesting. and goals.We control our destiny. wants.

9 . The problem is the over attachment to things and to entertainment at the cost of education and spiritual development. Under the spiritual foundation group will be a spiritual education subgroup that will generate a plan for how spiritual education should be accomplished. The Law of Abundance applies. 82 . The potential for distraction. I suspect others with talents that complement my talents will be drawn into an overall planning group and various subgroups including a spiritual foundation group. 79 . just be prepared to pay the appropriate price and do it in a manner that doesn't harm anyone. The need can be on a physical.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 74 .My Vision is of manifesting a new world order that consists of a United World living in peace and harmony in which individuals are able to more fully express spirit in flesh. 75 . Yes we are physical. My forte is coming up with ideas and working the top level plan and the basic spiritual foundation. is great.that's okay. to none if possible. if indeed they bring us joy. You don't have to worry about expending effort to get your needs met. mental. thoughts. 78 . 81 . It's going to take a whole lot of people doing a whole lot of things to make this come true. emotional.. We can enjoy them. Time spent focused on achieving wants and goals that are not spiritually motivated. spirit manifest in flesh. and live it well. that does not mean that material things vibrate at the levels where spirit can best be expressed.no more and no less. once they have done the proper work on themselves. If you don't need it.Keep your pursuit of selfish goals to a minimum. and the planet if necessary.We have some amazing props that we can bring into our lives. spirit provides for meeting your needs. however. But. but you desire it anyway -. and higher level brain functions that few have awakened. find out what you're here for if you can. 77 . however. 80 .We also have emotions. It is in these areas where spirit will be most fully enfleshed. The only exception here is self-knowledge and self-realization goals. but they have little to do with spirit. This should include training at many levels for the society to be. In the process. These are primarily spiritual so they transcend the limited self. and how such training might be phased in to get the society from here to the Aquarian Age. 84 . When you do spirit's work. 76 .Make sure you truly need what you want to create.We are given that level of freedom which we can responsibly handle .There is nothing wrong with things. Live your life as directed by your spirit. is wasted time.The key is to focus on spiritual matters and doing the task you came to do. Expand your spiritual awareness to whatever degree you are able.Focus on spiritual goals where possible and write them in a way that is for the highest good of all concerned. the world. or spiritual level.Individuals are entitled to abundance.Much of the world is attached to the things of the world. 83 .

we are learning to realize that we too are spirits that create our own reality. and thinking. but they are not the true experience. awareness itself. 87 . hence of spirit.the truth that we are spiritual beings in the world but not of the world. is the same that our government executes in the physical world. The trick is waking up from the dream. So. The rules are the same at all levels. mind.You exist to experience the joy. 95 . Until we get the individual to the self-realization level.I don't have a direct experience of my spiritual body. 92 .Numerology reads and interprets the spiritual energies encoded into sequences of letters or numbers.For spiritual information. 86 .Remember. Knowing goes beyond sensing.Until one is through with the drama and intensity and mature soul existence. The major choice is in being in the world but not of the world. no matter where one looks. Everything is vibration. one does not focus much activity on spiritual development. fire. 91 .Physical life is encoded in our DNA. They will continue to live an illusion. The bonds are loose. feeling. and exhilaration or living life as spirit in flesh. This is the key -. so below. 93 . These three can point the way. 88 . and remembering that we are spirit. Treat it with respect and don't abuse it. Numbers are the basis of all things. 94 . this is as far as our ability to recreate our true selves as spirit has come. they are enslaved by their own choice. and all vibration can be encoded into number.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT This principle of consciousness. 96 . consciousness.One can be infinite and have limitations in form at the same time. 89 . do what it takes to get the experience so that you know.Realize that the physical body is the temple for spirit on this world. there is nothing that can be done to make them more free. believing they are free when they are really enslaved. air. spirit. and water corresponding to body. 10 .There are four basic energies earth. wonder. as above.Further. I believe that it speaks to me through my intuition and that it is to some degree the transmitter of much of the information that comes into my mind. the way to freedom is easy but it is up to each individual to make the choice to pursue their spiritual identity.As pieces of consciousness. For humans. one is confronted with the same principles of spirit in action. 90 . and soul. 85 .

physical. No fine print. 98 .One of the highest goals is Self-awareness.You could say we are operating with blinders and that the more we understand the thinner the blinders. the mental world. 100 . It is only because our awareness is limited that such boundaries exist and that we find we are separated into us and the outside world.The outer world is primarily the physical world though it also includes exchanges with other beings at the emotional.Become enlightened. Whether this is the true reality is another matter that is left to spirituality. we are operating from a spiritual standpoint that is as much a part of our reality as any other.From another standpoint.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 97 . 99 . and the spiritual world. and allow your Light to shine that all may see whom that you are. we see what we look for.Many of the latest theories and models coming from science are starting to take on a spiritual flavor. and spiritual levels. 101 . Both are sounding closer and closer to what metaphysicians have been saying for years.Do that which you love! Such is the directive of spirit. mental. the heart is the seat of the soul. 104 . 109 .Because we are in this world. When we experience ourselves as this observer. From one perspective. we have another reality as an observer who watches our activities as we perform them -. 103 . mental. 106 . we accept particular rules for creating reality in accord with spiritual laws and the Play. 105 . Basically. These worlds include the physical world. and emotional activities. No exceptions. as is the latest philosophy of mind. 110 .Personally. We achieve this by understanding our true nature as spirit and as a creator of our own reality.it is the reality we are experiencing.However.All the minute details of body creation are driven by consciousness in accord with the Plan and with spiritual laws. reality is you and the worlds in which you exist. ONE has no separations or boundaries. and we look for whatever is 11 .Right is not right because society says so. 102 . the emotional world. 108 . Remember we are on a journey to ONE.In my understanding. I'd prefer to believe that our current experience is real -.Spiritual transformation or awakening happens each time we expand our sense of "I" to include more of what was "not I". It is right because spirit or consciousness say so. 107 . these blinders prevent us from seeing who we really are as spirit incarnated into flesh. It is the organ through which we are most in touch with our true reality as spirit in flesh. spirit enfleshed to the greatest degree possible for you at this time.

not pure spirit. The more of us that do this. I prefer thinking of the body as the vehicle through which spirit is expressed in flesh. However.The spiritual body is the Self. We are "in the world but not of the world". 115 .BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT within our ability to understand in the moment. Lead the way as far as you can and pull as many as you can along with you. Our existence occurs at a higher symbolic level.You are main players in this journey of consciousness attempting to fully express itself in flesh.As spiritual growth occurs we increase the amount of attention we place on the higher aspects or levels of our being. 111 .The ideas I bring forth are the spiritual blueprints. 114 . all we have to really do is perceive differently and this is within our power to do at any time. We see the mental and emotional meaning of things that we experience. 113 . 118 . 112 . immediately around us. if only we had the eyes to see. Working at this level. Much programming happens during sleep that prepares individuals for the mental journeys that they will take. We realize that our attention is always being drawn to those symbols that are most important to our awareness.Focus on doing that which spirit moves you to do. Allow it to lead you and pay attention to where it takes you. The goal after all is spirit in flesh. It is the part that can lead you to higher spiritual awareness. and become as familiar with that part of yourself as you can.Reality is ready to support any level of spiritual realization at any moment. you will be cared for. 120 .There are special places that are most conducive to mental and spiritual journeys and awakenings.Now we get to an interesting part. 116 . As you do so. One must be a true master expressing spirit in flesh to the greatest degree possible at this time on this planet. the basic question of whether the body is a vehicle for spirit or whether it is spirit in flesh.One key is to find the observer within you. We notice where our attention is drawn and engage our resources fully in interpreting those symbols that are most meaningful. To change our reality.It is not sufficient to be a Master of this World -.that requires no spirituality. is the highest service we can do for it is operating at the very highest levels of conscious reality creation. Its primary function is to keep everything functioning in a manner that allows us to play our allotted role in the Play while pushing us as far as possible toward realizing who we truly are. The basic conditions for spiritual awakening are always there. 117 . 121 .The superconscious is responsible for activating experience in accordance with basic spiritual laws . 119 . but these are no good unless they are 12 . don't neglect your body in the process. the sooner we'll make the breakthrough that allows the Aquarian Age to begin.

so that we can harness the energies of change and make the entire world one global family. 131 .Unlike the physical job. Hmm. a spiritual activity that one engages in daily as a regular part of expressing spirit in flesh. 132 . spirit has explored many avenues. 127 . unbeknownst to it that its sole purpose was to come to know itself. spirit in flesh. and create well! How else should spirit express in flesh? 124 . when they need it. be happy. and that it was the experience of the collective whole that was being driven to come to knowledge of itself. the spiritual job must be recognized and volunteered for.It's time for mankind to become aware.Enjoy. no hesitations. What it was not told was that it was one. choose spirit if you can. 13 .Such is the test for living in Heaven on Earth. or it will not be done at all. It must be done for the sheer joy and love of doing it.Independence does not work as a valid way of existing in a spiritual age. No arguments. and that the architects can turn into physical blueprints that foremen can understand and convey to the workmen that the work may be done.In a way. which physical circumstances force us to take.The greatest spirits on the planet should be filling those positions that require the greatest amount of spirit for the successful execution of their duties and responsibilities. 122 . Are you willing to give up all that you think you are to allow spirit to work through you in accord with you talents and abilities? 130 . (It makes life much easier. Throughout the centuries. you could say we are approaching greater and greater embodiment of spirit.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT conveyed in a manner that the sponsors/ financiers/ investors can believe in. 135 . 133 . We are all ONE.Caring should come as an expression from the heart.Be whom you are. that's why they call them trappings.It is the march of spirit that is the purpose behind it all. 125 . but it is all spirit -.Spirit doesn't care about what trappings you put around yourself.there literally is nothing else. You already know what that is. 123 . Express that as much as you can -. 128 .it is important to serve as an example to people of what they too might be if they too could express who they truly are.We will do whatever it takes to make spirit more fully enfleshed and improve the infrastructure of society so that people get what they need. 126 . spiritually aware. have fun.Do what you love to do! That is the directive of your spirit. 134 .Whenever there is a spirit/physical choice to make.) 129 .

this is abundance on all levels: physical. There need be no other reason. that the illusion is the only reality. and transcended in a seemingly never-ending process. regardless of how many people believe it. 137 .Spiritual transformation is the process of turning oneself inside out so that spirit may do its work in the world through the flesh. that's why. which physical circumstances force us to take. that what you see is what you are. 136 . As you do so. the spirit in you. 147 . you will be cared for.For spiritual growth. lost though we may be in whatever illusions we currently experience. 144 .Unlike the physical job. 139 .This is what we must realize.The true kingdom lies within. mansion's far more stately and elegant than anything conceived on earth. a spiritual activity that one engages in daily as a regular part of expressing spirit in flesh.Spiritual law says our birthright is abundance. Further. realized. and spiritual. one must focus on the unfoldment of the flower of consciousness. there can be no independence. 145 . 138 .Let there be Light.We are spirit enfleshed. within the illusion.Some would have us believe that this spirit stuff is a bunch of crap.It is in the spiritual arena where consciousness finds its forte. understood. 142 . But.Our nature is spirit. is the same as the consciousness. this is pure bunk.BEYOND IMAGINATION is an entity dedicated to building a better world in which SPIRIT is more fully expressed in flesh.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT Within ONE. whatever that may be for us. 143 . 148 . Yet.Focus on doing that which spirit moves you to do. 149 .Caring should come as an expression from the heart. but that the consciousness in me. that all may see their true nature as spirit and release the chains of bondage to darkness that they have accepted as a part of their being for so long. Why? For the sheer joy of expression. the spiritual job 14 . the spirit in me. 141 . After all. not that I am the same as you. regardless of the limitations of form that we have chosen to wrap ourselves within for whatever periods or time. there is no reason such could not be brought to earth as well. It is in that arena that the work of consciousness is done. The others are the backwater so to speak. the point for these times is to allow spirit to be more fully expressed in flesh. Consciousness itself must be nurtured. 146 . emotional. mental. That's where the mansions are. 140 .

159 . Until then. 162 . For.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT must be recognized and volunteered for.It is time to turn this country into a land of ashes. the perpetrators and the victims. 153 . Each of us has a spiritual job just as we have a physical job. 156 .All are playing out their assigned roles just as surely as you are.Unlike the physical job. but at a spiritual level that knows what is best for them.In time. but the critical tasks must be done right from a spiritual standpoint. 161 .This is how consciousness operates. 157 . which physical circumstances force us to take. spiritually aware. we are already there. right where you are. but you must change your frequency to see it. This alone is the path towards correcting our social ills. It must be done for the sheer joy and love of doing it. to the greatest and most important of tasks. It must be done for the sheer joy and love of doing it. 151 . It's as if the body and brain is the hardware.It's time for mankind to become aware. In particular. 160 . or it will not be done at all. and then have compassion for all the participants. we need to make sure that the right people are being applied to each task.Find a way to integrate the fact that all experience comes from spirit. all will see the spiritual universe. 150 .The spiritual universe is there. Further. the spiritual job must be recognized and volunteered for. 152 . and consciousness is the software. Not at a conscious level.The rewards of the spiritual job come in terms that the spiritual part within us understands.In the real world. 15 . these must be done right or all of society suffers. 154 . the physical and spiritual are integrated to whatever degree the machinery can tolerate.We have to know that there is spirit within each and every one of us. start searching for it. allowing errors to be tolerated.As a society. 158 . that the PHOENIX may arise out of the ashes in the form of new bodies able to hold a much greater frequency of spirit. all are choosing their experiences. or it will not be done at all. and find ways to bring it out. those who have had some awakening should be the wayshowers for others helping to guide the way. and are waiting to allow the physical world to catch up to where the spiritual world has reached through imagination.From another standpoint. Other tasks have more leeway. so that we can harness the energies of change and make the entire world one global family. 155 .

and traumatically -.for such is what the Aquarian Age is all about.The Earth is ready to burst and become a Sun. 171 .but. Whenever you do. In this new age.Spiritual transformation is the process of turning oneself inside out so that spirit may do its work in the world through the flesh. Consciousness will do what it takes to ensure that the Plan is executed on earth. The common way is the slow track. but on group and organizational levels as well. we suggest that you find and follow the fast track.Remember. 173 .We are here to make spirit incarnate. you'll find that for nearly every action. For that we need to turn to other parts more intimately connected with expressing spirit in flesh. as close as their own heart. the fast track. The directions for what is required for this organization will come directly from spirit to the specific individuals involved.In the world.Let Love and Light transform the peoples of the Earth and allow a new day of conscious expression of spirit to arise. but it is not sufficiently aware to be a useful master for the being. they will know that they are there. 165 . 166 . 168 . spirit will always be riding along side you. 16 .BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 163 . the key difference will be that spirit is more fully expressed in flesh. It cannot be made so except by this means. Spirit must be enfleshed as fully as possible at this time on the planet. The uncommon. 170 .Even though they never meet a kindred spirit face to face.The conscious mind is a useful tool and ally. It does not matter. 172 . 167 . Vision comes from spirit.We have to find effective ways for spirit to more fully express itself in flesh not just on an individual level. it must be experienced for the shift of consciousness to occur that allows the Aquarian Age to manifest. to bring it fully into flesh -. Others will see that they have no choice but to follow. there is a common way to do it. 174 . It is Vision that allows reality to be created in the physical world. such will be it's level of spiritual brilliance. it is not an efficient way to bring the message of spirit through. 169 . for the life force that animates any of us animates all of us.Change will be experienced dramatically. Some will be asked to lead. if the Vision is to be made manifest then Spirit must be trusted completely. will be.While repetition works in building a skill. For you definitely.We're in the process of building a body for the greater expression of the US as a true spiritually based society. and an uncommon way to do it. 164 . and for others reading this. 175 . What must be.There can be no doubt.

Throughout the centuries. we are at the threshold where the dream is about to become a reality. and that it was the experience of the collective whole that was being driven to come to knowledge of itself. they too have been part of this great endeavor of spirit.The great souls provided the dearest examples of spirit in flesh … perfect examples for others to follow. 180 .but also every act of kindness. There is Great Meaning behind Life. I sense that such came out of a loneliness of not knowing the true nature of consciousness. Time and space are illusions. Now. I can't take it a step further and answer why. and spiritual? 182 . yet it is not me who speaks. 177 .BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 176 . every last atrocity -. Now. I've been talking about finding my spiritual family as if I need to find other fingers to interact with to do my work.At all times know and be fully aware that you are consciousness expressing in the only manner you can in physical reality. I would take no credit of my own.Consciousness created the world including all of its life forms for the expression of spirit and to provide the conditions that would allow it to learn of its own nature and grow. spirit has explored many avenues. Awareness relates to understanding that you truly are consciousness and that what you are is separate from what you do. but consciousness within me.One thing that came to mind is to consider our bodies to be complex machines whose sole purpose all along has been to serve as vehicles for housing consciousness or spirit All of evolution and all of the development of humanity from ancient times through the present has been a long journey toward making this vessel as suitable as possible given the techniques that were available. 17 . what real purpose did it serve? We just had to know firsthand how cruel we could be to one another if we relinquished personal power and responsibility to a bureaucratic system that was not infused with spirit.I speak strongly about the truths of many things.This is all for a Great Purpose.Did we really have to experience it all? Even such things as the holocaust? I would answer yes we did. 183 . 178 . There are two things here consciousness and its expression. 179 .It is the march of spirit that is the purpose behind it all. mental.Why are we not treated as the complete beings that we are? Why aren't all of our needs addressed -. 185 .physical. 184 . illusions also. Existence. as spirit through flesh. 181 . We will see a breakthrough in how much spirit can be expressed in flesh. Spirit is Manifest. What it was not told was that it was one.We are all ONE. 186 . Events and scenes in the game of life.The secret societies and metaphysical disciplines. unbeknownst to it that its sole purpose was to come to know itself. emotional. I am but the vehicle through which spirit is given expression.

193 . they still exist in the physical world. And. For success indeed will be the fruits of your efforts. 197 .BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 187 . for that is the most important service that you can provide for spirit. 195 . they are not separate places.Do what it is that only you can do. This level of spiritual commitment is required. For awakened ones are definitely as newborn children who have just undergone a spiritual birth. aura readers. clairvoyants. the abilities of the butterfly were developed within that environment. I march to the beat of the spirit within me. It is here. Is this the equivalent of the spiritual world? 188 . 194 . The material world could not exist at all without the spiritual. such has been the same for man.. . here to help get spirit more fully expressed in flesh so that the conditions necessary for the Age of Aquarius to begin are indeed fulfilled. the Age of Aquarius. but they also perceive additional spiritual dimensions and the associated information that comes from these dimensions. but few are willing to pay the price to truly come to know thyself.With an understanding of how the material and spiritual are intermeshed. This in turn will lead to the manifestation of literally a heaven on earth and with that a new age is born. Does this work the same for man? Is the awareness we develop within this world the equivalent of butterfly wings? Now. everywhere around us. How long did it take for one gull to break from the pack and so pursue flying that literally nothing else matters? Over the long centuries. Psychics. do not stop your investigation until you succeed. astrologers. the world can be transformed on a scale that has never been known before.Develop a model of the world that integrates the material and spiritual within a single framework. Reality has indeed changed for these special ones. and ears to hear it can experience it. 196 . the key is to jump forth from the cocoon. techniques can be developed to greatly enhance spirit/body integration.It's as if consciousness ensures that her newborn children are safe in the new world in which they find themselves.I am a wayshower.As with Jonathan.. 189 . and use our consciousness to fly into/around a world that is far grander.The physical world and the spiritual world are intertwined together into one whole. 190 .Thus far science has not developed the instruments necessary to "see" the spiritual world. but only those with eyes to see. 192 . Yes. these are the types of people who have such skills. and care not that this runs counter to everything that the consensus population and its representative government sanctions. 18 . 191 . Yet.The spiritual exists intermeshed with the material world.Like Jonathan Livingston Seagull.The butterfly is what results when the chrysalis leaves the restrictions of the cocoon that constitutes its world. And then. or the consensus world.

205 . the magic begins.I look for coincidences. Compared to them even the greatest of earthly majesties is but a trifle. 204 . At that point. namely one of my own greater Self. It is this greater I. But.I am accountable to a higher tribunal than mans. but an "I" that is much greater. 206 . For the most part these are subtle. and consciousness herself. not only in this country but in the entire world. At that point one is ready to know of the truths of the Kingdom of Heaven.There is something that I came to do through this particular vehicle that can be done in no other way. what about scarcity? After all. then why would it not apply to the life of man as well and the spirit that is housed within? The problem lies with what numbers to choose and what connections to make. At some time in life. these are the places where the control exerted from the spiritual world bleeds through into physical reality. This is why scientists have not seen these mysteries revealed.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 198 . By focusing on knowing myself. 203 . 207 . I offer unto consciousness the best vehicle possible for doing the work of spirit. These are the signs that spirit is operating close at hand.It's as if the test is whether one loves spirit so much that it is even more important than the air one breathes. At 19 . that does things through me. It may run out and maybe we wouldn't find anymore.Synchronicities and coincidences. these are what call to me. it seems that the closer one gets to one's spiritual path. one that each day I am becoming more and more aware of. one reaches a point where the idea that such events could happen by pure chance or coincidence is simply unbelievable anymore. any structure will eventually become so flawed and so weak that it can no longer stand. These must be recognized and guided by inner sources. One has to pay close attention to notice them at all.However. the logical part of the conscious mind is insufficient for this task. or better yet synchronicities. I am but a vessel and an awareness that rides with the vessel. If it could work so well in explaining all that nature hath wrought. 200 .Many of you reading this now might think that I am speaking in tongues. There is sufficient abundance to meet the needs of all. the tree only has so many apples. 202 . It is these whose wish is my command. but there is definitely an intelligence directing them. and indeed I am.But. the all consuming fire. spirit. 199 . this soul. the more one notices that the things that happen around one are connected in somewhat of a mysterious way. and the world becomes animated by spirit.Without spirit at the foundation. Spirit's bounty has no such limits. for I have been allowed to read a part of the spiritual meaning embodied so compactly in the language of numbers. 201 . this spirit.The lofty peaks of spirit. it is not this "I" that I am now who came to do this. Hogwash. They are too locked in a mindset that does not allow of such things as spirit or consciousness to be an active force in the world.

209 . what you are 20 . At some point soon. 215 .Yeah. Look for the hidden meanings in symbols. 213 . Don't stop it with arbitrary rules and constraints of logic. the easier it gets. and let it be a glorious adventure.It is only our conscious mind that has been deaf and blind to the spiritual world. just out of our grasp. 208 . but the more attention you pay to finding them. Something tells me that it will soon be time to grow out of my childhood of spirit and enter adolescence and then adulthood. At first they will seem very hidden. 217 . For the ways of spirit are Mighty indeed.My theory that there is a symbolic spiritual world embedded within the physical one is no longer a theory.When open researchers start applying their whole brains to seeing and understanding the symbols and structures of the spiritual world. 212 . I have some of the critical keys that can blow this wide open. Let your intuition be your guide. 210 . 216 .I trust that consciousness continues to lovingly guide my way as she has for all of my life. there is no freedom save spiritual freedom. I literally live in a spiritual universe. it is here. and that things work best when we allow spirit to do its works through us rather than trying to impose our will on things.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT that point and not until. I know that thoughts and vibration create form. In all other forms. Initially. the vision of PEACE that it brings will bring every army and militia to it's knees. 214 . the Kingdom of Heaven lies on this very world in which we live. those who speak of freedom simply are unaware of the chains that bind them. here to learn of our true spiritual nature. 211 . and an army of spiritual warriors prepares to do battle in a war not of hardware but of ideas. but it is not an enemy to be vanquished either.The Aquarian Age is there.The key in making these manipulations is to allow spirit or the consciousness within you to do the work. mathematics. Everywhere I look there is an orchestration or synchronicity of information that is undeniable.It is important to remember that we are ONE consciousness.We are consciousness. however to find it we need to reverse ourselves and live from the inside out.I'm at a point where all life has spiritual meaning. The conscious mind is not the inside. one only need have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. but the VISION will soon be here in full force. verily. The spiritual world exists. it is enough to allow spirit to do its works through me. Further. that can show others that the spiritual world exists here and now intermeshed with the physical world. Literally. or anything that you've learned about the nature of reality. it must be loved and shown that the way to spiritual freedom is in its best interest also. a truly New Age will be born on this planet. it will be necessary to act as a conscious co-creator with consciousness herself. And. Further. Our reality is created by subconscious processes that are highly aware of all that they need to know to function in the world. first and foremost.

222 . one must stand in awe of the abilities. functions. or at least some of the pieces out of which it is constructed.It is no longer sufficient to go within.I'm open to what consciousness would create though me. I have seen the beauty of spirit that comes from living in accord with the principal "not my will but Thine be done". That's the key. It is only through service that we are able to experience whom that we are. even the seemingly most mundane of things such as your gossip rags. Yet.While one chooses to be the master of one's fate. or even explain how it happened after it does. the real action is not in the game. 223 . A host of angels comes forth to guide one along whatever path is right for one's highest growth and for the completion of one's purpose. that created the World. one's eyes are blind and ears are deaf to the help which spirit would provide. if only you learn the language and gain the eyes to see and ears to hear. wisdom. allowing spirit to be expressed to ever increasing degrees in our lives. 219 . for there ye will find all that ye seek and more. Consciousness. It is indeed through service that we exist. This doesn't mean that we can predict it all. Our expression as lion involves manifesting what spirit would express through us in the world. She already provides me with everything that I could ever need. or Spiritual Entity of some type that created the world and directs the Play that is occurring on this world stage. and organization of such vessels. it is in consciousness.Our thoughts and experiences are the means by which consciousness injects inputs to our conscious minds that drive us to question and change our beliefs. It doesn't matter what something does in the illusion. 221 . 218 . Such is our reality. This continuous cycle promotes ever growing self-awareness. 21 . Every symbol and symbol system in your world has at least a second spiritual meaning and maybe several such meanings. to seek and find.Nothing is random.The physical and spiritual are clearly intertwined. and ultimately Self-awareness. 227 . Nothing is accidental. my current choice is to freely give my will to spirit. She has for all of my life. One only has to renounce one's will for Thy Will to see the world in a new Light. Our very existence comes from the services that we provide. how few believe the simple truths of spirit. 226 .BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT uncovering is the spiritual world.Though I am still struggling with the idea of free will. Nothing happens by chance.Since the beginning. Everything has such meaning.However. 225 . What matters is spirit and the spiritual world. 224 . the admonition of spirit has always been to go within. the WORD.Even considering these bodies that house our spirits during this earthly sojourn. What it means is that there is an underlying God. talents. for it was the VERSE. 220 . Seek that first and all else shall come unto you.

and it is spirit that decides what that will be for the kinds of things that we speak of now. that will come into existence soon. yet I also sense that I may be ALONE in seeing reality from this specific PERSPECTIVE. they had a common wilderness that existed on it's own terms apart from them.a benign one. yet I am so much more as well. It is primarily revealed in the symbol systems that have been imposed on the physical backdrop. 229 . the timing is left to spirit. The high country of spirit seems no different.I still see SPIRIT operating everywhere.It seems that it is time once more to operate on the fringe.There is a spiritual world here amidst the illusion. When is another question as well.However. How soon. To everything there is a season.All that I can do is prepare for that day of reckoning when each will be judged and called by spirit to do that which they came to do. 235 . I have given up my will to do their bidding 231 . even with the early explorers in this country.at least to the degree that intuition can be counted on. I have had the privilege of being forewarned of what this will be -. Unlike many. 234 . 238 . 233 . 237 . Our only need is to embody and express the truth that SPIRIT permits us to demonstrate in service to her and her creations. 230 . but my sense is that I am the first with my unique set of talents and abilities. all of this training has been directly or indirectly guided by spirit. I do not know. and it is this moreness that must find expression. yet a conspiracy none the less. 236 . However.What is it that I am here to do? By what authority am I assigned my tasks? Very good questions. Many have explored it throughout all time. What is expressed by us belongs to SPIRIT. be they spiritual or otherwise. that it will be is a certainty of which there is no doubt. Spirit or Consciousness directs my path and assign my tasks. I know not. Yet. There is a synchronicity of these symbols that cannot be attributed to chance that reveals a divine spiritual order to everything.All of my life I have been in training for positions that don't exist in my world. 232 . but.It's as if everywhere that I look there is a conspiracy of spirit -. As lion.Over the past year I've been noticing signs that there is a spiritual world coexistent with the physical one.we have no need to find truth. this will be spirits choice in accord with the Plan. 22 . and as such is freely given to all who are moved by what we do.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 228 .We do what we are moved to do. There must be unseen positions out there. whenever we are moved by SPIRIT to express.I am a man. in fact it is what creates the illusion to begin with. How that will be.

such indeed we will do. and where. 246 . as are the works that spirit does through it. there are spiritual laws that do the same in a different domain.Everything happens in accord with spiritual law. Realize that all of your experiences were lovingly put there by portions of your own self for your own education. 23 . 247 . Yet the result is the same. These come about through timing in special cases and through the appropriate self-work and observation in general. and that the circumstances be optimized where possible for the performance of my mission. and experience for spirit. and when spirit is given expression. It does not force its way or desires upon the world. Don't judge things by past or present appearance. but.Learn to trust the innate wisdom of your spirit. 241 . One must allow spirit or consciousness to guide one's attention to what symbols are meaningful NOW.One strong conclusion out of all of this is that there is indeed a spiritually world expressed in the ordinary symbols that surround us. are very different things. This is the critical step required to reach the New Age. All that I ask in return is that my needs continue to be met. 240 . spiritual law says that consciousness creates reality. while related. And. We. and knows that there is only ONE consciousness that animates us all. It is time that we find the ways to increase this manifestation of spirit in flesh in this world. 243 . the stuff that provides the uncertainty factor that keeps science on its toes? Is there the equivalent is a metaphysical or spiritual chaos wherein free will might make its appearance? 242 . It gives completely of itself wherever it is needed and called. and then to interpret the relevant meaning.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 239 .My body may be in this realm. where each part of consciousness understands its place within the whole. impacting hundreds of millions if not billions before it is over. the more you do so. are nothing and can do nothing. It is only by allowing consciousness to flow through us that the works of spirit are made manifest. As with other tasks. Further. my soul is in another domain -. the better the connection will become. A minor point often neglected is that this truth applies to the Higher Self not the conscious one that is currently experiencing life here on Earth. Similarly. it is written in the very heavens.one where UNITY exists in the midst of diversity. But. my essence. However. what about chaos. 245 .The sense is that I am doing work that will ultimately lead to the spiritual transformation of the country and the world. of and by ourselves. one can only get to the specific information applicable to the individual via the intuition. these are the works that matter most. 244 . Spirit is subtle.The key lesson is to learn what it means to really BE and then to focus it HERE and NOW.Operate from intuition.It's easy to understand how physical laws keep things in their respective places. a predestination from which we cannot escape. in the very place we are at this very instant.Experience in the world. This is how. wherever you can. your connection to spirit. And. It is primarily called by awakenings of awareness. for we are indeed spirit enfleshed.


248 - In one sense, all expression is the expression of consciousness. However, in another sense, the greater expression of consciousness requires the opening of inner pathways or channels that allow the creative energy (spirit) to flow through form into expression in your world. 249 - Surprisingly, the more I took on ... the more responsibility I accepted, the more I was moved to do ... and the more I found within my Self to answer the challenges that confronted me. But, in many ways, it was not me that answered the challenges and came through with the insight, energy, focus, and initiative necessary to do what needed to be done. It was SPIRIT, the ONE that worked through me as SHE always does! 250 - In a very real way, my whole existence became tied to doing what I was moved to do ... demonstrating a new way of working, or more accurately allowing the I AM to work through me that truly showed what SPIRIT in flesh can achieve. 251 - When I was completely consumed by doing whatever I was moved by spirit to do ... the kingdom appeared. When I focused completely on doing what I saw needed to be done, especially things that no one else seemed to see needed to be done ... spiritual law kicked in and ensured that all that I needed was provided unto me. 252 - The UNKNOWN is ever present around me. There are no maps. Yet, I enjoy the process of discovery immensely. I TRUST SPIRIT completely. I have accepted the UNKNOWN as my true home. It is where I find whom that I truly am, the I AM, the ONE CONSCIOUSNESS that animates us all. 253 - Once again, the unknown stares directly back at me from the mirror, though this time with a distinctive twist. Where it will lead is in SPIRIT's hands as always. 254 - On all fronts, the world appears to be moving at an unprecedented pace in a direction that more fully permits the expression of spirit. Government, entertainment, industry, the ecology, and even the weather all are experiencing massive change that is for the positive from a spiritual perspective. 255 - Everything is incredibly rich with meaning. I have no sense of time. The moment is where reality is experienced. It is the only place where spirit can express. For that matter, it is the only place where creative expression can occur. Even further, all creative expression is SPIRITUAL. It cannot by its very nature be anything else. Nothing else exists. 256 - The pages that I create are the rooms of my psyche, the places and states where my psyche and spirit has wandered. I create pictures of how the World and how my Self look through my eyes, knowing that the WORLD and the ONE SELF are mirror reflections of which I am only aware of pieces. 257 - SPIRIT to me is LIGHT. I find more about light’s subtleties by looking for more reflecting surfaces and understanding the basic principles about how light is combined, reflected, manipulated, etc ...



258 - Each of us is doing what we are moved to do. Further, it has always been such, for there is no other mode in which spirit can express. We all get exactly what we need. We all give what we are capable of giving. What is open is the collective level of awareness that results and how soon we take responsibility for our collective creation. Note that we have always been responsible by spiritual law, however, we did not consciously take responsibility. 259 - It should be obvious by now that I love what I do when I am expressing in this manner. This is my way of serving spirit. 260 - Imagination is the key ... and further, what lies beyond imagination in the unknown that ever attracts our attention. Life is to be an adventure, not a boring or routine drudgery. Our spirits demand more ... much more. 261 - We are about to make our world truly the expression of spirit in flesh that it can be. Not just for some of us, but for ALL OF US. 262 - It is through people meeting and grouping together to carry out common objectives or missions that the work of spirit is facilitated. 263 - There is nothing that does not convey deep spiritual meaning if we are open to seeing what is truly there. Every experience, every moment is rich with meaning. Our consciousness is free to fly and engage each moment in a whirlwind of activity, seeing everything from multiple vantage points simultaneously. This is our natural state. We fail to experience it only because of the limitations that we've placed on ourselves. Spirits having a physical experience ... not physical beings having a spiritual experience. The difference is as day and night. It is time to awaken. We've slumbered for too long already. 264 - What permits us to do things despite incredible odds? It is our connection to spirit. It is that intuitive side that we allow to take over and shape our efforts to accomplish a desired objective. When there are too many factors to consider consciously, we must trust and go within to find the way to proceed. It is there that we can FEEL the force and allow it to do what it will through us. Such is when we are at our best. Such is when we are in the groove or in the zone. Such is when the best that can be done through us becomes the reality that we experience. 265 - The laws of reality creation are valid for everyone. Everything works as it does because of them. These are spiritual laws however, and science has not yet discovered the most important of them. Consciousness creates thought creates reality. It has always been thus and shall always be thus. 266 - That is what LIFE is all about, DOING what one is moved by SPIRIT to DO; using one's talents to the best of one's abilities in service to SPIRIT. And, at times, doing this without thought of reward or payback for one's efforts. We receive much in our lives. It is up to each of us to find a way to GIVE BACK freely in return for the many blessings we receive. 267 - I don't write as much as I used to, but the motivation is still the same. It is the voice within that prompts me ever onward to the next expression of spirit.


268 - One uses utility as the measure for how valuable various states are. The intuitive, spiritual states can be far more valuable that other states once one learns how to use them effectively. However, it is highly important that these states be used in service to others rather than in selfish ways. 269 - I am mellowed out and my mind is slow, noticeably so to me and to others. To some degree it is as if I am partially dead to the world. That's an interesting way to look at it. The only thing that wakes me up is returning to the expression of spirit ... either reading what has come forth through me, or generating something new as is the case now. This is when I am most alive. This is what gets my heart moving and spirit flowing. Here is where I am WHOM THAT I AM. Here is where I am truly HOME and at ONE with SPIRIT. 270 - Community must start with TWO or more, not one. It will never grow solely out of my inner relationship with spirit. 271 - Quality of life is extremely important when one is living in the moment. It is important that life be the best it can be ... not in terms of things, but in terms of relationships and the expression of spirit. 272 - It is in the interactions of kindred spirits that special things can be created. 273 - How do we permit spirit to be more fully expressed in flesh? We start by sharing our seeds with others in an atmosphere of cooperation ... searching for those who are meant to work with and interact with us in carrying out our missions and doing the work that spirit would do through us. We do this because it is what gives our life meaning and joy. There is nothing that we would rather do. We do this because it allows us to be whom that we truly are in a way that we have not experienced before. We do this because we must ... we feel compelled to establish cooperatively interdependent relationships. It is through such relationships that SPIRIT lives in us in a way it cannot do otherwise. 274 - I have often said that spirit does these works through me. It seems that this is only a partial truth. At some level, I AM the spirit that does these works through me ... and it is my choice to do them. Whether I was conscious of this or not is not relevant. 275 - The bottom line is TRUST, letting go and allowing spirit to flow through me and express as she will. It is as if I am an instrument, and these words are the tunes that comes out as spirit plays my keys. Curious. I haven't used this analogy before, but it is very appropriate. The music that spirit is able to play though me is limited only by whom that I AM. This is the best expression that is capable of being played through me at this time. 276 - The past few days I've been moved to re-examine my life to date to understand the deeper meaning behind what I experienced and how I experienced. The sense was that the review was necessary to come to closure so that I could proceed. There was a sense that the cleansing fire of spirit is about to consume me and that I needed to somehow come to an understanding of all that is about to be burned away.

It is amazing how often what I find inside is mirrored in the world and vice-versa. You cannot force things to happen.. It is not random at all. Movies and television are where much of the real expression and teaching are happening at present. It is no use struggling and fighting to achieve an end unless such activities please you and make you happy. A big part of what I observe is the working of my own mind and the expression of spirit through me.Spirits nature is to express creatively in the world. I am the eyes through which spirit is able to observe these things.What truth does this refer to? That we are ONE! That we are God experiencing life through us. spirit is experiencing the joy of playing within this fabric at all times. though it may appear to be. the beauty behind all expression.Patience . This is not necessarily "fitness". 280 .The light is finding more and more ways to shine forth. how many dollars. and how many hours of people's time.I watched the movie Contact again.Each of us lives out our lives as we must. everywhere one looks. Allow reality to unfold as it will.Patterns survive based on innate ability/characteristics. You have only to do what you are moved by spirit to do to the best of your ability. 278 . It is there... It was particularly startling to see that a 30 billion dollar project resulted in a single person having an extraordinary experience that changed her state of awareness of spirit.. The sense I had as I watched was that it does indeed take extraordinary commitment to have such experiences and to reach such spiritual states. It is there that spirit is establishing the basis upon which a New World will be formed. She is the muse behind all genius. getting the MAGIC back into our lives by allowing our imagination to fly where it will and construct the world as we would prefer it to be. She is the very weaver of the fabric that we call reality. Yes. When we are not in joy of the process. There is also a sense that spirit is guiding the show and operates via a feedback mechanism that guides overall evolution. The solution is to find the playful child within us that is always there awaiting us to allow it to come out. enjoying life.. That is the key . This is seen as random variation and selection based on utility but it is far more than that. As above. the world would be a much different place than it is. one where imagination and magic reign supreme.. so below is a deep spiritual truth. Spirit is expressing as best it can under the circumstances. patience. There is genius behind the chaos.. And.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 277 . Such is the truth. In a very real way..I am here to see how spirit flows within the world. The universe is perfect as it is. It is interesting how much resources are pumped into this form of expression . 279 . 281 .. Thy destiny will be made manifest when the time is right and not until.. 283 . God is all that is! There is nothing save God! 282 . The child's world is one of joy. 284 . It is one of my all time favorites. we are out of synch with that part of ourselves. if only one has eyes to see it. what a rich tapestry she has woven for us to play in. Each one of us has a unique perspective from which we are seeing life and in which we are expressing spirit in flesh. Find the groove and allow the play to unfold as it will. I am here to see firsthand what ideas are manifest. patience . If it were easy. 27 .

But consciousness is real . All that truly matters is the expression of spirit. In fact. When I was moved to start creating them 3 years ago ... 287 . is our closest connection to source. the expression of Love in the World. it gets colored by filters that our subconscious and conscious place on it.Let go of what you are.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 285 . The slightest distraction forces my attention to move towards that which it loves . I don't distinguish between consciousness and spirit. It is ego that keeps us attached to what we are and the states with which we are familiar. They have the same meaning to me. she touches me deeply and expresses through me as she does through all of us.Spirit is expressing to the degree that it can. one might say the sole god in my life. We must be bold and adventurous to go beyond self to find Self and ultimately SELF. In the beginning was the WORD. I am the her-mit. If we are not careful. It is fun . We can be all that we are here and now. we can't do other than that unless we so choose. It provides the surest guide for our actions in the world. Perhaps the timing was too soon.My awareness is in an accelerated state making it difficult to focus on anything besides the spiritual interpretation of the numbers and symbols around me.. Being patient is tough to do when your vision tells you what the world could be if the infrastructure was set up properly. 292 ..The bottom line is that it is time for the VISION to be made manifest..One thing I have learned is that I am a vessel through which spirit works. I've be the sole judge in my life . that you may become more..Intuition.. the "mit of her" = the glove that she wears. trusting that spirit would kick in the right energies for the enterprise to succeed. 289 . I was sincerely doing what I was moved to do. but Spirit has always expressed in the feminine in my life. 286 .. 288 . I don't know why... the observation and interpretation of spiritual reality. All this is happening NOW..I look for information and make connections because that is a natural thing for me to do and because I am moved to do it. she being Spirit.The foundations for a new world are slow in coming. 291 . We can express spirit at every moment of every day. I just observe that something was not right. that it will ultimately contribute to our understanding of consciousness and of the spiritual world embedded in the symbol systems of our present world.. She would not feed me any experiences that I did not need to grow . The seeds were planted. We don't have to wait for it to unfold at some time in the future. I don't know why.. 294 . It is time to start doing whatever it takes to make that happen. the inner voice of spirit. Such is the directive of spirit.All along I've felt that consciousness herself was looking out after me and that because of this I was safe. 290 . 293 .I have never felt that it was God pushing me or judging me. and to express what spirit would have me express through this form. it takes some discipline to hear it clearly. However. This requires a new commitment of energy into the 28 . to realize more of whom that I am... hmm . and I feel that it is useful. but they did not grow . The World is the WORD made flesh..

