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Heroes are all around us.

They face challenges each

and every day, and they do
so with integrity and

The real world has never

ceased needing heroic people
who are willing to stand up
for what is right and come to
the aid of those in need.

You may not feel great or as if

you have hero-like qualities, yet
God can make more of us than
we are.

We all encounter, during our

lifetime, moments when we
become angels of a higher calling.
It is at that time, when we answer
that calling, that we become a
hero in the truest sense of the

Heroes are the dreamers, those

men and women who tried to
make the world a better place
than when they found it, whether
in small ways or great ones.

You were created this way for

a wonderful purpose, that
you were endowed with a
unique set of gifts, talents,
and attributes that will help
you find and fill the special
place in this world that only
you can fill.

Invisible heroes may never

make it into our school
textbooks, garner their own
Wikipedia entries, or have
their own YouTube video that
goes viral. But they are all
indispensable members of our


Each of us in our own way is

capable of heroic deeds.

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