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Viviana Prado

LBS 400
April 22, 2015
Visual and Performing Arts
Visual and performance arts include dance, music, theatre, and visual arts. In order to
teach elementary students I need to know all four subjects. I need to know age appropriate songs
for each grade. In kindergarten students dance, act, and paint to explore the world. Kindergarten
students move to music and sounds. Through dance students perform basic locomotor skills.
There are many songs that they can clap, march, walk, shake, and wiggle to. Children enjoy the
music while doing locomotor skills. In third and fourth grade students perform dances with
groups or pairs. I need to know dances that are age appropriate for each grade. Students also
learn about art, they learn about appropriate tools and media. They learn how to compare and
contrast works of art. Also, I need to about music; I need about tempo, beats, rhythm, and notes.
Students also learn about different culture music and learn to identify the music.
My Kinesiology 447 class prepared me by teaching me about different age appropriate
dances. Kindergarten and first grade have the same dances and are easy for children to follow
along with the instructor. In kindergarten and first grade the dances have many locomotor skills
like marching, pretending to be frozen, and clapping. I also learned the elements of dance which
are body, energy, space where we move, and time. I also learned cultural dances, folk dances, and
line dancing. I know how to incorporate other subjects to dance. In my Art 301 class I learned
how to properly hold a pencil when drawing. Also, my Art 301 prepared and taught me by
teaching me about two point perspective drawing. I also learned about primary colors and
secondary colors. I learned how to mix colors; I can teach students how to mix colors to get

different tones of blue, red, yellow, and many other colors. In addition, I learned about the
different types of brushes, pencils, paint, paper, and canvases. I also learned how to draw with
charcoal and water color pencils. In music class I learned about the different music notes. I know
about half notes, whole notes, and quarter notes.
I believe I am well prepared to teach dance, art, and some music. In dance I know about
the four dance form categories they are creative movement, recreational dance, concert dance,
and aerobic/fitness dance. Younger grade levels tend to follow the instructor, so as a teacher I
know dances that easier for them to follow. Older grade levels can learn dances with practice and
can perform alone. I am also well prepared to teach art to elementary students. I can teach
students how to properly hold a b pencil while drawing and how to hold a paint brush. I can
teach the students the primary colors and how to mix colors to make secondary colors. I am not
well prepared to teach music. I only know the different music notes and the two clefs which are
G clef and F clef. I do not know age appropriate songs that children can sing along to. I believe
with more research and help I can learn age appropriate songs.
In my portfolio I am planning to share my dance lesson plan. Also, I am sharing six
different art pieces. The art pieces are different medias. I have two paintings that I did with
temperate paint. I am also sharing my two point perspective drawing that I did with a pencil and
another that I did with charcoal. The last art piece is a drawing of flowers that I did with india
ink. My work samples show my knowledge of dance as well as art. My art pieces show that
know how to use many different medias to draw and paint.