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Savannah Marie Terrell

Discipline ● Responsibility ● Individualization ● Empathy ● Analytical
Box T 1521, Stephenville, TX 76402
(817) 964-5096
To obtain a job in the Biology field
Bachelor of Science in Biology
Tarleton State University, Stephenville, TX (GPA: 2.8)

August 2015

Summary of Skills

Strong leadership qualities with ability to achieve successful outcomes
Dedicated and driven to meet and exceed expectations
Proficient in organizational skills
Exhibit strong ties to discipline, individualization, responsibility,
empathy and analytical skills

Related Courses
Business Communications
General Psychology
College Composition and Research I & II
Technical Writing
General Chemistry I & II
General Biology I & II
Organic Chemistry I
Anatomy & Physiology I & II
Animal Physiology
Next Generation DNA Sequencing
Physics I & II
Relevant Experience
Battalion Executive Officer, August 2009–May 2011
Granbury High School MCJROTC, Granbury, TX

Arranged and executed events for up to 140 students over a course of
2 academic years
Coordinated and implemented yearly training that included developed
team building and stimulated individual enhancement.
Motivated cadets to achieve personal and team goals

Shift Leader, May 2008–August 2012
Showbiz Cinema 6, Granbury TX

Savannah Terrell

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Supervised up to 15 co-workers
Assembled and managed various large crowds
Determined and developed weekly goals

Supplemental Instructor, August 2012-August 2014
Academic Support, Tarleton State University, Stephenville, TX

Tutor and encourage up to 50 students
Develop and enhance students math and decision making skills
Prepare and guide students to achieve students personal academic

Residential Leader, August 2012-Current
Residential Living & Learning, Tarleton State University, Stephenville, TX

Establish rapport and sense of community among residents
Guide residents along journey of personal discovery and selfaffirmation
Council and support residents throughout year
Evaluate and resolve residents conflicts

Summer Conference Director, May-August 2013
Residential Living & Learning, Tarleton State University, Stephenville, TX

Provide leadership, customer service to the summer conferences
Aid in departmental initiatives for the upcoming academic year
Evaluate crisis management situations and respond in a timely
Provide continuous facility management during the summer
conference season

Lab Assistant, August 2014-Current
Department of Chemistry, Physics and Geo-sciences, Tarleton State
University, Stephenville, TX

Council students in safety techniques
Evaluate and resolve unsafe chemical handling techniques
Guide students through structured learning outcomes
Develop and enhance students chemistry and decision making skills

Professional Achievements
Recipient, National Sojourners Award, Spring 2010
Recipient, Woman Marine Award, Spring 2011

Savannah Terrell

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Recipient, Veterans of Foreign Wars Scholarship, Spring 2011
Recipient, Distinguished Student Award, Spring 2013, Fall 2014
Recipient, Best Rapport with the Students Award, Fall 2013
Recipient, Rising Star Award, spring 2013
Recipient, Purple Paper Passion Award, Spring 2013
Recipient, Outstanding Structured Learning Assistant Leader Award, Spring