Keep in mind that it is not you doing the work . it is one of the very foundations of cooperative interdependence. emotional. we free people to engage with one another to a degree that has never been possible before. 300 . That is the whole purpose of the game. I must apply all of my talents and resources in this pursuit. there are literally no limits to what can be manifest.It seems that our spiritual job is something that we must volunteer for.The spiritual world embedded in the symbol systems of our world constantly draws my attention. I'm operating on the edge soaring in consciousness.We are here to experience the expression of spirit in flesh. ever in search of truth. If we can manifest abundance. 29 . but allow the moving force to include your own spiritually aligned will. 299 . yet I'm grounded just enough to be able to work at my job.The life of a spiritual warrior is lived in consciousness. Sharing is the key . 298 . leaping forward where one can fighting off the demons of illusion... There must be a reason for this.Remember. And what a grand game it is. 304 . Do what you are moved to do . because we are driven to do it as the very expression of whom that we are. We are consciousness first and foremost. however.Consciousness ever seeks to expand the vessels through which she expresses so that more spirit can be expressed in flesh. This is what it takes to more fully manifest spirit in flesh.Spirit learns from every experience.. you need to work without attachment to the results. 297 ... Within that realm.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT endeavor. all else will be added unto us. something that we choose to do because we must. It requires assessing what has worked and what has not worked and coming up with new strategies as necessary to more fully manifest spirit in flesh. we are the awareness of consciousness expressing through form. I arbitrarily limit this expression. 295 . In doing less..If we can generate abundance for all on physical. there is a sense that I'm very close to the boundary of where I can be in consciousness yet still remain grounded..To maximize the expression of spirit through me. ever on the edge of the unknown. 302 . I don't have any goals or feel any need to force things to move in any particular direction. Perhaps this is the problem. mental.. the spiritual world is embedded within the consensus world that we experience. and spiritual levels . trusting that there is always room for one more step .I'm open to change in whatever manner it is to take place. Perhaps spirit is waiting for me to do something to get the ball rolling in some direction after which she can come forth to provide assistance. 303 . 296 . However. every success and every failure. As always.. it is through you that the work is done. Actually. 301 . expressing through form..

At this moment. there is no good and evil.We each see and experience the world in a manner that provides the impetus and environment for our growth as human beings and as spiritual beings expressing in flesh. Hmm .You can never do too much or be too much. They are also unconditional. and her supplies are inexhaustible.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 305 .. to provide ones services to help fill the needs of society. Similarly the seed of spirit or consciousness that sparked us. Everything is god stuff. 317 .. all life.. ALWAYS. 318 . 307 .. This is 30 . That is how the game works. Needs are always met.Everywhere around me is a synchronistic order that defies explanation other than that it is the very nature of spirit expressing in flesh. 308 . all it takes is the right environment to nurture its growth. Along with the gifts comes a sacred responsibility to use them in the service of spirit. no matter what they are.See a need and fill it . 312 .Everything is spirit and its expression...Everything is spirit.Spirit ensures that we get what we need .The goal of enabling spirit to more fully express in flesh is achieved by making what is unique into what is commonplace. there is just spirit expressing in flesh. that is the key to economic success... 319 . and what we are happens to be spiritual beings having a physical experience..Education first and foremost should teach us of whom that we are.. 310 .At some level. since this is really the only way that the love from spirit can be expressed.Spirit never gives us gifts unless there is a task for which the gifts are needed. especially if you maintain the awareness that it is spirit doing the works through you. Yes.The acorn knows exactly what it takes to become a mighty oak tree . I AM THAT I AM. 314 . there is no duality.. 315 .All relationships with spirit are cooperative and interdependent. 313 . 306 . everything . That is how the process of manifesting in flesh works. that seems to be what the spiritual directive calls for as well.Nothing is too great for us when we are expressing spirit fully through us to the degree that we are able. spirit expressing in flesh to the greatest degree possible in this moment. 309 . or better yet.. 311 . knows exactly what we are meant to grow to be and how to get us there. there literally is nothing else save spirit. 316 . and ultimately of all humankind .

We SHARE! We share what we have..Trust. 326 .. However. 323 ..It takes extreme courage to be unique and authentic. 333 . 334 . spirit does not accept such limitations.Spirit shines its light and shares its love wherever it can and to whomever will ask and seek for it. by the restrictions that we place on our connection to source. It is here that we make the unknown known and the unmanifest manifest. 328 . 321 . 31 . 331 . The more one does it. our hopes might be dim. whatever they might be.Spirit by its very nature seeks to express and unfold whom that it is in whatever way it can. 324 . In all other forms we are simply unaware of our shackles. the more one longs to do it . 325 .. as much as we can... we share what we feel.I trust spirit to guide me via my intuition to where I need to be.This is how we accelerate the rate of spiritual growth. and what I need to do. They are sparks of spirit . Her primary operating mode is to find needs and fill them.In the only way that really matters. literally god stuff. 329 .There is something addicting about spiritual expression. You must trust in the basic nature of spiritual expression and the integrity of yourself / Self / and SELF.If we had to rely on traditional approaches to bring about a New World in a New Age . We are the limiting factors in this expression.Creative expression is one of the highest.My job is to express as best I can what spirit would express through me. and to live the life of spirit that we are meant to live. we share whom that we are. literally to the point where it becomes all consuming. we share what we know.Spirit ever seeks to be of service.. it is through us that spirit is able to express and experience in the world.. I cannot say that enough. 320 . it will not be molded by any restriction or conditions. and on how we allow that source to express and manifest in our lives. we share what we experience. Sometimes they are even looked upon as gifts or blessings. 332 . 327 . 330 . whom I need to meet.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT its only nature .Our souls are powerful entities in their own right.It seems that the only true freedom is spiritual freedom. They are parts of the ONE consciousness.Remember. 322 . if not the highest endeavors of spirit. the expression of spirit is unfolding perfectly in accordance with a grand plan for the evolution of the expression of consciousness.

How is it that some of the things most important to functioning as the spiritual being in flesh that we are ...If we allow "free will" to operate . and a no holding back attitude..The evolution of life forms happens according to natural laws . the thought forms that spirit weaves through me. is what the reality game is all about. All we have to do is awaken to see it. We place our trust in others . 341 . are not taught to us? 336 . 347 ...If we are to grow into greater collective creative expression we have to find ways to interact with each other in cooperatively interdependent ways. And.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 335 . 343 . and those things we owe to spirit. 340 . 345 . we have those things we owe to our government and society. All forms are manifestations of the word . Obligations are part of life. 344 . It has always been thus though it seems that we have related far more to our physical and animal nature than our true spiritual nature. as spirit in flesh. both physical and spiritual. There is no separation. 346 . In fact. This is what propels us to ever greater expression of spirit in flesh. but more importantly. before our eyes..Words are the song that spirit sings through me. that after all. This requires working together in 32 .. In the beginning was the word.The creativity that we see expressed in the world is a mirror reflection of the creativity of spirit. We are not relieved from either...When I operate in the service of spirit. it is the most easy and natural thing in the world if we simply allow it to flow as it will.Knowing thyself is where the spiral of evolution starts. what I desire is what she desires to manifest through me. The expression of spirit in flesh is not difficult. It is through words that what I AM can be expressed. 342 . then everything that needs to happen will indeed occur and in a manner that is elegant. 338 . It is right there.. 337 . we place our trust in the highest expression of our authentic self.One shares by being whom that one is with others to the greatest degree possible. They are necessary for society to function.In our lives. primarily in the symbol systems.Do what you are moved to do by the spirit within you. This requires a high degree of trust. 339 . thoughts congealed into physical form.We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. and allow individuals to do what they are moved by spirit to do.There is a spiritual world embedded in the physical one.

Ideas should ultimately excite us to action. We need science to apply discipline to our pursuits into metaphysical domains..Everyone deserves to have their physical.My direct experience is that spirit is found within and reflected in the manifested world. and spiritual needs met in exchange for applying themselves in service to society.We spend our time in the dream world of daily reality.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT ways that facilitate greater expression of spirit than can occur from individuals acting alone. This seems to be the service that allows us to maximize the benefit of our endeavors to all concerned. It does this everywhere at once.. 355 . or secret. It is as if all of nature conspires to help us achieve what must be done. 349 . emotional. 351 . She moves us and inspires us .Spirit is all around us at all times. for it is spirit herself expressing through us that is resulting in the manifestation. a life of service to consciousness and ultimately to the society in which I live. 357 . 356 . and the unconscious frontier of spirit. 353 . 350 . She knows our every thought and action.. we are literally god incarnate . or hidden..Service is the only thing that ultimately has value. society. 358 . 361 . if we are open to allowing her active presence in our lives. but it has to be in flesh. 359 . or can do so.It is amazing how fluidly our lives flow when we are doing what we are meant to do. 360 . to building the foundations necessary for the greater expression of spirit both individual and collectively. or spirit incarnate if like me you find it difficult to relate to a concept of god.We are the vehicles through which spirit does her works in the world. 348 . Of course this would be the case .We are the players in the drama of life. in the realm of sleep ... and to moving us to more fully 33 .We need spirituality to guide science into doing the things that are right for individuals.The greatest service seems to be service to spirit herself. and the world. And it uses us as its instruments for filling the needs that it finds. 352 .The more aware we become.I cannot imagine living anything but a life of spirit. in the drama of spirit expressing in flesh on this planet at this time. There is nothing private. mental.. It serves by seeing where there is need and then finding a way to fill the need. This is what the expression of spirit is all about.. the more we are able to behave as the true spiritual beings that we are. We spend our no time.We are here to express spirit in flesh to the degree that we can. As such. 354 .

BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT express whom that we are. as well as for each individual. But. a spiritual destiny as well as our individual destinies.Interesting . 371 . a way imbued with spirit. 363 .It helps if our beliefs are aligned with spiritual truth. It is such an easy step to take... almost in order. 366 .No matter where we look.What good is it to be free if you don't explore what could be? The status quo may be good enough for the masses. an abundance that operates on physical. mental... but that is not a necessity for living . we also inherit a spiritual obligation to apply ourselves in service to that society in some manner that uses our special abilities and talents. 368 . It simply requires a bold initiative and a deep faith in the nature of spirit and how she expresses in our lives. 365 .There is something wonderful that happens when we allow the unknown to enter and express in our lives. 373 . 370 .This is how we build a better world. That is.Cooperative interdependence is the optimum expression of spirit for the whole. an abundance that encompasses the whole world. 362 . But it is through her and out of her that everything was created. emotional. we have spirit nation. and we collectively do what we are moved by spirit to do. 34 . We have only to follow her lead and do what she moves us to do. it is a necessity for right living in which we strive to fulfill the purposes for which we came. 374 ..Spirit animates all life. and being entitled to the blessing that society offers .. 369 . the realization of ideals in physical existence. it is not good enough for me. We find those whom we are meant to work with.Service is the key ingredient out of which abundance is manifest . If we double up on the "t". 367 ..What must be done ultimately will be done. and spiritual levels. inspiration contains the letters of the word spirit.By being born into a society.The plan of spirit involves the manifestation of ideals over time. She did not create it all. we enter into mutually supportive relationships. She has been doing so since the very beginning of all that is manifest. 372 . There is a destiny that is unfolding . what we see is the expression of spirit in flesh...Spirit already knows how to remedy or make any situation flow more easily and readily.. I know there is a better way to live. 364 .

35 . this expression is perfect ..Earth. the ears of spirit. A faith in the nature of the world. 383 . the nature of reality. we will still be spirit.. knowing that I live in a world that is driven by spirit.We are spirit living life in the physical form.. the mouth of spirit . The spiritual job is a volunteer one. That is compensated for by the experiences we gain and the salary and benefits that we receive. 387 . it offers no payment. It is our spiritual inheritance.. 381 . co-created.. everything that we experience . that is spiritual expression made manifest to the degree that it can be given the collective and individual awareness of the world at this time. 384 . Typically. though it may bring greater abundance into our lives on several levels... for what purpose we have come. As with other inheritances. life is meant to be an adventure. our world.Yes. all that I AM is of spirit.We are not taught that we choose it all.. And what a splendid and wonderful playground it is.It is helpful to keep a very open belief system . and what abilities we possess. 385 . We are not taught what obligations we have to ourselves. actually. All that it takes is courage and faith. more than agreed to.. the arms of spirit. and the world that we know is but one playground in which spirit can express and explore whom that it is. and to spirit herself. that we are responsible for it all. one that facilitates the expression of spirit. but come it will... one that allows for the miraculous..All life is the result of spirit expressing in flesh. 376 .Everything is spirit .Our level of awareness moves with us from existence to existence. everything that it costs to experience them. and therefore. 377 . and all that I DO is for spirit. 379 . and most of all in ourself and spirit as she expresses through us. Further. it is amazing how much energy and even how much time we seem to have. and with dividends and interest accrued.I am the eyes of spirit. 382 .When we allow spirit to engage in our tasks and do her work through us. one that keeps our potential unlimited. So everything experienced is OK somehow and agreed to by the parts involved . We are not taught why we are here. and spirit is ONE. When we cease to be this form. and a bold and daring one at that.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 375 .It is not enough that we apply ourselves and do our work to the best of our abilities.. our society.Spiritual awareness and spiritual awakening are indeed worth everything that we put into them .. and we will take on whatever form is appropriate. We are not taught whom that we are.I am comfortable facing the unknown. 386 . 378 . 380 ..Asking questions is another powerful tool in the spiritual warriors arsenal.. 388 . the process of reality creation. it may take awhile for it to come to us .

. 393 . I do think of consciousness and spirit as she who expresses through me. 389 .I am looking for something I can be passionate about.. 395 ..Why is it that so many live lives of quiet desperation? Why can't more people see the rare jewels and gems of spirit that they are? We are truly multifaceted and we shine with a brilliance that is greater than that of diamonds . physical. The very fact that it even exists as it does opens up many questions regarding what we as individuals are capable of . 398 . mental. At least..I am committed to be of service to whomever spirit cares to serve through me. we get our needs met . that is the only thing that makes it attractive to me. with a deep trust in the sanctity of life as it expresses through me.... for what are we but spirit experiencing life in flesh? 391 . Experience must be imbued with spirit .. It all depends on how much we go with the flow of spirit or go against that flow. There is no authority that I bow to . 394 .My only desire is for spirit to more fully express in flesh.This expression provides sight or visibility into what is within. and my sense is that it is true universally .Spirits abundance is unlimited.I operate out of faith... 396 .. 390 . For some this is easier 36 ..There is no stopping the actualization of the plan that consciousness has laid out for the expression of spirit in flesh. even if many are not consciously aware of this fact... 401 . It can count a lot or it can count a little.. or to what audience. and spiritual. immediately comes to mind.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT unfolding in accord with spiritual laws and with an overall plan for ever increasing individual and collective awareness and creative expression. other than spirit herself. How much it counts is literally up to us. 400 . Ours can be as well .Every moment or everyday counts. As the instrument. especially as instruments of spirit. I need nothing else. I know not how I am being played. however.How do we increase the amount of spirit that can shine through us? We find a way to tap the source within. I don't think of she who created me . 399 . for something that can kindle my fire and turn it into a massive flame. and allow it to express through us as freely as we can. emotional. this is true for me. 397 . I never think of he who expresses through me. reflecting the inner spark of spirit from within. That would be God..He who created me. all of them.Spiritual expression in flesh is what life is all about. 392 .Our contract with spirit is that in exchange for being whom that we are and giving all that we can give in service to spirit.

We create plans of action to do what it takes to accomplish our goals.yes.. 404 .. my every thought . it should be. one that expresses a social contract of the nature of pure communism in which each individual receives what they need physically.Life is the expression of spirit if flesh. 406 .. These are things that we must assume responsibility for on our own. If by means of our interaction you learn something. my life is an open book. we need to leave room for the universe to pitch in and help via spiritual laws.How can I . Both light and shadow are the manifestation of spirit in expression. 411 . it is perfect . no exceptions. and not one second without the fire of spirit that animates us. my every emotion. that is wonderful. Then again. 403 . days without water. 409 . As such. There are no secrets of which consciousness is not aware. It's as simple as that .. one person among 6 billion.. our mission.It is not my responsibility to educate anyone.. one that functions far more efficiently. my every tendency.I dream of a better world.. everything is spirit in expression .We may find that spirit has far better things in store for us than we could imagine for ourselves. At some level.. 402 . everything. be whom that you truly are. or even to motivate anyone. and as complex as that.She (spirit) knows my every move. my every desire.The mechanism by which spirit expresses through us is distinct for each and every one of us.. This is all that I ask of you or anyone . 410 . You can't have it both ways. 412 . at least to the degree that it can be in the moment.. We must find what works for us. and spiritually in exchange for providing their services to society. In doing so. 405 .Our spiritual work. and doing what I am moved by spirit to do.. mentally. emotionally.. or are motivated to do something that enables the greater expression of spirit through you .All that I really advocate is for you to (1) discover whom that you are and (2) be and express whom that you are.. We must find what makes our heart sing and our spirit soar. is indeed our play . make a substantial impact on the world? The answer that comes to mind is: by being whom that I AM... to her. or.. at least...We can live weeks without food (the stuff of the ground). 407 . whatever that is. 413 .BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT than for others. However. 408 . you become one of the legion of spiritual workers doing their part to change the world in beneficial ways. my every talent and ability. our imagination is one of the tools that we've been given through which 37 . but only minutes without air .We either live in a spiritual world or we do not.

However.. even more so than I ever have before. it is usually better to allow spirit to do her works in our lives.I live a life of destiny now.. that is the key .But. 414 . 420 .Life is about the expression of spirit in flesh.Along with free will comes complete responsibility . 424 .. This does not necessarily happen within a single lifetime.. which gets enforced via spiritual law regardless of what we believe. It is not for me to decide how I will expend my energy. This is how we get what we need.. It is for me to allow . to create a void for it. 419 .We can make things happen .. 417 . 425 . we get the most by giving the most . We employ the laws of spirit that say as ye sow.. We are the instruments through which spirit does its work in our lives and in the world.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT spirit manifests such things in our lives.We prime the spiritual pump of abundance by giving. while whom that I truly am moves on to other realms. she is spirit or consciousness herself to me. 418 . 423 . This is where words and ideas are given birth. we create a void. a vacuum that nature ensures gets filled. as soon as we find things that work. but.The laws of physics apply to us whether we believe that they do or not. by serving in whatever way we are moved to serve. for the fire of spirit will be behind them.We are gods eyes and gods hands... 416 . Spiritual laws are no different. 38 .. so shall ye reap and never take more than you give.. Our works are spirits works through us. 415 . The parents seem to be my own consciousness plus an equally important unseen that appears as a voice within .Ultimately. what about my responsibility for my own choices? I take complete responsibility. they apply equally to each of us. there is no reason these can't be spread like wildfire . I actively choose not to invoke my will in those areas where the will of spirit knows better. However. It is through these works that whom that I AM will live on in the world . 422 . They just operate in a different domain.. Whatever we need to draw into our life.My works are my children. We are the instruments of consciousness. and be the active vessel through which spirit does her work in the world. especially my spiritual works..We may have to start with prototype communities. Further. 421 . The karmic bank accounts seem to span far beyond that. In giving. She orchestrates all that is expressed....This is where the unmanifest becomes manifest.

For then. emotional. To stretch our consciousness. We need to cooperate and do what we can do.. but for others. For most.I must lead a life of meaning. And. 428 . it doesn't just happen automatically. different likes and dislikes .. if we follow our inner source.We literally are spirit incarnate.. mental. awareness.The more sophisticated and complicated our organizations. 39 . there simply is nothing else. for our society. This requires expressing in a manner that is congruent . 432 . We must learn to think in new ways.. 434 . Our expression is spirits expression. But. 436 . We are spirit enfleshed. and lots of practice. we must stretch our minds. 437 .Operating at a spiritual level requires some commitment. 433 . and spiritual. just may work for you too.. The later is required because we have to exercise our spiritual muscles to develop them. Everything is spirit . 427 . and for our world.. a life which demonstrates what we can be and what we can do when we open ourselves and allow spirit to express through us.. 429 . 430 . different abilities and talents. We all have our differences. Everything is spirit . 435 .. If each gives more that they take. Our awareness is spirits awareness.. That is how we create abundance in society. we will find exactly what is right for us. Never before has spirit expressed in the manner it does both personally and collectively. different preferences. physical. not only for ourselves.. Our experience is spirits experience.. that is consistent with the energies of spirit that are flowing through us.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 426 . Whether it does or not is up to you to assess for yourself.Spirit helps those who help themselves . Not everything works for everyone. the higher the vibrations of spirit that can be embodied in flesh. It takes observation.Ultimately we must find a way first to know whom that we are and then to be whom that we are. what works for me. 431 .Equality amidst incredible diversity is a cornerstone of spiritual expression. there is always a surplus. ways that go beyond reasoning and rational thinking.We are the vessels and channels through which spirit expresses. our society can truly soar to new heights that have only been imagined before. We are gods/goddesses in flesh.. comes to mind. This is a choice that we must make.Spirit thrives on the diversity of experience and expression.My experiences provide a jumping off point by demonstrating how spirit can express in one life anyway. We need to ensure that this surplus occurs on all levels . no exceptions. Yet. in some manner we are all created equal.One of the guiding principles from The Lion King is to never take more than you give. no fine print.Each of us is a unique expression of consciousness.

even millennia.. it requires that those in positions of power and influence start using their resources and abilities in ways that serve society . However.. then that is exactly where we need to be. Yet.It is high time that the amount of spiritual expression in our world increased dramatically. And. Every word crafted out of nothingness.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 438 .We will know in which direction to move. It has truly been a labor of love going into its tenth year. We simply have to go within to find it. and building the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh. I will know what this is when I make it. to a world where consciousness plays by different rules than apply to the consensus world. There is a sense that I am to explore enough of the inner to provide a framework for expressing spirit in the outer in bold new ways. 447 .. It simply has additional dimensions and additional webs of interconnectivity of information.There is nothing that can stop me from doing what spirit would have me do.Everything within me says that there is a mission that I came to accomplish. nothing more and nothing less... That can be scary if we have not done the self work necessary to gain an understanding of whom that we are sufficient to know that what we find within can indeed be trusted.. that is not my destiny either. There is something miraculous about engaging with consciousness in this manner. even more important.I point the way to the land of spirit.. 443 . 439 ..I am one person moved by spirit. 442 . mansions that it could take a lifetime to explore. Every idea fashioned as spirit alone could fashion it .This expression is one of my crowning glories.Spirit has lain dormant for many centuries.. in ways deserving of the talents that they have been so blessed to receive and the roles that they have assumed in the play of consciousness.We can trust that there is a spiritual destiny that is manifesting . 448 ... That doesn't mean that there won't be some challenges and even obstacles that get in the way. to the degree that it could be expressed through me at the time anyway. awaiting a time when her forces could be unleashed to do their works in the world. However . 444 . 440 . that requires that each of us do our part. 446 . 445 . I have been given the privilege of catching glimpses of the spiritual world and some of the meaning embedded in the symbol systems that surround us. Now is that time. 441 . 40 .There are indeed many mansions within. What difference can I make? I will make the difference that I am destined to make. The spiritual world coexists with the physical one. a mission that involves being a midwife to the Aquarian Age . because we will be directed by spirit herself. and that each of us have a role in that destiny. or will follow the lead of others who are so directed. In particular..There is something about spiritual expression that brings out the best in us and in all those whose lives we touch. if this takes us to the edge of the cliff and beyond . And.

. My sense is that I will continue to find ways to express so long as my feet tread upon this earth . 453 . they are what make life interesting.This stream of consciousness is my primary means of spiritual expression. I have lived my life in a manner consistent with this. 41 . The more we grow in awareness. Rather. 451 . even Beyond Imagination.. However.With awareness comes all things. 454 . 456 . We are all connected to the same one consciousness... 460 .This expression continues to amaze me.I trust that my life is unfolding in accord with a plan that consciousness has in store for me. I knew that name was right for this expression. It is here that I stand arm to arm with spirit. and as they do.The energies are ripe for the manifestation of all that we dream possible . From the beginning. trusting that spirit is supporting me and would not bring into my life more than I could safely handle. it is also time to build the foundations that allow us to bring to earth what we find when we soar. and allow our spirits to soar where they will. 458 . This is truly the key to everything. Life itself is a mystery.It is time to be set free.Many times I have wandered to the edge. 450 .. 452 .I am not meant to be as other men. as is spirit and consciousness. the more fully spirit can express in flesh through us. and for everything I do in service to spirit. That is a motto that I choose to live by. I am not one of the many. 449 . It definitely soothes and restores my soul. nothing is insurmountable. However. 457 . It is here that I am doing what I most love to do in a manner that is magical and special. the possibilities for spirit to express grow as well.. I am one of the few. Indeed. some remotely by a very thin thread.We are all spirit incarnate. tapping the source within to bring forth whatever would be expressed. It is not so much a matter of what connection we have .Things evolve into greater and greater complexity. rather it is a matter of how well we use the connection we have been gifted with.. I get my direction internally by what I am moved to do and how I am moved to express. 459 . they are among the most important things that can happen to us.There is nothing wrong with mysteries .BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT with spirit on my side. That is enough. It is not for me to force things in accord with my will. and so long as my spirit soars in the clouds. Thy will be done.. I have chosen to live a life of spirit. 455 .Doing the works of spirit is that important to me. others by a circuit of great capacity. in fact.

My focus is on what I can do to serve spirit. especially spiritual ones. whether it be to one or one hundred million. 462 .. the perspective changes dramatically. 42 . 465 .My life is a life of spirit. and do as it moves us to do. Our best is always good enough.I am not one to shirk responsibilities. Rather. of the triumph of ideas over the minds of man.Each of us is a unique expression of spirit in flesh. grateful that I have been given the gifts necessary to carry them out. This does not mean we must spend all of it in this manner . 468 .Our free time is the key resource that we have available to do the work of spirit. something that makes a difference. of the unfoldment of the plan of consciousness.We need to find the spirit within that moves us. I am the willing vessel through which she expresses in the world.. I bear my responsibilities gladly. be whom that we are.. We are spirit having a physical experience.Here I do what spirit moves me to do.History is the record of the march of the expression of spirit in flesh .We are all related to each other.. and to facilitate the greater expression of spirit in flesh.We are spirit enfleshed. I am spirit enfleshed . Here I get to participate in something bigger and grander than I am. 464 .. Always! 470 . 473 . here I have the opportunity to learn of whom that I AM... and of the actualization of ideals. 467 . That is what ultimately gives my life meaning and allows me to be all that I AM. we will always be operating optimally 463 .. Consciousness guides me every step of the way.. I have a spiritual destiny to fulfill . it is a part of the very life of the universe. Because of this we have a responsibility to one another. it is as if my life is not my own anymore.. Because of this.Spirit asks that we do our best to be the best that we can be. not just me. And. This is a sacred responsibility. but we should do our fair share. I use the term Namaste. That is why I am here. spirit to spirit.I have chosen to live a life of doing spirits bidding.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 461 . and I will gladly do whatever it takes to fulfill that destiny to the utmost of my abilities. Each of us is here to do something with our life . and to express this in ways that I did not imagine possible. 466 . and express this as best we can. 472 .When we see everything as spirit expressed in flesh.In a way. All that we can do is do what we are moved to do. but each and every one of us. 471 . It is her will that guides me and directs me. One of its meanings is the spirit within me bows to the spirit within you. 469 . spirit herself will see that we experience exactly what we need to experience. If we follow this source.

imbued with an awareness that others do not seem to have.I prefer to put in my overtime in this expression. the quicker the laws seem to work.. She must work through us to get things done in the world. it seems the more aware that we are. We have the skills. depending on how we play the cards that we are dealt.Spirit has no power of her own. 477 . she is happy with whatever resources she is given to do the work that needs to be done. This is always enough. not just scientific .Every moment is a gift from spirit. They can be united in a manner that allows them to work together for a common end. No.We must keep in mind that it is not the brain. There is a strong inner drive to use all that I have been given in service to others. 479 . 480 .Spirit asks for us to be ourselves. I know that when we live a life of spirit. though. Our organizations are still in their infancy compared to what can be achieved.Allow life to unfold as it will. we need to stop and make the effort to know ourselves. but the heart that is the seat of the soul. 476 . To whom much is given. much is expected. 483 . this doesn't mean we will live in stately mansions. It is up to us to return that gift by doing our part to make the most of every moment. I have been given a lot in my life. but as collective organizations.We are talking about imposing our will on the fabric of reality and creating a world that is of our choosing.We need to be committed to do what it takes to know ourselves. I don't know how or if it will ever be compensated. 484 . but technology of consciousness. We haven't truly empowered individuals working collectively for the common good. To be this. and allowing the full force of spirit to be unleashed to do her works in our lives. This can be easy or it can be difficult. The spiritual laws of reality creation work the same for all . Trust in the process. And. 485 ... The greatest benefit comes from applying both 43 . Though..BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 474 .. 475 . not only as individuals. in particular to society and the world.I am touched by spirit . 481 . The head and the heart do not have to be on different sides.There is no authority from which this communication springs other than my connection to spirit herself.We are spirit enfleshed. our true selves. We have the technology..We attract into our lives what we believe that we will experience. 482 . Spirit never asks more than this of anyone. 478 . and then to be whom that we are to the degree that we can. It is a matter of teaching the best of what is known to as many as we can. Spirit knows exactly what she is doing even if we do not. the reward is abundance in all areas of our lives. though that is indeed possible.

and to help to establish the foundations necessary for spirit to more fully express in flesh.. the new age that is to be born has all of its characteristics already inside of it. the arms. and the world.The body is essentially the same at death and immediately before death. We are the legs.This body will return ashes to ashes. The more spirit is expressed.I sit here.I am here to demonstrate firsthand how spirit can express in flesh .. It needs our help to nourish it ... And. the feet.. for me. on the shoulders of giants that have come before me. to stand on the peaks where others have taken us and to soar even higher to the unknown realms of spirit. 495 . not to spiritual ones.I stand on the edge of the abyss of the unknown . Here is where my journey takes me. yet I know full well that I am safe. The age will grow and flower as it will.We are the vehicles through which consciousness expresses in flesh . but it seems that it is poised to teach us far more than we can teach it. And in doing so. What is different is that spirit has withdrawn into its own realm. Here is where my destiny unfolds.. and even the brain of consciousness. This is where I am in touch with a source inside that is greater than all that I know that I am.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT in a manner that serves spirit . only time will tell. the hands. Everything is spirit..Spiritual law assures that we will reap what we sow. dust to dust. That is OK... We are meant to cooperate and learn from one another .Right now... the voice. The babe. But the spirit which animates will return spirit to spirit. 492 ..You can't take it with you applies to physical possessions .Be whom that you are! That is the directive of spirit... 493 ..Expressing spirit in flesh is what the game of life is all about. 489 .I have said before that my job is to serve as the midwife only . I would not be anywhere close to where I am. This is my sanctuary. This is home to me. 488 .. the better everything is. 491 ... 490 . the eyes. that I can always count on spirit to guide me as to where to take the next step. and hence self.. Without their works. be all that you can be! 496 . doing her works in the world. here and now. this has nothing to do with religion. These words are part of what I am planting in the world. society. 487 . Here is where I touch and face the unknown. though it has everything to do with spirituality. Whether I am planting on fertile soil remains to be seen . 44 . their words. my primary spiritual work. They just need to be allowed to come out. 494 . 486 . like unto like. 497 . this expression is still my primary outlet ..

Yes. it is audacious of me to think so.It pleases me to no end to be of service in this manner . We are spirit enfleshed. a world impact. 509 .. However it seems just as audacious to think that all of this could be happening simply for my personal benefit.What would I do to make a difference in the world? I would simply be whom that I AM and express this to the degree that I can. In particular. and my inner knowingness.Spirit occupies the drivers seat in my life now. I serve in her majesties service. at least until we go beyond time at which point always no longer carries any meaning. this is just a compartment of the one consciousness of which we all are part.. Interesting. There is a sense that these words will ultimately have a greater impact somehow.. There is more that I could be doing .BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 498 . Further. how we can express spirit more fully in flesh. it seems that I am supposed to demonstrate how consciousness can express through us . We do this be developing our skills.Awareness is not something one learns to do gradually. even if the service is only to spirit. It is like being struck by lightning .. But. here and now.... a wide berth in my life. our whole lives are a process of programming our brains. 505 .I give those parts of myself that I consider most spiritual . I exist as an individual only so long as it serves spirit for me to be so..All creative expression is valued and important. My life will unfold exactly as it needs to for my mission to be accomplished.This is all that spirit ever asks of us. I serve at the pleasure of spirit. I am a being with a consciousness all my own.I find it quite interesting that the onset of the symptoms of my bipolar disorder coincided with a time of spiritual awakening. 45 . 501 .As a wayshower.. 507 . and in the world. 504 . 500 . 506 . It always has been and always will be .. I would express what spirit would express through me. the lightning of spirit. We are attempting to create the infrastructure for spirit to express in flesh. 503 . That means that our true nature is spiritual. and by volunteering our services to whatever causes we deem worthy. is this enough The immediate answer is no. Yes. 499 . Because of this.We are meant to live our lives as if spirit matters. namely my intuition... I am a vessel through which consciousness does her work. to be the vessel for spiritual expression that we can be. 502 . Further. Also. I will experience exactly what I need to experience. and in particular I could be doing things in a manner that has greater impact on society. 508 .Effectively. my life is meant to provide an example of what can be. all expression is of spirit. But.

and of the connection to spirit ... She asks.Increased expression of spirit in flesh is the "better" direction. this is not just true for me. the reflection must change as well. and she gently nudges .. My sense is that spirit is orchestrating everything. spiritual evolution. it is true for everyone. and Channing. What we have done in the past is in the past. it is of spirit anyway . how does a loner change the world? The bottom line is by allowing spirit to change the world through me. However. above and beyond what I AM. I believe in a realm beyond the physical one.. but what we allow spirit to do through us. many of my favorite quotes (other than my own) come from Emerson. This is what spirit asks of us. 521 . one of their predecessors... but by allowing spirit to do what she would do through us.My path is the path of the transcendentalists . whole new realms of possibilities open up unto us. but it is up to us to choose what we do and how we do it. When we live as if we are spirit manifesting as flesh . 46 .I march to the beat of my own drummer . 513 ... 517 . and of the expression of spirit in flesh. will indeed do so.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 510 . 518 .. 514 . Further.I speak of the realm of spirit ..So. that those who are meant to find this expression and find me. We activate a whole host of unseen forces. and does what spirit bids one to do. 520 . then so be it as well..What is important is not what we do of our own accord. 515 . is consciousness manifest in form. 511 . Evolution ensures that this takes place.. or perhaps to the drumming of spirit within. This is our constant challenge.The source is what it is.I'm very wary of pushing my beliefs and expression on anyone. It is not for me to force this to happen . Either way. We must ever prove ourselves by doing what we can do and being all that we can be. how does one live an extraordinary life? One lives from the heart.So. As I change... The world is a reflection of whom that I AM. I would rather that people remain free to consume what they will. It does not suffice to rest on our laurels.. 516 ... 519 .We achieve greatness not by doing what we would do . in particular. I know that everything is spirit in expression. this sets me apart from others. And. since everything is spirit. If it is of me. if it is of spirit. 512 . Thoreau.Each day provides new opportunities. it is for me to simply allow it to happen.. It starts by changing me. it is what we should demand of ourselves. a spiritual realm where the bulk of the work of reality creation gets done. And.Spirit doesn't force us to do anything.

that and spirit.. a spiritual plan that involves the unfoldment of consciousness and its expression in flesh.. and to serve the world. It is time for us to do so with eyes wide open ....When we operate from spirit. We express from a connectivity to the collective. the spirit within us is responsible for what happens as a result .My sense is so long as I am living and breathing . I would have it no other way.I believe in a world of purpose .. that is who we are accountable to . 529 . I am a pawn in the game of life . 532 .Whether we are wasting our time is something that we must decide for ourselves. to serve spirit. I qualified this with nearly. 525 . We are spirit expressing in flesh now.When we do spirit's works. what has come before is never enough. Her depths are unfathomable. Ultimately.. with an awareness of what we are doing and why we are doing it. this constantly fluctuates. This only happens when we do what we are designed to do . We always have been. of spiritual intent directing what is expressed and experienced both individually and en masse. Her resources are unlimited.. the overall trend is towards greater awareness. and always will be.Of our own. anyway.When we allow spirit to work through us. 526 .There is a grand plan at play ..We are spirit. we blur the line of individuality.I feel a great obligation to serve .. 533 . We are only limited to the degree that we act out of selfishness. or a knight. When we act from the source within us. However. and she knows what she is doing.. and this just happens to be what we are destined to do. we are capable of only so much. From my experience. 523 .Spirit seeks to get maximal results for the effort expended. we can do nearly anything. a bishop... 524 ... It is high time that we lived our lives as if we truly believed this. This is to be my lifelong work. 528 . we act selflessly. for we are beyond all sense of self that we normally know. There is always the next step to take. to serve society. the next work to do. or perhaps a king. spirit has no such limits. 531 . However.Have faith and accept things for what they are. However. to the ONE source. 47 . the ONE consciousness that animates us all. this is not expressed as a desire to serve specific individuals. Because of this. I have chosen to live a life of spiritual expression. and an increased tie to the collective. 530 .. 527 .. This is a matter of where our awareness resides. as a reminder that we need to get out of the way to the degree that we can so that the work is truly that of spirit versus what we might do out of ego.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 522 . That is all that truly matters to me.. the next expression of consciousness to manifest.

Everything meaningful in my life has a strong metaphysical and thus spiritual component.. 48 .. This makes all the difference in the world. It is a matter of realizing it and acting from this place. and. It is for us to make the most of it.One more day . all.I've had several jumps in consciousness. it seems that they don't realize that they are not the only components of the self that are operating in this existence.. one not to be squandered. Yes. one more opportunity for spirit to express in flesh. everything is spirit. we are meant to do what we can to convey this to others. And. Where we can. 535 .The middle path seems to be to allow what is to unfold in our lives to do so naturally. in my experience. 541 . change is one thing that is everpresent in life.Life is definitely a great gift. at some level the expression of spirit in flesh is perfect.It is consciousness that animates us. that seems to justify a lot of bad or evil things that people and organizations do. We are spiritual beings. our society. 544 .. there is no other place to fall. This does not mean that we cannot enjoy the results that do come.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 534 .Egos can be strong forces to deal with. We are loved. However. they belong to spirit for they spring forth from her.I must change and evolve if I am to continue to serve spirit in this manner. it is far more important that we allow spirit to make things happen through us. we can make things happen. this is true everyday. I love such experiences. 540 . we should do what we know is right for us to do without expectation of results. where I was suddenly aware that I was more than I knew myself to be before. However. We are safe. a matter of where and how we choose to express our time and energy. This is our true nature. That is not surprising. They are leaps from the cliff into the outstretched arms of spirit..Expectations are a rough area to deal with. some way to make the life we have been given a gift back to spirit. My children will be those spawned by my consciousness. 543 . 542 .. the expression of spirit. Yes. including us. and our world. it seems they are not all mine . It is a matter of choice.My legacy will be the words that I leave and the deeds that I do. is the work. And. It just means that we should remain open and allow spirit to determine what results follow from our actions. It is up to us to find something useful to do . However. But how many of us are at a point where we are satisfied with what we have done with our lives to date? 536 .. What we choose to do with our life is our gift to the world. as superior sources of information and guidance.. each and every moment.. 539 . without undo force being applied one way or another. They are the parts of us responsible for assessing our reality. Intuition and inputs from source or spirit must be recognized as well .At some level. everything. This means when we are at our highs as well as at our lows.. Yes. That means that all that we do is spiritual ... at times. 537 . Hmm . In reality. 538 .

Yes. and plans are so foreign to me.. Similarly. here and now .. 548 . 552 . Now is constantly sustained by spirit. Perhaps that is why goals. in ways that many are not. 551 . there are no limits to what it can be and what it can achieve. and each morning a rebirth of that consciousness. and to do what needs to be done here and now. and when we need to know..Spirit is all ONE! She is orchestrating everything.There is a sense that I am complete somehow. However. Because of this. objectives. We are spirit in flesh.. a hand from a source that knows us far more than we know ourselves. each night is a death to the waking consciousness. All of these require attachment to an outcome. All such systems are valid from their own perspective. every one of us. Yes. it is only asking that we be true to our true nature. in the spiritual domain rather than in the physical.Our task is to fully be in the present.. every moment of it.This thing called life is a precious gift . 546 . Actually. that is asking a lot..BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 545 .In My Soul I Am Free. all 5 plus billion of us on the planet plus the entire animal and plant kingdoms for that matter. What has changed is that we now have a helping hand in our corner .. It is not necessary for any one cell to know everything about the whole.. the future will be a natural outcome . The trick is to do what we are moved by spirit to do.Our natural mode of expression is to serve spirit. 549 . Every moment. The whole is the synergistic result of a collective cooperative effort.The major point is that we should live our lives as if spirit mattered . 547 . 555 . That is OK.. Each moment is a death and a new birth. life is renewed. 553 . when we choose to live a life of destiny . When we do this. 554 . That is where to look for freedom.. there may be several such worlds since many symbol systems are mapped onto the same elements. It is not for me to create particular outcomes. Those with roles to play will gravitate naturally towards what they need to do when they need to do it. That requires developing the ability to distinguish and recognize what spirit is asking of us in every situation that we face. 550 . and in turn our society as only we can. it will take care of itself.. I leave that to spirit. She informs us of what we need to know when we are ready.It seems that spirit operates on a need to know basis. we are still responsible for our choice and for everything that comes of it.We have to move beyond our selfishness to a mode of providing service to spirit and to 49 . for that is exactly what we are spirit expressing in matter.There is a spiritual world embedded in the symbol systems of the physical world. It is there that we can fly and soar to heights as far as the wings of awareness can take us. that means there are many spiritual worlds.. Yes.When we choose to allow spirit to express through us.

My connection is still with consciousness. As such.. Everything falls into place.. 565 . for nearly a decade.In the spiritual world. 557 . our lives work. Now. How we do this is up to us. The limiting factor seems to be me.I have spent a lot of my life focused on knowing myself.Synchronicities are bleedthroughs from the spiritual world into the physical world.I prefer to be extraordinary and to live a life that is consistent with this. A faith that we are the instrument through which spirit is expressing and that she knows exactly what she is doing even if we don't.. I allow him to throw me where he will. 566 . allowance.. I have no one else that I am working with other than source herself.What seems to work is trust. 567 .Awareness. In particular. my awareness and my ability to serve as a vehicle for spiritual expression. 562 . we have to move from a me to a we mode of expression. It is not me that does the moving.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT others with our lives. I am content to serve as her instrument. 568 . these are the keywords for living a spiritual life. 50 .I can only do my part . but spirit is the animating force that expresses through us.There is a growing sense that there is a lot more locked within waiting to be unleashed.. a faith in life as it is unfolding through us. or more correctly spirit's bidding. with the spirit within. to do her will. There is a host of forces that are harnessed to do our bidding .There is a divine plan for the unfoldment of consciousness. for living the life that we are meant to live.. I have been involved in expressing what spirit would express through me. The work is done out of necessity .I am content to be whom that I AM. I am but a pebble in the hand of God. and serve as the scribe for spirit. That was my focus for nearly two decades. 561 .God is the creator. and to express this in whatsoever manner I am moved to express. 558 .. It is spirit herself. What happens from there is up to spirit. 559 . acceptance . Even if no one but I and spirit herself know just how extraordinary this is. We have to move from a what is in it for me. to a what is in it for all of us perspective. From the beginning it has pushed the individual and collective consciousness to ever greater awareness and to ever greater expression of spirit in flesh. However.It could be that my work life and my spiritual life are meant to be distinct from one another. 556 . 560 . 564 . the spiritual expression is done out of love. 563 ..When we do the works of spirit.

