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Marketing Evaluation and control

Presented to :Prof. Surbhi Jain.

Presented By: Group No:1 [MBA-1-A]

Ashutosh Upadhyay [7]
Chirag Jasoliya [13]
Iti Rani [18]
Manisha Kumari [25]
Nilesh Radadiya [31]
Vinayraj Jangid [54]
Marketing control
There is no planning without control.

Definition of Marketing control :

“Marketing control is the process of monitoring
the proposed plans as they proceed and
adjusting where necessary. If an objective states
where you want to be and the plan sets out a
road map to your destination, then control tells
you if you are on the right route or if you have
arrived at your destination.”
Process of Control
Type of Control Prime Purpose of Control Approches
1. Annual Plan • Top To examine whether • Sales analysis
Control Management the planned results are • Market Share
• Middle being achieved. analysis
Management • Sales-to-expense
• Financial analysis
• Market-based
scorecard analysis
1. Profitability Ratio Marketing Controller To examine where the Profitability by:
company is making and •Product
losing money. •Territory
•Trade Chennel
•Order Size
1. Efficiency Control Line and Staff To evaluate and Efficiency of:
management improve the spending •Sales force
Marketing Controller efficiency and impact of •Advertising
marketing expenditure. •Sales Promotion
1. Strategic Control Top Management To examine whether • Marketing-
Marketing Auditor the company is effectiveness rating
pursuing its best instrument
opportunites with • Marketing Audit
respect to markets, • Marketing
products and chennels experience review
• Company ethical
and social