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An opportunity to join some like minded
individuals, share some of the regions'

best Wings, while raising money for the
Wounded EOD Warrior Foundation - & did Wounded EOD Warrior Foundation
I mention enjoying some of the best Wounded EOD Warrior Foundation is a non-
darned wings in the region? profit 501c-3 organization that provides finan-
cial relief to Wounded EOD warriors, person- Wounded EOD Warrior Foundation*
Lendy's will be hosting this eating nel in direct support of an EOD mission and
extravaganza, at their fine establishment their families when a loved one is injured. March 26, 2010
on 26 March - all proceeds will be donated Families are an integral part of the recovery
to the Wounded EOD Warrior Foundation! and rehabilitation process and we are proud
1400/2:00 - 1800/6:00
to support our EOD community. We depend
on donations and fundraisers. It is the gener-
osity of others that allows us to offer “com-
Lendy s
d y s passionate solutions” to our Wounded EOD A Place for Wings
Len ings or W dly serve!”
Warriors and their families. Please consider
joining the fun and supporting a great cause! Corner Of General Booth And Dam Neck
(Next to Food LIon)
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What is EOD??
“Serving those that proudly serve!”
g those t EOD stands for Explosive Ordnance
“S ervin Disposal. These are the brave men and
women serving in our Army, Marines, Navy Food & Drink
Lendy’s Famous Buffalo Wings and Air Force known as bomb technicians. Silent Auctions
Enjoy Lendy’s famous Buffalo Wings in They encounter all types of ordnance and on
today’s battlefields most commonly the IED,
your choice of sauce:
Improvised Explosive Device. There are over
4,000 bomb technicians within the Army,
If you can’t hang, Marines, Navy and Air Force doing this
they have BBQ, dangerous but necessary job.
Garlic Parmesan,
Teriyaki and Wimpy

Served with your choice of homemade

ranch or blue cheese dressing & celery.