. 575 . it may not be enough. 581 . but spirit's plans. 572 . 582 . We just don't see this in the roles that we appear to be playing.There are no innocent victims. It is OK to allow her to take the lead in the dance that is my life. It takes a commitment to expressing the unseen within us.Every moment.. 577 . it expands everyday . 576 -We get what we focus upon. Even then. 579 . Yes.. 571 .You might say that I live my life by faith. spirit expressing in flesh.. In doing her will. However. Not by a religious faith .. definitely by a spiritual faith. I unlock the best that is in me to serve the collective good.Such is what this expression is all about as well . 578 . to demonstrate firsthand how spirit can express in flesh. However. the human spirit. every month.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 569 . If we spend our time focusing on consciousness. it is not me that has this need.The more that I become... spirit.I choose to be a vessel through which spirit can express as she will. it is spirit. my chief task is to demonstrate how spirit can express in flesh.. We are all ancient and powerful beings at our core.Life for me is the expression of consciousness. each day counts nonetheless. 573 . We need the grace of spirit to touch us . However. to awaken us to whom that we are. not my plans. Yes. It takes something more. But. this is not sufficient to lead a spiritual life. We are all spirit in flesh. However. as the very process brings great richness into my life. Yes. the expression of spirit in flesh. mine is a dance of consciousness.As a wayshower. the more I open up. I am comfortable with this.. 580 . 574 . My very life is such a demonstration. the more that spirit can express through me. 570 .. every year spirit is always in expression through us. And what an adventurous voyage and expedition we are on. The journey is everything! It is what life is all about. The process is magical.My sense is that I write because there is something that needs to be said through me..What does it mean to be spiritual? We are all spirit expressing in flesh already. and awareness we reap the rewards of our efforts. it seems some days more so than others. every day. every time I allow the expression to flow forth.. This is not completely unselfish.That is one of the primary things that I am here to do . 51 . This very expression is the legacy that I leave to any who might venture this way. It takes a commitment to consciousness.Spirit knows exactly what she is doing. this is still limited.There is a sense that everything is playing out according to plans . as I do not subscribe to any religion.

No way is inherently better than any other. I have been part of an elaborate programming process. there is an inward trickle that ties us to source. mental. 596 ..BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 583 . It will happen when it happens. 587 . 590 . My life is one integrated whole. 593 .This whole adventure that is life is about the greater and greater expression of spirit in flesh. This programming allowed higher functions to develop so that spirit could break through into expression..My life is borrowed from spirit.When we awaken.There is no rushing what spirit has in store for us. 591 . spirits gift to the world through me.Spirit has all forms of expression. it is as if the full light of spirit shines upon us.Why me? Why am I so graced to be the scribe for spirit? It's a mystery. 589 . That is just how it is for me. This programming trained my mind to see things independently in ways that others do not seem to see. her..We are the vessels through which spirit expresses in flesh. It is for me to serve spirit by using the best that I AM in whatever way she moves me to do.I had thought that my work life and my spiritual life were separate. That is not my way. It is as if it has to be manifest. It is to her that I owe my allegiance. and spiritual are all intertwined and united within me.There are many ways .It is time to jump from the cliff of the known once again into the depths of the unknown. However. spirit in expression. Prior to this. emotional. Yes.. or it has not been to date. My way is to leave words..The physical. I always experience spirit in the feminine tense. 594 . It is for each of us to find the way that spirit speaks to us and through us. 52 . 595 . for it to count. They are my gift to the world . I'm excited by the possibilities that lie ahead and by the challenges. I know the open arms of spirit await me . 585 . I am whom that I AM. as they always have before.From day one. No part is isolated from any other part. 592 ..It is for me to express what can be expressed throu gh me. it seems that this is not so at all. It takes major self work to find this trickle and to develop it so that it increases to a stream of consciousness. It is all spirit. 588 . There is nothing else. It is for each of us to find the way or ways that work for us. to be realized. 586 . 584 . or more correctly.Some people leave memories in the lives of the people with whom they interact. all of which lead to the same spirit.

I would not even consider denying that which I must do. This covers both individual and collective expression. a destiny that I could not avoid even if I wanted to. And. in particular. I find that I live up to my expectations and more . It is through her grace that I am given the life that I live. Everything that happens does so for a reason. 601 . The smaller plans fit within the context of a grand plan.It is in spirits arms that I am embraced.I feel an obligation to spirit. Each of us has a spiritual destiny. 607 .I am grateful for all of this. this is the expression of one. 604 .It is amazing how much we can do when we allow spirit to work through us. 600 .BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 597 .Creating the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh is the prime mission of the expression that is Beyond Imagination. or at least of source expressing through one.. It is not physical. though it expresses through us in the physical. whom? If not now. We are all part of that plan. 609 ... No. Then again. I am here as a world server to help create the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh.. spirit is a source inside that animates us all. as a spiritual being. rather.. there is nothing save spirit. Spirit has a plan for the expression of spirit in flesh. primarily because it is not me doing everything. and a grand one at that. Everything is thought congealed into forms of various types. For me. we are not pawns being moved on a chessboard.Life will unfold as it is meant to unfold. Everything is vibration. 606 . the word made flesh . it is spirit expressing through me. someone has to take responsibility to change the world. 608 .I have said before that I came to fulfill a spiritual destiny.I believe that there is a spiritual plan involving the evolution of consciousness and the greater and greater expression of spirit in flesh. 603 .I demand that I perform in a manner better than anyone has the right to expect. 53 .Everything is spirit in expression. when? 605 . discovery of the realm of consciousness. 599 . For me. Here is where I am free to open myself to the voice of spirit as she would express through me. Yes. But. and number.Life is a voyage of discovery . it is a spiritual destiny. we are active participants in the game of life.There is a grand plan of consciousness. And to date. 602 . that is grandiose of me to think in such terms.There is a destiny that calls.. In general. If not me. It is amazing when we see life as the expression of spirit that it is. 598 . Rather. That is a lofty goal.

618 ... 611 . That is the most precious gift that we can give. 617 . for the fulfillment that comes in creatively expressing in this manner. the talents and abilities. I feel an obligation to use these gifts to serve somehow . Here. to express spirit in a bold new way. a gift from spirit to us. It is for us to give the gift of ourselves. There is nothing that I am trying to sell. We have always been thus. in fact.That is what my life is about . that is.. we must be the best that we can be . Until we find it. Actually imposed is not quite right. 616 . and the nature of spirit.When we live a life of spirit. it is freely chosen. It is a matter of realizing this and acting in accord with this.. Rather.. Our life becomes the very life of the universe. I must demonstrate the words via the actions I take in my life. It is for us to find a way to use this gift in a way that serves others. and acceptance .Spirit having a physical experience. It is imposed from within.. 614 . As such. We are spirit incarnate. first we are spirit . I must live the words. There is no motive. it is a lost chord. 612 . to serve society. We resonate with the chord that is ours to play.I am grateful for all that I have been given. This is how our life is meant to be lived. we go beyond personal responsibility . and the opportunities.. I have become aware that I was more than I knew myself to be . our life clicks. to serve spirit. It is not a matter of the evolution of the physical to the spiritual. but that is not enough.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 610 .We are the vehicles through which spirit expresses in flesh. 620 . It is not imposed on me by anyone else.. It is here that I learn of my own true nature. far more. 619 .This expression is the greatest gift that spirit could possibly grant to me. However. 615 . then we experience an incarnation. unless you consider spirit as something that is distinct from whom that I AM.. expressing what spirit would express though me. I take this obligation freely. 613 . and our world. 54 .Life is a special gift . we enter a realm where our lives become a very part of the ONE consciousness. 621 . this power will not be unleashed unless we do what it takes to find ways to work with others. our society. We are doing what we are meant to do. to do this. We are being whom that we are meant to be.. When we do. That is what we are..Awareness. and to serve my world. other than to allow spirit to express in flesh.The power of synergy has the potential to magnify what spirit is able to do through us many fold. I simply express for the sheer joy of expression. allowance.This expression has been a solitary work . There is nothing that I am trying to convince anyone of..Every moment is precious. these are the keys to living a spiritual life.. no holding back..This expression does not have a purpose. Most of that is captured in words.. Everything is already spirit. Every moment is an opportunity to excel. the nature of reality.. However...

The process is very powerful. however. more precisely. 628 .I have chosen to live a life of spirit.. Each thing has its utility.. to spirit.. 624 . or. many possibilities were opened . 55 . then the mind is truly a mystery that we may never even begin to fathom... It is as if there are only so many resources..My life belongs to the universe . there is a choice.There is a sense that I have been reborn in spirit somehow. Each thing in our background is there because it needs to be. 630 . In doing so. to use all that I AM to make a difference of world import.Spirit does not waste effort.. 626 . or spirit that is the mystery really matters not. 633 . it is important that I find a way to use my talents. I have something to share with the world . spirit has something to share through me with the world. That is what my life is all about.. There is also less of a sense of urgency. This spark is part of us . 632 . It is for me to freely give of whom that I AM in service. The good news is that those that were opened far outweigh any that were closed in any manner that truly matters. 629 . Each thing provides its lessons and its challenges. This is all that spirit ever asks of us ..How do I live in a manner that makes a difference in the world? Yes. but. I know that this works much as the base current in a transistor. In doing so. In the end. There is no sacrifice involved.Each of us has a spark of spirit inside of us.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 622 . part of spirit herself. We provide the small base current that controls a far greater current that flows from spirit to do works far greater than we alone could accomplish. Yet.It is always enough to do our best at whatever we are moved to do. My domain is the high country of spirit.. it is the same. we are literally being our best. Things are unfolding exactly as they are meant to unfold. I fancy myself being wise beyond my years and having tapped a source of spirit deep within myself. that I am more than I have ever been. What is it that I am willing to give up for this? The answer that comes to mind is my whole life.We can achieve anything that we set our minds and hearts to . Because of this.. provided that this resonates with our spiritual mission. it is also part of all that is. 631 .Focus is extremely important. Whether it is mind that is the mystery. 623 .. be all that you can be. 627 . we enlist the forces of the universe to do our bidding. However.There is something intriguing about the hermit..If these are truly products of my mind .When we live a life of spirit. many other possibilities were closed.. 625 . I have chosen to live a life of spirit.

646 . That means educational.If we aren't changing the spiritual beliefs. 641 . economic. spirit is the musician. we aren't tackling our problems at their core. 635 .I've found it is always good to leave spirit sufficient room to express as she will in my life. that makes the expression of spirit through consciousness one of the most powerful things that we can do in flesh.. especially when it comes to awareness and spiritual expression. the system is failing.Be all that you can be is a strong spiritual directive for all of us. She is ultimately the source of the music that we play.. 644 .BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 634 . Without the instrument there would be no 56 . it is spirit doing the work through us. it is not us doing the work .I am the instrument . Where there is hunger and starvation. 638 . mental.. 637 ..There are as many paths to spirit as there are people. 640 . That something is a set of spiritual beliefs that truly serve us . and spiritual needs of everyone. the system is failing. it does not come close.. How is it that I know what I know? This is especially interesting given that much that I know is beyond what I have learned in this existence. if only we will allow her to impact our lives as only she can. After all. That involves building an infrastructure that supports each and every individual on the planet to be the best that they can be. Where there is poverty and suffering. that is how spirit does its work.. and spiritual systems that work to support this. the mind is a house for consciousness.We speak of building the foundations for a new world. it is necessary that I do my part. Where there is war or violence.Spirit has much more in store for us than we can imagine. 642 . 636 . the system is failing. all of us. Yes.Remember. 643 . It doesn't matter what that is. At present... through us. 645 . political. 639 . consciousness is a house for spirit. Where there is ignorance and intolerance.I speak from a space of knowingness that by all rights seems that it should not exist. the system is failing.The infrastructure must support meeting the physical. and in need of something to heal it and bring it back into balance. emotional..What is the overall state of health of humanity? My sense is that it is dying rapidly .. social. How can this be? It seems that some of what we know is inherited .The body is a house for the brain. the brain is a house for the mind. That doesn't mean that we don't have to do our part.On the evolutionary ladder. Each of us must ultimately find the path that is right for us.

she leads us... it was far more than establishing a government. 652 . 657 . This is how we abide by the spiritual economic law to never take more than we give. 648 . Thy will. That means that we must have a connection to spirit within.It is important that we find ways to give of whom that we are in service to something greater than ourselves. Spiritual law demands that we use the gifts that we are given. However. to the degree that we allow her to. 651 ... a New Order of the Ages. not mine. 653 .. the instrument is useless. 650 . the greater the level of service required. They knew that they were setting in motion something great. it is more than this . No exceptions. yet much that I do is in service to things greater than myself . something that would be the shining example of liberty in the world.I express by writing.. There is only you as the expression of spirit. that is the part that counts. What is it that does this moving? The only answer I can give is the spirit within me. in particular to society. They were part of a spiritual brotherhood.It is when we do spirits bidding that we are being the best that we can be.Each of us has a spiritual destiny..The right use of will is to choose to serve spirit and manifest things in her timing not ours. we only achieve it if we accept it and allow it to happen.. Actually. That also means that we must have the discipline to abide by what it tells us.Spirit seeks greater and greater varieties of experience. Only part of this expression is in flesh. But. We have incarnated specifically to allow spirit to manifest and experience reality. and to spirit herself..BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT music.There is not you and spirit. 658 . She knows how to elicit our best. my will is for thy will to be done. to the world.Our forefathers set us up as a Novus Ordo Seclorum. However.There is nothing else except spirit in expression in this world. she encourages us. She is the source from which all of this springs. 655 . without the musician. I write whatever I am moved to write.Along with abilities comes the responsibility to use those abilities to serve others in some way. be done. 654 . 57 .Spirit employs the best that is in us. 647 . she moves us . Everything is spirit. and they firmly believed that there was an unseen deity guiding their hands through all of this. The greater the abilities. 659 . They knew that this was spiritual work that they were doing . to do as we are moved by spirit to do. Yes. She guides us. 656 . And.That is the key .I would be the consummate individual. required.. 649 .

.We are all spirit manifesting in flesh. 669 . Further. For most. 671 . a set of clothes that she wears.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 660 . but through us as a collective. it is the spiritual. 664 . we can do all things. 670 . that at times it seems that there is nothing I can do to fully repay her for all that she has done. The closest that I can come is to live a spiritual life.What we most need to learn are the things of spirit.It is through community that we accomplish things far greater than we can accomplish with the sum of our individual efforts.. With it. Here. 663 .. and to be all that I can be by serving others to my utmost capacity.. and little has changed in that time. This needs to be re-examined. 665 .Spirituality should empower us to be all that we can be and to do all that we are meant to do. But. They can only be resolved with spiritual solutions. there are other things that count. there is a need for that talent.If there is any area that is truly lacking in our expression. 668 . to do what I am moved to do.Spirituality is the pole that holds up the tent of the self. 672 .There are as many paths to spirit as there are individuals .. So much so.This is the testament of my life. allowing spirit additional avenues for expression not only through us as individuals. this has been the domain of religion for centuries.Consciousness is a form that spirit takes. I share whom that I am as freely as I can. I am clearly in her debt. 662 .. we are all souls that spring forth from the same ONE spirit. and she has been an instrumental guide for me all of my life.Spirit has given me many gifts.I feel that a tithe of my time is the minimal investment in the spiritual side of life. in my world anyway. Yes. This is my spiritual manifesto. Without it. 673 . 667 . perhaps even more. if not millennia .I believe in the spiritual order of the universe. the spiritual things are the things that count most. It is my desire that this serve as an example of the degree and depth of sharing that I would like to see happen in the world . we are effectively nothing. Where there is a talent.Spirit is ever in the process of finding needs and filling them. Here is where our true treasure lies 58 . to allow spirit to express through me as she will.Our major problems are spiritual problems. we are effectively unlimited. Here is where the power of synergy gets applied . ONE consciousness. 666 ... 661 .

. and limitations are just that . That means we must know when spirit is moving us. This unknown. orchestrating things so that forms evolved that could house ever-increasing constructs of spirit in flesh.The surest way to stay on mission is to do what we are moved by spirit to do.Spirituality is one of the most intimate relationships that we have. As such. But how something feels is not the same as how something is. this unseen becomes present by its effects in our lives. and then must do as she moves us. 683 .. a set of ideas on which they can base their spiritual identity. Or... 676 .It is time for us. 684 . the consumers. Since nearly all of our problems are spiritual problems. they feel very real while we are experiencing them. the spiritual source that expresses through us. and thus serving the world. It is amazing what we can do when we are serving spirit. 682 . There is something magical that is engaged...It is amazing what happens when one chooses to consciously live a life of spirit. all-knowing. 681 . The spiritual manifesto should explain what we collectively want to manifest spiritually. on what we can do to serve others. in ways that they have not before. our spiritual selves. we are strong in ways that we are not otherwise. but there is a surety in our step.People must be given a spiritual manifesto . what we are seeing is illusion . We may not know exactly what we are doing. Oh.The key is to realize that we are spirit first and foremost. When we see ourselves as other than these things. are grander and wiser than we have ever imagined. this will go a long way towards fixing many of the things that are wrong. we can be if we are open to being so.Flexibility is a very good thing . we engage the greatest parts of ourselves. we are all part of the play of consciousness. society. of emotions. This play has been in operation since the beginning of time.When we do the work of spirit. Our lives become purposeful. I believe that will be very different than what we have offered today by most religions. allowing her to touch all those whom we touch. That is far easier for some than for others to practice. not whom that we truly are. to decide what we want for spiritual services.. 679 . The illusions of death. at the very least we are eternal.. This requires trust and faith in spirit. and of spirit. the relationship between us and the source from which we spring .BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 674 . lack of knowingness.We are spiritual beings. Yes. and unlimited. Spirit herself is able to work her wonders through us. immortal. 680 .There is a sort of spiritual gravity that operates to try to get us to where we need to be to actualize and then to act out our roles in the play of consciousness. We are personally guided by spirit..Our souls. Even for those of us who already hold grandiose visions of ourselves.. illusions..When we focus on service. 685 . of mind. flexibility of body.. 675 . 677 . and our world . 59 . There is something that cooperates with us to allow us to do more than we could do otherwise. 678 .

Spirit may prod and push gently . 697 . again guided by spirit all the way. it doesn't hurt to get a little crazy at times. Spirit expresses with endless diversity. I would search for the answer to the question WHY? 696 .Differences are good.Of ourselves. There is a one to one mapping. I have said before.. I couldn't make this stuff up even if I wanted to... 690 . using whatever abilities and talents we have to offer. a wholeness that will not be separated no matter how hard we try. a oneness. Each of us has parts to play in that collective expression. we are not all of spirit. Unfortunately few seem to recognize this. but we will be moved to play them anyway.. Yet. It is not necessary for us to "be in control" all the time. In fact. The key purpose seems to be one that has been with me since the beginnings of my quest around 1974. And when we step there and shine our light there. These very words are a testament to that. except for those that we place in her way. We may not consciously know what these parts are. 692 . Spirit has no such limits.Physical brain states correspond to mental states correspond to states of consciousness correspond to states of spirit. However.I would live a life of spirit.We are spirit in the only way that counts. 693 . but it is up to us to volunteer to offer ourselves in her service.. We spring forth into expression from that same ONE.Spirit’s ways are indeed wondrous to behold. 695 .The collective expression of spirit in flesh grows greater and greater with each passing moment. There is a great part of spirit that is able to express through us. Yet. We allow the geniuses among us great latitude in their eccentricities.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 686 . This is one of the greatest and noblest things that we can do. 698 . in the expression of spirit in flesh as us and through us. 691 . 689 . then the potential for the expression of spirit expands exponentially if not faster. there is not much that we can do. I would live a life of purpose. there is only one spirit that animates us all. what was unknown becomes known and we are then in a position to take the next step.It is OK to yield to spirit.. We are all players in a grand drama . within that diversity lies a unity. It is important that we do what it takes to discover where we are doing this .There is always room for one more step no matter how close to the unknown that we venture. 688 . 694 . it requires a 60 . and then to remove the limits of our own accord. 687 . if we can wake them up. I wouldn't know how.There is a grand spiritual destiny that is unfolding.The brain is the vessel through which spirit can be made physical.If we can program people to be more aware.

We can create the world to be anything that we choose for it to be. 706 . The lesson from this is to allow spirit to do the work..We can only do so much on our own. my desires are spirit’s desires.There is no burden too great to bear. In fact. 710 . mental. and in which spirit can express in flesh more fully than ever before..Yes. 709 . 704 .We are grand beings all. However. no distinction.. There is no separation. I believe it so strongly that I have come to expect that this is how reality works. It is meant to interpret physical reality. If not. when it is rightfully ours. However. the ONE consciousness. both individually and en masse. in which people can express in community in ways that they have never expressed before .. quite the opposite. This is not something that it does automatically. 712 . there is nothing but spirit expressing in our world. When we do so. It is time for us to realize this and start behaving as if we know that it is true.I know that when I am moved to ask the question and to search . spirit working though us can do far more than we could even imagine.Spirit is orchestrating the unfoldment of the expression of consciousness in flesh. 700 . 701 . we need to see the bigger picture of what spirit is trying to create as a whole and find a way to relate our individual piece to that whole. 708 . 699 . herself. then it is not.. It is that simple..BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT kind of resignation that most are not willing to embrace. then our will is indeed aligned with spirit. That is simply how things work. 707 . Another spiritual law in effect. it can be opened so that it facilitates and accepts the expression of spirit through us. However.Ego has a function.. and when we have spirit bearing it with us. in a manner that allows individuals to meet their physical.Are there intentional communities that have worked out how to live harmoniously and peacefully.. I consider this expression a service. 711 . 61 . We are spirit enfleshed. the answer is close at hand.We have to believe in ourselves.I would build the foundations for a new world. we will be surprised at the things that we can do.Everything is spiritual expression .If what we will manifests . emotional.At some point. it seems to be something that it fights. 703 . 705 . a source that I believe to be connected to Spirit. and spiritual needs? 702 . and believe in spirit as she expresses through us. It is a product of the marriage of my consciousness with a source that comes from deep inside me.

To get more.Spiritual giving is unconditional. Hunger. The trick is to make sure what we want for ourselves is aligned with what spirit has planned for us. or by realizing the true value of whom that we are.At every moment. When we give conditionally. poverty. 726 . 719 .Spirituality teaches us that all problems are our problems.. the more I realize that when it comes to our spiritual life.. a soul.It is out of the depths of spirit that the heights of experience and expression come. 716 . I would be the beneficent dictator .We live in a world where spiritual problems abound. 718 . we need to do something to increase our feeling of worthiness. terrorism. 722 . . It is hard to imagine what my life would be like without it 723 . This stream of consciousness expression is indeed that meaningful to me.In my reality framework the only thing bigger than me is spirit herself. But. war. all of these are spiritual problems. our reward occurs in whatever is exchanged..On my own. This is true for every moment that we exist .The greater and greater expression of spirit in flesh is the name of the game.. under the circumstances that we have created for ourselves. 720 .. it has to be in flesh.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 713 . This may be by giving more. Who ultimately judges what is 62 . What we do to another ultimately we do to ourselves. 715 . we get what we need when we need it. the individual has an obligation to use their god given talents and abilities in service to society in some way.That is what ultimately matters to me. 724 . crime.. or it simply doesn't count. 714 . how well was I able to serve spirit? Though often the two go hand in hand. But.. They exist because we have refused to take responsibility to care for one another collectively. In return.Spirit can only give us what we feel we are worthy of receiving. When we give unconditionally. 717 . we are spirit manifesting in flesh as fully as we can here and now. 721 ..There is a spark of spirit. or it doesn't count. we need to be careful here.The older I get.Crafting reality to be what we want it to be is creation at its finest. we have no real choice but to do whatever it takes to achieve what we must. our reward is abundance . doing those things that spirit moves me to do for the good of society. How well was I able to serve society? And even more important. That spark needs to be treated with dignity and given everything it needs to develop into all that it can be. for each and every one of us.Spiritual expression is by far the most important aspect of my life. in every individual. 725 .

BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT for the good of society? 727 . We live to learn whom that we are and then to express that as freely and as fully as we can in service to spirit... there is nothing but spirit in expression.The more that we know of whom that we are. more than anything else. we are consciousness/ spirit enfleshed.It is wonderful to be able to use what I consider to be my greatest gifts and talents in service to spirit.. In fact.I have realized that my will is for the good of spirit. It is enough that I know. is our directive from spirit . the more fully and clearly spirit can express through us. 740 . These two things are crucial." Truth. through which spirit can express in flesh.This is why we live. 732 . and that spirit herself knows.We need to be careful when we play with consciousness. Why should spiritual forces be any different? 728 . They are the foundation for right living and for building a better world. What we are talking about is evolving the forms ..Spirit operates from needs not wants. 737 . self knowledge doesn't just come to us . more than anything else... everything is spirit in expression. 730 .. and generally. 738 . 736 . and building new forms. There is nothing but godstuff.The quote for today is: "Everything is spirit. 734 .The greatest thing that we can share is whom that we are.This. 729 . we have to pursue it with all of our heart and soul. That makes everything we do "spiritual". to be the best that we can be. if any. 739 . There simply is nothing else.. 731 . our self.Spirit is already expressed in flesh... hard as that may be to believe.Everything happens for a reason in my world . for we truly are playing with fire . the fire of spirit. She ensures that needs are met wherever they arise. It has always been thus. not necessarily in that order. our society. and the world. simply and elegantly expressed.Life itself is a spiritual phenomenon for me. 735 . and ultimately in service to my society and my world. Everything is godstuff. and to do what we are moved by spirit to do.. We do this via conscious effort on our parts. It does not matter that few. 733 . recognize the service that I am providing. However. 63 .. It is time that I engage it as the powerful tool that it is to manifest that good. and our world . And. society. We do this by deciding what organizations we will participate in to what extent. for a spiritual reason.Free will doesn't mean that the force of gravity doesn't apply to us.Everything is spirit in expression.

745 . she often uses us as the vehicles for providing the goods. 752 . Here I speak not so much from authority. 747 . I do this because I know something of whom that I am and what I am capable of. I have willingly chosen to give a significant part of it in service to spirit and ultimately to society and to the world in the process. 746 .BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT However. It is amazing how much work we can do when we resign ourselves to allowing spirit to work through us. She gently prompts us at times. services. but it is up to us to listen and to choose to abide by what she says. "God's hands" as the song says . my teacher.I would bear the burdens of the world to facilitate the changes that must be made. 751 . though each of us only seems to possess or be aware of an individual spark of that spirit. our resources increase many fold.For me. It is simply not acceptable to me to be less than I can be. she is.I have said that spirit is a stern taskmaster. my life is no longer my own. that is something I look for inside of myself. there is only ONE spirit. or experiences necessary to meet the needs.In a way. It is just that I need something more now. 750 . It seems that when we do so.Spirit is a feminine source from which we all spring.Consciousness is highly creative and quite prolific if we allow her to be. It is not an outer force of any type. my relationships with others are just another flavor of relationships with spirit. It seems time that I should have others in my life to fill these roles as well. But. She seeks to express in whatever manner she can express through the resources that she is given. We have to volunteer for our spiritual jobs or they simply will not be done..However.I am spirit in expression now.Spirit will not force her way into our lives. that is what we are.Spirit has been by my side for many years. It is something to which my intuition is tied. 748 . She has been my guide. it seems that I task myself even more sternly. She is the ONE consciousness that feeds the individual consciousnesses of each of us.Spirit is somewhat neutral. 742 . and it is definitely not something that I have ever found through religion. She is given resources by our willingness to do her works. my friend. but rather from my own personal experience. 744 . It 64 .When I say spirit. 743 . and we shall always be. We have always been. 749 . We all are. Indeed. Not that spirit hasn't done a superb job. how do we take the next step and get to places beyond anything that we can yet imagine? The sense is that spirit knows of such places and can guide us to them if we let her do so..If everything is spirit. 753 . my companion. 741 .

I am her willing servant. in the realm of ideas and ideals 759 . 764 . Though. You can't do that if you neglect the things of the body in favor of the things of the mind and the spirit.. Even then. It is one of the gifts that I give to the world.. and it is to be enjoyed in the body as well.I'm looking to meet kindred spirits with whom to enter into cooperatively interdependent relationships to do works that we mutually decide need to be done. there is only one spirit that animates everything and expresses and experiences through everything. Actually. she awaits us to take the initiative and invite her to play an active role in our lives. an example of what spirit expressing in flesh can do in the world. we are one. but it may not be in such a direct manner.Spirit defines the grand schemes and I take care of the details. much of what constitutes my world is abstract . But.. But. I live my life in very general terms.Spirit works efficiently. she is definitely pulling the strings in my life. 758 .Life is a grand adventure in consciousness. 763 . That is exactly what it is meant to be.We are all spirit expressing in flesh. I don't tend to be detail oriented. even there. She allows us to soar to heights that would not be possible for us otherwise. 755 . 762 .This expression is my legacy. In fact. we must develop a relationship with her. 760 ..Spirit knows what she is doing. 756 . It is meant to serve as an example to others. it is also a physical sojourn .It is spirit that is the wind beneath our wings.. 754 . I can only guess.My life is like that.. everything that is happening in my life supports achieving a spiritual destiny that I planned for myself long before I entered into this incarnation. an example of the difference that one person can make when they choose to serve humanity by serving spirit. It seems an awful waste that all of this would have been generated and not used. Whether she is doing this in everyone's life. ever ready to communicate. And.. So. here and now. Yet. It is sufficient that spirit reveals to me what is mine to bear and what is mine to do.What is the relationship between us and spirit? In my framework. 761 . spirits ways are mysterious. The same spirit that animates me also animates you.My mission requires working closely together with others to create a new order . 757 . 766 . The order will be spiritually based because we are spirit in expression. 65 . at a basic level. There is nothing but spirit. perhaps even a new world order.Spirit is there. 765 .BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT matters not that no one asks that I bear these burdens. My sense is yes. that spirit gives to the world through me.Destiny ..

There is an unseen element. we find ways to discover and to express whom that we are. the likes of which the world has never seen before. whatever that may be. that is how we achieve what we came to do. is not confined to the walls of this body.. we need no authority other than ourselves and the spirit within us. In fact. One step at a time. Spirit herself moves me and when she moves us there is no choice but to do her bidding. I share these with all who venture into this space that I call Beyond Imagination. It is my soul’s duty if you will. when you get down to it. this does not mean that I am a puppet . is this intelligence not simply an aspect of me? Does it not reside within my brain? Why must I look to sources outside of the physical for this intelligence? It just seems obvious that spirit. We all are. The process is amazing to behold. an intelligence that reveals itself to my mind that I may express it here.The things that need to get done get done. I know that I can do this because I have been able to establish such foundations in my own life . But. 776 ... 774 . 772 . 770 . 775 . It is by allowing spirit to work through us.I am the authority in my own life. I must do as I am moved to do. or that I am controlled somehow. In the process.. It is truly amazing watching the plan of spirit unfold. 778 . I know that. to express through us. My free will is still intact.I am a man on a mission. but only if we listen to their council and follow them. I am not privy to the direction or the intended destination in advance.Everything is unfolding exactly as it is meant to unfold. that we do this. Yet. This is a sacred responsibility for me.Now is the time for a spiritual awakening. 773 . in my mind and in my consciousness.It is interesting to observe how this stream of consciousness twists and turns on its way to only spirit knows where. the ultimate source of this expression.. I have no choice but to honor it.I would build the foundations that allow spirit to more fully express in flesh. if indeed there is a destination for any of this. within the overall constraints of the play. 66 .Each day takes us one step closer to our destiny . doing each day what spirit moves us to do. The things that need to get learned get learned. 771 . 768 .This is a spiritual vocation for me.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 767 . 777 . individuals have free will that allows them to tailor the reality in their local vicinity. It is an earthly mission.. Spirit is ensuring that. 769 . These are always sufficient.There is no denying whom that I AM. but it is one inspired by spirit herself. As such.I firmly believe that we need to subjugate my will to THY WILL to accomplish our spiritual missions. No.

and hence our reality changes. What we have experienced to date is only a small sample of what we can be if we harness the full power of spirit working through us..I believe that we each have a spiritual destiny to manifest. But. 67 . or the expression doesn't really count.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 779 . We have each come to carry out a role in a spiritual master plan for the unfoldment of consciousness.What matters to me is spirit and its expression in flesh. and through the recognition of spiritual truth in the creative expression of artists of all types. I care deeply about society in general. 790 . 787 . that is the admonition of our spirit.To live as we believe. It doesn't need any of these. It has to be in flesh.When spirit animates us in the manner. She always has our best interests at heart.My path is an individual one. 781 . 782 .. It reveals itself through the beauty of nature. As our concepts change. We do that by making thoughts conscious. and more than that. 786 . one that spirit herself has guided me on. It is curious that believe has the letters of the word live in the right order.Spirit would not lead us astray. 789 . In fact. Herein lies our opportunity for greatness. nor does it have any sacred scripts.Don't get me wrong . 780 . We are ever evolving into greater concepts of ourselves.I trust spirit enough to give her latitude in my life. We become aware of whom that we are in ways that no other process allows.. my personal reality is still my primary concern. 785 . through the revelation of truth within my mind.It is out of the unknown that our greatest abilities come.In this expression. none of this expression would have ever been captured 788 .Expressing spirit in flesh is the name of the game. Without spirit. 784 . 791 .. 783 . there is no denying our essence as spirit. by doing what it takes to actualize the thoughts in the world. I am interdependent on spirit herself to provide the very stream of consciousness that gets expressed..At this point. What I care most about is how spirit is able to express in the world. none of this would exist .. our experiences change . It has no rites or rituals. and about the expression of spirit in flesh in the lives of individuals within society. I know that she has my greatest good in mind in all that she does. She doesn't need to convince me of anything.Spirit has designed us for growth in this manner. my personal sense of reality is growing to encompass society and even the world. building the foundations that facilitate this is one of the primary reasons that I am here.

. 798 . This means adopting an attitude regarding how the spiritual manifests in the material world. 803 . Cooperative interdependence is the next step. to consciousness herself. Part of your job is to find the restrictions and remove them. These two things go hand in hand.What does it take to see the miraculous? First. This makes you a spiritual healer of sorts .Yes. We are her arms.. we must be in search of the miraculous. We cannot achieve one without the other. 799 .How do we create a better world? How do we enable spirit to more fully express in flesh? Yes. In some ways.Mystery is a very good thing. These two things go hand in hand. It is through us that she does her works in the world. we also reach out and touch spirit. That doesn't mean that it is all light. I've developed the one relationship that seems to count the most. 800 . There are many areas of darkness and shadows. It is akin to the sacred. my relationship to spirit..There is only spirit/consciousness in expression. these are only there until we find ways to shine light upon them. her ears..When we learn to touch the depths of our soul .. And.What is done is done.. serving humanity is serving spirit. It stirs our souls. 804 . 68 . It engages us and enlivens us in ways that nothing else does.. 802 . 794 . 801 . we also reach out and touch spirit. You are able to see where spirit flows smoothly and where it is blocked.Special numbers come up quite often.Whatever gifts we are given are meant to be used in service to spirit. It is one that does not happen automatically. There is literally nothing else.There is only so much that I can express on my own .When we learn to touch the depths of our soul . 796 . 797 . All that we can do is move on from here and express what spirit would have us express next. Mystery is able to touch the spirit in us. not for individuals. she needs our help in this endeavor.I have not established the appropriate relationships to allow me to thrive as a being in the world. especially spiritual destiny. even with my connection to spirit being as strong as it is. I have chosen to serve spirit. our souls need to be stirred at times. her hands. but for society as a whole.. Serving society. We cannot achieve one without the other. but that is only because I have already made my choice. I take these as confirmation that spirit is at work in my life. her legs. but voluntarily.. 793 . 795 .You came as a troubleshooter of sorts. That was a big choice. it is as if I have no choice in the matter . But.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 792 . At least. I believe strongly in destiny..

they can be made to see it if it is pointed out to them clearly.It is time we realize that most of our social problems are spiritual problems and that if we want to fix them. However. She takes us to where we need to go. 818 . It is that simple. 812 . This is an Age of Spiritual manifestation unlike anytime that has existed before.Spirit can express freely regardless of the amount of restriction and oppression imposed . She can literally move mountains if necessary to effect her works in the world.How would I make the world a better place? I would start with rebuilding the foundations of society . She knows us far more intimately than we know ourselves. they can be enlisted to serve as wayshowers for others. It exceeds any and all bounds that we 69 . the educational system and I would ensure that underneath it all was a strong spiritual foundation. always.Life is a process of the ever increasing expression of spirit in flesh. the economy. however... we do not know ourselves as well as we might think.It is amazing what firsthand experience brings into ones life .These writings are my children . 813 . Further. 808 . It is that simple.. probably the only ones that I will have in this existence.. maybe even vistas of it. nothing else that we do will succeed in the Aquarian Age. They can be assisted to see even more. The more fully we can allow spirit to express through us. the government.. 810 . spirit is never fooled..Spirit is amazing. 811 . Because of this she knows what is in our best interest . We are an active part of that process. And.Without this spiritual foundation.. because of this. even when we do not. 814 . 809 .. However. 815 .. 806 . though it does seem to take exceptional souls to demonstrate this to us.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 805 . She brings unto us what we need to experience. I trust that the words come from spirit.Most people don't see any spiritual meaning in the world.The creativity of consciousness is without measure.It is time people realize that they are spiritual beings living in a spiritual world. 816 .. 807 .A select few already catch glimpses of spiritual meaning .. We can count on her to guide us and to protect us.Spirit knows what she is doing. the better for us and for everyone our life touches. they have a level of credibility to me that I don't need to question. we are going to have to find spiritual solutions. The more active we can be in this the better. Consciousness is about to flower in ways that she has never done.Often. 817 . especially in the spiritual domain..

For we are awakened to the spirit that we are.. I've shared it here as intimately as I can to give you a taste of what is possible. These are the domains of the spiritual. but in service to society.It is from my spirit. It is not that I do not have a will of my own. However.I can't imagine a more positive spiritual experience than what this expression has brought into my life. 831 . Spirit would have us celebrate this and allow it to permeate all that we do. 823 . perhaps even unfathomable. it only operates by invitation. it is not clear how much of a picture these will give of the corresponding spiritual domain. not that I know of anyway. to become aware of the true spiritual beings that they are so that they can begin to behave congruently with this? 827 . The whole process of reality creation is subjective. but they are as close as I can come at the moment.It is not clear that the words do justice to the spiritual states that they attempt to describe.. My hope is that by reading these words you will be triggered to enter similar states of consciousness to those that I have experienced. I have just chosen to subjugate it to the will of spirit herself. We have touched the fire within. It is the appropriate realm in which spirit can be engaged in the pursuit of higher knowledge. And spirit’s depths are very deep indeed . I would do what spirit moves me to do. 830 . 819 . a giant waiting to be unleashed to do its works in our lives. we can never go back to being what we were before.I would live a life of spirit. humankind. 825 . That is the spiritual directive that I follow.Yes. Once it is unleashed in our lives. It is not clear that the sciences will ever offer us answers in these domains. it has never steered me wrong . But.. 828 . 822 ..Do what you are moved to do when you are moved to do it.. not my mind that much of this originates. To date.. and even the whole world in the process. 826 . 821 .What does it take to get people to awaken . we will find that there are physical and mental counterparts to the spiritual parts of us. I know of no other way to live.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT try to place on it. 824 . We have to choose to make it an active part of our lives..Personally.. I find the unknown fascinating.I feel a sense of duty to use the many gifts that I have been given in service .Reality is subjective.It takes a lot of courage to allow spirit to express her will in our lives.We are each special and unique. 829 . It is there in each of us. In living in this manner.Never underestimate the spiritual component of individuals. 820 . 70 . primarily in service to spirit.

we serve the world. and energy towards the pursuit of building the foundations for a new world. and we serve spirit . even extended ones at times. an organization of one at the present time. Spirit ever seeks to express in more and more elegant ways.. we serve society. It is this that I allow spirit to fill as she will. her voice. However. 838 . not necessarily in that order..My life is not yet the masterpiece that I desire for it to be. 840 . 835 . That requires getting people to join and make commitments of their resources. Elegance involves achieving a given result with the most efficient use of resources.Do these words take the reader to a different state of consciousness or a different state of mind? Do they show the reader what is possible when we allow spirit to assume a major role in our lives? 71 . 833 . When we do this spirit herself kicks in with untold forces to aid in our endeavors. She can only take the shape of the forms that I provide for her. and spiritual needs met. 842 . 834 . created out of my mind to build the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh. It is as if we command an army from on high to do our bidding. This is exactly what we should expect. But here. for me. challenges your concepts of reality and spirituality.Beyond Imagination is an entity . we serve humankind. 841 .What matters to me is the expression of spirit in flesh. Is this too much to ask? Indeed not. 843 . I am the container that spirit fills. her mind. that is what these words are all about. emotional. We serve one another. rather the work that I am moved by spirit to do. I am not talking about the work I am paid to do. I know that this expression does that for me. it has its moments.Elegance is one of the prime directives of spirit..BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 832 .Spirit does what she does by working through us. time. in particular. We are her instruments. Whatever skills are needed will be available within those who are attracted to Beyond Imagination to serve.Effectively. 837 . Yes.There is a sense that it is time for Beyond Imagination to take off as an organization rather than as an individual endeavor..We can trust that spirit has our needs and desires in mind and is considering these as she builds the fabric of reality that we will experience.. 836 . 839 .. And.What is it that I want from life? An environment in which to exchange the best services that I have to offer for having my physical.I hope that what is expressed challenges you . her feet. her hands.It is amazing what happens when we start to take responsibility for ourselves and the reality that we create. mental. there is still a life’s worth of work to do. The container that matters most to me is clearly that of my consciousness.

we will have lived our lives well.. 852 .There is a destiny that is playing itself out in my life right now. That is simply not enough. It is for us to find what this destiny is for us. much as it takes effort aligned with particular moral principles to make actions humane. a spiritual destiny. 849 . 850 . and then to do it to the best of our ability. This involves building the foundations required for spirit to more fully express in flesh. with the hope of helping people to awaken and become more aware of the grand spiritual beings that they are. I do this purposefully . 72 . at least not in anywhere close to the numbers that I had hoped. 856 .BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 844 .Under any circumstance. Here is where I see what spirit would produce in my life. but they are there. 846 .. 848 .. 853 . We need to expect that spirit will provide us the help that we need when we need it in our lives. the choice that is optimal is always what spirit would choose to do.Here is where I interface with consciousness firsthand. 854 . If we can do that most of the time. 855 . There are parts of you that are just as capable if not more capable than the parts of me responsible for bringing forth this expression. somewhere within you.. It takes additional factors and effort aligned with spiritual principles for us to truly live a spiritual life .The effort we expend on helping ourself is typically mirrored and magnified by spirit..We need to go through life with an attitude of expectancy. It is very important that we remember this and behave accordingly..Being spirit doesn't make our actions spiritual any more than being human makes our actions humane. At no time in history have the opportunities for spiritual expression been as great. We are spirit having a physical experience.I am being trained to play a particular role related to ushering in a new age. You may not have found them yet ...In relating the nature of my reality..I have been hoping that spirit would guide whoever was meant to find me to the Beyond Imagination site.. It is for you to seek and find them. 851 .We have chosen an interesting time in which to incarnate. 847 . I believe this to be true for each of us if we seriously examine our lives. but this simply is not happening . knowing that it is spirit herself that is the motive force in our life. I challenge people's concepts of who they believe that they are and what they believe about the nature of reality and the nature of consciousness.The bottom line as always is to do what we are moved to do when we are moved to do it .You are a spiritual being expressing in flesh here and now as well.We are souls incarnate. 845 .

