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The Mars Records 1

The Mars Records 1

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"There are other problems. I have some interesting 1993 figures. There
are 29 prototype stealth aircraft presently. The budget from the U.S.

Congress five-year plan for these is $245.6 million. You couldn't buy the
spare parts for these black programs for that amount. So, we've been lied

to. The black budget is roughly $1.3 trillion every two years. A trillion is a
thousand billion. A trillion dollars weighs 11 tons. The U.S. Congress never
sees the books involved with this clandestine pot of gold. Contractors of

stealth programs: EG&G, Westinghouse, McDonnell Douglas, Morrison-
Knudson, Wackenhut Security Systems, Boeing Aerospace, Lorimar

Aerospace, Aerospacial in France, Mitsibishi Industries, Rider Trucks,
Bechtel, *I.G. Farben*, plus a host of hundreds more. Is this what we are
supposed to be living up to as freedom- loving people? I don't believe so.

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