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Sarah Titus

Centennial Hall
Final ALE Reflection
Within the Discipline
While serving as a Residential Leader in the 2014-2015 academic school year, I
was able to both develop and build upon my skills and abilities regarding leadership. As a
Residential Leader, both last year and this year, I have learned that it is important to not
only serve as a role model for your residents and university community, but it is just as
important to inspire them and help them achieve their own goals and success. My
leadership theory is strongly based on this idea; that leaders must not only be a role
model, but also an assistant to others to encourage and help them towards achieving their
dreams and inspiring them to develop their leadership skills as well. Within this discipline
I have learned that being a Residential Leader means to stand up for your beliefs and
values by upholding them on a daily basis, serve to develop a strong community on
campus, and inspire others to do the same and grow in their own leadership abilities and
success both academically and socially. Serving as a Residential Leader greatly
contributed to my understanding of the connection between my academic experience and
meaningful real-world application as I developed my leadership skills on a daily basis
throughout the course of the past two years I have been an RL.

Beyond the Discipline

Along with serving as a Residential Leader in Centennial Hall for the past two
years, I have had the opportunity to serve in leadership positions in multiple other areas

and organizations while studying here at Tarleton State, as well as outside of school. I
have been able to serve as the President of the Tarleton Scholars Society, am an active
student in the Tarleton Honors College, studied abroad for a month in Italy with the
Honors College, served as the Secretary for the Collegiate Future Farmers of America,
was a rider on the TSU Stock Horse Team, served as a Renaissance Scholar, and also
served as an active member of the Tarleton Educators for the Advancement of
Mathematics. Throughout my time here at Tarleton thus far I have been able to gain
quality leadership skills through my many interactions with different organizations with
various purposes and activities. Having the opportunity to experience leadership positions
and memberships in multiple types of organizations has allowed my skill set to grow and
develop as a strong leader.

Beyond Academics
Outside of working hard as a student in the Tarleton Honors College, I served as a
leader for the Tarleton Scholars Society. I was able to rebuild an organization which was
previously inactive for an entire semester. I organized meetings throughout this past year,
ran elections for new officers, and got students to brainstorm about fun, exciting, and
engaging activities we could participate in as a group to give back to our local
Stephenville community as well as develop our own leadership skills. We participated in
Tarleton Round-Up (one day of community service in the Stephenville community),
which was a huge success. In addition to serving as the President for the Tarleton
Scholars Society I also attained leadership skills from my study abroad trip I attended in
Summer 2014. While abroad in Italy for a month last summer I was able to learn about

the culture in Italy that is so very different from ours in the United States. This experience
was certainly a real-world application of how my academic knowledge applies to
everyday life. I was able to learn about western literature and see the places where it was
actually composed or even occurred.

Throughout this year I have been able to develop leadership skills within the
discipline, beyond the discipline, as well as beyond academics. Developing leadership
skills is crucial in order to grow into the successful leader you are striving to become. By
not only serving as a Residential Leader but also having outside leadership positions at
Tarleton, I have been able to experience those specific opportunities to develop my
leadership skills. I have had first hand experience concerning working with others,
collaborating ideas, presenting ideas, and then starting from scratch again. Participating
in these various organizations as well as striving for excellence in my academics have
helped me become the leader I am today.

Global Awareness
Serving as an RL last year and now this year, I can say that I have developed
leadership skills that will last me a lifetime. My theory of leadership is that we are
constantly learning new skills as we encounter different people and different types and
approaches to leadership. I definitely believe that it is important for RLs to not only serve
as leaders in their hallways and on this universitys campus, but to also serve as role
models who encourage their residents and fellow students to also become leaders by

striving towards success and developing those positive characteristics and skill set. In
order to do this successfully, the Residential Leader must have a thorough global
awareness. Knowing the different biases, stereotypes, preconceptions, and assumptions
students make concerning other people or even other residents on their own hall allows
the RL to make a solid effort to reach out to those individuals and encourage an openminded mindset. This is crucial for the culture of the hall, as well as the awareness that
there are many different types of people from many different types of backgrounds.
Encouraging this open-mindedness leads to building a strong foundation and a hallway
that is accepting of one anothers differences.

Broader Implications
Serving as a Residential Leader has allowed me to realize that there are indeed
global issues which are addressed each day in the Residential Living and Learning
environment. From environmental tragedies occurring on the other side of the world to a
state-wide election happening here in Texas, residents and Residential Leaders will
constantly be faced with these global issues. As a Residential Leader, it is our job to
foster understanding and respect amongst all students. Creating this positive environment
encourages respect among residents, and develops an open-minded atmosphere where
students can talk to one another and discuss the various points of view for these global
issues. As students learn how to talk to one another and discuss important topics and
global issues, they will be developing the social skills needed to speak professionally
concerning topics of extreme importance. Along with these, they have the potential for
beginning to develop those leadership skills as they can then choose to make a difference

and stand up for what they believe in. Whether it be talking to other residents on the
hallway and then realizing that they should go vote in the election, or to decide to
participate in community service to give back to the community that has given so much
to them, global topics do have effects on the living and learning communities here at
Tarleton State University.