. nature or spirit will find something to fill it with. If it were easy. there is nothing that says it is a requirement for each of us in this particular existence. and spiritual needs met. I have reached a point in my life where I know that spirit moves me . 861 . so all that I really have to do is what I am moved to do in the moment. one who would be a wayshower .. 859 . it all starts with us. 73 .. the company of world servers..As individuals. 857 .. The sense is that there is indeed an audience for whom they are meant .. we would have seen far more people do it by now . when we allow spirit to work through us ... 860 .More than anything else. 863 . we are spirit having a physical experience. It is not an option..Know Thyself! This is a spiritual directive.. However. Just make sure that it is spirit that is doing the moving. 868 .I don't think much about what constitutes right action or wrong action.. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. But. 869 . We have only to allow it to do so.It is natural for spirit to express itself and to unfold itself as it will in our lives. one who would live an awakened life . 864 . 862 . and it would be evident in the works that they are doing as a result. and spirit will guide us to find that audience. Though giving up our thoughts and getting to a beyond mind state is far easier said than done. and then do what it takes to actualize it. 867 . there is only so much that we can do.Our reality unfolds in accordance with a plan for our spiritual progression and evolution. It is that simple.. Consciousness is our way of staying in touch with the spiritual part of us from which we spring. Yes.. we need to be sincere in our seeking. one who would build the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh.. mental.The degree to which we are aware makes all the difference in the world. 858 . emotional.The key to right action is do what you are moved to do when you are moved to do it.. This puts me in somewhat august company. we are consciousness enfleshed.It is for us to seek out why we are here . and help through us. 865 .The greatest help of all would be to provide an infrastructure in which each individual could thrive and have their physical. 866 . I speak in grandiose terms because I sincerely believe my mission to be grand. The spiritual law applies: seek and ye shall find.There is a reason that I am being moved to publish these works.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT However. there is so much more that we can do.When we empty our minds. Though.I came to be one of the aware ones ..

There is something powerful about spiritual expression.There is something powerful about spiritual expression. 877 .. or spirit.What is it that I want? Unlimited abundance in exchange for applying my services for the benefit of spirit and hence the world. 875 .How do we put a price on creative expression? . there is an intelligence that is revealed here. yet. it all comes down to elegance.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 870 .. And.. But. Could the appropriate people provide this kind of spiritual service for others and assist them in tapping the source within.. It consumes us . Where can my talents be put to the greatest use for the benefit of spirit. doesn't change the fact that there is an organizing force. but the lives of those we touch into masterpieces. 880 . she knows where she is leading me in the dance that is my life. That the organizing force is unknown or is other than conscious. The best that I can do is find a way to enjoy the process.I trust that spirit knows what she is doing. there is an organization behind all of this.Efficiency and effectiveness . It consumes us . 74 .We can literally work miracles when we allow spirit to operate as fully as possible through us.It is time to create an interdependent support group responsible for carrying out the work that Beyond Imagination was created to carry out . not necessarily individually. but collectively. in the process.The forms that are necessary for spirit to express elegantly will indeed manifest...When we want a water well on our property.Everything is spontaneous expression. it exhilarates us at the same time. 874 . somehow it hangs together. 871 . This is not a sacrifice of myself or my freedom in any way.. No.. It is a choice to be of service to something greater and grander than my highest sense of self. 873 . or even some part of me of which I am not consciously aware does not really matter. 878 . of society. not necessarily from paragraph to paragraph or from day to day. Clearly. we hire a drilling company to dig the well and tap the water source. especially when that expression comes from spirit? 881 . 876 . and of the world? 882 . it exhilarates us at the same time... 879 .. overall. I don't see why not. Yet. yet. There is an overall plan for the evolution of consciousness that will ensure this.I have found that I am being the best that I can be when I allow spirit to express as fully as she can through me. 872 . namely the building of the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh.. we can make not only our live. In particular. Whether that be consciousness.Spirit can be trusted to act in our best interest .

. now it seems this is to become my primary mode of being. We are able to do what we came to this planet and to this existence to do. the clearest expression of source that could come forth through me at this time. that is. 886 ... 894 . this is not the easiest path to follow. She moves me to do what I do. That is because what is impossible for us. was not really me. and it is not clear that it can be that in the current work environment. spirit permitting.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 883 . we'll see at least half a dozen Beyond Imagination books published this year . our best and all that we have is always enough. 884 .I am willing to give all that I am in service to spirit.My spirit longs to be free . deserves the honors and the credit for all of this. And. But.. and to express what I express. 890 .. and in doing so to serve my society and my world. I have been touching on it and even doing parts of it for some time. This stream of consciousness is the stream of my life. is not necessarily impossible for spirit. As such. herself. 893 .The sense is that it is time to consciously accept the mantle of my spiritual mission. 892 . That is all that I have to give. Actually. The best course of action is to go with the flow. That has to be enough. everything within me says that this is the right path for me to follow..We are spirit first . I choose to do what is right when I can... Indeed. This is something that I am moved by spirit to do . 885 . 895 . that is what life is all about now. it came from a source that while inside of me.Spirit does not allow us to pour forth our energies in this manner indefinitely for naught. Also. our lives become magic. But.. then we manifest in flesh.. I've reached a point where I believe that my works are indeed spirit's works through me. Further.. 75 . Spirit. I have chosen to serve spirit.. 889 . We are empowered to do things that would otherwise be impossible. and when we are moved in such a manner there is no use fighting it... No. benefits that go beyond anything that we can quantify. from this we are able to live a life of purpose.Consciousness guides my every step.Every fiber in me says that this is wonderful material . But. 891 . and see where the current of spirit takes us. it is all about doing spirit's works in the world.. 888 . If I have my way. 887 .When we live our lives out of this knowingness .Doing our works in the world . I gave it my best.I have chosen to live a life of spirit and for spirit.The bottom line is that there are great benefits to living a spiritual life . completely free.I am meant to be an author of some reknown.This is something that I must do.. It is important to remember this.

Yes. 908 . or allow Spirit to do her works through me. We work best when we serve as the vessels for the work that spirit would do through us. It is a matter of allowing spiritual gravity to do its thing and pull me down to exactly where I need to be.We are here to build the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh. This is what the Aquarian Age is all about. to serve the world. the balance is restored and with interest accrued. We do not lose anything in the process . it is one that is worthy of our best efforts. that is a challenging task. a mission that I am here to perform... 896 . not necessarily in that order. This stream of consciousness is the greatest gift that I can give to the world at this time.. Yet. it is an entity created to embody an ideal . far more than we might suspect. 907 . the better. She doesn't force her way into our lives.Here I operate in the spiritual realm and because of this. 903 . especially when spirit is doing the work.Spirit must be given a vehicle through which to speak. 904 .It takes courage to live a spiritual life.. 899 .That is the key. It takes courage to be all that we can be. 897 .Spirit expresses through us to the degree that we allow her to..Here. That is part of what makes the endeavor so interesting to me. 898 .I came to serve society. and to serve spirit . Spiritual law will ensure that we receive what we need and what we deserve. I never know what is going to come forth.But. 905 . It is by far the most productive use of my time that I am engaged in. 902 . That is where our free will comes into play to the degree that we allow her to. 901 . 900 . at least nothing that is truly important to us.. what comes forth is sacred 76 .The more that we can give in excess of what we take.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT Eventually..I would do the work of Spirit.. 906 .I know that there is a destiny that I am here to achieve. 909 . That is why I am willing to invest so much of my free time in doing this. spirit speaks to me and through me to you. what is Beyond Imagination? It is an ideal . created to build the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh.Each of us has natural talents and abilities that can be used to serve society and/or serve spirit in some way... a role that I am here to play.What can one person do? Clearly the answer is a lot .

Each step is a step forward toward a destiny that is right for you at this time. In my case. 912 . the only real answer is when the time is right . 918 ..The rewards of spirit are well worth every effort you put into developing your abilities. and even her mind. and it is spirit that determines that not us. It may be difficult and challenging at times.What keeps us from realizing spiritual truths in the moment? When the mass consciousness finally awakens. However.. 914 . We would not lead you astray.I would live a life of service. 919 . so could not spirit be determining this through us as well? 913 . 917 . 910 . If they do their jobs well. Some might consider it a hardship.Leave no room for doubt . our grandest destiny lies.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT somehow.With any timing. That is the chief guidance to live by in the times ahead. it will literally be as the difference between night and day. for where spirit guides us. 916 . Then again. arms.To me. That is the directive from spirit. It is more than just to exist and be happy. they will help the world to transition to a new age in which spirit can more fully manifest in flesh. 77 . 915 .That is how spirit works.. spirit works through us. But. 920 .I have learned that I can give spirit the reigns to my consciousness and allow her to express as she will. I came to do something. I can be an example of spirit expressing in flesh to the greatest degree possible through me at this time.The Beyond Imagination books are my children.I can choose to live my life in a manner that demonstrates what I believe.How do we build the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh? That is a monumental undertaking even for a major group. She has no means to affect the world directly..Do what you are moved to do when you are moved to do it. 921 . doing the work of spirit is never a hardship. That does not mean that it is not to be questioned. but that is what keeps it interesting. I question it myself at times. 911 . 922 . 923 . it deserves to be heard and to be evaluated based on its utility. We are her legs.The bottom line is that I will continue to do what I have been doing so long as I need to continue to do it. hands.Trust where spirit is taking you. that involves serving as the midwife for the Aquarian Age and building the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh. life has a purpose. through us. I would do what is necessary for spirit to do her works in the world.

just not flesh. 927 .. that reason is to use them in some way that is of service. 930 . service has the highest priority. and we will be until the day that we die. 933 . 925 .. Those two factors are what will ensure the success of our endeavor. 931 . and because it is spirit doing this through us. in return I gain far more . More and more. I am a willing instrument for the expression of consciousness. Reality is amazing to behold. that means giving up some of my apparent freedom. what spirit can achieve through us. 78 . the very forces of the universe will encourage us to do just that. 926 .When we allow consciousness to express through us. 929 . we are serving spirit in the highest capacity that we can in the moment. One way or another the works will reach who they are intended to reach . spirit knows how best to employ me in doing this work. because I am not alone. I believe this to be the highest service that I can provide. Life needs to have such moments to stay exciting. for I gain levels of spiritual expression that are far beyond anything that I would otherwise experience. or more correctly... at this point in my life..People who find value in the Beyond Imagination works are encouraged to share the word with others. But. Yes.We are given gifts for a reason. spirit goes and throws me a curve. We have been since the moment that we incarnated.That is what Beyond Imagination is all about.We are spiritual beings having a physical experience in a world full of symbols with heavy spiritual meaning.Just when I think I've got it. 932 ... 934 .. What we are doing is destined to be done. spirit will make sure of that. we will still be spirit in some form .Spirit knows what needs to be done. And.I have reached a point where what I do in and of my own is of far less importance than what spirit does through me. It is an attempt to get people working together to build the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh. I am the willing instrument that she plays. we see spirit in expression.We are here to express spirit in flesh. Will I succeed in doing what I am attempting to do? My sense is yes . Even then. Further. We are just the instruments through which it is happening.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 924 . Rather it is a great privilege to be used in this manner 928 . We will be amazed at what we can achieve.I have committed to live my life as spirit dictates. There is no sacrifice in this. especially when the group is aligned to do the works of spirit. It is a matter of allowing her to use me as she will.There is a benefit that comes from participating in cooperatively interdependent group of people . That is OK.We are all spirit expressing in flesh. 935 .. Generally. I have chosen to aim high in this regard. Everywhere we look..

That is where I find my home. perhaps even a transcendental one. In some areas that makes me lazy. We learn to experience altered states of consciousness by engaging our consciousness in altered states . this is the most elaborate play that I have ever seen..One learns how to express spiritually by allowing spirit to express though us.. there is nothing wrong in being a bit crazy .One of the guiding principles of this society is the principle of spiritual economy as expressed in: from each in accord with their abilities..I am an old soul.We are the vehicles through which the universe. It is her will that matters. That is all that is asked of 79 . 939 . we just need to keep it from going too far.You have to be a bit crazy to live a spiritual life and to allow consciousness to express in your life as she will. through which spirit acts in the world.. 940 . Reason is utilized and has its place..I will reach who I need to reach when I need to reach them. and allowing her to serve the world through me. All that I can do is play my role to the best of my abilities. 944 . It is what she would do through us that is important. However. especially the spiritual ... it is intuition-based.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 936 . It is there to be used not set aside or ignored. 938 .We will be responsible one way or another whether we consciously choose to be so or not. 937 .. of consciousness. I am driven.I desire for Beyond Imagination to grow into a cooperatively interdependent entity . but that is not a requirement for living. 941 .I have chosen to make my realm the realm of spirit. to each in accord with their needs. My importance comes from serving her . The goal would be to reach a point where this guiding principle becomes a social contract among the members of the society. but it is not a primary means for revealing truth. 942 . 943 .My will is but another instrument for spirit to use to serve the world. 945 . How can I know that I am not fooling myself? If I am. an organization focused on building the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh. It is that simple and that difficult.That is one of the signatures of spiritual expression. it is spirit that does the moving.For me. 946 . Many things that are important to younger souls have no value for me.. It helps if our choices are aligned with spiritual law. 948 . Spirit is orchestrating the show here. 947 . in other areas. and not aided by chemical means. I need no higher authority than that.This is spirit's work that we are doing. Even if I thought that I did. there could be none. But..

BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT anyone. Why shouldn't it be well compensated? Here we are attempting to do a service to the world. And. why should spiritual work be free? This is great work that we are doing. sisters. 949 . 950 .Consistency is not a requirement for living a spiritual life. We do it because we can and because we must.Service to spirit is that special and that powerful. 954 . It can transform the world. They demand proof. as revealed to us via our intuition. The greater the service. Some things just don't work that way. it seems much easier if we steer the course that spirit sets for us.We need only to trust the process of spirit unfolding and expressing through us and allow it to lead us on whatever path is appropriate for us.These words are my gift to the world. parents. There is no one path right for everyone. or a doctor. We don't question why. 80 . if anything it can be somewhat of a hindrance. In fact. However. what a mess we seem to make of it. We will recognize that we are kindred spirits. For me. something that has the power to work magic in our lives if we will only allow it to. or an actor. 957 . 952 . They will not be subjected to our petty demands for proof.How do I find those who I am meant to work with in this endeavor? Are they searching for me as I am searching for them? How will we know when we have found one another? There will be no doubt. aunts. and grandparents in the same spiritual family 953 . These she leaves for us to impose all by ourselves. Actually.The application of wisdom in service is what spirituality is all about. We are also free to decide on our own path.We continue to engage in this endless expression of consciousness. They empower and enrich the ones that are providing the service.Spiritual services tend to work like that. But that may not be good enough for some. But it will be a path that is valuable for us and those whom we touch in our lives. It will not be the path. the greater the impact. often something intangible. 956 . there is no higher authority than spirit.Clearly I need to find more people willing to commit their time. And. or an athlete? The bottom line is that it isn't! 958 . uncles. if only we allow it to do so through us. Why is this any less important than the services of a lawyer. 955 . We do it because this is what we are moved to do by the spirit within us. cousins. they are spirits gift to the world with me as the essential conduit. we will know. a spiritual service of great value. I almost said demanded but spirit doesn't make such demands. It is work that is worth a lot. 951 . They require that we believe in something. We will recognize that we are brothers.I only ask that you judge the expression based on its merits and not on its source.

It is the collective 81 . the very best is the spiritual within each of us. 965 . But.. damn the consequences.. But. We will get such assignments through our own intuition. where a whole new level of awareness is to be manifest. and we will be responsible for them .. but they are not to be a primary concern. how do we know what this is? We go inside and seek until we find the answer. of spirit.Consciousness is everything. It is a task that requires the very best from each of us. 960 . 967 . 963 . It is unlike our normal jobs. the evolution of spirit expressed in flesh.Spiritual work is as deserving of compensation as any other kind of work. in particular. the expression of spirit in flesh.That is the objective of the game of life after all . It needs to have a high return on investment . The challenge is how to allow consciousness to more fully express in flesh. in flesh. It has taken thousands of years to get us to this point.Building the foundation for a new world is no easy task.Spirit is on our side. 962 . to inform people of these spiritual truths that can empower them to live more aware and enlightened lives. The consequences will be what they will be.. The bottom line is that we must do what we must do. All of life is the expression of consciousness. We do things because we are moved by spirit to do them . We can do this individually. Further. she knows the specific roles that each of us are here to play so she is in the best position to assign the work to be done.. They deal with what it takes to manifest community in a world that is ONE. The first of these makes the endeavor worthwhile to others.Spirit primarily expresses through consciousness. It is a task of great world import. They deal with what it takes to for spirit to more fully manifest in flesh through us... as fully as can be expressed by us at any given time. We are at a breakpoint. but many of the general themes are the same. And.This is spiritual work we are doing. and allow them to unfold as they will naturally? The chief reason is that the plan calls for us to be an active part of the evolution of consciousness.. They deal with awakening to the spirit within us and allowing the greatest expression that can come forth through us to manifest. 966 . Perhaps even more so because of its value. She will guide us to do what needs to be done. 969 .It seems that we owe it to our citizenry to share the word . we can do this collectively. The second of these makes the endeavor worthwhile to those of us who engage in it. 968 . Consciousness is everything. It is the spiritual that desires to be of service to our fellow beings.. 961 . more importantly.Why can't we just accept things as they are. a two-fold return in terms of the services rendered to the community and the fulfillment provided from participation in the endeavor. Such is our spiritual obligation.We are not necessarily doing things for the impacts that they will have. 964 .The specifics of what we have to share may be different..BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 959 . Without consciousness we would cease to exist as aware beings.

It is amazing what is buried in a few simple numbers. everyone benefits . That means letting go a little. 972 . to date. expecting that an answer will be forthcoming. to humanity . Spirit knows far better what we need at any given time than we do from our more limited perspective. We need to allow these to work and not get in the way.Choosing a life of spirit is not a matter of checking out. perhaps not. That makes this some of the most important work that there is. Natural laws are unfolding here. it is for us to take each step when we are ready. 973 . that by no means applies to all of them. She makes maximum use of all that she is given to work with.We are spirit experiencing an incarnation in flesh.My life will be defined by the services that I was able to perform to spirit .We should be willing to pay people for spiritual work .Spirit doesn't force us to do anything.. But.I keep asking what next. Or. She gently nudges and encourages us along the path that is right for us. And spiritual laws as well. That is how I am to live my life. But there are great benefits for doing so.Focus on the here and now and allow the to be to take care of itself. However. if not more. Perhaps we do. 977 . I do so because such is what I am here to do. 979 . We believe that we know specifically what needs to happen and when... everyone wins. 978 . than we pay people for work in the private sector.While many new age concepts are whimsical and many spiritual theories are indeed untestable.. If we build the foundations correctly. But. 971 . spirit is very resourceful. rather it is really a matter of checking in. everyone prospers ... Sometimes this can be difficult. That is the directive of spirit. And symbol systems are one such area where there is much freedom to express meaning in an endless number of ways..How do we differentiate what is from what is to be? What are the steps to get from the former to the later? We can rely on spirit and simply do what we are moved to do when we are moved to do it.I've found that life flows much smoother if we allow what spirit would manifest in our life to happen and embrace that wholeheartedly. It is not clear that there is comparable or equivalent work.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT expression that will ultimately characterize the age. 974 . to society . 976 . Either way works. we can take more conscious responsibility and make it our jobs to figure our what some of the steps need to be and then choose to take them.. I accept responsibility on a grand scale. 980 . That is true for all of us. and even to the world. the only answer is the standard one: do what you are moved when you are moved to do it. as much. The issue is one of conscious responsibility. It seems too 82 . 975 . in the grandest way that we can at this time in this existence. perhaps even a lot. 970 .. It has been this way from the beginning. I dream big. Yes....

985 . 981 . It is a plan that involves the evolution of the physical vessels in which consciousness can express in flesh. 992 .Regardless of appearances to the contrary. we are going to include the spiritual component in our "equations" and explanations of things. we are starting to see organizations being born that embody a collective spiritual consciousness..Life is unfolding before us each and every moment.We are ever in the process of building new forms that permit greater and greater spiritual expression. we are all spirit enfleshed. 993 .How can I be so certain that destiny will unfold in this manner? The chief answer is because I live in a world where spirit is expressing in flesh. 989 . We will do what must be done when it need be done.. the bad as well as the good. but perhaps not at the former. she gently nudges and allows us to do as we will. spirit having a physical experience. There is nothing but spirit in expression 988 . Yet.The only thing that guides me is an inner knowingness that what I am experiencing right now is limited and is definitely not all there is.That I could reach this point and these conclusions given these conditions and experiences says a lot about the nature of consciousness and spiritual expression..Everything that I see tells me that there is a divine plan unfolding on a very large scale. 83 . And.. we are meant to be just that . 984 . we will do it willingly and cheerfully or we will not do it at all. For the most part these have been limited to individuals thus far. 982 . We are but the players in that plan. 983 . It seems that spirit ensures that I am always at the later .While we are physical. every aspect of it .BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT many have focused so much on being flesh that they have forgot that their true nature is spirit. 990 ..There is a difference between where you want to be and where you need to be.My sense is that something is pulling the world and associated forms within the world toward ideals that permit the greater expression of spirit. in the end everything unfolds as it is meant to unfold.Someday.. As the times progress we shall see more and more of this.That is how spirit works. But. And. be physical.. Spirit has more in store for me than this . 991 . 986 . 987 .. Though that does not mean losing sight of our spiritual nature as we do this.There is a spiritual plan and destiny that is being enacted.. She doesn't force us to do things .. of that much I am sure. Spirit animates it all. what a grand process it is to behold.

completely. Is that asking for too much? Is that not what a new age promises . it is a spiritual revolution. That is living in accord with the directive . especially given that I have no clue as to who will hear me? The bottom line is that it doesn't really matter whether anyone hears or not. This is where I get to touch spirit firsthand and where I get to share whom that I AM with others.It is not clear that we will ever make it to the point where all are sufficiently aware to lead lives of light . With her on my side I know that I can be assured that my actions are right.. 995 .This expression is the most exciting part of my life.I still live day to day. It does matter that I express what I am moved to express. one step after the next trusting that spirit is guiding us every step of the way.. Plans have little place in such an existence. A large part has been given to the universe to do spirits bidding. 996 . 997 .It is not just any revolution that we are seeking. 998 .. reacting to what spirit presents to me in the moment..be all that you can be. 999 .. 1001 ..How do I more fully express whom that I AM? That is what is at the heart of the issue. I reinforce a connection 84 . 1004 . and that is how we live our life.One can do far worse than to have spirit as an active force in one's life.. I cannot think of a more fulfilling way to live my life and expend my energies. 1002 .It is time to connect with others in a cooperatively interdependent way to start creating the foundations for a new world in which spirit can express more fully in flesh. everything that I am. These are both the easiest and the most difficult to achieve . There is no gray here .Why do I speak out in this manner .. especially given the complexities of the world in which we live.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 994 .. I do this willingly and joyfully. not for me. Each time I do this. The spiritual colors everything that I do. in this existence..My life is only partially mine. That is living at my finest. 1000 .. the easiest because spirit herself is behind our endeavors. 1006 . lives of spirit. everything that I see.. 1005 . In doing that. everything that I experience.. what a new age demands? If not me whom? Why not me? 1003 .We need to have spirit operating in our corner . Our vision only extends out one step at a time .Life to me is a spiritual adventure or it is nothing. the most difficult because most individuals are not operating from spiritual levels of awareness in their day to day lives.. I maximize what I allow spirit to express through me.I would build the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh.It is spirits bidding that I do.

It will have its rightful place in our interactions in the world.All that I ask is that people abide by the rule from The Lion King . Whenever you take something.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT with source. 1011 .. She would not lead you astray..Patience. it just doesn't get through these filters. Unless something has a strong spiritual component. returning dust to dust . our hearts.. 1017 .. 1007 .Beingness is permanent. There is nothing that we can do that will cause us to cease to be. 1009 . They keep life interesting. This doesn't always involve a direct payback to the source from which you took originally.We have given a lot of ourselves to share all that is expressed at Beyond Imagination.The spiritual part of us will not be denied. but there is a spirit inside that is infinite and eternal. from anywhere . Patience. Boredom is akin to death. Actually. Allow spirit to ensure that the circles eventually return appropriately. I affirm that it is the inner and not the outer that matters most in my life.I have very strong spiritual blinders.The "reality" of the consensus world does not conform with my understanding of how things work. Things are unfolding exactly as they need to unfold. Oh. Spirit will not be rushed.. 1014 . 1013 . You are in spirits hands now. All that we ask is that our sharing is not for naught . And. It may seem that the timing of things is urgent. It takes all three to reach the level of commitment necessary to make things happen.never take more than you give.Spirit seems to thrive on challenges. Beliefs are that powerful. Yet. 1012 . these temporal bodies may wither and die. They are that important to the reality that we experience.. at the same time the guidance is to be patient.We can do whatever we set our minds. it must be consistent with what we believe or it simply won't happen. that we find an appropriate audience that might benefit from what spirit has so freely shared through us. And even then. it is worse than death.This has always been good guidance. 1016 . Patience. We are forever. 1010 . and that is inviolate. but it is not so urgent as it seems. she seems far more knowledgeable and able than I am. Things will unfold in their proper timing. make sure that you pay for it by giving back more than its worth somewhere in your life. I live in a world that is primarily spiritual that happens to be having a physical expression at the moment. 1008 . There is an overwhelming feeling that I need to be doing more. There is nothing that you have to do differently. anything. 1015 . I have been able to count on spirit to do the moving in my life. a connection with the spirit within. and our spirits to do.Patience. 85 .

She deserves the lion's share of the credit. We have to do the work. but the key is to invite spirit to play an active role in our life. from another perspective. To do this. Everything is spirit in expression. I demonstrate what spirit expressing in flesh is capable of. Credit is given when we give. The goal is to go out with a high credit balance. You are spirit incarnate. But..Then again.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 1018 . There is some comfort in having spirit by one's side. our society. And. 1020 . we must do our part. 1024 . This is the grand adventure of consciousness. despite how much of this you have forgotten.. We have to manifest the ideas in the world and then take the action to make them more than ideas. pure and simple. then it is necessary. We can all have such relationships. to make them a living reality in our world.The bottom line is that it is spirit doing the work through us. here and now. 1021 . you can do also.You could say that I am lucky to have such a relationship with spirit.Be whom thou are. 1025 . 1023 .We are entering into some exciting times. we need to live good lives. it is not luck. almost by definition. Times that will knock our socks off spiritually. what you are is spirit expressing in flesh. Such is the directive of spirit.Our spiritual roles are why we are here. more of us will realize this . but that is not the same as having a physical companion with whom to share aspects of life. Though. Everything being experienced is being experienced by spirit. Spirit cannot express physically except through us.What is life without friends? It can be quite lonely. 1022 . 1019 . until the world becomes the conscious expression of spirit in flesh. You have always been such and will always be such. lives of service to ourselves. This is new territory that we are venturing into.Spiritual economy is very simple. if we experience it . 1026 . the bottom line must mean that this could not have been avoided. debit when we take. Spirit will be able to express in ways that go beyond anything that we have seen manifest before.As a wayshower... our families.You cannot escape what you are. 1028 . it would have. 1027 . and our world. It takes work. So. But. More and more. That is a hard thing to swallow when you look at all the pain and suffering experienced by so many in the world. It is not for us to be as others are but to be as we alone can be. Can all of that really be necessary? How could spirit be so cruel as to permit all of that to happen in that manner? However.We are being prepared for some grand roles in the coming times. We have to be willing to listen to her and then take action on what she reveals to us. If it could have avoided some of the hurt and the suffering. know that what I can do. 86 . the very way that we are asking the question is flawed.

Consciousness is as consciousness does.I accept what spirit has in store for my life. and make the difference that is appropriate for that place. The goal is to become ever more aware and to express this increased awareness in all that we do.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 1029 . I can't think of any better place to expend my time and energy.. 1039 .I don't know if there are places people can go to ease the spiritual rebirth process. In the end. We just need to find ways to be spiritual even as we are physical. It is not necessary for me to live as I prefer.. 1035 . We cannot escape being spiritual ..The human body and brain are miraculous vehicles for the expression of spirit in flesh. 1041 . but I have no experience to know one way or the other. Some make a difference by moving the state of our knowledge. whatever that might be . 1031 . That is not so hard to do.Serving as a vessel through which spirit can express in flesh is what I choose to do.That is when the magic happens. When each of us does our part. everything proceeds according to the plan of consciousness for the greater expression of spirit in flesh. it is a celebration of our nature as spirit in flesh. I would hope that there are.Spirit will not do for us those things that we can perfectly well do for ourselves. Yes.Change is in the air again.. Others make a difference by moving others. Part of our task is to be physical.The bottom line is to find a way to make the world a better place for our having lived. of my own free will. A new season is upon us. 1034 . In technology. This is how we stay true to whom that we are. This is perfectly fine. we leave it is spirits hands as to how this will manifest.With the appropriate awareness we can achieve all things because it is ultimately spirit 87 .. We can always do this. The artists among us fall in this category. 1042 . much of what they can do lies in potential only.This is not a resignation. it is for each of us to find our place in the world. This is how we live as the expression of spirit in flesh. 1040 . Some make a difference in the lives of their family and friends. especially when we allow spirit to work through us.We are physical beings after all. Still others make their difference by moving us spiritually. 1033 . awaiting us to take the steps required to actualize it. Though. ever! 1030 . Rather.We will truly be amazed at what we are able to accomplish . But. 1036 .. What matters is what spirit would have me do. 1032 .Who knows what can be accomplished with spirit by our side. 1037 . this can yield products and inventions that change our world. 1038 . It seems time to reap some of what we have sown.


doing the work through us. 1043 - Of our own, what we can do is limited. But, spirit has no such limitations. Her limits come from how freely we allow her to express through us to do her works. 1044 - Spirit won't force her way into our lives. It is up to us to invite her to become an active force in our life. 1045 - Spirit herself is also my employer. What do I owe to her? She is responsible for bringing forth millions of words into manifestation through this vehicle in just over ten years. What is that worth? How do I repay her for all of this? 1046 - How do we know if we are becoming more aware? In my experience, there is an inner recognition that something wonderful has changed, that we are no longer what we formerly thought ourselves to be. We are more, much more ... we are spirit manifest. 1047 - Spirit expects from us our very best. But, we cannot deliver that unless we expect it of us as well. We need to demand our very best. However, we need to be careful to not overdo it. Good enough is good enough. There is a point of diminishing returns ... a point where the effort to improve the result is not worth the added value generated. 1048 - I'm effectively willing to give my life to the expression of spirit. How do I get her to employ me in this manner? 1049 - Spirit has a timing for things that is beyond our comprehension. 1050 - When we allow what spirit would create in our life, we are still responsible but we have the force of spirit behind what we are experiencing. 1051 - We are spirit incarnate. It is useful to remember that and to act appropriately. 1052 - We will not allow ourselves to receive anything more than we believe that we are worth. This is one of the fundamental spiritual laws of economics. 1053 - We need to be giving more than we receive. We do that by being all that we can be and doing what we are moved by spirit to do. 1054 - We have no means of assigning ownership to spirit herself. It is through us that spirit expresses and experiences life in physical form. She has no need for the possessions of this world. But, there is nothing wrong with us reaching any particular level of abundance that we choose. 1055 - It is important that we realize this and apply it ... thanking spirit regularly for all that we have in our lives, and even for the gift of being alive 1056 - We are to be the instruments through which spirit expresses. What happens after that is in


spirits hands. 1057 - Everything in our lives is the expression of spirit in flesh. 1058 - Spirit is an active force, a guiding force in my life. I would have it no other way. 1059 - We are all spiritual beings at heart in the midst of a physical experience. However, too many focus on being physical and lose sight of their ultimate nature. 1060 - What is metaphysics? To me it is the study of the nature of consciousness, the nature of being, the nature of reality, the nature of spirit, and how all of these manifest in our lives. 1061 - It takes self work to establish the inner connection. And then it takes courage to be all that we can be while executing what spirit would more us to do. 1062 - Yes, it takes courage to live a life of spirit. Perhaps that is part of the reason I call this particular expression the Musings of a Spiritual Warrior. Yet, it seems that our major battle is with the self and its ways of perceiving the world. 1063 - It is not clear that this battle ever ends. It is the constant challenge of being an aware spiritual being. 1064 - The expression of spirit in flesh is what life is all about. We are integral parts of the evolution of that expression. It is through us that spirit speaks and does her work in the world. 1065 - We are spirit enfleshed here and now. We have always been and will always be. 1066 - Spirit animates all life. 1067 - We all live in a spiritual world. That world is embedded in the symbol systems that permeate the physical world and our knowledge about that world. 1068 - There is no objective reality. That is why science doesn't ultimately lead us to spiritual truth. That does not mean that it doesn't have its place. 1069 - Do we know how consciousness expresses in us? Do we know what constitutes awareness? Do we know how spirit touches us and infuses us with life? 1070 - It seems that I make spirit responsible for everything. However I take full responsibility for what I allow spirit to do through me. So, there is personal responsibility as well. I'm not trying to get away with anything. I'm just doing the best with what I've got. 1071 - We each have our pieces of the puzzle to share. Together we can create something magnificent. We can bring forth a spiritual vibration that literally changes the world ... big time.



1072 - I liken the process to an instrument being played by a master musician. My mind is the instrument, spirit is the musician. My awareness experiences the music that spirit is able to evoke through the instrument. 1073 - We are spirit enfleshed already. We have been for so long as we have been incarnate. Though, it seems that few are truly in touch with the spiritual aspect of themselves. 1074 - If we really want something, we need to be willing to do whatever it takes to get it. As a spiritually focused being, this will be consistent with whom that I am. 1075 - One can do far worse that to serve spirit. Ultimately, this is the one choice which matters most. Though serving spirit by serving others is something that we must do in our own way. This is the highest endeavor that we can engage in. It requires that which is grandest within us. 1076 - How can an outnumbered force overcome a much greater force? The trick comes from the synergy involved when a focused group is formed. When the time is right, the spiritual force will be unleashed and nothing in its way will be able to stop it. 1077 - Spirit knows how best to utilize all of the resources that she is given. She doesn't take, however. She waits for us to volunteer our services. 1078 - To play in this game we must cooperate and volunteer to serve. These are high level behaviors that many do not appear ready to adopt. That is OK. We only need enough to keep the plan of spirit unfolding in the world. 1079 - Physical health is important to spiritual well-being. While we are incarnate, we cannot escape being physical. Nor is it desired that we do so. 1080 - For so long, I have simply overlooked it (the physical) ... considering it to be a poor stepchild to the spiritual. But, we are spirit in flesh ... and we are enfleshed for a reason, primarily because that is the only way to be incarnate and experience the great gift of physical life. 1081 - Consciousness is everything. Consciousness is how spirit interfaces with us. 1082 - Yet, at some point are we not evolved enough so that my will and Thy Will are one? At that point, why do I force spirit to continue to do what I can do perfectly well on my own? 1083 - I've learned to become wary of being attached to outcomes. Things may or may turn out as we picture that they will. There are a lot of factors involved. Sometimes, it seems that it is best to just leave it up to spirit. 1084 - Consciousness is aware ... the mind is stuck in its mechanicalness, unaware of the nature of spirit. 1085 - Spirit works through us. That is the only way she can manifest anything in the physical.

1096 . the more automatic our choices become.. she is lenient even when we don't live up to our own highest standards. This is especially true if we've taken the time to establish a relationship with the spiritual source that drives us. 1088 . They leave us in awe of the power of spirit operating in our lives and our world.We can live a life of spirit..Spirit is not a mental phenomenon.It is not for me to focus on outcomes. We have to want to do it. do not relate.We are far more powerful than most of us know.That is all that can be expected of us . 1091 . We can be aware of the functioning of our mental faculties.My life is primarily about the expression of spirit in flesh. to do our best. 1098 .. I can only do what I am moved to do when I am moved to do it. 91 . 1093 . We find there is only one right choice for us and that that choice is obvious.As spirit in flesh. we are wise beyond all years. it takes dedication and discipline. However.I would serve spirit directly.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT It is up to us to be receptive to what she would express through us. We just need to get in touch with our innate wisdom. It lies in a different dimension . including most of those involved in science. Spirit demands no more and no less. The purpose is spiritual however. 1094 . It is not difficult to do.Mysteries are good. so much so that even scientists and engineers won't be able to ignore it. That is to the degree that one who has effectively isolated himself from society can so express. There is something being gained by all of this expression. It has been for some time. 1087 .I would be whom that I am and no other.. spirit having a physical experience. 1086 . They humble us. I would do as I am moved by spirit to do when she so moves me. 1095 . and many. Those are in spirits hands. Though.We are spirit expressing in flesh.We live in a spiritual world. How the universe responds to what is expressed through me is out of my hands for the most part. Her will is my will. Awareness is not a mental process. 1099 . She commands my interest and my attention.I will do what I am moved by spirit to do to the best of my abilities. 1092 . a spiritual dimension. More and more this will become apparent. Awareness is above and beyond this. 1090 .Choice and free will are interesting phenomena. It seems that the further that we go on the spiritual path. There is a purpose for this. 1089 . and then to do it. 1097 .

and everything is animate. our own thoughts . emotional. We are all godstuff. A living instrument yes. As soon as we let these go. 1111 . It is in her that I know that I am safe.There is definitely something to be said for mental labor.Spirit is evolving the collective to permit increased expression of spirit in flesh through the organizations formed within the collective. our own desires. we transcend our fears and express love for all those our lives touch. We are all divine beings. the better everything becomes. 1102 .Spirit/consciousness is my refuge. 1103 . spiritual labor should pay even better.. 1112 . mental. 1109 . Spirit is elegant in how she manifests. We no longer see it necessary to impose our will on the world. 1106 .The more love expressed..The more we develop that connection within us the more peaceful we become.Everyone is growing in a manner and at a rate that is right for them.We are all spirit incarnate.Everything is god stuff. 1107 . she appears and remains with us so long as we listen to her. I like to believe that spirit is operating elegantly through me. everything is spirit. and spiritual levels. 1113 . it pays better. there is no room for spirit. 1105 .I am an instrument through whom spirit does her work in the world.. 1108 .Building the foundations for spirit to more fully express in flesh is a big job. We can allow and accept whatever happens as the will of spirit. but an instrument nonetheless. For one thing.Elegance is the idea that the universe gets the maximum results for whatever effort is expended.Abundance is the compensation for spiritual work.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 1100 . 1104 .The bottom line is that the Aquarian age is dawning and this will result in dramatic changes in how spirit is able to express in the world..So long as we are busy with our own stuff. That is precisely what it takes to allow spirit to come through in our lives. Here we are talking about abundance on physical. It seems that it will require many people to cooperate to accomplish it. 1101 . 92 . However.There is something to be said about being silent and maintaining a blank mind. 1114 . 1110 . That is how we further enable spirit to express through us . It cannot be any other way.

she can only be physical through us. 1125 .There is a destiny that is being played out in our lives. 1117 . 1127 . It is unfolding whether we believe in God or not and whether we believe in spirit or not. But. we are never the same again. her legs.The whole objective is to meet needs. 1118 . It is all a matter of believing. We live in a spiritual world. While we are physical we seem to forget who we truly are. that will only succeed for so long. This is where spirit is able to express physically.In general. we are all very competent at other than conscious levels. a more spiritually aware life. no fine print. we have our part to play in this.. no knowing. It is being played out everywhere we look. that we are the instruments through which spirit expresses. 1123 .We are spiritual beings having a physical incarnation. and once we do. At some point we come to realize who we are . our spirits know that we create it all.. she meets needs wherever she finds them. They may even believe this to some degree in some areas of our lives. and we can try to deny it. We can hide from it. With that we can do miracles . we must open ourselves up to higher awareness and all that it has to offer. But. We have to volunteer. spirit can only do that work through us.We are her eyes. It has always been so. not of our own accord.Our minds may have a mental understanding that we create our own reality. 1128 .We are spiritual beings having a physical incarnation.Life is a training ground and a playground for spirit. We are the vessels through which spirit expresses in 93 . her hands.There is a spiritual destiny that is manifesting in our lives. One of our objectives however is to live a more conscious life.This has been true for untold ages. To do that. no exceptions. 1120 . she will not force her way through. But.Things happen in our lives when we know that they will. even her consciousness in flesh. There is no way to escape our spiritual nature..BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 1115 . she can't do this on her own. her body. her mind. 1121 . 1124 . 1122 . even then we must leave the timing to spirit.There is a lot of work to be done. That is what spirit does. 1116 .. But. but because spirit does them through us. And. It is a spiritual destiny. 1119 . As spirit expressed in flesh. But. her ears. This is true for all of us. We can just as easily live an other than conscious life with similar fullness of meaning. What matters is to realize the spiritual beings that we are.There is a spiritual destiny unfolding in each of our lives. 1126 .We can live a conscious life full of meaning.

Though. we are the vehicles through which spirit does her work.Trust is the operative word here. I have joked several times that spirit is a slavedriver. 1129 . It is for us to do what we must do to the best of our abilities. 1138 .. or food for worms.We can embed spiritual principles everywhere in our lives. 1134 . 1130 . 1137 . I don't regret one minute of being in her service or doing her works. My hope is that it would benefit many before my time on the planet is done.What I do. we will find that they are already there. 1135 . It will be truly phenomenal. 1131 . Our bodies will wither and become dust . these three things are important to the expression of spirit in flesh.We have no right to be concerned with outcomes. 1142 . but they always give us what we need.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT flesh. That is just the way of spirit. the expression of spirit. I do not for me alone. this is not what we learn in economics. 1132 . an aware consciousness .A blank mind. If we truly look.Everything is the expression of consciousness. However. 1133 .This is another directive that expresses a more spiritual component that addresses how we interact with others. Spirit. It will indeed. a clear conscience. Unfortunately. these three things are not easy to achieve.We will be amazed by what we will be able to do when spirit works through us. that comes from seeing what she demands of me. 1141 ..Spiritual economics ensures that we get what we need in exchange for doing what is ours to do.The lessons of consciousness and spiritual awareness are by far the most important of our 94 . It is our spirit that will remain. EVERYTHING! 1136 .All of our worldly possessions will remain in the world..The debt you incur from receiving spiritual works is not to the creator of those works. 1139 . there is a greater economics at play here. and the universe can be trusted. Needs are always met somehow. 1140 .. We can't be slaves to spirit. It is for us to do what we can open the channel so that we can allow the clearest expression of which we are capable. As such. and whatever it has learned as a result of this existence. They don't always give us what we want.Everything is spirit in expression.We are spirit enfleshed. Those are in spirits hands. I know. consciousness. This is a service to spirit that I perform. But.

That is part of what comes from living a life of spirit.There is a natural inclination within us toward expressing spiritually. and everlasting. We are all cells of the same one whole. This means becoming the vessel through which she expresses.We can't be spiritual while incarnate without being physical. eternal. If we just allow this to occur gracefully.It is not so difficult to live a life of spirit. In fact. a celebration of spirit in flesh. it seems downright easy. 1149 . 95 . 1157 . Though. We need to be ready to jump on the opportunities that come to us. we can change our choices of beliefs and actions. Neither can we be physical without being spiritual.We are players in a grand play . but is not difficult either. 1144 . 1153 . 1143 . 1152 . we have an anchor. 1150 .No matter what happens in the world.We need to be open to what the universe. when you are doing it. All the roles are defined and the precise timing for each note for each instrument and associated musician. We can ignore it.We are all spirit. is sending our way. We need to turn inside and find that level.Life is meant to be a celebration. 1148 . In fact. 1155 .BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT lives. This takes some doing. or we can embrace it. Though there is the constancy of spirit amidst the change. 1145 . 1147 . 1156 . by all means choose spirit.We are the instruments through which spirit does her works in the world. if we don't like the results. 1146 .. in particular. what spirit.We need to give spirit room to manifest in our lives. Then.While we are physical we operate in both a material and a spiritual realm.Whenever there is a choice between spirit and anything else.The bottom line is that it is spirit doing the work through us. I advise the later. a play that is orchestrated by spirit every bit as much as a piece of music is orchestrated.Outcomes we leave to spirit. At some level we are unchanging.. It will make life easier in the long run. toward living a spiritual life. 1154 . we have the strength of spirit to deal with it. 1151 . We are all droplets in the same one ocean of consciousness. we will be amazed by what manifests in our lives and the lives of others around us. everything that we do is the expression of spirit in flesh.Change is a way of life these days.

the expression of spirit in flesh. All manner of aid comes to our assistance. 1162 . Be whom that you are and do as you are moved to do. The very universe is there to assure that.We need to be careful about what we accept as directives in our lives. It always has been. We can create our reality. But. the rules of the game change. there is a different way to live. We can do what we would do .Life is about the expression of consciousness.The more aware that we become.. 1171 .We are meant to live miraculous lives. We can be selfdirected. Everything becomes more benign. We do what we must. 1164 . She has no other way of doing her works in the world. Once found. 1163 . Yet.Destiny is not a bad thing. This is especially true of spiritual destiny. we do what is demanded of us..We are living a life of spirit now. how many of us know what consciousness really is? 96 .There is a peace of spirit that comes from finding ones place in the scheme of things. We can be spirit-directed. 1166 .Throughout our lives. 1169 .Once awakened. 1159 . 1160 . Spirit is capable of all manner of miracles when we allow her to operate and express through us.The directive from spirit is clear. She comes when she is invited. It is all up to us.Self-discovery is one of our major challenges in life. When one lives such a life. there is nothing that can take you off of your path. the more desirous we become of having spirit play an expanded role in our lives. the light of spirit is upon us and we can hide in darkness no longer.. no one can ever take that away from us.Spirit manifests her will through us. at least for those along particular spiritual paths. or what spirit would have us do. We can control the very circumstances that we experience. Be kind! Treat people with the full respect that they deserve. She expresses through us when we allow her to. 1167 . 1165 . 1170 .Spirit works gently in our lives.If we knew who we truly are . We become capable of doing incredible and miraculous things. That is what is ultimately in store for us as we realize our divinity as spirit manifest in flesh. we would find that we are far more deserving than we ever dreamed. In some respects. 1168 . 1161 . Trust the life force that is expressing through you. It is all a matter of choice. We do what circumstances force us to do..BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 1158 .

We are all the creators of our own reality. It is that simple and that difficult. It is time to become the master of my own fate. After all. But. these are three keys for living a spiritual life. There is too much riding on it. I am co-creating this role. much happens at other than conscious levels. 1178 . it is as if my life is not my own.It is time to be all that I can be. first and foremost.How many of us know the varieties of consciousness and of spiritual expression in our lives? 1173 . However.. the world suffers. The bottom line is that it is what it is. But. 1181 . 97 . I am consciousness enfleshed. on some level I am spirit. perhaps many more than this. 1183 .As far as I know. it is my intention that spawns spirit to action.. OK. allowance. the world prospers. that does not seem to be enough. it is spirits to live through me. acceptance .BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 1172 . deferring to spirit to work her will through me. At this point in time. 1177 . I know that I have reached several thousand people via this expression. when one focuses on spirituality these are as natural as breathing. I am but a player acting out my role.We are spiritual beings. This is something that we all do.. Yet. 1174 . Some things we can doubt if we'd like. We are meant to know that. It is by spiritual law that this occurs. I have a different concept of self than most. I am free to say whatever consciousness would speak through me. a sacred one. with the assistance of spirit of course.What part do I have to play in manifesting the reality that I desire? I have been reluctant to impose my will. That is a privilege. 1180 . 1179 . 1175 . but this is not one of them. Then again. It is time to set the course of my own destiny. I am a willing participant in this drama. 1176 .Awareness.There is a sense that if we allow ourselves to we fall into our place in the world as naturally as a star falls into its place in the heavens. it is the greatest expression of spirit that can come forth through me. it is solely up to me to make this so . I guess that means it is not solely up to me at all. That is OK. All of this springs forth from different parts of myself. I have not connected to spirit guides or channeled any separate entities.This expression is where I come closest to expressing the spirit that I am.We are all spirit enfleshed. literally all that we are. it is a drama written by consciousness. Here. It seems that none of these three characteristics are easy to achieve. Further. Though. Rather..There is something about leaving a record of one's existence. When they are present. I do have a big part to play. At some level. 1182 . truly know that. At the same time. When they are absent.In some ways.The bottom line is that I must be whom that I am to do the works that spirit would do through me.

How do I find the opportunity to live as my spirit dictates and do the works that I know that I am here to do? Who would be willing to pay for that? Who compensates for serving to the world? This is beyond what traditional employers typically pay for. I would be what I can be. the likes of which has not existed before . Or. I demand more..There is a sense that in my case. we are active participants without whom spirit could not express in the manner that she does through us. 1191 . 1185 . they can be if we allow them to be. conditional. and do what I can do. Spirit seems to be saying. Unfortunately. I came for a specific mission and once that is done.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 1184 . 1189 . doing things that I know that only we can do . such I have done and will continue to do for the rest of my days. at least in this particular manner. It is not that escaping physicality is so important to me. 1194 . 98 . I am free to move on to other realms. if you act in accord with your knowingness. such is the call of my spirit. 1190 .We are all spirit expressed in flesh. then I will serve you to the best of my ability..I was literally born to live a life of spirit. I know that. and a deep trust in the workings of spirit and the universe. 1186 . however.. But. We do so by connecting to source within. That requires resources.Spirit is truly awesome! Her works are magnificent.. I cannot ignore that call. the abundance.I long to be elsewhere. and practicing expressing whatever we are gifted at to our highest level of perfection.. because it is her not us doing the work. we can do far more than we have ever imagined possible for us..Consciousness has given me wings on which to soar. With her help. such trust is well deserved... 1192 .How can I be impartial about what I strongly believe to be my lifes purpose and mission? To create a new world founded on a spiritual basis .. My spirit demands more . In some ways. 1188 .I seem to be stuck in an if .. But those with fire prominent are more ethereal than others. But I am not your typical worker.It is amazing how spirit manifests in our lives.Yes. consciousness will be there to provide for your needs.. She works through us to do grand things. The body is a miraculous organism. I enjoy being physical. As far as I can tell. 1193 . I know that I must answer to a higher calling. 1187 . While we seem to be saying: if you provide the resources. we all live such lives. then . And. However. Rightfully so. spirit/love doesn't work on the basis of such conditionals or ultimatums. it is up to us to work on opening the pathways and channels for this expression. my bliss lies in the domain of spirit. I'm not meant to stay on the ground for two long..

It is important to me to make a difference in the world. that is the directive I obey. 1196 . 1200 . a big difference.It is our choice as to who we help and how. I share of whom that I am. as the sharer. effort.Share! In many ways. 1201 . This comes not from a sense that such services are worthless.If we look within. we have to step aside and clear the pathway. But. 1202 . It seems that spiritual law prohibits it. I am aware enough that I am able to serve as a vessel through which spirit can express.There is something special about providing spiritual services for free. I know that I can do this. it is the spirit in me as well. In this case. I do this by allowing spirit to flow forth through me as she will and sharing whatever she reveals. This works best when there is a cooperative interdependence in effect. 1205 . Here.Spirit has effectively been providing this particular service of answering my questions for as long as I can remember.Giving primes the pump for abundance.This expression is me . It literally is wide open. 1197 . 1203 . To some degree. groups. 1206 .. We can serve individuals. It takes some time..BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 1195 . yet. I share what can be expressed by spirit through me. regardless of our level of awareness. for a far greater good to express.. I muse and express as spirit would have me express in words. I know that spirit can do this through me. and many who try do not yet have the eyes to see. Here.I consider myself to be a writer. 1204 . and energy that goes into it. It only seems right to allow spirit to do the same through me for others. She can only work through us. we will see that we are compelled by spirit to act and express in certain ways. It is worth all of the time. it is interesting to see the nature of the answers that are given. Ye shall know them by their works. or even the world. However.Spirit can't work in isolation. We can even serve in ways that none except spirit herself are aware. not all look within. This is a giving up of oneself. it seems that it is time to do more than that. That is what I do.All that I can do is be the best example that I can be. 99 . 1199 . 1207 . but rather that they are priceless. I have chosen to make these works publicly available to any who might venture upon them. I've decided this in the affirmative. we all do this . 1198 . society. One can never give too much nor share too much.For spirit to come forth through us with greater force.. There are no restrictions. Now.What is to be expected as a return for a spiritual investment? The immediate answer is abundance. Is that worth sharing? Clearly. More correctly. and rightly so.

we are living a "spiritual" life. At some point. This is natural for me. we need to become the propelling force ourselves for our actions in the world.We are free to interpret any experience in whatever way that we choose.I care not about being consistent in my beliefs or my expression..External pushing only works for awhile. 1215 . Even better is a combination of both for then our forces are aligned with the forces of spirit. as with other wayshowers through the ages . clearly. We do things because that is the most natural expression of who we are. What matters ultimately is utility. But I would use them to build rather than to harm or destroy. and what do we "owe" to the world in return? There is a social contract. It is important however to abide by spiritual law and choose not to harm another or ourself. 1217 . it is what I am meant to do somehow. making it available and getting people to find it and read it are two different things.What does the world "owe" to us.How do we cause things to happen in our lives? One way is through intent. But.. It is a matter of establishing a new way of living and setting a new standard. But. The unknown.Spirit will not be denied. But it will start in the spiritual fringes as all such things do. what we are is spirit expressing in flesh. I have a knack for it . And. It may not be explicit.I call this very expression Musings of a Spiritual Warrior. Do our beliefs and actions serve us and others? If so. so you can do as well and even greater. Neither is anything good except we make it so. Is that too much to ask for? 1216 . 1210 . Unfortunately.I am proud of the work that spirit has done through me.What are my hopes and dreams for the world? I ask only that the foundations and infrastructures be built to facilitate greater expression of spirit in flesh. Will it impact everywhere? Ultimately yes. 1214 . with the fringes occurring at the edges between the known and the unknown. the fringes . 1212 .BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 1208 . a new way of more fully expressing spirit in flesh.For some reason. It is as if I was born for it somehow. And indeed words are my weapons. I know that this is something that I could easily be doing for the rest of my life. She is birthing this new form so that she can more fully express. Another way is through direct action. That is why I've made so much of it available on the WWW. 1211 .. a special relationship with spirit. It may not even be legal.. It has always 100 . here to demonstrate a new way of being. That is. 1213 . it is spiritual. After over 11 years. these are close to one another. Nothing is bad unless we label it so. My intent has been to share this to the degree that I can. There is a sense of having found my calling.I am a wayshower. 1218 . 1209 .. what we can do.. That is all that can be asked of anyone. except for destroying that which is in error or unreal.

All expression is spiritual expression regardless of how light or how dark it may seem.. That is what we need to do. This I do willingly and dutifully. In the world of illusion. It also has an otherly quality..Is everything spirit in expression . She is living through us.. especially with our time and energy. 1219 .Spirit knows what she is doing. all spirit in expression as well.The trick is to ensure that our priorities are right. Even babies are accompanied by an inner spiritual wisdom. consciousness or spirit does its work through us. That means being generous. You might think I don't believe that we have a reality of our own. we have the play of light and shadow. 1222 . a spiritual quality to it. 1224 . There is a sense that no one else could do what I do in the way that I do it. 1225 .We are all spirit in expression. Yes. That means first finding the path and then deliberately choosing to take steps on that path.. We do this by finding our spiritual center and living from that to the degree that we can. That their choices are in error when compared to some higher standard is of no import. 1229 . She knows what she is doing in our lives. I accept it as a duty.People are doing the best that they can under the conditions in which they find themselves. 1221 . I would offer that we have no reality independent of the spirit that expresses through us. expressing through us. Intention counts for a lot. I continue to be a vessel through which spirit speaks. Though.It is in consciousness that I live my life and through consciousness that I do my work. that is the key.There is no second guessing spirit. is that not true of each of us? We are all unique expressions of spirit. Yes. That is what truly matters. Nothing! 1227 . 1230 . far more than I know. 1228 . That means being kind. There is nothing but spirit in expression. 1223 . we are physical. equally and more importantly. and we are meant to enjoy physical reality. However. both to others and ourselves.Creative expression is special. In fact. spiritual law still applies.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT been thus and will always be thus.Yet. That doesn't mean 101 .. 1220 . and the indifferent? What about the heights of genius and the depths of stupidity and mediocrity . we are spiritual and are meant to enjoy this part of our reality as well.Each of us are old souls that have incarnated many times. From another perspective. the bad. the good.The physical world is a playground for spiritual expression. What we do could not be done in the same way by another.. 1231 .Pursuing the path that spirit intends for us to take . 1226 .

What would the world be like if there was sufficient abundance to meet the needs of all? And.. but something rings true about that. I am also a master builder. there is still a dichotomy between being spiritual and being physical.. In return. It is not for them to impose their will on the world. Part of that is truly believing that we deserve abundance. We are meant to be useful . The separation is not real. but it is somehow part of my outlook on life. Our sole purpose is to allow the stream of consciousness to freely flow forth as it will that it may serve as an example of what is possible when we allow spirit to animate our lives. unlimited abundance. and spiritual levels? I can imagine such a world. 1234 . the more that I give. This includes a familiarity with the nature of consciousness and how consciousness creates reality.To date. 1233 .Abundance is relative.What am I meant to do with my life? I am a wayshower here to demonstrate how spirit can more fully express in flesh. one that we are engaged in all of the time. 1237 . these are big tasks. we express whom that we are and whatever spirit is able to express through us. it exists on several fronts .The more we give of ourselves. 102 .. we may find that such is not possible. I ask spirit for abundance . physical. at least some of us. Interesting.The more that I express.. Part of this comes from an awareness that is far greater than most. emotional.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT going overboard. mental. the abundance has still been limited... Though. Rather. But. In the process. here to build the foundations for a new world. But. Further.There is nothing wrong with being extravagant. That is how spiritual law works... but the real needs on physical. however. the sense is that this is due to my choices not to what spirit is doing. mental. I need to take action to release the floodgates of abundance. 1232 . 1239 .We have no intended message in mind as we express. the more spirit refills us.. I take the step to share it at the Beyond Imagination site. but they are tasks that someone or some group has to do.Everything is spirit in expression. we are already creating it . This is a natural process. 1240 . Everything! 1235 . 1242 . 1238 . What happens with that energy is somewhat out of my hands. to do things with a sense of purpose . to accomplish some mission that is ours to do. For me. emotional. 1241 .Our unique consciousness provides the opportunity to experience life as it has never been experienced before. can we collectively create it? To some degree. 1236 . the more energy is released unto the world. Yes. There is nothing wrong with having and enjoying the material comforts of the world if that is what we desire. it is their chosen destiny to serve spirit with the strength of their beingness.Spiritual warriors and peaceful warriors have a great strength which comes forth from within.. not just the basic needs.

when you are moved to do it. sword rotated once circularly to the left becomes words. It is through her that I am pushed to be all that I can be. Even our memories may pass with the demise of our brains. my greatest tool is words .. this expression will have allowed me to make a statement with my life. 1249 .. This is not always easy to do.Do what you are moved to do. What sort of instrument am I? I would hope a good one. a statement that would not have otherwise existed. I suspect that this too will be true for the remainder of my days and beyond. 1248 .I am an instrument here. Together. there is lack. If any of these are missing.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT and spiritual. my best friend. I am a spiritual warrior.. Though. But. It requires that we learn to discern what we would do of our own accord versus what spirit would do through us. my true love. it becomes our spiritual birthright .Spirit/consciousness has a special place in my life . 103 . the highest place. we judge instruments by the quality of the music that they play. However. 1246 . 1250 . 1247 . Though. It is through her that hope is expressed in my life. it is not automatic. it does not justify all actions.. we facilitate the expression of spirit in flesh through us. Our worldly possessions will pass to others.Spirit is my companion..Interesting. 1243 . Consciousness herself brings forth these words. But learn we must if we are to reach our rightful place in the world. 1245 . Each incarnation.Awakening in consciousness is what it is all about. There are no accidents. As we do so.In the end. 1252 . literally millions of them. the level of awareness we have achieved is ours to keep. my solace. an instrument for the expression of spirit. I am the willing servant of spirit in this endeavor. 1244 . The differences can be quite subtle. here too.. that is the one thing that we get to keep as we progress. 1251 . It is through her that I reach the grandest realization of whom that I AM. Our bodies will return to dust. hence there is not true abundance. especially self-work and service to others. It takes work on our part. and a lot of them at that. It seems that this is a universal directive. How would this instrument be judged? It can only be via the quality of the words that come forth.Speaking of awareness. That is the directive of consciousness in my life. My unique consciousness was necessary to bring it forth in this manner. a source of inner wisdom that goes beyond anything that we are taught in each existence. Is it there purposefully or is it there accidentally? Spirit knows what she is doing. we are wayshowers. blazing a trail through the wilderness of consciousness. and I would dispel the darkness with the light of words that flow forth through me.It is amazing how much spirituality is embedded in some of the popular shows. and also my greatest critic. My weapon.Each of us has a spiritual destiny to fulfill and barring extraordinary circumstances (or maybe even because of them) we will indeed reach a state where we can fulfill that destiny.

. I know that they are out there. am I doing this because this is what I demand of me in serving spirit and the world? Perhaps it is a little of both. My hope is that such walks will lead to spiritual awakenings. After that. and of fate. And.. Can one truly walk in the shoes or the mindsteps of another? 1254 . 1263 . It is all a matter of time. members of my spiritual family so to speak. It is a natural avenue for the use of my god given talents and abilities. You might consider this expression to be one of my means to initiate contact. But. 1255 . 1260 .I am still searching for kindred spirits. even though we seem to be in the dark much of the time. This is something I am truly willing to live and die for. much more than I am presently doing.I have made myself available as a vessel through which spirit can speak. when I am allowing spirit to speak through me in this manner.Everything has a message for us.There are many ways to get where we are going.What we give.Metaphysics by its very nature attracts a limited audience. This is easy. My consciousness is specially suited to this task. we consciously direct 104 . 1256 .There is something about walking in the shoes of consciousness that is uplifting to the soul. At least. does that really matter? Am I doing this for the potential audience. things are in spirit's hands. finding a way to be of service somehow. She knows the grand plan for the evolution and unfoldment of consciousness in the world. I would do this even if it kills me.There is something special about works that have come forth through your unique consciousness. Though. the awakening to whom that we truly are will come as well. 1259 . and generally manyfold. It is simply a matter of finding them and initiating contact. But. this has been the case for me anyway. we get returned unto us . there is still a nagging sense that I could be doing more. I look forward to it. She knows what we need to fulfill our destiny .. 1262 . It awakes me from my slumbers in the course of the day. It allows me to be used as an instrument through which spirit can express in this way.. I don't believe that just anyone could. And. it all starts with finding a way to give. This is easy to do if we allow ourselves to naturally move in the direction that spirit pulls us toward. No. That is one reason that I am a wayshower. You might say that this expression "makes my day". my sense is that the later will not happen until the time is right. Everything is there to train us and make us stronger spiritually. or for the fame.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 1253 . 1257 . 1261 . that does not mean that everyone should do as I do. She knows what she desires to express through us. 1258 .I am happiest when I am engaged in this expression.All we can give is our best. On one extreme. indeed there is such a plan despite appearances to the contrary. when we are ready. for indeed it does. or for the rewards that it might bring? Or. It is as if they are specially tailored for you.I came to create the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh. But.

it doesn't hurt if we participate and help in the process. 1265 ..How many believe that their true lineage springs forth from spirit? It is from spirit that we are granted our lives. It is from spirit that we are spawned and thrown forth into existence. Spirit would not have it that way. a realm where few if any have traversed before.The call from spirit is always to be all that we can be and to do all that we can do.. And. Everything that we do is compensated for one way or another.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT this. we have to realize that there is a point that is enough.. but it will be in a way that is appropriate. She must be allowed to have her way. 1264 . It has always been this. That doesn't mean that we won't be compelled to do more anyway. And. we have only ourselves to blame.I believe in the law of balance. It may not be in the way that we expect. This is what brings out the best in me. and that these may never be recovered. we go with the flow of the universe.At times it does seem like we are dealing with lost opportunities to express . We are the expression of consciousness in flesh first and foremost. This is how I can best be of service to spirit. 105 . 1270 . On the other extreme. it will remain so for quite some time. if we do our best .. She will ensure that what must be expressed is expressed all in its right timing. 1269 .Here. 1268 . Not just some special few who have realized this.. However.What does matter is that we express what can be expressed when we are moved to express it.We have to be willing recipients and willing vessels for the expression of spirit through us for the process to work properly. If we fall short. she can be trusted to steer us on the path that is right for us. It all depends on our particular choices and our particular destinies. And. There are also many paths between these extremes with varying degrees of resignation to the will of spirit in our lives. even then. and boldly step into a new realm. 1273 . Though. That is the nature of spiritual communication. but each and every one of us. we explore the moreness of life. It just happens when the time is right and when we are ready. beyond which further work and further giving are optional. this just happens to be now for me. This is the stuff that I live for. It does not divert the whole river of consciousness but captures one small stream.The earth is becoming a more conducive environment for the expression of spirit in flesh. but now it is becoming orders of magnitude simpler. there is no place for blame. Apparently. 1272 . We go beyond the normal boundaries that most people accept.It seems that my intuition serves as a canal or a channel. the possibilities for mining this incredible source of spiritual wisdom and spiritual wealth seem endless. 1271 . 1267 . From my experience..Spirit will not be forced. That is simply the way spirit works. if a small stream can bring forth millions of words in a decade . 1266 .

There is nothing but spirit in expression. but it seemed strange to define spirituality in terms of spirit. However.Spirituality involves the creative expression of consciousness through us.Trust that spirit is operating in your life.This expression is by far the highlight of my life. Rather. that is definitely the nature of spirit and spiritual expression.I’m still very isolated. 1280 . It is a matter of believing this and being open to spirit operating and expressing in our lives. Here we allow a stream of consciousness to flow forth that has never flowed forth in this particular manner before. We cannot stop the stream. This is true not only of you but of everyone. What level depends on how open we are to spirit expressing through us. 1278 . Though consciousness is no less vague and mysterious. Whatever it is will be right. 1277 . 1284 . 1281 . You might say that I am naïve … unaware of how others experience and view the world. Yeah.We are spirit enfleshed. I was going to say of spirit through us. The more we explore.. what I consider to be "spiritual" might not agree with how others define this term.This is fun for me. the isolation has its benefits as well. It involves spirit and consciousness expressing as they will through me. this can be the most natural thing in the world.. 1285 . It was instrumental in developing to the point where I could start bringing forth this stream of consciousness communication. you are spirit expressing through you. at least a good deal of it.We all need something that fascinates and challenges us.It seems that the depths of spirit are truly unfathomable. It is something that I participate in that is greater than me. If you allow it to be. the more we find that there is remaining to explore. we choose not to stop the stream from flowing. the spiritual is by far stronger than anything material.We are capable of far more than we can imagine. All that we do is the expression of spirit at some level. Actually cannot may be too strong of a term. What will come of it? Who knows? Perhaps nothing. Perhaps a whole new world. The process is never-ending.Here we are free to express whatever spirit would move us to express.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 1274 . Though. 1283 . It is for you to know that truth and live it. It demonstrates that we are capable of far grander things than we might believe. For me. working directly with spirit. This is how I prefer to spend my free time . 106 . I know that because consciousness/spirit guides all that I do. Openness requires a deep trust in the sanctity of spirit. Yet. 1275 . Literally far more. 1282 .I am opening to spirit herself and to any whom spirit would invite to this expression. 1276 . 1279 .We are here to express spirit in flesh.

It is for us to express the best that we have within us. 1295 . and by whom I touch. Be the spirit that you are. The more that you do so. 1289 . I do that by how I live. Whether I succeed or not is ultimately not for me to say. 1292 .There are always things to love about who you are and how you live. I try to do that here in this expression. that means acting as if you are spirit. 1288 . everything is spirit. Each of us is a miracle manifest.Do what you are moved to do when you are moved to do it. 1290 . that is a big task. You know when you are being your best. I expect to have some help. Everything! Know that and act in accord with it. Yes. when spirit moves us. Trust that that which moves you is indeed spirit. at some level you know exactly what you are doing.I would build the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh. the more spirit can express through you. The more that you trust. 1291 . that is still to create the foundations for a new world in which spirit can express more fully in flesh. It is for us to make the most of this opportunity.Why would spirit not take the steps to assure that her works were disseminated to those who are meant to be touched by them? 1293 . Find a way to truly live it. the more your life will work and the more happy you will be. Operate at your highest potential. And. But. Though... 107 . by the works that I do. It is not clear that I even know what I want except in general terms. Further. Each of us is unique. 1296 . That is all it takes. you won't necessarily have much warning in advance.What do I want to do with my life? What statement would I make? Hmm .That is the key.All that it takes is trust..BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 1286 . I accept that it is mine to do. You know this. It is for us to be the best that we can be.Everything is energy. Be the best that you can be in all that you do. indeed you are. I expect to be part of a group that is responsible for doing this.Everything is spirit in expression. Each of us is spirit expressing in flesh. Yes. You will know what that is when it is time for you to act.. Of course. the results are always beneficial. or for those who are moved to partake o f this expression. 1297 .I don't typically ask for much. we have always been thus and will always be thus. However. 1287 . and even then.. You are to do as you are moved by spirit/consciousness to do. the better question is what statement would spirit make through me? It is not what I want that matters. Yes. just the circumstances and conditions to do what I came to do. And. You can't fool yourself unless you choose to do so .Be not concerned with outcomes. 1294 .. I would not be judged by spirit or by others. That is for spirit herself to judge .

You were born of fire. But also do what your spirit moves you to do. and all consciousness is one. from the beginning.I have faith that spirit knows exactly what she is doing even if I do not. but is ultimately assured as well.Trust that spirit knows exactly what she is doing and is there to assist and guide you at all time. that would be a great question. Then. Its accomplishment is crucial.Be not concerned with outcomes. All manner of forces will come to your aid once you decide what it is that you want and what you wish to do. I am spirit expressed in flesh. Focus on your mission. The more you trust. 1302 . But.Focus on the spiritual tasks first. 1310 .It is amazing how much we can do when we allow spirit to do the work through us. there are still limits to what I can do alone. definitely far beyond my own. 108 . Actually. 1301 . from consciousness. Your life is meant to be one of spirit. 1307 . 1299 . Such is what sets your heart ablaze. 1304 . what about human love? Can we expect the same of it? 1300 .It is only through self-awareness that we become all that we can be.Be observant. What gives me such faith? There is just a knowingness that what comes forth is right somehow. And this is one of the strongest dictates of spirit. That does not mean that you can't learn from outcomes. the better things are for everyone. more than that.Even with spirits guidance. Do what you are obligated to do.There is only spirit. Fill each day as much as you can. It is that simple. 1303 . These ultimately are in spirits hands. yes.What makes me think that I know what I am doing? If it were me alone doing it.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 1298 . 1306 .Were does love fit into the picture? What can we expect from love? Can we really expect anything? Is not true love unconditional? That is how I experience the love of spirit. Her resources seem to be inexhaustible.I would live a life of spirit. the more that you allow spirit to manifest in your life. you already know that. And. 1305 .Take each day as it comes. Notice them and adapt your behavior accordingly to accomplish what you desire to accomplish. there is only consciousness. We all are. But. 1308 . that what comes forth taps a deep source of wisdom that is beyond anything that I know personally. 1311 . it has been spirit expressing through me that has brought all of this forth. Such is what consumes you. I would serve as a vehicle through which spirit expresses in flesh. 1309 . I cannot imagine anything better than being in her service. the more that spirit manifests in your life. Notice the signs that come to you from spirit.

Trust that spirit knows exactly what you need and is arranging the circumstances to be what they need to be to realize this. All of the money in the world can't buy this.What we really need is abundance on all levels.. Always! 1316 . 1318 . We follow our bliss and do those things that truly stir our souls.Spirit finds a way to ensure that I get exactly what I need. often quite different. and vice-versa.Where do we go from here? We allow each day to unfold as it will. We strive to know ourselves and the nature of consciousness as it manifests in our life and in our world..The spiritual world is all around you. so within. physical.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 1312 . that she will lead me to whatever position is right for me next.I know that spirit is looking out for me. no more and no less. but it is also within you.. 1324 .. But spirit.It is amazing how words can live on well after the life spans of those who brought them forth. As without. mental. Though.Focus on the spiritual first and all else will be added unto you. and spiritual. coming from spirit herself. 109 . We allow spirit to express through us to the greatest degree that we can. to consciousness ... knows exactly what is needed and knows how to make it so.What we give comes back to us many fold. 1325 ..The bottom line is that spirit will ensure that I get what I need in exchange for doing the things that I am moved to do. to the world .I may or may not know what needs to be done. 1317 . Such is spiritual law.. That is because she always comes through with what is appropriate when the time is right.. This should not be surprising because such words are timeless.. consciousness. to myself .. 1315 . 1322 . to my family .I leave a lot of things to spirit in my life. The trick is to allow spirit to be a driving force in our lives. to spirit herself? How many people ask such questions? 1323 . 1314 . emotional. How do I know this? It just seems to be the nature of how spirit manifests in our lives. 1313 .. the form of what returns may be different than we might expect . 1319 . 1321 . knowing that we are being drawn to a destiny that we cannot avoid. To what degree does this apply to others? Does spiritual law not ensure that all get what they need? 1320 .Being open to what spirit would have us do and would do through us is extremely important.What responsibilities do I really have .

The trick is to find a way to give that involves something that you love to do. Others don't seem to give much at all. In the end. 110 . 1335 . However.When we live a life from the perspective of Oneness. about the manifestation of spirit in flesh. 1332 . Each of us has a role or multiple roles to play in that plan. It is for us to enjoy the process and do what we can to facilitate it.You are to have no concern with outcomes. or to any number of social causes.Yes. Consciousness naturally encourages us in this direction. 1333 . 1330 . 1337 . expressing whatever consciousness would bring forth through me.Growth happens when it is meant to happen. the key is to find ways to share who we truly are . Of course. Our spirits are meant to playfully create the reality that we experience. to allow consciousness to manifest fully in our life.. giving becomes a pleasure and a joyful activity. We are part of that evolution.Life. Natural and spiritual laws operate here. a host of other things simply fall into place naturally.The major choice we make is to live a spiritual life.Our lives are meant to be joyful. we allow spirit to guide our lives and we stop making choices. 1329 . Then.This expression is my way of giving back something in return for all that I have been blessed to receive. There is simply nothing else. these are in the hands of spirit. Once we make that choice. to animals.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 1326 . for me. There is no forcing it. 1336 . what matters is that we abide by the overriding spiritual principle expressed in The Lion King: to never take more than you give. 1327 . 1334 . it does take some discipline to remove some of our focus on the exterior world and turn it on the interior world. That is what creates abundance in the world. But.Do what you love to do! That is the directive of spirit.Overall.. We simply do what we are moved to do and we express whom that we truly are as much as we can. It is a matter of allowing consciousness to express through us as she will. everything is proceeding in accordance with a divine plan laid out by consciousness for the evolution of the expression of spirit in flesh.Some devote their energies to family. It is only when we see it as an obligation or a burden that it becomes difficult. to friends.It is not hard to live a spiritual life. are we not the hands of spirit as well? Does not spirit do her work through us? 1331 . 1328 . I would choose to give back to spirit directly. to demonstrate that in reality we are spirit expressing in flesh. is about the expression of consciousness.

nor even globally throughout the body. emotional. mental. But. These come from spirit herself via our consciousness..Once the leap in awareness happens. 1342 . so without. We have such abilities and talents for a reason.. As within. 1349 .The process for living ones life well is simple .To open ourselves to spirit having a more active role in our lives. It serves as a living example of what is possible for us when we allow spirit to infuse our lives. These are the things that use your abilities and talents to their utmost. or at least of science and spirituality. an open space or blank slate in which consciousness can manifest what she will. You don't have to know why you are being so moved. get replaced by higher wants and higher desires.. Our greatest physicists are speaking much like mystics.It seems that reality is far stranger than any of us have ever imagined. our desires. 1345 .Focus on the things that you are here to do.Needs occur at all levels: physical. When will we decide that scarcity is unnecessary not only in this country. so below. That is simply how spiritual awakening works. 1346 . 1341 . there is no part within our bodies where spirit resides.As above. 1350 . and do it to the best of your ability. Perhaps we are seeing a reunion of science and religion .There are many paths to the realm of spirit. Our wants. Do what you know to be right.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 1338 . and shared as it is for a reason. springing forth from other dimensions entirely.I have chosen to give spirit and consciousness honored places in my life. we have to create a vacuum.We are spirit. It is beyond all of these. It is not in our heart. a new level of organization takes place in our lives. 1339 . there is no going back to the ignorance of where we were before. Actually. 1344 . by the very force of attraction. These are directives from spirit. Do good unto others. and spiritual. This often comes through creative expression spawned from intuition.When we resign our will to spirit. but worldwide? When will we decide to fill the needs of all by sharing the great abundance that we collectively possess? 1348 . Each of us must find the path or paths that are right for us. They are meant to be used by spirit to serve. 1340 . once we become associated with the observer within.This stream of consciousness is expressed. 111 . 1347 .Be kind. Such is spiritual law. captured. first and foremost.. do what you are moved by spirit to do in each moment. nor in our brain. 1343 . we will migrate to these naturally. and vice versa. The outer is a mirror of the inner.

Do what you are moved to do. 1355 . We made our choices when we chose this particular incarnation.There is no stopping spiritual law.I choose to live a life of spirit. it seems that we have no real choice in the matter. the energy that we are. 1354 . at the same time. Spirit/consciousness supports us however we may want to express whom that we are. We do this by offering our very selves. It is easy to get caught up in emotions or in the constructs of the mind.It seems that we are indeed the generation that is to be a part of a great spiritual transformation. We do this by doing what we are moved by spirit to do. 1360 . The body is a set of clothes that we wear that allows us to experience physicality as we do.The idea that it is time for technology to serve spirit is well overdue in the world. Further.It is important to leave a legacy of works. It will always be such.. the fire of spirit is indeed within us. We are all spirit. first and foremost. our whole self. Further. 1359 . Yet. but rather by spirit herself. Though.Yeah. But.Yes.Everything is the expression of spirit . there are many ways to be of service.Spirit is patient. More than that. into our endeavors. 1353 . It knows no other way to be. She will wait as long as is necessary to earn our trust. everything. all that we are. It is for you to find your calling.We know that the universe does not judge who we are and what we choose to do. Give others the freedom to do the same.We are all spirit incarnate. 1352 . to do the works that spirit would have us do. the spark of consciousness that we are exists beyond all concepts such as time and space. good works. I know that there is no other life that anyone could live. in the world that we co-create. we need to ensure that our intentions enlist the help of spirit. service is that important. 1362 . The essence that we are. That is the directive of spirit. 112 . And trust that spirit is behind the scenes orchestrating it all.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 1351 .. But. 1358 . She will speak to us so long as we are willing to listen. 1364 . and to do that to the best of your ability. 1357 .We need to put our whole heart. 1363 . 1361 . we need to be careful that we are not being moved by emotions or logic. these can be deceptive by themselves. Further.We are spirit/consciousness expressing through flesh in the world that we inhabit. 1356 . the fire will not be extinguished if and/or when it becomes time for the body to give up the ghost as it were.

it is enough.. determines what we make real for us.The analogy that comes to mind is a roulette wheel for some reason. we are free.Even if we accept that there is only one consciousness.I don't set a course for my life. only to the magnificence of spirit rather than to the sun. It is time to awaken from the dream. More than that.. it seems that the same holds.How do we tap into the essence that we are outside of form? This is the spirit that we are. Similarly.Everywhere we look. Then again.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 1365 . it seems that this depends on what glasses we choose to wear. only it is the laws of spirit that apply. even what is called spiritual growth.Spirit can be a slavedriver at times. 1369 .The flower opens graciously to the morning sun. or perhaps worlds of limitation. does that resolve anything . I don't have plans or dreams for what I will be doing in my career or in my personal life. In spirit. Demonstrate spirit in action. Be in this world but not of this world so long as you remain here. in consciousness. a whole new world. Once the wheel is turned and the ball is let loose. especially considering that this consciousness is expressing and experiencing reality in a world 113 . 1367 .Where is the path leading me? Does it even matter? Is it not enough to know that I am trodding the path that is right for me and that my every step is guided by spirit herself? Indeed. and we see consciousness expressing. to a large degree. we soar. 1368 . Behold. the life within us is a flower unfolding. 1375 . The laws of physics completely govern the process. That is simply how spirit works. its destiny is already determined even though it takes some time for it to unfold in the world. Then again. 1370 . For me. all laws are reflective of limitations. we also live within a world of limitation . However. Yes. I am open to allowing whatever circumstances and experiences are best to materialize. Part of this is determined by where we choose to focus our attention. 1366 .How do we awaken from the dream life that we currently live? What constitutes a spiritual awakening? 1371 . 1372 . 1376 .. 1377 . I expect them to materialize.In our souls. 1374 . we see spirit expressing.Growth and evolution are things of this world. It is time to awaken from our slumbers. It cannot choose not to do so. But. This. The body that we are is a projection and tool of this spirit.Spiritual law is at work in my life. What does it take to be outside of the laws? 1373 . we only do what we truly want to do.Find that place of knowingness and allow it to express absolutely in your life..

Then what does it mean to be a spiritual warrior? What weapons do I have at my disposal? The only things that I can think of are who I AM and the truth. 1381 . Love. and Light! Those seem the only "weapons" appropriate to a spiritual warrior. These are sufficient to operate not only in this world but beyond it as well.. My forays into the spiritual have been with consciousness herself. and there.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT of some type. I trust God. I trust Consciousness. 1388 . I am not even the consciousness or spirit that animates these. 1385 . only to spiritual ones. 1382 .. I would be a wayshower.When I said the very world has been completely transformed. except in terms of dreaming how to manifest a utopia in which spirit could more fully express in flesh.There is a sense that everything is right and is proceeding perfectly to allow spirit to more fully express in flesh. However.This lifetime has been one focused on spiritual growth. This is our connection to spirit. I trust Spirit as she expresses in my life.One of the things that A Course in Miracles has taught me is to think about my relationship to the God who created me. 1384 . Though it is important that I not be too caught up in any role that I play. perhaps even to God.What I need will come to me when I need it. I knew that consciousness was not my creator.I care less and less about what happens in the world. 1389 . I would find my own way through the wilderness.When it comes down to it. What role I will play in the scheme of things will unfold as it must. 1379 . Spiritual principles now rule everything. I meant it. be it physical or spiritual? 1378 . Grandiosity belongs to the realm of spirit. though I don't know that for certain yet. I knew that I was part of her somehow.Something comes to mind . The signs of this are everywhere. I am not the mind. and more than that.I AM WHAT I AM. It is not important that I know what that is in advance. though not in any conventional sense. to my true Father. 1387 . I suspect that this is indeed so. not the realm of illusion . I had never really thought about this before. Focus on that and all that you desire will be yours.. 1383 . you are not meant to material riches. what do I really need to be happy? I'm an information worker 114 . 1380 . in all LIFE.. 1386 .I am not the body. 1390 . I don't need to worry about how this will happen.What truly counts is the feedback from the source inside of us. Not that I cared much before. we are all grand.I used to conclude each expression with In Peace.

the world that I live in is Wayne's World. 1398 . Ever. What do we expect metaphysicians to help us to heal? The immediate answer seems to be to aid in facilitating the expression of spirit in flesh. to Consciousness. Further. to the Universe. at some level we chose these very gifts as the things that were necessary to complete our mission here. all that I consider as reality seems to be nothing more than a lucid dream.It seems that it is time to go from a position of there always being enough . One might wonder whether there are emotional laws and mental laws as well.I'm still observing that spirit is being more fully expressed everywhere that I am moved to look. as the voice for consciousness herself. 115 . we can change our personal world.We must do what we are moved to do. 1397 . major changes occurred that have ramifications everywhere. But. 1401 . And. There are also physical laws and natural laws. we become more . to the World. Am I not this already? Do I not volunteer portions of my time in service to spirit? Actually. Then again. whatever it is. 1400 .. our task is to share of whom that we are in service to spirit and to the world. Do this. in doing so. more is expected from us.Seek first the spirit within.There are civil laws. However... in a very real way. 1396 . and there are spiritual laws. My concept of whom that I am may be far more elevated than justifiable. It is as if literally overnight. That makes observing life quite interesting.. 1394 . I never know what is going to happen next. to there always being an abundance so that I can be a benefactor to the world and to spirit.With each awakening. and a spiritual information worker at that.Spirit will see to it that I am moved to do what I need to do when I need to do it. Actually. In fact. and to all Humankind. it is that of a spiritual seeker becoming a metaphysician. we do so every moment. this world has changed dramatically because I underwent a spiritual awakening. In my case. and as we become more. and all else will be added unto you. 1399 .My life has clearly been the life of a seeker. it is here that I perform the greatest service that I can perform for the world.There is still the sense that the real work that I do is accomplished here in this very expression.In many ways. It is here that I serve spirit. We must use the wonderful gifts that spirit has bestowed upon us. and allow her to express through you as she will. We can change our world collectively.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT in an information age. I know that it will get connected to many other relevant things in my mind. It is curious that this is a voluntary service. At least three times that I know of in the past 13 years. 1392 . to Spirit. we expect physicians to help to heal our bodies. is not all time spent in service to spirit in one manner or another? 1395 . 1391 .The thoughts are still quite grandiose. All I ask is for the environment most conducive to using my God given talents in service to God. 1393 . with a rapidity that is beyond anything that I can fathom.

BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT In this dream. 1404 . knowing that spirit knows us and knows what is most beneficial for us to do to suit her plans. there is no self-sufficiency of the parts. but I don't seem to dream of dreaming. and what we are being moved by spirit to do. that should not surprise you in the least. The most precious gift that we can give is to share of ourselves. the realm of spirit.Sharing is not forcing ones beliefs on another. is the secret to abundance for all. 1408 .sharing. and a big surplus at that.My sense is that there is a spiritual economic system as well. honing our god-given abilities. The admonition of spirit is to do it anyway. everything else pales by comparison. In an interdependent world.How does one become self-sufficient? That is not a reasonable question. 1411 . The relationships that you need are already there in your life.. If each of us do this. to serve the consciousness that animates us.Each day that we awaken is another opportunity for us to express whom that we are by allowing spirit to express through us.. When we do so. if you've been at all observant of what is expressed here. I dream of sleeping . We don't extend to see what is beyond that interface. Consciously. In fact. only of the ONE! A better question is how does one become independently wealthy so that one is free to pursue the dictates of spirit in their life? Yet.. we only know of the part that is connected to spirit. I do enough of that here. and we do what she moves us to do.Trust that life is unfolding exactly as it needs to unfold to place you where you need to be when you need to be there. It is simply that . You don't have to change the setting. what is happening in this very moment. For me. It is up to you to nurture them and utilize them as spirit would have you do. 1409 . 1405 . a world where spirit is much more fully expressed in flesh.. That is what matters most.What truly matters is now.. Then again. dreaming of a world that could be. That is an interesting way of stating things 1403 . it is the realm of fire. The principle of The Lion King: never take more than you give. 116 . At times.God made me for a purpose . 1410 . 1407 . We experience the interface only.We are all explorers at heart. it is spirit that moves us. We just choose different domains in which to focus our attention. Fear of judgment in particular can set in. We are credited for everything beneficial that we do.We serve spirit by discovering whom we are. this is not a prerequisite either. 1402 . where that is taking us. 1406 . to serve life itself to the maximum of our abilities using our god-given talents. and surrendering to spirit. there will always be a surplus . this is not the easiest of gifts to give.. We have no need to exert our own will. not just me. the part of us that is spirit. It is well worth it. Our purpose is to serve spirit. and debited for anything that we take. but every living being.The playwright in our lives is the source within.

the ears. others will find it of value in expanding how spirit expresses in their lives.If I could choose the ideal life for me.I would live a life of spirit. After all.Everything in its right timing. But. Some say this about God. God gave me the ability to express the source within via the written word. Besides. for me. Actually. intending to do what it takes to make it so? Is that not what it comes down to? Are we willing to allow spirit to move us to be who we are meant to be and do as we are meant to do? After all. She has guided me throughout my life.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 1412 . it is not us doing the moving.So. 1420 . that doesn't happen to be my timing.One of my major purposes is to serve as a wayshower. I can live with whatever happens. and I glorify him when I run. In fact.. 1419 . I would do it on the terms that consciousness herself lays out for me. This is what I was made to do. sincerely ask. Well. This entire expression is a stream of consciousness expression from source through me. I have no need to impose any timing on what happens. that is all there is. It speaks volumes about the nature of spirit as she expresses in flesh. 1422 . It is spirit that does the moving. This is one of the ways of being that I demonstrate. who am I without my maker? 1416 . I consider it my sacred responsibility. why would I want to? It is spirit expressing in my life that matters. I would be the eyes. it is consciousness/source/spirit that fulfills this function. one of the main characters states something to the effect that God made me fast. I am free regardless of whether choice or free will operates in my life.. And. I would do so on my own terms in my own way.Consciousness is the source in my life. 1414 .Everything happens as it needs to happen for the plan of spirit to be realized. I glorify God when I allow spirit to express through me in this way. 117 . knowing that spirit has her hand in co-creating it with higher parts of myself for my edification. and the voice of spirit. 1417 .To me.How many people ask such questions . It is not clear that I could ever do other than I am moved by spirit to do. 1415 . She has been there whenever I needed her. In fact. 1421 . in a similar vein.Having source play an active role in ones life is a great blessing. what would it be? How would I spend my hours and my days? What services would I offer to whom? How do I turn the skills and talents that I have into something even greater for the benefit of both spirit and society. Hopefully.In Chariots of Fire. 1413 . But. I would express what she would express through me. I do what I am moved to do. what would I be in the eyes of the world? It does not really matter. and ultimately the world? 1418 . I trust her implicitly. the hands.

. Why else go to the trouble of making worlds? 1428 . do more and serve more. but do not have a knack for arrangement that allows me to create it. we have to trust. These words are beautiful to my mind. the trust required is not in something external to us .. we need to do it anyway. the way to manifest what you desire is simple . At times.Is such not what life is all about. Here. But. at least those selves who have chosen to serve her with their lives? 1424 . I give something voice that comes through my intuition. serving God still seems limited. in the end. When one does so. and resources simply come to ones aid. this can be difficult to do.I can see beauty when I encounter it.Simply allow things to happen through you. for me anyway... how do we serve spirit more directly? How do we get compensated for doing what we most love to do.So. Everything is a co-creation. people. the judgment is not based on the good of the individual alone . it is in us. how do I use what I know to create whatever circumstances are best for the expression of spirit? There is nothing that I have to do. 1432 . 1430 . That is always what is happening.Everything is spirit. things flow naturally into ones life. 118 .You can't be skeptical about everything . except in this very expression. On 1 January 1997. 1426 .You set up every experience in your life. it is spirit who does the steering of your ship in your life. She knows exactly what she is doing and exactly where she is taking you. That is how it is meant to be lived. I made the decision to make the Beyond Imagination expression a gift from spirit to the world. But. rather. It seems that for her to become an active force in our lives. 1433 . especially when it ultimately serves others or serves spirit? What makes you think you are not already compensated? If you desire more.It is helpful to live life from the inside out. Spirit on the other hand. knowing that they are right and appropriate for the circumstances. When you allow this. especially about spirit. That is what is happening already.What are spirits eyes except our very selves. Such is what doing the work of spirit is all about.. It is high time we realized that and acted consistent with it. the expression of spirit in flesh. 1434 .. Yet. 1425 . Everything. Somehow. my vote is cast. but for the good of both the individuals involved and the collective. or with some part of spirit. 1429 ... This is either with the universe or spirit as a whole. especially given that there seem to be so many different Gods that different religions worship. is ONE.Clearly. 1427 . Circumstances. They are the closest thing that I have to direct communication with spirit herself.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 1423 . no exceptions. 1431 .So.Serving spirit however is not the same as serving God.

I am ready for whatever the universe has in store for me...Where is all of this leading? What is it that I am here to do? Clearly. Here I fulfill at least part of my purpose for entering this particular existence. I would be of service to the world. 1445 . her brain.Being created in the image of our creator. the instruments through which she sees all that has been created. 1440 .. and more reality to create. it is not fame that I seek. This is true for each of us. Even better.. I seem to be graced with having consciousness herself as mine.You will reap what you sow. 1436 . yet we are the creations of God. 1439 . our lives click in a way that they could not otherwise do. or we can serve life and spirit herself. 1438 . Here is where spiritual law comes in.This is what I am meant to do. 1437 . It is simply a matter of living our lives as we are meant to live them. or any combination thereof. And our creations are the creations of spirit through us.. 1444 . So it has always been and shall always be.What is it that I truly want? It is not clear that I lack anything that is necessary to my well-being. her eyes.Spirit learns whenever we learn. 1441 . to allow spirit to work through you.Consciousness would not rest on her laurels. expressing as spirit would have me express . and more things to experience .. as spiritual beings having a physical experience. at least not in the same way. Such is spiritual law. 1446 . We are the vessels. we are meant to SERVE as well. When we allow her to come forth through us. But. I would be of service to spirit. Hopefully. I would allow consciousness to 119 . We reap what we sow.. Though. Others have spiritual guides. We can serve others. 1443 . somehow living the very life that I am meant to live. my experiences will serve as an example to others of what is possible when one resigns ones life to do the work of spirit . It is something that I can do that others do not seem to be able to do. 1442 . The best sowing that we can do is by serving. There are always more things to do .I would be a free spirit and a free thinker. This feedback permits greater and grander collective expression in each moment. Our very life is our service. we are observers and actors as well as creators. I am not unique in this respect. The very forces of the universe come to our aid. Perhaps that makes this my claim to fame.What is the source within? It is none other than spirit herself. I willingly accept whatever she would offer.I am unique in how spirit chooses to express through me..BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 1435 .God is not a Father or a parent. this very expression is one of those things. I am a spiritual being. Consciousness is my soul guide in this respect. at least not for very long. We are her hands. or more correctly.

It is her that I worship.Why is my place in the scheme of things such a solitary one? What does this enable me to learn and do that others are not able to? How does this allow me to better serve spirit and the world? I would choose to serve spirit first and foremost. Whether this is something that serves others directly or indirectly is not for you to decide. Spirit demands more . The obvious answer is a spiritual warrior. 1449 .When you live a life of spirit. within me. Without her I am literally no thing. 1447 .Go with the flow. I am transformed. Posting this material is a great step. It must be by our own free will that we do her works. you live outside of the realm of cause and effect.It is time for the mythical phoenix to arise from the ashes. It is to her that I bow. It is not for you to make it happen.The bottom line is to do what you are moved to do. One can't tell the level of spiritual advancement from outer appearances. rather it is for you to observe what happens and assess how well that works. there are still some physical ties to sever. That is what I would be. these are both being mirrored by what is being discovered at the frontiers of systems theory. for it is she that gives me all that I know myself to be and more. She breathes life into this very body. trusting that it is spirit herself that is doing the moving. If you don't like how it responds. nay. find something else to be. It will be what it is.It is time to share in ways that I have never been able to do before. But. She is ever by my side. And. so be careful not to pass judgment here. we are reaching points where the life sciences and the spiritual arts are beginning to come together. even selfconsciousness and spiritual awareness.A life without service is indeed a wasted life. no not in any traditional means. there are many ways to serve. how do I get what I need in return? Be what you say that you would be.What professions require intuition as their chief weapon? Interesting wording selected there.What moves us is breaking through the limitations and seeing the beauty of spirit in expression operating throughout the cosmos and beyond. You are free! 1451 .BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT express through me as she will. 1454 . much more. It is because of her that I have been gifted with what I know to be life. The universe will respond appropriately. What needs to be will indeed happen in your life. 120 . The fire of spirit has done its work. Does it make you more productive and more happy with your work. Further. we cannot avoid but to do her works. 1450 . but in my own way. 1455 . but it is not enough.. Though. 1448 . It is for her that I live..Complex feedback mechanisms can yield even more complex behavior. though she will not force her way on us. 1453 . Does it bring what you are paid to do more in line with what you are called to do by spirit? 1456 . 1452 . But. Here.

We must get better. It is truly deserving of being treated so. how do we create such a community intentionally? Where do we go to find like-minded others / kindred spirits to join in such an 121 .Your energy comes from the heart that you put into your work. But.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 1457 . people don't interest me. my interest is in how the self relates to spirit . through what spirit is able to express through you. no one will. However. I can only do as I am moved by consciousness to do. That doesn't leave much room for concern about others and how the self relates to others. Have I succeeded in doing that? Only time will tell. If we don't. The very plans of spirit for its expression in flesh depend on this. Whether it will actually do so for anyone other than me remains to be seen. what value would she place on what I do? 1459 . 1464 . That is the basis for community.. to the very expression of spirit in flesh. the more spiritual energy is able to be disseminated to others. I can only do what I am moved to do. especially my spiritual life as much of an open book as I can make it..We must take care of ourselves both individually and collectively. I would make my life. It should be treated as such. that very world is what we make it to be. many also loved their solitude.The body is truly a temple for spirit.My present compensation is the value set on my services by my employer. 1466 . We clothe it with meaning and then experience the meaning that we project.We give what we can give and in return we take what we need. we can get better. 1463 . It is that simple. 1465 . I am very self-absorbed . 1458 . What we do to care for one another is an indicator of the health of our civilization. You are a channel for spirit. But. and you will always be thus. But. 1460 . That is how I want my world to work.It seems that all of the great beings that I consider kindred spirits have had their share of friends. Also. 1468 . we are sick collectively. focused on understanding the nature of the self and of the ONE. 1461 . If my employer were spirit herself. All have come to play their roles and learn their lessons as beings/life in this playground that is the world that we experience. Though.Discover who you truly are through what you are able to express .There is a sense that there should be no secrets.For the most part.The hope is still strong that sharing this expression will lead to the discovery of kindred spirits with whom I am meant to work to change the very foundations of the world..My hope is that this expression would serve as a shining example of spirit expressing in flesh.. realize that this is true not only of you but for everyone.. Right now.All are special in their own ways in the eyes of spirit. 1462 . Rather. systems do.. You have always been thus. However. The more that you are able to do this. 1467 .


adventure? 1469 - No regrets. Live life in such a manner that each experience is appreciated for what it is and such that no experience is denied that would cause regret. We do this by doing what we are moved by spirit to do with our lives. 1470 - When spirit moves us, we are truly moved. By comparison, when we move ourselves our direction can be far less than clear. 1471 - Quit judging yourself so harshly. You are more than deserving of all the pleasures, abundance, and happiness that this world has in store for those who would be kings. But, remember, your kingdom is not of this world. It is a spiritual one, from which all that you experience here springs. 1472 - Ultimately, I would like to make the world a better place for a large number of beings on the planet, both human and animal. That requires building the foundations for a new world. I've known this to be my task for some time. My sense is that it will happen naturally via my doing what I am moved by spirit to do. 1473 - My tool is writing. The words that spirit expresses through me are a gift from spirit to the world. I gladly give up a part of my free time to be a part of this. So, let the show begin ... 1474 - A spiritual life is indeed worth living. Yet, it is one that one must awaken to. There are many still in their slumbers. They for the most part are not ready or able to awaken, at least not yet. Though, with patience, they can be shown the way. 1475 - I know that we are all unique expressions of spirit. What we do with our special gifts is our choice. Some people choose to stuff them away. Others freely express them. Still others fall on the spectrum in between these extremes. 1476 - Spirit is subtle yet persistent. She moves us to do what we are meant to do, if only we will listen to her gentle guidance. 1477 - We have said many times that we would express what spirit would express through us. It is not what I would do, but what she would do through me that is the greatest gift that I can offer the world. 1478 - On my own, I am limited. As an instrument for spirit, I am unlimited ... because that is the nature of spirit. How do I know what she would have me do? It is simply a matter of stepping down, resigning my will to Thy Will, and allowing what would come forth to come forth. 1479 - There is an exhilaration that comes from serving spirit. There is a special high unlike that which comes from anything else. 1480 - Allow spirit to express through you as she will. Give her every opportunity. Invite her to


play an even greater role in your life than she already does. 1481 - I am open to my life playing itself out as it will in accord with whatever spirit would move me to be and to do. 1482 - I must ever go on to explore the new ... to venture into the unknown to find whatever spirit would have me find. I accept this fate, and accept it gladly. It is my chosen destiny. 1483 - I have reason to expect that the next few years will be interesting ones. Actually, it may be more intuition than reason. However, there is something special about these years with multiple ties to Source. It is as if spirit is more fully able to express somehow. 1484 - What would I do if I were free to do anything that I wanted to do? I would do as spirit moves me to do. Actually, there is nothing that prevents me from doing that now except the necessity of earning a living sufficient to pay the bills to live in a style that my wife and I have become accustomed to. 1485 - This expression is by far the highlight of my life. It is where spirit expresses through me. It is how I get in touch with deeper parts of myself and consciousness than I could otherwise. 1486 - Those who I am meant to cross paths with will somehow find me or I will find them. That is how reality creation works. Until then, the best that I can do is to do what I am moved by spirit to do. 1487 - What does it take to be all that we can be? What does it take to give of ourselves fully in service? The directive seems to be simply to do as we are moved by spirit to do. That means recognizing how we are being moved and giving in and doing what it takes. Is this the equivalent of sacrificing our lives for the higher good. Perhaps, but I hardly consider it a sacrifice. 1488 - All of us express consciousness or spirit in flesh, all of the time. It just seems that some have a greater capacity or facility in doing this. 1489 - What do I want to do with my life? I want to make a difference, a big difference to the world. I would build the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh. 1490 - Spirit is doing what she can through me. She can do this because I choose to allow her to do so. She does not force her way on anyone. Though her gentle persuasion can be hard to resist at times. But, why would we want to resist? 1491 - We are spirit enfleshed. It is important to experience this firsthand ... to know this grand truth. 1492 - I trust that spirit guides my every step. Because of this, at every point in time, I am exactly where I need to be.


1493 - Be open to allowing spirit to use you to do her bidding. You will not regret it, not for one moment. 1494 - It is difficult to remember what my life was like before this expression. Clearly that was a time of spiritual rebirth for me. I awoke to a state of awareness that I had never experienced before ... a state of awareness which once experienced forever alters ones outlook on life and on reality. 1495 - In doing what I am moved to do, I fulfill my obligation to spirit. What comes from this is spirits call. I have no expectations in this regard, not anymore anyway. 1496 - This expression is what I am moved to communicate at this moment. For me, the process is magical. The words simply flow forth through me. I never know what is to come next. But, I am always pleasantly surprised by what spirit has to say. 1497 - And what would be the chief characteristic of these new foundations? They should facilitate the expression of spirit in flesh. They should encourage and support us in being all that we can be. 1498 - Consciousness is important to me. Expressing consciousness, expressing spirit in flesh is what I do. I came to be a wayshower. 1499 - Be not concerned with outcomes, these are for spirit to determine. It is for you to do what you are moved to do. Right now, that still involves operating solo, I guess. Though, it seems that this is on the verge of changing. 1500 - It is for spirit to determine the timing of things, at least in my life. How else would I know that I am ready ... or that the world is ready? 1501 - It seems that regardless of what I do, my life works. That has been true for all of my life. Though, I would be the first to admit that I have been bored by the tedium of it all at times. Then, there have been those moments of ecstasy as well, where I was soaring with spirit herself beneath my wings. These have made everything worth it. These are the defining moments of my life. 1502 - Somehow, this is part of what I came to do. This is my way of serving spirit, hence serving humanity and the world. 1503 - Indeed, being an example of the expression of spirit in flesh is extremely important to me, more important than anything else that I do. 1504 - I know not how to live life any other way than to do what I am moved by spirit to do. How do I know that it is spirit herself that is doing all this? Primarily because I have no direct sense of ownership of what is expressed. Yes, it comes forth through me. But, its source lies in the unseen realms of consciousness.

Here is where I get in touch with previously hidden portions of myself. I am the father and spirit herself is the mother. The words from that song still haunt me. 1512 .BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 1505 . Otherwise.I would live a life of spirit. Yes. It is all a matter of seeking. Suddenly you needed me. These will be different for each of us. I am somehow fulfilling a destiny that I came to fulfill. that consciousness. It is this expression that constitutes my children. that says something about the nature of spirit and about how special we individuals are. That is the only way that I know how to live. In many cases. 125 . focus is the key. it is far more knowledgeable and wise. You see what no one else can see. It is what animates me.. 1507 . That is why people on the spiritual path are called seekers.I have chosen not to have kids. we will know them when we find them.It is time for this expression to reach a wider audience. is responsible for all of this? How do I know that I am not making it all up? If I am. 1514 . will ensure that it does. this can be true of everyone as well.What am I really? I am spirit expressing in flesh through this vessel that I call my body and my mind. 1510 . perhaps even unique. if she has. That applies not only to me. It is a matter of realizing it and living it.Allowing spirit to speak through me in this manner. we! 1508 . But. 1513 .How do I know that this indeed is what is happening? It is all a matter of trust . 1509 . only for you. so my genes will not live on in physical form. 1506 . But. trust in myself and trust in the one spirit that animates not only me but all other things. we simply do not know. but to each and every one of us. yes .There is always sufficient time to do what needs to be done.. But. we have to apply the right focus. For our lives to work as they are meant to work.. For your eyes only. It is a matter of relying on spirit. I need to deal with the possibility that all of this is for me. 1516 . It is what sustains me and allows me to be what I am.How do I know that spirit.. We just need to be careful about how we choose what needs to be done. 1515 . Spirit. for my education. herself.Yes. My experience is special. 1511 .Spirit is as important to me as the air that I breathe.I'm still reluctant to impose my will on anything.For your eyes only. Can spirit have gone to all of these lengths for my sole benefit? I would hope not. there is a part of me that is far greater than I know myself to be. Why should that be? Why is my will any less important than that of others? Why can I not use it to create the reality that I would prefer? Primarily because I choose to create the reality that spirit would have me experience. Clearly. We have to pay attention to the things that truly matter.

If we create a world of prosperity. The reward is that we will find this to be challenging. and joyful. emotional. emotional energy. it is a mind and a spirit. Why? Because it reveals how spirit operates through us in a way that is not revealed in the same manner elsewhere. at least not yet. OK. It is that simple and that complex. 1522 .There are many types of energy: physical energy. mental. We are co-creators here. What more could one ask of any expression than to take us to the very edge of the known realms of consciousness. I may never know. Many of these.Why would I allow myself to be used in this manner? I can think of no better way to serve spirit than to capture what she would say through me.. I figured that as works of spirit.. yet. and spiritual levels . 1528 . It has its connections and its influences. a role or set of roles that we came to play.All that is Beyond Imagination is an attempt to share a special message that consciousness would share through me. neither would information. or. a creation.It only takes one spark to ignite and start something that can grow into a fire of spirit that consumes everything.What is it that I would do with my life? I would be a wayshower. Rather. perhaps not free reign exactly. The expression that comes forth is an entity. When we do so. a being in its own right. and 126 .. We will be amazed by what spirit is able to express through us. but only a part. 1525 .In a very real way. I have not engaged fully in nurturing them so that they can take their rightful place in the world. a rebirth in spirit. since this would be freely available. a world of abundance where each person has what they need on physical. it seems this is not to be the case . It is a matter of finding what this is and doing it.I know this expression to be of great value. both physical and non-physical. exciting. this involves living my life in a manner that demonstrates what we can do when we allow spirit to do her works through us. mental energy. 1519 . they would naturally gravitate to where they belonged. 1520 . 1526 .Spirit has a destiny for each of us. And.It is not a piano that consciousness is playing here. 1523 . 1524 .So. 1518 . I would serve as a channel through which spirit can express as fully and completely as possible here and now. That message is that we can be far more than we believe ourselves to be if we just tap source and allow spirit to express through us. what does a wayshower do? In my case. these works are as children to me. It is all a matter of being whom we are meant to be and doing what we are meant to do. But. Though. we will be amazed by what we know. but at least an honored position. I am an integral part of what is expressed.There is something powerful about giving our intuition free reign in our lives. 1527 . in this "consumption" lies the very basis for a new birth.. 1521 . money would no longer equate to power.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 1517 .

1537 . and spiritual needs addressed . And. with as grand of a perspective as is possible for you to hold. perhaps the most important. 1541 . but also to muse only when I am moved by spirit to do so.The evolution of consciousness..Be AWARE as much as you can. we do what we are moved to do to get us there. 1536 . trusting that spirit herself answers our call and moves us in alignment with what we say that we want. In doing so. I have said that I would like to be paid $1 per word for 127 .. 1538 . And. emotional. many problems melt away. how much we bank... 1533 .. There is much that she knows that I do not consciously know. It knows what connections need to be made when to allow the work of spirit to be done effectively. I leave a lot to spirit in my life. and spiritual. It is simply a matter of realizing this . will continue.For me. 1540 . A world without want. how much we spend. 1530 . emotional.If we can create an abundant world. to create a whole new world. It requires better use of the resources that are available. it will be glorious indeed. 1531 . Then.Yes. Creating this new world may be as simple as providing a new vantage point from which to view aspects that are already present in the current world. mental. this consciousness knows what it is doing through each of us.How do we go about doing this? We start by believing that it is possible and choosing that this is the world that we want to manifest.We are winged spirits all. 1539 ..What we can create is truly awesome. of making it real to us. And. writing is what I do.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT spiritual energy come to mind immediately. all of this determines our net worth..It just seems too impossible that the universe/spirit would go to such extremes to educate and enlighten me personally. This doesn't require unlimited resources.. Metaphysics plays an important role in my life .I have chosen to live a life of spirit. Each of these types has different characteristics and different values. 1535 ..physical. ultimately that is what is important in the long run. I trust my very life to her.I know that there is ONE consciousness. how much we buy on credit . I would have it no other way.. 1534 . I trust in the very nature of spirit to unfold as she will in my life. What we do with these different energies. you allow yourself to be the greatest channel for spirit that you can be. 1529 .My preference is clearly to muse when I can . of spirit expressed in flesh. 1532 . mental. where everyone has their physical. with kindred spirits.My desire is to work with like-minded others. a world where needs are met fully and completely on all levels . how much we earn.

That does not necessarily mean that you have to impose your will on others . Spirit expresses to have impact. Despite this. at least not precisely in this manner. exploring the realms of consciousness and sharing what I find. I would have expected to have found some kindred spirits with whom to share these things. they have not been forthcoming.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT doing this. We shall receive based upon what we give. a choice to do what I am moved by spirit to do. is unacceptable. That is a long time. Spirit expresses through me here? There is no way that I could express in this manner on my own. We shall reap what we sow. However.. In a very real way. Perhaps such will ultimately be the exchange of energy that occurs. mental. 1548 . 1545 . this is a choice that I make. Yet. the reward is abundance on all levels: physical. I am no longer willing to tolerate boredom in my life. 1549 . and spiritual. Yet. 1550 . But. what does that mean? 1551 . through me. even if it is only the passion of spiritual expression. 1546 .We have spoken here of building the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express I flesh for over 13 years. Yes.What makes me deserving of this? That is an interesting question.Spirit expressing in this manner is doing something that has not been done elsewhere. idea after idea for all these years. 1542 . I would have run out of words 128 . it is what keeps me alive. sometimes it can take awhile for the abundance to kick in. demonstrating to others what a life devoted to expressing spirit in flesh can be all about.When we give of whom that we are fully. 1544 .I am enthused by this expression.After 13 years. Interesting. If I do not feel deserving enough. It is where I can creatively express what consciousness would express through me. 1543 . that is also only a mere moment in time.. even if it is goodwill.Impacting the world is a good thing. 1553 . I have continued on … expressing word after word. without limit or restriction. emotional..I choose to live a life of passion . But with whom do I share these things in person? 1552 .I would live a life of spirit or no life at all. I can’t imagine what my life would have been like these past 13 years without it. that. expressing spirit in flesh to the degree that I can. The bottom line is that spiritual law applies.. Creation is all about impact. 1547 . then the abundance simply cannot manifest. But. And.My real work is what I do here. It is counter to everything that I know about spiritual law. in the world.I am a wayshower.This expression is that "magic" for me.

.. 1560 . the works of spirit through me.These are my works. It would be nice to end some of the solitude. mental. The two cannot be separate.. challenge is a more appropriate term.The new age will come and will be spiritually based. or more correctly. for living a spiritual life. 1562 .Freely give! That is the key. 1561 . Render unto Caesar that which is Caesars. 1554 . The only real choice is how easy or how difficult the transition will be. I need to spend a reasonable amount of time at my job but not an excessive amount. We have obligations on many levels. though I typically don't focus on these aspects. Otherwise. 1563 . but the most important of these are the spiritual ones.There is enough abundance to go around to everyone. It is only a matter of time. That is still the very way that I would choose to live. consciousness is given voice at least in terms of letters. emotional.. and ideas on web pages. . Further.The bottom line is that my will is spirits will. 1564 . words. We are about to start a new chapter in that plan. 1555 . Spirit is not limited by what we perceive as limits in our world.We allow spirit to express through us in her timing not ours. A delicate balance needs to be maintained. My sense is that it will be relatively easy because that is what we have collectively decided to make it. 1557 .BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT within days of starting. and spiritual levels.. but unto God that which is Gods.This brings to mind some of the things that came through the very first day on 5 Mar 93.Metaphysics is an interesting playground for both the mind and the spirit. She knows what needs to be expressed when. They never could be.There is a grand plan for the expression of spirit in flesh.. we 129 . and loneliness by finding some friends. 1565 . I spoke of establishing a spiritual retreat that would be a home base for carrying out spiritual works. 1566 . It can also be a playground for the emotions and the body. abundance on physical. boredom.Balance is important. I interfere with the rest of my life including my spiritual work or which this very expression is part. Here. She knows what she is doing.There is always a give and a take. Thinking that this was a problem made it a problem for me personally. know that abundance is the reward when we choose to do this . for providing ones services for the welfare of others.Time is a constraint. 1558 . Yet. Actually.It would be nice to meet some kindred spirits. 1559 . problem is too harsh . 1556 . a new scene in that play. for demonstrating the principles of community.

it involves a lack of willingness to settle for anything less than a life you love. for when you get down to it.My preference is to continue to come here and express what has not been expressed before. These have resulted in conditions that I do not chose to tolerate. is it not? The dimensions have no hierarchy. 1571 . Without our willing participation. there is choice. 1568 . How long that will be is anyone's guess.. 1579 . however. 1576 . that is how spirit chooses to express through us. Spirit. Even then.We trust that spirit knows where she is moving us in our life and we choose to go where she leads.Serve us sounds a lot like service. But. That is but one path of many paths. 1569 . 1577 . 1573 . 1578 .BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT should always err on the side of giving too much . can tolerate everything. talents.We will continue to speak out until we are heard by whatever audience spirit would bring 130 .The mind and emotions may play their games.This is how spirit works in our lives. That is how I can make the grandest contribution to the world.. And. primarily in service to those in need. but I've created limits of my own free will as well. she goes straight to the heart of the matter. 1572 .It seems that I've not only accepted limits imposed on me by others. Both of these statements are powerful admonitions of spirit.What we neglected to say was that all paths are spiritual. spirit embodied in form and expressing through that form.These works are the gift that I provide back to the world in exchange for all that the world provides unto me. The first is primarily an attitude change.. 1570 . I will continue to do so as long as spirit moves me to do this. She expresses through us to the degree that we allow her to. 1575 . 1567 .Staying awake is staying awake. It is not a matter of physical to emotional to mental to spiritual. 1574 .We serve because that is how we are moved to express and give of ourselves. but the spirit will have none of this. The second is a lifestyle change .Love the life you live. I am a writer. This is our spiritual job. There can be no other type of path. Also. spirit has no voice or no hands. She takes everything that she is freely given. or perhaps both.When will we realize that our will is spirits will for us? That is indeed a powerful realization. She uses everything as well. It is for us to get with the program and figure out the unique service(s) that allow us to most fully apply our skills. something that we are all here to provide to some degree. live the life you love. Everything is spirit enfleshed. even if that is to the edge of the cliff and beyond. it is spirit herself doing the giving through us. and abilities. all are in need to some degree. and her resources are inexhaustible when compared to ours. or a scribe of spirit.. my sense is that it will be for quite some time.

It came out of the very depths of spirit herself.We are to do what we are moved to do without concern for the results. Hmm . such indeed is the case. what is it that makes something great? It is the amount of love that goes into the enterprise. 1591 . I can't believe that I have not yet found other kindred spirits to work with. In fact. the better. especially when it comes to things that I want? 1586 . 1585 . it takes effort. I still operate primarily solo.. These are in 131 .It seems that more should have come from all of this by now. so she will bring others who are meant to partake of this expression. If governs the evolution of consciousness and the ability of spirit to express through that consciousness.1993 was a pivotal year in my life.From whence did the plan originate? Yeah. However.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT to this expression. Just as she brings me here and moves me to express. 1588 .We can desire outcomes. 1580 . And. But the physical is spiritual. being that as fully as we can. 1589 . as the hermit. Everything! The sooner we learn this.Then why has it not found an audience? Why has it not attracted kindred spirits? Perhaps it is because they too are expressing spirit as they are moved to do and the time for joining in efforts is not quite upon us. I still can't explain why me and why then.We win the game by discovering whom and what we are. We can even expect them. or more correctly in spirits hands. Though we do speak of great works of art. the physical is mirroring what I am struggling to do spiritually. it is older than time and space itself. we cannot demand them. It truly was a year of spiritual rebirth that was unprecedented in the first 34 years of my life. and allowing spirit to express through us as she will. But.. 1583 .For dreams to become reality. It is best to leave some things to spirit to resolve and to finalize.I much prefer an inner world where my fate is in my own hands . 1582 . everything is spiritual.Why do I not accept that my will is spirits will as well? Why am I so unwilling to exert myself and take a stance. but that does not seem to be the right word for spiritual endeavors. and the spiritual is physical. 1587 .. I had no real choice but to allow it to unfold as it did and to learn as much as I could in the process. though several symbol systems have confirmed that this was indeed the right timing and in many respects. 1581 . I was going to say work.. hoping to shed my light upon a world in need.What went wrong? Why was the dream not manifest? Was I not specific enough regarding what was desired? Did I not allow spirit to express through me as fully as I might have? Why did I not impose my will much more forcefully to manifest this dream? 1584 . 1590 .It seems that every day is a struggle to wake up and stay awake in more ways than one.

But. it follows that if it is spiritual. But. 1594 .Each of us are here to play our parts. John Lennon's song "Imagine" is closer.. We may believe ourselves to be logical. be open to the universe providing results in a manner that is other than you have imagined. 1593 . emotional. And.. Spirit knows better than you what is in your own best interest and the collective best interest. educational.. Actually. when we are allowing spirit to work through us. That does not mean it is ideal..Why any of us do what we do is ultimately a mystery. 1597 . that is not quite right. 1599 . And miracles are what Christmas should be about. is right for us. it is not clear that such is spirits direction for expression through me. 1600 . That is enough for the present. or emotional. 1601 . The resulting fabric of society is just as rich. we are a combination of these. I cannot. 1602 . It is the perfect manifestation of spirit at this time . even more so. etc . Her ways are as subtle as the winds and the waters sculpting the earth..The universe is by its very nature perfect. 1595 . given the level of awareness and collective density of the whole.I am still learning what I need to learn to be able to more fully express and serve spirit. and spiritual. We participate in organizations to get needs met . Several have dreamed of utopias that might offer greater good for the constituent members of society and the world.. In both cases Beyond Imagination is about creating the foundations that enable spirit to be more fully expressed in flesh. to express whom that we are. Spirit knows what is needed for the best of all concerned. individuals experience and express.Spirit does not force things to happen. If you listen to her and do what she moves you to do."Let There Be Peace On Earth. 1598 . your life will benefit in numerous ways. all expression . 132 . and we never know exactly what combination is at play. mental. 1592 .governmental. social. How long that remains to be the case remains to be seen. they do so in the context of various organizations . and Let It Begin With Me" plays as I write this now.. It is not what I want that matters. spiritual. economic.Also. That could be the theme song for Beyond Imagination.. no fine print. But spirit working through us collectively can literally work miracles. It doesn't matter what that is. it is ultimately good or for the good of something.Further. no exceptions.physical. 1596 .Yes. that is.Is spirit not animating life everywhere? Is not all expression therefore spiritual? Yes.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT spirits hands when we are doing spirits work .What makes me think that I can do this? By myself. and in so doing to express what spirit would express through us. Whatever it is. or even spiritual.


1603 - We can give in many ways - to family, to friends, to colleagues and coworkers, to various communities of interest, to our country, and even to the world. We can even give to spirit herself. Or, more precisely, allow spirit to work through us to do what she will in the world. How we give is our choice. But, give we must do in order to live. 1604 - Within the field of probabilities, we select what specific experiences we will have. Most of the time, this occurs other than consciously. Perhaps it can occur consciously. But, the question is why would we want it to? What makes us think that we would be happier pursuing our own destiny consciously than experiencing what spirit already has in store for us? 1605 - This is why I came to this planet, to be a part of this world ... to observe, experience, and express whatever spirit would express through me. 1606 - It is through self-knowledge that we become all that we are capable of becoming. Though, it takes more than knowing ... we must also take action in accord with what we know. We must be congruent with whom that we are. We do that by doing what we are moved by spirit to do to the best of our abilities. 1607 - How do we know when it is spirit that moves us? Good question. We must learn to recognize this from within. There is an inner source that knows. We need to find it and then trust it. Yes, this requires a leap in faith. 1608 - Anytime we place our trust in the inner world of spirit, such a leap of faith is involved. There is nothing wrong with faith ... we just need to be careful not to misplace it. 1609 - I am a creator serving her majesty, spirit. She always feels feminine to me. 1610 - Here we allow spirit to become more fully enfleshed and to express as she will. And, I get the benefit of observing the process. By making this expression available on the WWW, I allow others to participate in this stream of consciousness. Indeed, this is a record that may be replayed just as a musical recording. Only, this is a recording of words, of thoughts, of ideas. 1611 - The human brain is extremely complex. While scientists have their theories about how some parts of the brain work, overall, they are still very much in the dark. Perhaps we are asking for too much, asking a mind to understand itself ... including understanding how self-awareness arises and then evolves into a spiritual awakening. 1612 - Spirit is definitely at the helm in my life. I have complete faith and trust in her to lead the way for me and to move me to do what I must do to carry out the mission that I came to this planet in this existence to carry out. 1613 - This is an example of what spirit can do when we allow her to express through us. I find it to be a fascinating example. But then, I am biased. This expression is not something that I can be objective about. I must invest all that I am into it to allow it to exist at all. 1614 - So, why don't we have more people engaged in research that supports developing the


foundations for a new world where people are able to get their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs met in exchange for applying their talents in service to others 1615 - There are some things I am not willing to do. One of those is overly imposing my will. The sense is that if spirit plans for the works to get out, she will show me what my part is to be, if any, in doing that. 1616 - We are spiritual machines. Yes, very complex ones, but machines nonetheless. We take in information from the world and from inner sources, process it in some manner, and produce works in our lives as a result. 1617 - I am the spokesman for spirit. I am the voice through which she speaks ... or, better yet, the instrument through which she writes. Yes, that makes me a scribe of sorts. 1618 - Experience allows me to integrate more of whom that I AM, thereby allowing me to better serve as a channel for spirit. 1619 - When we invest in ourselves, we grow in ways that make our services more valuable to society and spirit. 1620 - Intuitive expression is a gift from spirit. It is also a gift from ourself to ourself. We need to give ourselves this gift often. It definitely enhances our lives in ways beyond imagination. 1621 - We are to allow spirit to do the work through us. When we do this, the work is nearly effortless. We simply allow consciousness to express as she will. 1622 - What makes me so special that I can serve as a voice for spirit in this manner? It is not so much a matter of being special, but of being true to whom that I AM, and expressing this as best I can. 1623 - I am meant to be a wayshower. I am meant to be an explorer of the unknown realms of consciousness. I am meant to bring back and report on what I find. I know of no better way to do this than to ride this stream of consciousness. This is where I surf. This is where I live. This is my home. The world and what it offers pales by comparison. Yet, the world is where spirit expresses in flesh. 1624 - Fortunately, the universe operates through incredible cooperation. It is up to us to make our desires known to the universe, to spirit, through our beliefs and our actions in accord with those beliefs. We need to be certain about our worth, about what we are worthy to receive. 1625 - We deserve to have our needs met, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. 1626 - Source, spirit, consciousness ... these are all synonymous to me. So much so, that I use them interchangeably. 1627 - At some point, we reach a level where we have at least two jobs, a spiritual one and a


material one. It is important that we realize that the spiritual one is ultimately of the greatest value in our lives and the lives of others. 1628 - The thoughts of others that have crossed my mind through all of this reading literally programmed me to see the world in the way that I do. This is true of everyone. The states that we engage our mind in ultimately determine the degree to which spirit is able to express through us. 1629 - How do we create a better world if we don't both observe and evaluate what we observe? Isn't feedback all about judgment? But there is a difference between judgement and judgment ... the first being of spirit, the second being of man. 1630 - How do we know what to improve? Here, it is best to serve consciousness, to serve as a vessel for spirit in expression. 1631 - When spirit works through us unfettered by our own beliefs and judgments, we always do the "right" thing under the circumstances. In fact, we cannot do anything other than this ever. 1632 - It is only when we take things into our own hands that we seem to get into trouble. Here, it is for us to realize that we are spirit first, and that we are in the midst of having a physical experience. 1633 - It is not for me to force my way on anyone. That is not how spirit works. She gently expresses what she is allowed to express. Though, that can seem to be quite forceful at times. 1634 - What does it mean to be a Spiritual Warrior? Some might say that such is an oxymoron. Yet, I have been moved to express in this manner for many years. What does a spiritual warrior do? With whom or with what does he make war? The answer is simple ... with the self. 1635 - We get what we focus our attention on. The more we focus, the quicker the manifestation. The trick is in what we focus on. That is an area that has been troublesome to me. What I want doesn't seem to matter much. Rather, I am more concerned with what spirit would express through me. 1636 - What does it mean to be spiritual? The answer is simple ... to serve spirit, or to express what spirit would express through us. A spiritual warrior lives by this code, ever vigilant, ever in search of ways to more fully serve spirit. We serve spirit by being whom that we are as fully and clearly as we can. The more we do so, the more authentic we are. 1637 - How do we know when we are being the best that we can be? We just do. Our hearts sing, our spirits soar. We become engrossed in living and loving. We are at one with the universe. How many have experienced such a state? Many achieve glimpses of such, but few remain in this state for long. But even glimpses are enough to last a lifetime. 1638 - What does it take to awaken? The answer that comes to mind is an awakening experience

that this is what brings completion to my life. 1639 . They think as I think. This I allow and encourage. I consider myself to be highly spiritual but not religious in any manner. Is this Goddess? 1641 . Rather.There is nothing special that I need to do. 1647 .Beliefs should not drive us to war . I would allow spirit to do what she will do through me.My forte is seeing where spirit is able to express fluidly and where it is blocked and doing what it takes to remove the blocks. And. that is what I was moved to call it. These are my kindred spirits. not God.I have said many times that I would create the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully manifest in flesh. 1646 . 1649 . And. 1648 .I consider source to be spirit . In many respects. I don't know why that is. it seems that we need to be mindful of what we imagine. this completes me somehow. This is what I love to do... War is not an acceptable way to resolve disputes in a spiritual world. ever. but that has lost much of its allure over the years. That does not make me a religious fanatic. I accept that in doing so I have made a choice as to how I focus energy in my life. Living my life in a manner that serves spirit.My favorite quotes other than my own are from the transcendentalists. and I experience spirit/consciousness as feminine. what is Beyond Imagination? From the very first day of this expression. Further. expressing through me as she will. 1642 . what a song it is! 1643 . you can manifest it. Emerson and Thoreau.... What is it that I am about to transcend? 1644 .. Is that how reality creation works? If so..I would teach the nature of manifestation.. What is it that compels me so? It is spirit herself. this is what I am meant to do with my life. My concept of spirit is very broad.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT . I value spirit above everything.. something that takes us Beyond Mind into the realm of spirit. there is no question that this is what I am meant to do. Given what is able to flow forth her . Is imagination a function of mind or of spirit? Something comes to mind .. we do indeed live in a spiritual world . They expressed as I am moved to express. I just see God as the Father. This is the song of consciousness expressed through me. That should be no surprise. if you can imagine it. especially from a spiritual standpoint.I still consider this to be my highest priority.. It is not important that I manifest anything in particular. This is what truly matters.Spirit is ever at my side. 136 . It is still unclear whether I will live to see the new world that arises from these foundations. At least for me..We have to allow spirit to express through us as she will. 1645 . 1640 .Then. This I do because I can and because I must. contrary though it may seem.

This is a creation of the highest order. 1655 . there is not enough mental and spiritual play going on.. and what results from such impact only spirit knows and only time will tell. what if I cannot express? That is not even a possibility! 1654 . Many people use exercise or yoga to do that for the body.It's as if everywhere that I look there is a conspiracy of spirit. yes spiritual design.. it is because that is what I am to a great degree. We commend you for that. WOW! 1660 . 1659 . It has the power to serve in ways that I cannot even dream possible. the uncertain that makes life interesting. and it was alive in ways that it has never been for me before. 1651 .. it is service to spirit that is all that matters . and indeed I am willing to give my life in her service. where do I find the other half. the God that I am .In society. We are those who observe and 137 . and something animates me such that I hear this stream of consciousness in my head and am able to type it through my fingers using my eyes and my mind to see if I am "getting it right" in the moment. It is the unknown. There is only expression. Then. I would hope by now that they have had similar impacts on others unbeknownst to me. but design nonetheless. I come here.Spiritual expression is about making choices..The universe is efficient and compact in how she functions. Who are "we"? We are those who spawned this adventure in consciousness. perhaps higher than it has ever soared.You experience what you are. And. I know the impact that they have had in my life. This is more than risking ones life. 1661 . My spirit is soaring .No wonder I am having so much trouble staying focused both in the body and on my work at this time.I believe the world to be one of design. Yoga. not experiencing habits. 1652 . What we see is the reflection of what we are. Whether they have or not. we are ONE. In fact there is no risk here. And by spiritual. the masculine essence of spirit? 1656 . 1650 .. If I see source as feminine. the mysterious. Me and source.I am willing to give my life to spiritual expression.You are a spiritual warrior. There are no coincidences.Yes.We need to get beyond the rigid structures that enchain people. source and me. we do not mean to imply religious.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT that provides a vehicle for the expression of consciousness in flesh is more than enough. 1658 . of consciousness. however also addresses mind and spirit. It was as if it was my first time through it. you fight for the very foundations that would allow spirit to be more fully expressed in your world. spirit is efficient in how she expresses. This very expression seems to be proof of that. Similarly. As such.. I read Reality Creation 1010 again today. 1657 . 1653 .

Our individual truths are important components. Things in our life find a way of working themselves out naturally.. Our reality is a reflection of yours . you know them by their works. it will generally align with your gifts. For me.. 1668 . but the basics are all there. We are consciousness units on a major scale. that simply is not so. for at every level there are similar organizations and functionality. 1665 ..I still think that of the Beyond Imagination books as my children.. that is through writing via this very expression. But. In general.. such is the directive of spirit. Nothing is wasted.. something that stretches you beyond what you know yourself to be. And. We are the organizations that are non-physical. What happens as a result is not in our hands. Still others find pleasure in expressing as a vessel for spirit.Some people find pleasure in interacting with ideas . The sessions are a record of spiritual group communication . it is through something creative that you are moved to do . This could be anything.One thing I noticed over the past few weeks is that much of the infrastructure needed to build a spiritually based economic system is already in place. 1670 . arranging for the expression of spirit in flesh..We have to quiet ourselves and allow spirit to come into our lives in whatever way is appropriate for us. and we have sung many songs. When we do this nothing else matters. And. creditworthiness. We can be happy and free... It is as if a host of invisible helpers are engaged in the work that we are doing. And. and it is the truth being revealed by the whole that has the most value. 1663 . 1669 . though often we try to reach certain outcomes. in living a life of the mind. They 138 .BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT participate in this reality.Consciousness has a plan and knows what is right in any situation. monthly payments for various services. I hope that someday they will support me in establishing a lifestyle that I would prefer. Flexibility of mind gives us a mechanism for exploring ideas and their connections. one in which my spiritual work is my only work... 1666 .. 1662 . Our role is to play our part and do what we are moved to do to the best of our ability. from which all physical organizations spring. this seems to work. we must go beyond mind to reach spirit. etc . There are a few things that we would need to teach people that would allow them to thrive .I had thought that my part in these sessions was more important than others. 1664 . We existed long before your universe was born. Though. All of life is but our song .There is so much that we are capable of when we allow spirit to work through us.Love the life you live or live the life you love .. But. but there is a synergy that comes from kindred spirits openly communicating. These are the most creative among us. flexibility of consciousness is the greatest thing that we can develop. And the results reflect this.Flexibility of body is helpful in life. leases. Flexibility of emotions is even more helpful allowing us to feel more and be more in control of what we feel. 1667 . For some....

Further.. and spiritual. There is no obstacle that is too high for spirit to overcome.As spirit. it takes a major leap of faith to recognize her and start to do her bidding. that does not seem to be spirits way. a better way to live. we will not be possessed. Yes. 1672 . And yes.Most people think of religion when we talk of spiritual things. There is no place and no time where spirit is not present. this takes a leap of faith. even in the very place where you sit and stand. These are judgments that we make in error when we look at others and the world with various biases. But. Sequoia. And. Bryce Canyon . However. we have to live the life first. 1677 . but that is unlike any warrior that you have ever met. 1675 . This requires letting go of the sense of being in charge of our life and allowing something greater to take hold and move us. Yellowstone.. 1674 . However. Grand Canyon. it is only something we can partially achieve alone. Literally. there is no place for less than or more than.The spiritual can be found anywhere. even vast differences. That is just the way it is. there are spiritual things found elsewhere as well. The bigger part demands a collective endeavor to create the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh.I prefer to operate in the realm of ideas and use the written word as my sword. That is not my way. emotional. It is hard to experience some of the wonders of creation and not be awestruck by their magnificence.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT are able to set goals. We are all part of the same great SPIRIT. And. 1671 . We do this by inviting her in and by offering our talents in her service. and the other National Parks in this country. We have been since we came into this existence and in many prior existences. She waits patiently for us to choose to allow her to come forth in our lives.. But. 1673 .There is nothing that is too big for spirit to do. This is one of those times. physical. Though. I'm thinking of places like Yosemite. it is all around us. and her ways are strong but subtle. 1678 . and work to achieve those goals.Sometimes faith is more powerful than reason.. So simple to say. there are differences. I don't mean faith in a religious sense. what does it take to manifest such foundations? 1679 . However.. we are speaking of faith in a spiritual sense. I would be a spiritual warrior .. indeed spirit moves through these lands.What message do I have to offer the world? That there is a better way to be. 139 . No. as they say. mental.The reward for living a life of spirit is abundance in all realms . variety is the spice of life. Here. We are all spirit incarnate. Yes. there can be spiritual things found in most religions. even within us. There is a profound sense of peace and reverence in these natural tabernacles.Spirit is vast. there is one consciousness that animates us all. 1676 . She does not force herself on us. They have no basis in fact. and then the reward will come as a natural byproduct. Yes.

and some do so better than others. a spiritual destiny. 1682 . 1687 . Buddhism comes closest to what I believe. If we all spent just 1 hour per day doing this. Yes. 1686 . mind. but not religion. these challenges can be downright oppressive. and soul are simply different densities in expression.Life is meant to be an adventure. After all. But. We just happen to be in the midst of a physical. they are of consciousness.. So is helping others who may be in need physically. Service is about finding needs and filling them.This expression is my resume in a way. and I bow to the spirit within them in the spirit of the term namaste . heart. 1688 .Simply respecting others and being kind to them is a service. But. religions can address that to some degree. The world overall seems to be singing a different tune. Though. Collectively.. This requires lightening up. And further. She would not lead me astray. it is not clear that society is yet ready for such.I can deceive myself at times... nothing. just imagine how much effort for 140 . 1681 .Religions may come and go but the spiritual within us is eternal. It demonstrates what spirit can do through me. It is a destiny that I gladly choose to manifest. emotional. The spiritual is foremost .. For some..Personally.. and mental experience. it is her that I bow to in my life. and movies that demonstrate that the spiritual is taking root stronger than it has ever done before. From what I can tell. but that is not the way of source. That doesn't detract from our true nature as spirit. the world is not typically something that I listen to.. they are spiritual .. come forth more deeply and abundantly. Never. there is feedback in many of the popular songs. We are meant to have challenges and obstacles to overcome. we need to find ways to ease the burdens for all. And. I have no room for religion in my life. it is all spiritual stuff. I have no reason to believe that what has come forth to date cannot continue to come forth indefinitely. I have not studied comparative religion and have limited exposure to the sacred texts of the various religious traditions. But.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 1680 . I can wait as long as it takes. or spiritually. I trust consciousness that much. Body. 1685 . It helps to truly realize this and to act as the spiritual beings that we are. literally allowing more light or spirit to flow through us to do grand works in the world. We are spiritual beings first and foremost.I would be a philosopher king as in Plato's Republic. I treat others with respect. but I don't bow to them as individuals. My time will come. I trust source that much. 1689 .To dream of what could be and to build the foundations to allow it to manifest. There is nothing else but spirit . Such things help us to learn who we really are and of what we are capable of doing. 1684 . emotionally. The news is foreign to me.Our true riches are not material. That is OK.Everything is spirit in expression. I choose to not make it part of Wayne's World. There is a sense that a destiny is unfolding before my eyes . 1683 .. That is definitely enough. television shows. mentally.

But spirit. 1698 . line. we must submit to some of the restrictions of living in the world. We are her legs. to the very core of our being. in fact. Some involve sacrifice of whom that we are. Right now. 1695 . Ultimately. There are many ways to be of service.My spiritual work is still the crowning glory of my life. 1697 . There have been several more spiritual awakenings since then. We are her voice. to be of the world. my life operates on a high degree of trust in spirit. It is by far the most important event in my life.. This requires infrastructures that allow people to discover and be the best that they can be.Without feedback. No doubt . earning an income that is sufficient to live reasonably well is still important.I consider the birth of the Beyond Imagination expression a spiritual birth. how can we be sure it is spirit moving us in this manner? The bottom line is that we just know. I do not question.I ask more questions now than at any time in my life. I care deeply about the world. 141 . and her thoughts. That makes it difficult to claim any of this as mine. 1692 . all things are possible.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT good would be unleashed in the world. But. I wish that it were not so. There is a sense that this will always be the case. I have to wonder what I am giving up in the bargain. And. That is not to say that I buy everything that is expressed hook. However. her hands. I made the Beyond Imagination expression a Gift from Spirit to the World over a decade ago. All else pales by comparison. My awareness is solely of being plugged into it. her mind.Yes.Spirit needs willing vessels through whom to express. But there is a strong sense that what comes forth from source is the greatest truth that could be expressed through me at the time.I have no awareness of how the stream is generated. it is we who must do it. something about the process of sharing is lost. 1693 . so that I could engage in what my spirit moves me to do far more frequently. 1696 . that is an interesting way to live. This expression is the legacy that I leave for having lived.Work still occupies a good portion of my time. deep within. Where it comes from is another question entirely. and sinker.When we allow spirit to express through us. Sometimes. I allow her to express through me as she will. Though. It is a matter of offering ourselves in service to our fellow beings and the world. That is OK. One could do far worse than trusting in spirit. Is that enough? The bottom line is that it has to be. most of which involved brief stays in the mental hospital and months of recovery time. but the better ways involve the full expression of whom that we are. since that is the best that I have to offer to date. There is no doubt.. it is our actions that will ultimately make the difference in the world. her arms. 1691 . I would build the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully manifest in flesh. but not much about more than a few individuals in the world. 1690 . If there is something to do. And. 1694 . what we lack is the services that allow our needs to be met.

This later. However. Perhaps it always will be. In fact. we have done a great service. and spiritual needs met. But. That is sufficient. I would engage in this stream of consciousness expression to the end of my days. Why? Because here I do something that I consider to be of great value.What has been expressed to date is quite an achievement .Spirit is in need of all of the power and resources that we can muster in her service. I see far more than I have ever seen before . Unfortunately.I express because I am moved by spirit to express. In particular. But. It is not that I have that much faith in me. I look for the embedded meaning in programs that demonstrate what level of spirit is being expressed. 1708 . both on TV and in the songs that I listen to on the radio.. 1702 . 1703 . mental. of great value to whom? Clearly to me. it is a sort of spiritual food that I partake of to feed a hunger arising from my soul.. truly. Selfishness often gets in the way of the right use of power.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 1699 . we can allow spirit to express through us.. And. I believe to be my mission. Even when I watch TV. 1700 . 1704 . we can allow life to unfold through us.Living in the moment.. that is the only way to live. And. Rather. this is a sign that the mass consciousness is shifting. emotional. the infrastructures must facilitate getting physical. at least for me. those more than anything else are its central themes . abuse of this power is all too easy. It is always best to allow spirit to do the work through us. 142 . Though. I have that much faith in consciousness as she expresses through me..How many does it take to make a difference? If we are able to assist even a small number of people to awaken so that they can more fully express spirit in flesh. I would express what spirit would express through me. 1707 . It always has been. 1705 . As a systems engineer that is part of my training. That is the key. No exceptions. however. I believe also to the world. In a way. it must do this for everyone. That is not to say that we do not have power of our own. the sense is that what is to come will far exceed what has come forth to date. those and creating the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh. It impacts how I see the world.I probably watch more than my share of TV and movies. a testament to what spirit can do in our lives.I would be whom that I am. in her service. 1701 .This expression speaks volumes about the nature of consciousness and the nature of spirit expressing in flesh. To me. What happens as a result of capturing that expression is in spirits hands not mine.Society needs to offer the infrastructures that provide the home base for everyone. my purpose for being here.. And. 1706 .This expression is invigorating to me. I question because I notice things that just don't seem to work elegantly or efficiently.

when we truly realize this and accept it. untold miracles become possible. We are all unique expressions of spirit. and to apply what we learn to make masterpieces of our lives. This is what sends shivers through my body.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 1709 . I can count on this expression to bring forth at least one and often many quotable passages. spirit working through us can do grand things. the foundations of the present society and world are not very supportive of enabling us to do this. when the time is right. Also.The slogan be all that you can be strikes a strong chord within me.For those touched by spirit.We are engaged in spirit's work. We are then able to do more than we ever thought possible. it will. And. as spirit in flesh.. we can do it quickly. uncovering gems and spiritual truths.I know that I am an instrument being played by spirit. we are able to do things beyond which we have the training and knowledge to do.. either consciously or at other than conscious levels.It seems that the most we can be is to serve as a vessel through which spirit can do her works. We can do this. However. to be this? How do we know when we are performing at our best? We just know. And. The feeling that we have is obvious. Perhaps. 1713 . what does it take to do this . Generally. And. However. This means establishing better priorities for where we spend our funding. However. when we do this. However. And. 1714 . We just happen to be expressions of spirit in flesh at the moment.. It behooves us to learn how we do this. in the minds and hearts of a sufficient number of people. into the ONE consciousness herself. But. 1716 . this is beyond 143 . 1718 . we are that powerful.. gladly I serve in this capacity. This is the directive from spirit. we experience joy in what we are doing. what those are seem to be something that we must discover on our own. that the message coming forth is meant to reach people.. it is important to use this power in service. We tap into source. That is all that really matters to me.We are responsible for our experience. We have only to cooperate and do our share by giving of ourself in service somehow. different though that may be. it is our very birthright. We are able to tap into something far greater and grander than we are as individuals. the right ideals. period. That is OK. source is that powerful. In many ways.. Each and every one of us chooses that experience.Everything is spirit in expression. 1717 . And.. there are safeguards so that this is the only way it can be used. All works are spiritual works. And. it allows us to operate at a new and higher level of expression. It is a matter of planting the right seeds.I would live a life of spirit. I trust that she plays me for a reason . This is the stuff of inspiration . 1710 . Yes. We can change that. That is just how it is. it seems different rules apply.That is what I most crave . 1715 ..Yes. 1711 . We need to get the best and the brightest among us focused on doing the things that provide the most benefit to all of us. I would do it my way. attuned to source. And. 1712 .

. but. herself. and spiritual. When we do this on the scale of society. We. They were forbearers of a time to come .Yes. we live in other realms as well. What does it mean to transcend? It means to go above and beyond something.. We get greatly increased productivity resulting in a wider array of goods and services.. As we do this. They were at their heights in the final half of the 1800's.. in service to society. not of flesh. through us. 1720 . Yet. is that not what we are seeking . Otherwise.. it's the ability to get our needs met on all levels: physical. 144 . Though. Does that mean I am a transcendental soul as well? Yes. and we get abundance in all realms of life . But. the mental. 1719 . a time when the world was a much different place than it is today. what gives? 1725 . We have to volunteer our services. Our bodies are the clothes that we wear in this existence. or the work will simply not be done. That is an interesting way of looking at things. physical. All are equally important . So. emotional.. emotional.Emerson. 1724 . This defines me more clearly than any other term. hopefully. such is how it is. to do this we must give of ourselves. They allow us to tune into and experience the wonders of the physical world. mental. of a new age that was just beyond their time horizon. spirit can only do her works through us..After all. clearly I am still spirit enfleshed. She will engage us collectively to do her works in the manner that they need to be done.. and Thoreau were clearly my mentors and predecessors. That is our part of the contract. as individuals. and spiritual.When it comes down to it.. The sense is that this something is the flesh. Note that we are in flesh. of our abilities. getting the most out of the least. more free time and the ability to enjoy that time. grand things happen. Yet.Elegance involves getting the maximal service from the minimal resources . I accentuate the spiritual to an extreme .Spirit.What has come forth is the best that I could bring forth. We are her only vessels and instruments. Whether it is correct or not depends on how much of me got in the way of spirit expressing through me. And. their words speak out to eternity. it is a labor of love. It is only a matter of time. 1721 . is the overall creator here. Channing. But. Clearly.. 1723 . it's not only that . perhaps that is the very thing that enables me to serve as the vessel through which spirit can express in this manner. They spoke and wrote of spirit in a whole new way.That is the only way that spirit can express.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT imagination. This is far grander than I would ever have imagined to be possible in my first 34 years on the planet. we should not be doing it. I am a transcendentalist at heart. though some find themselves with distinct preferences. namely the emotional.. Spiritual work is volunteer work. Actually. virtually neglecting other realms. mental. have only to play our roles and do our parts to the best of our ability. 1722 .. the synergy will be created that allows the world to be transformed.. We are all spirit expressing in flesh.. and the spiritual. 1726 .

Yes. 1731 .The best that I have to share. It is universal.We would create the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh. I would know the nature of self. Though. even the possibility of being something arises from their self-knowledge.. Here.. her arms. This requires more than evolutionary change. I can only imagine what she could do on a worldwide scale if people were connected to the source within and expressing that fully in their lives. 1730 . and omnipotent. 1734 . her legs.We are spirit having a physical experience. However.Here.. and as a philosopher. it is indeed spiritual wisdom that I seek. We are the instruments that she plays. in her employ. For. And.I am moved to find the moreness in life. Right now. and maybe even then I will continue to seek. and of consciousness herself. But.. the things that we can be individual and collectively are simply beyond imagination. It is time to truly shake things up.Knowledge can be in error ..I am extremely grateful that spirit has graced my life in this fashion. heart. for many. 1735 . Will that indeed come to be? It may. It has the resources and power to do anything. we speak of rising above such limitations. and build new foundations from the ground up . 1733 . 1728 . We have to realize that our intent makes the difference in how spirit's abundance appears in our life. you could characterize me as a seeker. And. We have to give the desire sufficient strength to allow it to manifest.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 1727 . it requires revolutionary change. We have to believe that what we desire is indeed possible and even probable for us. If she could do all of this through me. the things that we can do are simply miraculous. that seems to be to me alone. and soul. being cannot. 145 . the best that spirit is able to share through me . 1729 . I will continue to seek until either I find it or I die. She sets the agenda for this expression. however.What is my deepest intent? To build the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh.. Spirit is the God part of us that is having this experience. 1736 . That seems to be in spirits hands not mine. Even more than that.Is not a strong desire enough to manifest that which is desired? Sometimes. mind. 1732 . and her mind. One way to do this is through releasing control in our life to consciousness herself. We are her hands. it is our intent that determines how she applies her vast resources. She has the means to grant any wish.This is the only way that spirit can speak in the world. omnipresent. is primarily for my eyes only. however elusive that might be. sometimes not. Be whom that you are is thus a stronger dictate from spirit than know thyself. I just assumed that she knows to whom she is expressing. there is something sad about that. I believe that I am doing something that has the potential to make a big impact on peoples’ lives and the world. or it may not. limited though that may be. her heart. Yes. or perhaps from the heavens down. Such is a world that I would truly choose to participate in with body. it can only act in the world through our individual and collective intent.

into my PRESENCE. There is only the present moment and what that brings into my life. of consciousness. in which we are playing the very roles that are meant for us... She will reveal the way. it is still unknown as to whether the ideas will indeed provide such service. And. For this to work. 1746 .We don't have to know how things are to be accomplished. Many of the ideas deal with serving a world in need of reform.Books are adventures for the mind and spirit. 1744 . and presence of spirit. If she can do all of this through me. Being is fundamental.There is a grand plan of spirit. 1745 . Here. But. I am grateful to be able to participate in this endeavor in this fashion. 1738 . Though. It has always been such and shall always be such. pay attention. I can only hope and continue to do as I am moved to do in the moment. That is the key to everything. What does it take to be? We must lose our roles and stop pretending to be what we are not.This expression is a mystery.I have no destination that I care to reach. That is spirits job. we mean it on several levels. We have only to silence our minds for awhile and allow the stillness deep inside to come forth through our intuition. However.Spiritual power can only be used to serve. PRESENCE. it simply shuts down and is unavailable. we do have to set the mold through our intent. that we volunteered to play when we came into this existence. but our deepest intents.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT And not just any intent. 1743 .This expression is a testament to what spirit can do in our lives. actions speak louder than words. And. being speaks louder than actions. what can she do through you. and through us collectively. At least. it is the adventure. whereas the spirit is timeless. We must drop our mental concepts of who we are and sit in our nakedness as spirit.It seems there is much to do to usher in a new age. 1739 . But. Yes. that is true for the books that I am moved to read. we must listen. The mind lives within the realm of time. 1742 . if not revolution. It is ever in the process of evaluating and remembering where it has been and projecting where it wants to be or even not be. Unless service is involved.This is an opportune moment. Yes. 146 . 1741 . I can think of no better way to expend my time and energy. there is something about that that is important . presence of body. spirit is given the reigns to my consciousness and directs it where she will. the journey that matters. presence of emotion. and being is fun and joyful. even more important is being whom we are. 1737 . We have only to volunteer to be of service.The mind cannot just BE. These are the roles that we signed up for. 1740 . presence of mind. and be consistent with what we hear. It is best if we allow these intents to flow from spirit as well through our intuition. trusting that spirit knows what she is doing in my life.

not the things nor even their possessor. 1754 . our lives just flow as a natural expression of spirit in flesh. beyond all forms yet creating forms and expressing through forms. 1748 . She assures that we remember or encounter what we need to know when we need to know it.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 1747 . 1749 . not the feelings. But. my mission.Whether individuality remains when we reach home. a vessel … not the essence creating the forms and expressing through them. or even some thought . But. our lives continue to flow in whatever forms we occupy next. you already know that. We are the enjoyer of things. believe yourself to be formless. 1755 . am I not spirit in expression as well? Or. the consciousness. that resides in the form. We are not the form. there is a sense that we don’t reach oneness in one step. who knows. So. in this existence. When you focus on the formless you express as the spiritual being. For this I have to dive deeper into the realm of the formless. Glimpses of oneness enter our awareness.Spiritual work is done for the joy of doing it. In a very real way.When you focus on the formed you express as the ego.Spirit clearly operates from a need to know principle. And. It is ever-changing..Be careful here.. It is only the forms and the expression through those forms that are limited. 1753 . which is limiting no matter how expansive the form may appear.The very idea that I was the instrument through which spirit expressed separated me from the spirit that is me. We are the thinker. These heightened moments become more and more frequent. we must accept our true nature and realize that we are the awareness. much more. 147 .Perhaps that is a characteristic of all spiritual expression. We are the observer residing in the machine. am I not spirit creating forms and expressing through those forms? 1756 .. not the thoughts. but. We all come from the formless realm. It just manifests in our lives.Why do I need to play such a major role in building the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh? Because something deep within me says that this is my outer purpose. 1752 . Eventually. more correctly. or some emotion. when we leave flesh. you believe yourself to be form.For the work of spirit to be done. All form is transitory. especially if we are doing what we are moved by spirit to do in the moment. This later is your true state . It limited me to being a thing. In particular..The moment cares not about consequences. If you believe yourself to be something. it is the stuff of which our lives are made. What comes of it is for spirit to determine. believe that you are BEINGNESS or consciousness or spirit or even God for you are all of those and more. What we are is beyond all of that.All are equally spiritual. We are the feeler. 1757 . 1751 . a form. It just is. 1750 .

1766 . Focus on the experiencer. The question to ask is what would spirit or consciousness do NOW? Generally. and it is always the most elegant one.There is a spiritual economy at work that expresses elegantly in us and through us. The inner purpose is the same for everyone. It would help if the infrastructures in society were designed to facilitate this for individuals and the collective. especially if the dreams turn into nightmares. 1767 .BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 1758 . The outer purpose is different for everyone. but they all ultimately point to the same end. 1763 . 1761 . Some are more strenuous and laborious than others. It is there. the forms that we create and the what we express through those forms are dramatically different.Awareness is not a distinction of spiritual merit. it may help to focus your consciousness away from the illusion and toward what is beyond form and expression. we are glorious. But. They are always there. It comes to us when we are ready to experience it.While I haven’t focused my attention on the people around me. we are all equals in spirit. 1759 .All paths to the ONE are equally valid. 1760 . we may have to be still and search within to find them. the thinker. there is a sense of frailty or humbleness at the same time. Everything is perfect. It has always been the ONE creating and sustaining your body and its expression. But. 1765 . we have to seek to find. That doesn’t mean that the illusion. And. I have focused a good deal of attention on the books of some of the best metaphysical thinkers in the world. the dream can’t be better. the spiritualization of the BEING. 1764 . Yes. the feeler within you.Be All That You Can Be! That is the directive of spirit. As such.We are all spirit.There is always a choice to be made in the moment. each and every one of us. That does not mean that I can count them as my friends.I would be who I am. To start with. Perhaps that is not the same.The inner purpose is to reach a state of conscious beingness. Though. there is nothing that needs to be done. but indeed I can count the ideas expressed in their works among my closest companions. in my full glory. The outer purpose is to do what works we are moved to do while remaining true to the inner purpose. 1762 . But. Though. But. 148 . it as always be there. Spirit will guide us to find both if we are open to her guidance. ultimately living in the dream is not where we are meant to be. with consciousness herself. The very fact that we ask certain questions reveals to us that we are ready to hear the answers. there is only one answer to that question. awaiting our discovery. It always has been and always will be. the words in their works point to their relationship with spirit. Then focus on the spirit within you. Awareness just is.Focus your consciousness on the real even in the midst of the illusion.

1774 . Without us. It is time for the infrastructures of society to allow the physical. 1772 .. She is far more knowledgeable that I will ever be.Spirit is simple overall. 1770 . services must be consumed or they are not services at all. It is all a matter of choice and of realizing that this is exactly what we deserve to manifest. If only I could engage in this expression on a full time basis. If only I could find my spiritual family. they indicate things that I am not.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 1768 . We just need to find a way to see through her eyes.It is for us to find ways to express that provide the greatest service to others. and spiritual needs of all to be met. and her feet. This is why I incarnated into this 149 . But. she could not experience being form.I would build the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh? How can I believe that such is even possible? What can I say? That is the mission that has been revealed over and over again since 1993. and her brain. and/or spiritual needs. because they are in the "if only" category. I choose to put that fate in spirits hands. From that standpoint. Consumed may be literal. am I not relinquishing my right to decide my own fate? Perhaps.Spirit is always operating behind the scenes. I experience creativity at its finest in my life. whether the world is ready for it or not. and her arms. Here is where my heart’s desire lies. or may come in terms of being enjoyed. to society. ensuring that things are done appropriately and elegantly. and her hands. and her heart and internal organs. Right now. we are her eyes. or may come in terms of meeting physical. emotional.It seems that I have the freedom to do as spirit moves me to do. I believe strongly that this is what I do here. 1769 . 1773 . and her mouth. or to the Earth and its ecosystems.Such meetings don't occur by chance in my life. mental. Every fiber of my being vibrates to this call. But. mental. Let us choose to do that NOW. 1776 .My desire is to make this work a fulltime endeavor. I am moved to bring forth this stream of consciousness into the world. If only I could be more courageous and less fearful. But. it nevertheless reached its intended audience. even if some of the expression has only reached me . It is time to live in a world beyond imagination. The bottom line is that benefit must be conveyed in some manner to individuals in the society. We can live in such a world HERE and NOW. If only I could truly be myself. 1771 . not by my design. emotional. But. If only I could be happy. If only I could be more outgoing and interact with others. I still believe that this expression is of far more value than anything that I am paid to do. Here. they occur by design. This is why I came. I know that this is what I am here to do. These are big things..It is time to live in a peaceful world. rather by the will of consciousness. and from her vantage point can orchestrate what needs to be done effectively and elegantly. This is the endeavor that allows my soul to sing and my spirit to soar. And. 1775 . She expresses what is needed when it is needed to whom it is needed. We are all that and more. and her legs.I still live in a world of "if onlys". But.

1785 .. I must do what I am moved by spirit to do.NOW is the only time there is. I can do nothing. 1777 .. There is something special about all of this. spirit expressing through me is unstoppable. mental. perhaps even more. because of whom that I am. When we focus on BEING in the present. There is only God. At one time. and in large numbers. do I need to express in this manner? The answer is a resounding YES. there is only God. Hence. I need this expression as much as the food that I eat. and spiritual levels.Is it not enough to do what I am moved to do. 1787 . we will be moved to do what needs to be done in each moment.We have needs on physical.So. trusting that spirit herself is moving me to do it? 1782 . there is no God and consciousness. all needs are met . deeply honored.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT existence. the very nature of spirit is perfection. 150 . 1784 . She will achieve her ends in whatever way is most efficient and elegant. WHY? Simply because that is what I must do.On my own. But. But. emotional. I trust that spirit knows exactly what she is doing. All that is required is PRESENCE.. and a trust in the intuitive process that reveals to us what spirit would do through us. It is the reality that I experience.So. if you were. 1788 . does spirit take the form of the body that it inhabits? It seems that this is true more or less. 1778 . nothing else in our "reality". that is to come here to express whatever this stream of consciousness would bring forth. And. 1781 . 1780 . taking each day moment by moment and filling each moment with my presence? 1783 . That doesn't mean that I can sit back and do nothing.Here I play in the field of spirit . Oh well.. spirit herself sees to that. That is how things work in my life and in my world.It still doesn't matter if this material reaches others or not.. The spiritual consumes far more of my free time and my thought than anything else. I can't explain how it manifests. I thought that it would. Similarly. It truly is a miracle. 1779 .There is nothing else but spirit in expression. There is no God and us. That did not turn out to be the case. in the fields of the Lord.What is destined to be will indeed happen. I am honored to play a part in all of this.Is it not enough to simply express what spirit would express through me. and the air that I breathe . I know that I have chosen this because it is manifest in my life. the world is perfect for it is the collective expression of all of us. 1786 .. Right now. at some level. with the exception of an aura or energy field that extends beyond the physical structure of the body. At least.I have chosen to be a tool through which spirit can express in this manner.

What is not expressed is not expressed. most of these come when I am alone or at one with spirit expressing through me in this manner. There is no need to express what is not expressed. 1793 . mental. But. I can say that. 1790 . But.I am not always happy. not distinct as in a separate entity.We are all physical. That is simply how it works. of course. me and source are ONE. 1796 . that defines the spirit within me.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 1789 . who am I to know? 1794 .We can only speak of what we have experienced either physically.In the end there can be only source. I want to see.. or even each year for that matter. typing away. emotionally. I want to share what I can give. is that necessarily true? There is much that has been expressed here that is beyond anything that I knew that I knew. there is no motive force that drives the need to will anything into being.Something from John Denver comes to mind: "I want to live. And.. there is nothing that I would rather be doing in this moment. I am source. I am an instrument through which spirit expresses. all the better. In that.. I am quite fortunate indeed! How many can say that they have such a direct relationship to consciousness? I would guess not many. spirit would ensure that that need was filled.What about needing to have a major impact to the world? If such is my fate. But.This is a sacred endeavor for me. No expression that needs to be expressed goes unexpressed. but how do I realize that? What needs to be realized? The ego has an attachment to a concept of self that is false. I want to live". for me. that has to be enough. What is expressed is expressed. Yes. I need to do it to the degree that I can when I am moved to do it. Source and me. But. There is no quota that needs to come forth each day or each week . herein seems to lie the solution as well. or spiritually. It is for us to bring whom 151 . life has its precious moments. I will gladly do that. it seems that we can only speak of what we know. This attachment is now in the way of my further development as a spiritual being expressing in flesh. that is enough . 1797 . But.I am still here. It is my will that her will rather than mine be done. I want to grow. If there was a need. But. if it is for my eyes only. why am I physically disconnected from that spirit within. that important. In fact. I am the source that speaks through me. and spiritual creatures.What need is there for me to have a will of my own? And why do I not use that will in service to spirit? Because I have found that when you operate in the NOW. I want to be. 1795 . And. If it reaches others and facilitates their lives. How do we make one where there were two? 1792 . Then. to whom is it important? To spirit and to me. That is one reason for thinking that source was somehow distinct from me. I want to know. Yet. emotional. that is sufficient. 1791 . This expression is that precious.. Though. mentally. Also. Fortunately or unfortunately. I am not happy far more than I am happy. Does the ego have a function within that spiritual framework? Herein seems to lie the problem. a scribe for a source that I consider to be grander than I.

how does it change the way that we live our lives? 1799 . But. How do we reconcile this? How can these things that do not appear to be spiritual be spiritual? The bottom line is that they just are! Everything is spiritual. That involves serving two masters. there will be kindred spirits that can be served by this. 1801 . everything is under spirits control. that strikes a chord. The fact that I am able to bring this forth in this manner indicates that consciousness has reached a state in which it can express in flesh in this way. where it has always been. the expression of spirit through form. 1804 . It helps if we find ways to enjoy the process. Deep down. our primary "work" is to live fully. Drought. I have been hopeful at times to turn it into my means of earning a living. My spiritual work is here. to be all that we can be. From another perspective. this is not the experience of many on the planet. What consciousness needed to learn. 1802 . this is a spiritual world nonetheless. I continue to do what I am moved to do. It is for 152 . change me thus providing consciousness fresh material with which to work.Everything that happens here is spiritual. Consciousness knows exactly what it took to get each of us to the states that we are in. In the interim. There can be nothing else. 1800 . All needs are fulfilled effortlessly. Yet. disease. 1803 . things that are partially under my control. And. spirit does not want.My actions. Though. lack impact the lives of many.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT that we are into what we do in a way that makes a difference. As a result. Whether they will need this expression by then or have reached equivalent states on their own remains to be seen. and things that are not under my control at all.Things can only progress in flesh to the degree that we make ourselves fitting vessels through which spirit can express. wars. Not only the jobs that we work at to earn a living. Abundance is manifest everywhere. Who are these programmers and how did they get their jobs? Interesting questions. There is no thing that can be separate from spirit. Though. however. she knows what things work and what things don't work to expand awareness. The bottom line is that it does not matter whether another ever reads any of this. I do it for the sheer joy of doing it.There seem to be things that are fully under my control. You could also ask who are we and how did we get our jobs. For each of us. 1805 . this very expression is one of my spiritual jobs. We do that by BEING who we are and SHARING who we are with others.Each of us has been uniquely programmed genetically and experientially to get us where we are today. she learned.When we live in a spiritual world. but our spiritual jobs as well. Clearly. Clearly it is a possibility. being programmed presupposes that there is one or more programmers doing the programming. But. but she exerts that control through us. That is an interesting perspective. she can adapt that and apply it to others in the ways that are most efficient and elegant. Spirit does not struggle. 1798 . Survival alone can be a major struggle. famine.For me. Someone said "do what you love and the money will follow".In time. being possible doesn't make it so right now. a magic transformation takes place.

But.The expression of consciousness is perfect in all ways at all times. Points of view have awareness. Spirit collectively observes everything and orchestrates everything. Something that makes this the hallmark of my life. it seems that there is a distinction. Points of view focus attention to experience the creation. Though. Consciousness is reflective. Spirit creates forms. Everything that each of us experience individually is experienced by the collective. 1810 . we include governments. Levels of awareness allow the creation to be experienced in whole new ways. emotional. Points of view are interrelated to one another. We are speaking of a world where peace is the order of the day. we dream of a world that is more supportive of us all on physical. can we do so in a manner that avoids suffering to the degree possible? 1813 . I only need to do what I am moved to do. churches. There is no separation other than that imposed by focusing of attention.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT this that I came.. companies. 1808 . I may have been in error there.I have used consciousness and spirit somewhat synonymously before. But. One of the quickest ways of receiving something in our life is to create a vacuum for it.There is something special that is going on here. Consciousness is the awareness. She has been such for some time now. etc . 1811 . I had thought that some of the foundations that I was building were coming forth in these words. Yet still there is ONE spirit and ONE consciousness. Spirit is the motive force in my life. Though.When we speak of the collective. communities. I don't know what I could do to beat this. 1812 .. Consciousness observes the expression by riding within the forms. and a vessel through which that source can speak. religions.What are the laws of spirit pertaining to points of view? Points of view exist HERE and NOW.We have ideas on where this change is headed. where people respect one another as the spiritual beings that they are. countries.Can we create a peaceful world? Not just a world without war. This allows spirit to step in and come forth through us. as the Billy Joel song says "she only reveals what she wants me to see". we have to stop doing things in and of our own. We have had that for brief periods of time in the past. Can we make that world our world? And. groups. or in my case say or type. In particular. 153 . Spirit could never create anything less than perfect. I don't have to know how it will happen. how does one do that? For spiritual expression.As the saying goes: "nature abhors a vacuum". 1807 . mental. 1809 . Spirit is creative. Now. Levels of awareness permit greater appreciation of the wholeness and ONENESS of the creation. Consciousness is there observing all that is experienced by creating forms and expressing through those forms. schools. 1806 . These are all doing the best they can under the conditions that they find their selves in. teams. and spiritual levels. What I have been building is a bridge to source. It seems that there are many ways to build foundations. These are all evolving to permit the greater expression of spirit through them. there is a sense that such will indeed occur.

We learn what it takes to change our focus.. Will 154 .Everything is spirit in expression.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 1814 . or at least to remain long after I have departed the planet anyway. greater structures through which spirit can express. there is less misery and suffering.What can we do with it to enhance our lives and the lives of those we touch? We start seeing ourselves for what we are. everywhere. We find ways to join with others in mutual endeavors. I have shared my life with few others. Hmm . What is expressed here has the potential to be eternal. over all time. Light/Darkness. a spiritually driven evolution.There is an evolution going on. There is more creative expression. Because we are part of the ONE. and to change our awareness of ourself. these statements don't apply solely to me.Being aware of being aware is an important step . There is nothing that any of us do that we are not moved to do. In so doing. we build greater forms. 1818 ..This expression after all is the most important activity of my day. they are both spirit. 1822 . Whether it will do so or not. as a focus of the ONE consciousness. and only time will tell. This is a bold adventure that we are on collectively. better seems obvious when I see it. so I have little clue as to what they experience and how they experience it. some might say the later of both of these pairs simply is not real. There is something magical about it. we become an enhanced vessel through which consciousness can express and experience. But. Further. They apply to everyone equally. All of these things characterize being "better". synergy comes into play. 1819 . my knowledge of others is highly limited. perhaps the most important step to living a life of spirit. 1815 . The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. 1820 . There is more diversity. how can that be? How can parts be part of one another.I am what I am. whether we will be fit to live in the world that is evolving remains to be seen. 1821 . Though. There simply is nothing else. the motive force for everything is spirit. I am perfect as I am. this says nothing about the motive force. I am only one person. Though. And. That is enough. I don't know what goes into something being better other than there being more elegance in how spirit is able to express through form. There is more toleration of differences. There is more respect of one another. We are the world! 1817 .There is room in the universe and in the world for great varieties of experience. but globally as well. They can only be so if they are ONE. only spirit knows. Good/Evil.For me. Along with this. That we will evolve is certain. But. The question is does spirit know where this evolution is taking us? My sense is that the answer is NO. How much synergy depends on how the group is created. By doing so. We are part of the world and the world is part of us. 1816 . we are connected to everything.. There is more peace and love expressed.. Here. Each "enhancement" improves something not only locally. Yet.There is something special about being moved by what has come forth from spirit through you. both spirit as well.

all of the time. When it is not..Most of the time. This happens at the individual and the collective levels. For much of my life. There is a richness to life. and writing that have gone into this spiritual occupation. I am content. For some. For.. It is always her. 1828 . Perhaps I still do. what is learned provides impetus to new forms and new expression and the resultant new experiences that can result. I don't know that I pay much attention to how I feel. 1824 . this means having lots of intellectual stimulus.. For some.. this means having lots of friends and close relationships. and spiritual levels . 1826 .I don't know that I can even come close to counting all of the hours of reading.The world is perfect as it is. As a result. when we allow her to. and abundance. where is the seat of the spirit? 1827 . the richness of your collective experience and expression was born.Spirit is able to do wonders through us. these four are enough to start with. All That Is realizes itself and its creation through this process. peace. Though.Spirit does not make mistakes. if not all of us should be given the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to live well. It attracts me like nothing else. all of creation learns from the experiences of all of creation. It is just as real. For some. Given that. this means having lots of nice things. I don't have to make anything happen one way or another. Then again. and the heart is the seat of emotions. For me. 1830 . I am one with the world and all that is in it. one doesn't need to understand how people experience things to be able to understand the laws of nature. For some. and far more important than anything that I have been paid to do to date. Yet.It seems that far more of us. contentment. that is what it is. When it is. And.With spirit at my side. I am perfect as I am. What criteria do I use to say that? I see what levels of awareness I have reached and what has been able to be expressed through me as a result. I lived in my head. For some. But. Out of this perfection that spirit created. Why should the laws for the expression of spirit in flesh be any different? 1823 . one needs only a limited understanding of how the body and brain function for technology to build things that are useful to people. what do we mean by living well. I am at peace. we find all of the things that make up duality in our 155 . 1829 .BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT that change? It seems that it needs to if I am to help build foundations in which spirit can more fully express through them. this means having lots of physical stimulus. this means having lots of emotional stimulus. Though. For some. the spiritual is clearly the strongest force. there is no doubt. I naturally gravitated to metaphysics which has remained my Heart's Desire since my early teens. emotional. For some. and perhaps many others of which I am not aware. This may or may not be in line with her characteristics. It is not me that is doing anything . this means having lots of spiritual stimulus. indeed. it is her. a richness on physical. And.It is the experience of life that makes existing in form useful and even fun. we find grace. I have my part to play in how I experience my reality. This happens everywhere. it is some combination of all of these. For most. 1825 . thinking. If the brain is the seat of thought. mental. this means having lots of adventure. I have no use for how others think and feel.

But. We can do this on an individual basis even as we live our lives. you can't have hot without cold.I trust spirit.Ever greater freedom is the way of evolution. This is fine. greater without lesser. and trusting it enough to act on it. the burden is not on us as individuals. 156 . I have only to align with her will to allow my life to unfold most brilliantly. When I say "move". with ever greater freedom comes greater responsibility. 1841 . 1838 . the doing is secondary.The dramas will play themselves out. 1832 . It is not meant to be split into a time for this and a time for that and a time for this other thing. especially with the evolution of consciousness. 1834 .. right without wrong . As such it is God's handiwork in my life . The trick is to align with spirit. everything is balanced so the net result is neutral. I know that she knows what is best for me and all concerned.. and so on. do what you are moved to do when you are moved to do it. all the while observing the results and making the necessary adjustment to align ourselves more closely with whom that we truly are. That is the secret to living a spiritual life. we don't always heed her commands..Life is one. I freely choose to live my life in this manner.The trick is not in how to achieve the right set of characteristics in duality. 1836 . Everything is perfectly manifesting in accord with spiritual law. I need nothing more... 1840 .No. Though. and enter into a realm beyond duality. In duality. I am open to spirit moving me as she will. I am not a slave. we can do this on a collective basis as well. then it simply would not come through. But. In a world of duality. 1833 .Spirit always moves us in the direction of our highest good in each moment. No. But. it is on spirit expressing through us.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT world. 1831 .This is a stream of consciousness. My free time is employed in the service of spirit. I know that she is there guiding me every step of the way. 1839 .. I do so because I trust spirit. The very fact that I am moved to allow it to happen through me is sufficient reason for its existence. 1835 . good without bad. I could just as well say "commands" for it seems that I have no choice but to obey.. and I do what she moves me to do. If there was no reason for it to come through. life just is. it is spirit expressing through me.When I AM.The way is simple . 1837 . rich without poor..We simply need to become the clearest channels for spirit that we can be. We start by inviting spirit into our life. When we focus on being . it is spirit doing the doing anyway. learning to listen to the voice within. I know that she has my highest good and the good of all concerned in mind.

This is not something that we can be forced to do.. Spirit is moved by the God force. She is not there to listen to such and respond to our will. there are those in duality that wield great power in the world.It is amazing what we can do when we allow spirit to work through us.Such is how all services in society are provided.We express what consciousness is able to bring forth through us. That doesn't mean that all of our expressions are perfectly 157 . We are meant to create masterpieces of our lives and of our world. But there is the world and there is THE WORLD. The later is the domain of spirit.In life. We have only to let go and allow. 1851 . And. Try as we might. When we are doing her works. in particular.There is a sense that in doing what I am moved to do. nothing is too hard for spirit. 1849 . This is a one-way alignment. be as me and I will do all that I can through you and in the process satisfy your every need. But it is never forced upon us. That's a start. but that has not been my experience that is unless God being All That Is is Spirit is Consciousness. 1847 . But. It is spirit doing all the work. 1852 . to BE the very qualities that God exhibits. all of the dramas played out in the world. it is expressed as a conditional. we will never do this on our own. nothing is too hard for God. This is the covenant. We do that by allowing the creative genius of spirit to flow through us.. especially if we allow spirit to work and express through us.We are spirit expressing in flesh. are played in accordance with spiritual law anyway. For one thing. Perhaps we can be moved directly by God.It is not for us to make demands on spirit. But God's love for us is unconditional. Consciousness. She is the only one that can move us to do it. but something is not right. It takes a higher power to create such works through us.. Masters create masterpieces. we do so as elegantly as possible under the circumstances . 1845 . 1846 . this simply is not possible.We are masters all. That higher power is God. elegantly. 1843 . This is not an exchange.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 1842 . Even what might be considered to be a heavy load for us. All That Is. But. 1848 . And. We are here to align our will with her Will. Source or whatever you choose to call it. Though. But. We are moved by spirit. 1850 .Ego would have you believe that I have the power to do things of my own. for that is how spirit always works . the Will of God is not for us to DO.. I obey God or at least obey Spirit. is child's play for her. 1844 . it is for us to BE. many decisions that we make are in situations that are so complex that there is no way to weigh all of the factors and interests. perhaps even great things.Living is not such a difficult thing to do. And. Spirit.Spirit works her wonders in miraculous ways. our lives become miraculous as well. Rather it is something we willingly and unconditionally choose to do.

Here. It is not even spirit or consciousness. we need to take our lesson from spirit. The resourcefulness and creativity of our people is such that we do this well. I apply no limits.Could it not be that I serve spirit simply by being whom that I am? 1860 . Our economic system is the means for creating the goods and services that society needs.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT aligned with her nature and her Will. ever. However.Everything that we are. And what is Beyond Imagination. 1856 . 1853 . not spirits. Yet. our very 158 . 1858 . 1862 . All of these are priceless. Wants are part of the illusion. That is something that comes forth from within.Separation is our experience. we have freedom to choose. and a distorted one at that.Spirits economy satisfies needs not wants. This is true for each of us. 1854 . as spiritual beings and as physical beings. but All That Is or God. beyond everything that we can dream . That depends on how transparent a vessel we become for doing her works. There are always new goods and services that can be created. Here. Clearly. they don't create human beings. the "I" that was expressing in the last few sentences is not me. there is only so much that we can do. there is a sense of accomplishment. The world of duality is our creation. because these do not create in the same manner. beyond everything that we can think.My search leads me Beyond Imagination as well. 1859 . She resides in a realm of oneness that is formless and timeless. These create forms and express through forms. She is not so concerned with how we choose to meet needs and desires in the realm of duality. This is relegated to God.. But. Her reality resides in a different domain and only extends into ours.Spirit sees that all spiritual needs are met everywhere at all times. is a reflection of whom that we believe that we are which in turn is but a fraction of whom that we are. Wants she leaves to us to deal with. What we do not do so well is distribute the goods and services to where they are needed.All that I have to do is BE whom I am and trust that spirit will move me to do what needs to be done through me. 1861 ..You are the only one that limits you. and of learning a great deal about whom that I AM in the process. nor has it been in terms of happiness. 1863 .The measure of value is not in terms of things. Rather. 1855 . spirit does not experience the limitations that we do. of being of service to spirit herself.On our own. not hers.Goods and services are required to live well in society. They can never lead to being fulfilled. they are beyond any value that I could put on them. she is able to reach into our world and have her impact through our consciousness. 1857 . but our choices have consequences.

If you want your life to work . 1864 . While spirit and consciousness express as and through me. SPIRIT. me and God are ONE. the path will always be right for me and all concerned. 1870 . the consequences of any decision are in spirits hands. Wow! 1867 . God. trust me.Are we not here in the world to make a better place for the expression of spirit in flesh. There is only NOW. I gladly go. 1865 . we do not lessen ourselves. Everything that I do. There is only NOW. and ALL THAT IS. CONSCIOUSNESS. These are the foundations of whom that we are. I know that spirit is expressing through me to the degree that she can in all that I am and all that I do. God comes forth as the Creator. Though. I am free to respond as appropriate in any circumstance that arises. Everything that I am. We can do this at any time.My connection with spirit. there can be no separation in this holy trinity .One way we give is by allowing spirit to express through us. but to do that you must be inclusive not exclusive. Spirit. she feels through me. focus on the oneness. 159 . I don't sense that same connection with God however. 1874 . We simply recognize and realize that it is Spirit operating in accord with God's Will that works through us. She knows what I need and ensures that I get it when I need it. I leave that to spirit. 1868 . The three represent aspects of the same ALL THAT IS.Spirit finds a way to bring us back to ourself regardless of how lost or blind we become. me and spirit are ONE.I am response-able. she experiences though me. Where she carries me. Everything that I think. to us and to others.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT BEINGNESS. Generally.I am free to decide..Spirit and me. 1875 . we only thought that we were.. Consciousness. she is through me. We do not give anything up.Trust spirit. God and me. with consciousness had always been a feminine one. You must see yourselves as equals regardless of what it is that you do. 1872 . wherever that might be.. With this recognition comes the realization that we were never really in control anyway. I care not.What befalls me. These are the things that make up the "moreness" of life. But. Everything that I experience. she does through me. she thinks through me. focus on being ME to the degree that you can. a better place for all of us collectively? Yes. I know that with her at the helm of my life. (here "me" represents God) 1873 . Everything that I feel. 1869 . 1866 ..Our language is not rich enough in spiritual terms for there to be any redundancy.When we resign our will to God's Will. that means allowing spirit to respond through me as appropriate. There is a distinction in my mind. There is no time lag in the spiritual realm.I know that I am living the life that I am meant to live. 1871 .

I am the observer. 1878 . I greet an aspect of my greater SELF. It is not for us to be specific about what "symptoms" we want to get rid of. She will always be such. What I call God is a part of Wayne. and sometimes not until long after you see it. You don't appear to take responsibility for your choices. more of the energy of spirit can flow through us to transform the world in positive ways. but more often you don't know until you see it . me and consciousness are ONE. trusting that spirit was guiding me every step of the way. Sometimes you know what you need.Spirit does not waste effort however. it is to allow your spirit to soar. The same thing goes for 160 . and the experiences all wrapped in one. 1881 . But they also originate from consciousness herself. is from Wayne. That is a sacred gift. But. by spiritual law you reap the consequences. It was set in motion by me via physical and spiritual laws. Spirit and Consciousness are my servants in carrying out this master plan for Earth.I have been on a search to know myself for all of my adult life. I've been willing to allow things to unfold as they will. but that is not the same as taking responsibility. When I greet another. That only results in different symptoms arising. What I call consciousness is a part of Wayne. What I call spirit is a part of Wayne. 1886 .I gave you the gift of free will.What right have I to demand anything? All of my life. 1880 . 1883 .BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT Consciousness and me. often more devastating than the ones we start with.Our choices will result in the consequences that are inherent in them.Free will is not to weigh you down..Spirit is an active part of my life. There is only ONE. 1885 . I am orchestrating all of this.Spiritual law always delivers to you what you need. Those who are meant to be served by this expression will indeed find it. the creator. 1884 .These are the Musings of a Spiritual Warrior. How do I reconcile that? How can both of these things be true at the same time? There are no others in my world. It is my play.When we align ourselves with God. one that has allowed you to create your world in the fashion that you have done. then it is time to choose differently. 1877 . I commend you for what you have created. 1887 . 1882 .It is for each to do what they are moved by spirit to do. 1879 . If it is not doing that. That means that what I call source is a part of Wayne. 1876 . Yes.You are in the midst of the play.. I am concerned as well. What was a surprise was the realization that all that has been expressed from source in this stream of consciousness is from ME. That is spiritual law.

Being is its own justification. individually then collectively. There can only be ONE. I am. 1893 .No matter what voice the expression takes it is still a musing from Wayne. 1888 . That means an economic system that provides the means for individuals to exchange services for what they need physically. and of consciousness herself. it puts a completely different perspective on things to think that I have done this for my eyes only. But.Focus on the oneness. mentally. But WHY? Am I not doing my best? Am I not expressing in the grandest way that I can in the moment? Surely. We are not defined by what we DO. That means a political system that serves all of us . 161 . And. When they are not doing so individually and/or collectively it is time to change them so that they do serve. I am. But. intuitive leaps arise from the presence of spirit. it seems for God as well. That is not much to ask. and spiritually. what we are is God incarnate. consciousness expressing in form and through form. spiritual timing is always the right timing. 1891 .I have spoken of a tithe of time as being the minimum spiritual commitment of each of us for the betterment of society.Social structures and institutions are meant to serve you. it can't help to understand the emergent behavior that comes from synergy. my only actions to help remove the blockages are via this expression. This requires moving up the hierarchical structure not down. 1890 . And.Timing is everything.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT consciousness. You are exactly where you need to be when you need to be there. 1894 .For us to begin to make our world ONE. all manner of support is added to our cause. these three are all ME. emotionally. Spirit ensures that such is the case. And. Most of this support comes from spirit. And. that would be 4 hours per week. we are defined by what we ARE. 1896 . at some level. The endless dissecting of things in science is a case in point. Indeed. it can be quite amusing at times. But. always. but it makes the equivalent of millions of person years per year available to serve society in this country alone. Separation can have its utility. And. But. It can help to understand certain kinds of things. I demand more of myself.. That means an educational system that meets the lifetime learning needs of all of us.While I have observed where spirit flows easily and where it is blocked. not just those who are affluent enough to make substantial campaign contributions. When we treat one another as ONE. That does not seem to be enough.I still see spirit or consciousness as greater than ME. now. There can not be three and ME. I've often asked how special I must be for spirit to express all of this for my eyes only. 1895 . spirit enfleshed. This requires an intuitive leap. It is simply about BEING. it is not about being greater than or less than. enough for me to laugh out loud at myself. I AM consciousness expressing as ME and through ME.. we have to start by making ourself one. 1892 . 1889 . If we limit that to our work time.

Don't wait to be asked. 1898 . In doing so. be open to allowing the energies of spirit to flow forth through you. but not in the sense of getting more of the same or better of the same. In particular. so do our needs. That is simply how the process works. but not to serve him.. But. In doing so. It can come from anywhere. The creator was missing in my life.. It can never be anything other than perfect.. Consciousness. What you are moved to do will reflect what you choose to be. I just don't know exactly what that is yet. And. 1900 . BE OPEN. It helps if the filling of the need involves providing a service that uses your greatest gifts and talents .. Spirit and Consciousness have been there for quite some time. And. But that is not my way. 1902 . We have lived our life by default long enough. it will be something that I choose to be. The unfoldment of spirit is truly perfect. or at least an important aspect of ME.I would be a Philosopher King in the spirit of Plato's Republic.I don't think in terms of serving God. and Peaceful. how do I create such a position? Just do it! That is the key. That would require desiring something to be. perhaps he found ME.With every step I take .. For the most part. I have found God again . There is no effort wasted. But. It will be interesting to see what changes as a result of this realization. That does not mean that it is all Light. They involve opening to whom that we can be.As a spiritual warrior. They involve time and the exchange of energy. We are ONE. all three are active in my life. as of the past month or two.I would be something new and different. I found ME as well. Clearly it is not. 1904 . Not that 162 . they cost nothing.. I feel perfectly comfortable to do as consciousness moves me to do. Just do it! Just BE what you choose to BE. And. 1899 . I live on the edge of the unknown realm of consciousness . But.For me. that uses capabilities that you love to use. spiritual needs are the easiest needs to be met by spirit. the only thing that is such for me is the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express. Those foundations are ideals that are presently both unknown and unmanifest. That is no longer the case. the trinity is God. it is unfolding perfectly nonetheless. They involve sharing of whom that we are. to whom that we were created to be. But. that in and of itself is good advice . Happy.One of the secrets to success is to find a need and fill it. Others work to make what is unmanifest manifest.. Serving consciousness is a different matter. And. Here. or.. Spirit.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 1897 . as I do that. Challenges and problems are also opportunities. she learns ever more. I allow spirit to express through me as she will... Actually. 1905 . trying to make more of what is unknown known. 1902 . you serve as a vehicle for spirit to work as you through you. God was missing. 1901 .. Those particular needs grow less and are replaced by whole new realms of spiritual needs.. ever.As we grow in spirit . The world has its share of challenges and problems. God created ME to serve.Be open to advice.

All that we need is provided by spirit. Trust ME. the eyes of your soul and see what spirit would have you see. and rightly so. Trust! Trust YOU. and trust that spirit will show you how to get it. try though we might.Everything is being unveiled per a schedule. Open up your thinking.Focus on what you need. Actually. sometimes neutral. Yes. sometimes good.. We are spirit expressing as us and through us in flesh.It doesn't matter whether you consider yourself to be spiritual or not. at some point we have to grow up and BE what we are meant to BE. 1907 . What that is will be unique for each of us. Trust Spirit. sometimes bad. 163 . All choices have consequences. we are a part of life. It is for us to become the best channels for spiritual expression that we can be.Many are not aware of the responsibility that comes with choices. We have only to open our eyes to see it. it is that easy. It is already there in our vicinity. How's that for an oxymoron? 1910 . This is not an easy role for you. there are many ways. These two lie in a completely different domain. Take pleasure in simple things. Open up your BEING. You have a role in establishing the foundations of a new world order. We are all spirit experiencing life in physical form. per a spiritual timetable if you will. it would be great to do that. and how do we provide the service to them? Find a way. an order unlike anything that has existed to date. as the one choosing.. we are unique creations of consciousness. 1912 . 1914 .How do we turn the expression into service? Who would be served by it. And.. Don't tie your happiness to achieving the BIG mission of your life. whether it happens or not is in spirits hands not yours. That is spiritual law.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT allowing spirit to express in your life is wrong in anyway. Trust Consciousness . nothing is above spiritual law. and trust that spirit will take care of the how. A hermit whose hearts desire is to create a utopian community. But. 1908 . There is nothing that we can do to escape our innate nature. One of the challenges however is to meet them effectively and efficiently or elegantly. Needs are always met. 1911 . it is right in every way.. we will indeed experience the consequences. 1906 . 1915 . Yes. Actually. There is a way.Tiredness of the body and brain does not necessarily translate to tiredness of the mind and the spirit. 1916 ..We are animated. 1909 .Make it easy for you to be happy..We only need to be clear about what we want . just TRUST! 1913 . But. And.Open your eyes .

not of myself. but spiritual law assures that we reap the consequences of any choices we make.. That is what spirit does all the time. The burden. period. But. Compensation occurs in getting physical.We are meant to serve one another.. 1922 .. Different paths suit different souls. Yours was primarily an intellectual one leading to a spiritual one. No path is better than any other. we need to remember that when we serve. 1925 . Others follow the way of the heart more closely. You can do this. 1919 . just BEING. Even the choice not to choose is a choice. some neutral. 1923 . Still others proceed on a primarily physical path. if there is one. just as you. except in the spiritual arena. 1921 .In making a choice. Embrace that. You already take each day as it comes with few expectations. But. is anything demanded of me? The only directives that I feel apply are to be whom that I AM and to be all that I can be. her resources are inexhaustible. but it is also just.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 1917 . These seem to be imposed on me from God.. finds needs and fills them.What does the world need? The first thing that comes to mind is foundations that allow spirit to be more fully expressed in flesh. What you do will be mirrored back to you. 1928 . it is spirit doing the work as us through us.Choices always have consequences . The law is precise.One of the secrets to life is to find a need and fill it. not of others. You are always BEING. always.Can you care about others as much as you care about yourself? On the outside they are flesh and blood. be happy about that. 1924 . or from spirit herself. That is how we manifest what we need... You are aware of the magic and the mystery of your BEING. 1927 . Spiritual law ensures that we reap the consequences of our choices. All needs are met. It is not my nature or my place to make demands . 1920 . mental. Make the choice to enjoy BEING.I don't expect much .Compensation is more than dollars. But. and spiritual needs met. If you want people to be interested in you. and especially not of spirit. We have free will. I don't demand anything. Be happy simply to BE. Spiritual adepts and masters have done this for ages.Do as you would have others do unto you. some good. 1926 . 164 . or taking an action. This is spiritual law at work. you set in motion the need to reap the consequences. some bad. Not being this or being that. is not on us but on spirit. 1918 . Such is spiritual law. enjoy that.Enjoy BEING. and it is unforgiving .The world is perfect.There are many paths however.. be interested in them. emotional. on the inside they are spirit. And..

I was clearly not happy.You can become receptive to consciousness however. and spirit are all interconnected in a way that I have never experienced before. 1935 . but often it is not. These are only some of the mysteries we experience every day. this expression came forth as a shining light from spirit via the source within. This is a game of consciousness that we are playing. It took a powerful session with a gifted intuitive healer to as the saying goes "put Humpty Dumpty together again". 1933 . Even through all of that.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 1929 . 1936 . Is it soon enough to reverse the trend? Can we take the steps necessary for our collective recovery? Here. And. I believe that spirit will win out in the end. our destiny is in their hands .Some might argue that our economic choices individually and collectively have brought us to the brink of major world disaster. though you suspend disbelief for awhile and allow them to become experienced in the moment. they can wield great power. But.Here is where our visionaries earn their pay. what has departed in that very instant? Whatever it was that gave life to the flesh. Life itself is a mystery. I trust consciousness. I trust that she will lead us out of the darkness and into the light. heart. literally a god clothed in flesh. The flesh is much the same the moment before death as the moment after death. mind. I was wearing the masks so well that it fractured the very spirit that I was. They create ideals that never were to give us dreams to manifest. 1934 .Your movies are not real. It is a matter of focus and attention.We think without knowing where and how our thoughts originate. 1938 . and one? How is that different than what I have felt before? Body. we seek ever expanding awareness. Though. But. To some degree. Sometimes this is positive. Because they are experienced by a great number of people. a grand spirit. the body connection is still a bit of a stretch due to some misuse and judgment on my part.I can choose to wear masks of various sorts. We even speak without knowing how we will end a sentence when we begin it. They accentuate some parts of me and downplay other parts of me. I am an optimist. 1932 . spirit does not cease to exist when we die. 1930 . Perhaps they are right.. You can become receptive to spirit expressing through you.Spirit is the grandest part of the body. spirit itself was fragmented into pieces that were me and were not me. Though.I had treated the body. or their minds and spirits as it were. it seems that many of us don't identify with our godhood. and even the soul as less than the spirit. 1931 .. But the masks are a form of hide and seek. They are "real" enough that they can move you emotionally and/or spiritually and can even move you to act. It was a real mess. the emotions.Each of us is a grand being. spirit trinity. spirit is not a dictator in 165 . and that we will all win in the process.What does it feel like to be whole. 1937 . the mind. I am eternally grateful for that. soul. And. But. We are conscious without knowing why or how. Spirit animates us all. mind. complete. In the game. I call that spirit.

That is the key to manifestation. But. And. I've been waiting for awhile. No. balance can evolve. express your desire as a need .I keep thinking about the need for a new job and a new life. we don't know exactly why we decide what we do. but in some way that speaks from YOU to you. We are free to choose our own balance in life. it can be oscillating. That is spirits way. We are too complex for any simple theories to work here. She doesn't even compel us to do things. It doesn't matter to me what the specific job is so long as it allows me to joyfully use my abilities and talents in service to spirit somehow. and year after year? Why? What is the point? What is the utility? I do it because it is fun.The reward for doing our spiritual job is abundance on all levels. I trust that consciousness knows and fulfills my needs. One of my needs is this very expression. 166 . Also.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT our lives. What does it take to achieve balance? Balance does not have to be fixed. 1940 . That is why it manifests as it does. not just the spiritual. it is time. Nor does balance have to be equal on all legs. it can change over time. 1943 . . This is primarily a spiritual need for me. if spirit can go to such lengths in my life. Interesting. and ONE. what does that say about how much I am worth.Yes. Balance.. Perhaps not. she can do so in yours as well. Indeed. 1941 . With that comes the right to choose. and let spirit determine how to bring it into your life. 1945 .Can all of this really be for me and me alone? If so.When there is oneness. though I like to think she does at times. and preferably a selfless need at that. not in the same way. And. That needs to apply to every area of my life. flying is the grandest game that I have found to date. it is a very strong need. I choose to create that now. For the most part. but I haven't really be doing things and making choices that facilitate such dramatic changes. about how much each of us is worth? For.Decide what it is that you need. It is a matter of personal preference and is different for each of us. 1946 . and spirit all contribute to our decisions. it seems my spirit and soul demand something more. I choose to serve spirit. 1942 . 1939 . Perhaps that will manifest as service to others. given the quantity and quality of this stream of consciousness expression.I don't even know what my needs are. Here I get to soar on the wings of consciousness on the wind of spirit. It can be our way if we choose to make it so.Emotions. things just seem to have a way of working out for the good of all concerned. soul. intellect. Now. She doesn't decide for us. intuition. gut. We have free will. 1944 . complete. 1947 . month after month.Why do I keep doing this day after day.We are whole.. 1948 .

things that I should know. in particular. It seems that the spirit that was fractured is indeed integrated again. I have my present job to pay the bills.Our higher self is the spirit that we are. soul. things that we should know . and this expression to satisfy my spirit. she meets needs by expressing through us. The body is a temple for spirit.I do not fully accept all of me as I am.This is how spirit expresses through me.Needs are always met. in my world anyway. 1950 .Clearly. But. It clearly is. the body is a living entity that provides the vessel for the mind. being is what we are here for. that is enough. That is not to say that the doing is not important..Consciousness Mind .How is life infused in the body? Hmm . And. It seems that all aspects of this miracle of life should be treated equally and respected. By far. Here is where Wayne's consciousness has free reign to express through this vessel.We are spirit in flesh. The services may be on physical. 1954 . an adventure in consciousness. Though there is still a sense that body and mind may be disconnected from soul and spirit. this is the grandest adventure of my life. This is a spiritual adventure. 1952 .How do we serve spirit? By being the best that we can be.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 1949 . But.Who is served by this? Clearly spirit herself is served whenever consciousness expresses freely. in particular being whom that we are. an individualized spark of the universal consciousness. By being what YOU created US to BE. with spirit as the wind beneath the wings.. and mind or Wayne. the expression through me comes in words. 1953 .. Wayne soars on the wings of consciousness. And. Spirit ensures that. I still treat my body as a thing.Soul . Wayne is a soul. and spirit to occupy and experience life and reality. hence spiritual? 1955 .Right now. I accept the spiritual parts and have focused my attention on them for many years. brain. This vessel is the body. Spirit . 1957 . But. But. 1956 . 1959 .I'm still feeling whole. and ONE in spirit. and many words at that. other parts do not have an equal place in my heart. Why is that?. That is how this stream of consciousness comes forth. spirit and life are not synonymous. I would have it no other way. the spark of spirit that God created us to be. 1951 . these are basic things. The flesh. Most needs are in the form of goods and services that we create and provide to one another. How does soul fit into the picture? How does mind fit into the picture? Where is consciousness in all of this? It seems that I have far more questions than answers. But. in a single Psych-K session.Body. heart. What judgment am I applying to these parts? Why do I consider them to be less than spiritual? Is not everything of spirit.. 167 . complete. as a third class citizen compared to my mind which is still far below my soul and spirit. there are innumerable ways that spirit can express through us. There still seems to be a hierarchy in my mind. We serve by BEING far more than by DOING. 1958 .

My heart demands more. I still see the spiritual as higher than or greater than rather than equal to. Remember that.I saw something lacking in external communities. no wonder I'm still a little confused by all of this. Though I do have a great deal of freedom to choose what I do and how I do it even within that environment. neither my body nor my mind have demands that I recognize anymore. How many people deal with this many parts of themselves? Yet. Yet. But. That does not make it superior in any way. But. But. Nearly every day I demonstrate that I am living the dream. it just makes it chosen as preferred in my life.Don't worry about how others see you. somehow it is not enough. why don't I trust it enough to really share it with others? I trust spirit. My world is already one in which spirit expresses quite fully in flesh. almost to the neglect of the mind. my Soul. do I trust ME? That is an interesting question. complete. my soul demands more. or is that for her to do? If it is my task. so I created one of my own internally... my Inner Self. So. There are no separations. See them as the spirit that is within them. We are whole. There is always an unseen hand involved. 1960 . it seems that I would be moved to do it. it seems that we are close. or spiritual levels or some combination of these. Why should I neglect any part of whom that I AM? Somehow. is right only for me. much closer than we have ever been. 1966 . my spirit demands more. ME. I don't consider my time at work to be my own. 1967 . my ego. 1968 . my Consciousness. I know that what is right for me .Myself.I dream of creating the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh. and ONE. Interesting. We all are. 1962 .My focus is still on the spiritual. I am still working my way out of that. my Heart. my Higher Self.. we can only do our part in their manifestation. 1965 . not a bad thing. They are not real. mental. They do not exist. But. 1961 .Outcomes are in spirits hands. 168 . the community that I created was not a community of equals. tricks that our minds play on us. Is it for me to turn it into a service.. That seems to be an error in my perception. All of the boundaries are illusions. my Mind.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT emotional.Spirit knows what has been expressed here. It was as if I set up a caste system in my own being. we are ONE. the emotions. It is time that I have sold to my employer. The operative trinity is heart | soul | spirit. and that is what you will allow them to see. 1963 . I see this as a good thing.I trust the process of life flowing through me. Though. and what has been done with that expression.Right now. 1964 . my Spirit . why do I see it in this way? I have focused on the spiritual for so long that it colors everything that I do. They will see the reflection of whom they are in their interactions with you. But. WE. it seems that the spiritual will always call to me more than any other. and the body. I am perfect as I am.

She has some mission for me to accomplish. I can only assume that it is because she has some purpose for me in mind. and spirit in greatly increasing order. 1977 . Do I pay it the respect that it deserves? I would have to answer no. living in poverty. that means that I have faith. That is enough. all of this is preparing me for something that only I can do. great faith in God. I trust. She has also been quite prolific in my life. Consciousness. The games truly are a celebration of excellence. a grand competition of the best of the best competing not only for individual glory but for the glory of their respective nations. abilities. I trust the process of LIFE of which I am a part. Spirit. 169 . and even in ME. 1971 . But. It doesn't matter that I do not know what these ways are yet. in spirit. something that I was born to do.I believe the Olympics last for around two weeks. I have to believe that. but how can I know for sure? What other choice would I make. Spirit has been very patient with me. 1970 . And. a life that I was born to live. When we have people. 1974 .My present ways of being are not getting me what I want in life. Why is not for me to know. And. and experiences that allow me to be of service in particular ways to others and to the world. They are not allowing my spiritual work to have the impact that it could have. we are magnificent entities.I say that it is spirit moving me. how do I treat the temple that I occupy? Clearly not as well as I could treat it. They are houses for spirit after all. I was more concerned with my mind. Not that our bodies aren't magnificent in their own right. Life. collectively we have failed.It is our station in spirit that matters. Yes. It is time to choose new ways of being and experience the consequences that result.What does matter is that I trust the process of BEING. It is time to make new choices.Spiritual economy ensures that all needs of everyone are met. soul.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 1969 . 1976 . Why? It simply has never been very important to me.Surely. and what would I base that choice on? It seems that the source within. 1978 .I am not superior in any way to anyone. What does it take to realize that? What does it take for the collective to take responsibility for the collective? 1973 .Is not everything that I express spirit expressing through me? Is there not one consciousness animating us all? Is there not one God who created us and is experiencing LIFE as us through us? Indeed. is it what I know? Do I have firsthand knowledge of any of this? 1972 . The Olympic spirit is strong indeed. I trust. It is enough that spirit knows and that consciousness herself leads me every step of the way to finding where my services are most needed. I trust consciousness as she expresses through me and in my life. spirit. vast numbers of people. I trust. 1975 . It is a celebration of the physical. I have to. I have particular skills. I have no desire to change this. it is one of inclusiveness. such is what I believe. or consciousness herself is good enough for me.So.

But. 1982 . spirit speaks through your mind to your soul. one who takes down what another says. But. but soar she does. mental. even though I would very much like for this to happen.I have shown that I have dedication on the spiritual front. and that I am to play a role in achieving this plan. where the achievements of the body are celebrated by the entire world. Indeed. So.Everything is spirit..I can understand volunteering for our calling.Consciousness feeds me what I need to know when I need to know it. nothing. Consciousness is my compass. Even the body itself is a mask and costume that we wear. I have called it my spiritual vocation.. it is not consciously from ME. Yes.What would I be next? I am a scribe for spirit. and the mind is spirit. physical. the heart is spirit. Every part of everything is spirit. 1989 . I feel called to do this. am I passionate enough about it to turn it into a job. I trust that there is a plan for the evolution of spirit in flesh. 1983 . 170 .. we do for the sheer joy of doing them. There is nothing else. But. this comes from something within. rather than a hobby. emotional.I trust consciousness. That is most descriptive of how this expression manifests. everything. 1985 . Yet I have been told many times that all of this is from Wayne. but what does that really mean? A vocation is something that you are called to do. I am passionate about this expression. Everything is consciousness in expression. sometimes not far off the ground . Our hobbies. 1988 . 1980 .We came into this world naked. we leave the world that way as well.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 1979 . but I must decide on the destination. 1984 . it seems that there should be a payback. The payback should be abundance on all levels . My mind is active and engaged.Clearly. It is by her that I steer the course of my life. I know that I am Wayne. But. Spiritually speaking.What alternatives do I have? A more empowering question is what alternatives does spirit have for me? I live as she directs. You have paid little attention to your soul with the exception of intuition. 1986 . What moves us to answer our calling? Clearly. everything.In this expression.Interesting that this would come up during the time of the Olympics. all of this is from ME. sometimes to great heights. I have not been in a position to allow it to consume all that I AM. 1987 . Yes. There should be compensation for finding and doing what we love to do in a way that serves others. That means the body is spirit. and spiritual. a scribe. 1981 . We realize that our vocation is what we were born to do.. My spirit still soars. She guides me to whatever destination that I set.

Mind. This is it. It is all things and everywhere.Spirit. 1991 . 1998 . This is what makes my heart sing and my spirit soar.There is still a twinge of judgment as to whether all of what has been expressed here is indeed worthy of an audience. I related to being spirit enfleshed. The spirit doesn't develop relationships. Here. not your SPIRIT. it is up to spirit to find that audience . Consciousness. 1995 ... 2000 . How can I have made it through half a century..I still have a great divide between my paid work and my spiritual work. 1996 . not the spirit.Consciousness is where spirit touches me. and having a mission to create the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh. It is a gift that we have been given by God. This expression has been a stream of consciousness expression from spirit. this is true for the consciousness of each of us.Life is something I haven't thought about much. But. My consciousness is my grandest tool.I don't ask for much.. She allows me to do things that no one else can do. no matter how prolific spirit is in coming forth through me. 1994 . This is the life that I choose to live. it is only in words. Body . The first pays the bills. This expression is a testament to that. the soul feels. The heart feels. This is what I was born to do. The later provides abundance in many ways on many levels. But.We are here to build the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh.. something that you have developed quite well.. It is something that I choose to impose or not to impose. I had never associated spirit with the feeling and motivating part of a person. there is also a resignation that if there is to be an audience for Beyond Imagination.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 1990 . what wonderful words .. it is out of my hands. Every nerve and sinew in me says this is what I am here to do... I have never really had a good understanding of the difference between spirit and soul. to the power of spirit. The soul is the higher self. Your happiness depends on your connection to your soul.. to the creative power of consciousness as she expresses through us.There is only ONE consciousness. Simply to allow me to use my talents in service to spirit herself. we still don't have the means to distinguish between the first four of these. and I am truly amazed. YOU are your SOUL. just five simple terms to unravel. Then again. especially to one whose world is words and numbers. That just isn't going to happen as the part time endeavor of a single person . Soul. But. The SOUL is what experiences the richness of emotional life. 1999 ..I have seen firsthand what spirit can do through me . 1993 .Am I limiting myself in choosing to spend so much of my time on this expression? The answer is a resounding NO. does spirit have feelings in that way? 1997 .. The will is outside of consciousness. With all of our metaphysical study and training. 1992 . through 34 years of metaphysical 171 . Your happiness depends not on your connection to spirit ..

I don't question whether it could have been done differently or better. 2012 . the quiet times in which to write.. It also seems to be tied to relationships. complete. the focus on spirit.. we are whole. Spirit will see to that.. It is not there to show how the part functions in an integrated manner.Is there a way for me to be employed by spirit herself? Of course there must be . 2003 .The soul feels whereas the mind thinks and even believes. why would it even occur to me to ask? 2008 . I knew that I was in the "Midst of a Spiritual Awakening" from the time that the Beyond Imagination expression began. the lack of close relationships and friends.Spirit is ONE.. Some might say that it is the spirit that breathes life into us.Spirit is what gives me inspiration . 2009 .I trust spirit implicitly. It is meant to be far more than that. Don't take me wrong. and soul just beings with different natures of energy? In the end. It was done as it needed to be done 2013 . and I get further behind with each new musing that comes forth. 2001 . 2011 . But. I am pleased by all of that.Our soul is that individual essence that God placed in the clay of the body to give it breath.. the involvement in metaphysics. And. 2006 . some things I would change .Are spirit. spirit is what drives the source within. the separateness from everything and everyone except spirit and consciousness. It is there to help to isolate the parts.As with everything else in my life.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT study. Souls are individual and MANY. things that I don't know how to do myself. and through 16 years of metaphysical expression without knowing this. the spirit knows. I am not complaining. to give it life. 2010 . 2002 . Spirit is what allows me to soar on the wings of consciousness. In many cases. consciousness. Any separation is illustrative only. otherwise. and ONE.. when I need to experience something I will.. Though. I know what she has done in my life to date.Some things I would not change ..Consciousness seems to be the mechanism through which spirit speaks to us. I count on spirit to do a lot in my life. It is just that Beyond Imagination deserves to be more than a part time spiritual endeavor for one person. 172 .I consider myself to be spiritual and able to muse.I probably have a backlog of two years worth of work already. 2005 . What else distinguishes the two? Soul is tied to heart and to emotional reality.What does it take to make someone spiritual? Is it anything more than an awakening to what we already are? 2004 . 2007 . the spiritual part is not new.

I do not know how it is that I could tell without somehow having firsthand awareness of the process.. 2018 . I am not satisfied with ME and what has been done through ME. there would be no problem with attention. We are ONE . and what laws were passed has never impacted my life in a way that mattered to me. but they are spawned by spirit herself as well. is sufficient for spirit to start bringing forth the necessary direction in my life. I know that I can deliver.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT 2014 .Spirit is always there with me. I don't know how they express. so. the state had no authority and I refused to bow down to the tenets of any religion. I am still alone..If you are not going to be an informed voter. I say may be. But. She knows how to get me from where I am to where I choose to be. Nothing. is it not time for some new age thoughts to achieve prominence? Indeed. 2022 . led by the endeavors of a great many metaphysical authors as it were..These works are definitely my children. 2023 . 2024 .Is not the light of spirit stronger than any material force? Do not thoughts rule the world? And.I choose to engage in this Beyond Imagination endeavor on a full time basis. it seems that it is time.Announcing my intent. and had to find my own way . for me. In fact. because I do not know for sure. my choice. these are not separate from me. She is my universal navigation system. as is consciousness. That is how much I expect from myself.I only know of spirit and of consciousness by what they express in my life. 2019 . But. the spiritual. Everything is spirit expressing in flesh. It is not my task to worry about the details. Though. but am I passing it on to others in my life? When I look at things as needing to change. I need this 173 . the spiritual is the ultimate in life.Here I get to engage in creative spiritual expression. because it is spirit delivering through me. then it seems to me that exercising your right to vote misses the point. In the one area that mattered to me. in a very real way. 2016 . 2020 . And.. what they did.Everything is spiritual. in this case. There simply is nothing else. It is up to me to follow where consciousness would guide me to go 2015 . when will it be enough. the consciousness that spawns these words may be a part of me as well. 2021 . my most productive times musing have been during highly manic states. And. with the exception of a few stays at the mental hospital.Spirit is having a highly positive impact on me. I've been a free thinker as a result. 2017 . I only know that they expression and that these words are the expression. I could choose to devote nearly every free waking moment to this endeavor and still come up short.If my work involved being in the spiritual world full time. The bottom line is that who was in office. I am not satisfied with the status quo. I do so for primarily selfish reasons.

. Why do I need that? Because this is the work that allows me to come alive in ways that nothing else does. and we collectively are that. spirit already knows this . That makes this stream of consciousness extremely special . Something that explains what I want in a job and what my qualifications are. 2025 . It is for us to choose to do or not to do.. but it might be interesting to see what I know about this. 2026 .It just came to me that a resume might be in order. There is only ONE. 174 . 2027 .. when such cannot be the case. 32 years of math and engineering training and experience. 16 years of metaphysical expression including publishing nine Beyond Imagination books. Yes...Just look at what it took to get you here: 34 years of metaphysical training including reading over 1000 books. There is a big difference.Outcomes are in spirits hands. There we go again.. Things that are special are of great value . How it will be conveyed is up to you. speaking as if spirit is somehow distinct from whom that I AM.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT to be my life’s work. This expression has a message that is meant to be conveyed to the world. not just the spiritual work that I do in my spare time. especially when they are spiritual things. more so than even you know. 2028 . That is something that YOU choose. not earning a living. Spiritual law determines the consequences of our choices.I truly equate spiritual work with living.

com Feedback is encouraged and appreciated.com Just search for Beyond Imagination ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------You can reach me at beyond@redshift. we hope that you were transformed in the process of reading it to something that you never knew you were. Hopefully.redshift.BEYOND IMAGINATION – ON SPIRIT We hope that you enjoyed this work. Further.scribd. NAMASTE 175 . we have done our job well. If so. you are moved enough to join the Beyond Imagination endeavor to help create the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh. Feel free to provide feedback on any of the concepts or experiences they elicited in you. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BEYOND IMAGINATION: Creating the Foundations for a New World http://www.htm ------------------------------------------------------------------------------Additional Beyond Imagination works can be found at: http://www.com/~beyond/mainpage.

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