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Professor Jackie
English 114
November 17, 2013
Word Count: 1378
Sex Education Dialogue I feel as if you could have a more creative title. This seems too
reminiscent of the dialogue assignment.
Sex education structures the way teens make their decisions. Sex education helps
them understand how to have safe sex, remove comma and how to maintain precautious
throughout the process. Without sex education, sex can bring many bad consequences due
to teens actions towards sex without being familiarized with the bad things sex can cause.
Sex education can alleviate the confusion brought upon the subject of sex. Curiosity can
lead into multiple negative? outcomes and sex education can help overturn teens curiosity.
It is said that sex education contradicts peoples religious beliefs, when it is just
informative. Therefore, sex education should be taught in schools because sex education
can help decrease pregnancy, remove comma and having the spread of sexually
transmitted diseases.
Sex education structures the way teens make choices about sex. Sex education has
aimed mostly at saving young girls from early sex and, therefore from sexually
transmitted disease, while preserving the institutions of marriage and family, Kinsey
whenever you first use someones name when you quote, you always use their full
name the first time and perhaps a little information about who that person is had

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stated missing in text citation. With sex education being taught in schools comma needed
young girls become aware of the consequences of sex and holds them back from having sex
until marriage. It will make young girls think twice before having sex knowing the bad
things sex can bring. Conservatives claimed the drop in teen pregnancy was due to
increased abstinence and began to agitate for more abstinence education in the schools.
Liberals claimed that frank talk about sex, contraception and especially AIDS fueled
the turnaround, Kinsey stated missing in text citation and period With having sex
education in schools it helps decrease the chances of young girls getting pregnant, having
sexually transmitted diseases, and clearing up what others say about sex. Sex education will
eventually be taught and prevent young girls from running away. This paragraph needs
more in it. What type of things does sex education teach, specifically, that helps
decrease teen pregnancy and making girls think twice. Why is there a focus on girls?
Without sex education people sought the only alternative solution? for getting
pregnant was to get married or run away. Kinsey argued that In the 1950s, teen pregnancy
rates were high (although statistics don't go back that far), and girls who got pregnant either
married or went away to have their babies and give them up for adoption... missing in
text citation When there was no sex education in the mid-1900s girls were getting pregnant
and marrying at a young age, running away or putting their kids up for adoption because
they didnt know how to take care of a baby. Without sex education young girls would be
having sex not knowing the life changes it would bring them such as leaving their home.
Kinsey stated, Schools would eventually begin to teach condom use and safe sex.
Missing in text citation Even if people are against the teachings of sex they will eventually
be taught in schools sooner or later due to the pregnancy rate. Alison again, any time you

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mention a new person that you are quoting, you use the full name and if you know a
bit about them, some information as to who they are (professor, scientist, etc.) argued
that, Studies show that many teenagers become sexually active before the inclusion of
educational classes. Principles of inclusion of classes has been shown to help students stay
or to abstain or at least be responsible if they are active. Missing in text citation Having
sex education helps teens know the principles of responsible sex and decreases the chances
of irresponsible actions. Alison stated, With problems, such as teenage pregnancies and
transmission of STDs on the rise, it is only appropriate that sex education is made in
school so that most children can be made aware. With so many pregnancies happening and
teens getting transmitted diseases the only way to help prevent this is by having sex
education in school to help them become aware of sex catastrophes. Perhaps consider
adding: Despite these benefits, Many people believe sex education shouldnt be taught in
schools. This paragraph is a bit repetitive. Id love to see you define what responsible
sex is and detail what some of the specific things these education programs cover.
Many people feel sex education shouldnt be taught because they believe its against
religious beliefs and feel that schools dont teach the proper information. Teachers are not
always adequately trained to teach sexual education and may violate their own beliefs or
morals on the subject rather than continuing with the facts, a point brought upon Alison
Id move this to before the quote. Also missing in text citation. They believe teachers
dont understand the concept of sex, but it doesnt matter how they teach, because they can
still help prevent pregnancies and reduce transmitted diseases and impact better decisions
about sex. Even parents arent trained to teach sexual education but even then they can also
help teach their kids about the consequences sex can bring from their own experience.

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Often, sexual education can go against moral or religious beliefs of an individual. Many
schools do not teach abstinence-only, but to teach how to have sex safely, while many of
the religious and family stress marriage before intercourse, addressed by remove Alison.
Sex education doesnt send anybody off to have sex comma needed it only advices advises
and helps teens make smarter decisions. It helps them know and understand what can go
wrong when having unprotected sex.
The purpose of sex education is to initiate better life decisions and deteriorate the
percentage of teens with transmitted diseases and pregnancies. Sex education isnt to tell
kids to go have sex or to violate their religious beliefs, but to teach them facts about sex and
its consequences. Also to help them be safe when they become sexually active so their
theyre aware of the bad things that can happen when having sex. Sex education is highly
identified to prevent multiple behaviors and achieve positive health in reducing the
frequency of unprotected sex. Sex education doesnt only make them be aware but also
explains to them the facts of their development when going through puberty. It teaches
them precautions about sex such as AIDS, STDs STDs, herpes, pregnancies, yeast
infection, syphilis, and general warts. Sex education can provide accurate medical
information about health benefits and all contraceptives. Perhaps consider making this
the first body paragraph and having it serve as an explanation of all that sex
education programs do/cover.
People believe that sex education violates beliefs and exposes teens to sexual
content that is inappropriate. They fear that sex education gives teenagers a motive to
engage in sexual activity. Sex education teaches kids to have sex as long as they take
precautions such as the use of condoms, remove comma and birth control pills. Parents are

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in denial at the fact that their kids will have sex one day. Sex education exploits explains
nothing but the sex facts to dismantle the percentage of sexual consequences. People
believe sex education violates their beliefs but what they dont know is no matter what
religion your youre from comma needed sex will eventually get through whether its in at
an early age or a later age. If teens dont get the sex education in school comma needed
eventually their peers will spill the beans about sex in a more confusing manner. Their
peers may give them wrong facts about sex. They might also tell them sex is good without
telling them the bad things about it or can also tell them sex is so good without protection
without addressing the pregnancy risk. Teens get up to the time where they become curious
and are willing to go ahead and have sex due to all these things they hear from their peers
about sex. People who disagree with sex education are blinded by the fact that sex gets
around, if it does comma needed then might as well teach the proper information
Sex education decreases pregnancy, remove and having sexually transmitted
diseases. It also helps teach teens the importance of knowing the consequences that sex can
bring. Sex education is a broad topic that can go around and easily cause confusion that
establishes questions that teens seek answers for. Education on sex teaches the proper
logical statements that guides decisions towards a positive path. Sex education is a
treatment to impair better judgment of safe sex too structure teens decisions. It can also
prevent young girls getting pregnant or married at a young age keeping them absentee
abstinent. It decreases the percentages of sexually transmitted diseases and teen
pregnancies by using protection provided in sex education class. Sex education is a course
destined to influence how teens see sex and how they engage in sexual activity. It is a major
impact that children learn the material to enhance better perspective and therefor giving

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kids the right image about sex. There is a way to handle the questions, confusion, and
embarrassment about the topic it is to simply provide the course to enhance proper
information in regards to sex. The solution is to prepare teens because eventually they will
learn it somewhere else even if its not in school.

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Works Cited
CQ Press. Teen Sex. Sex Education. Congressional Quarterly Inc. Sept 16, 2005.
Web. 4 Nov. 2013 The second line is the one that gets indented in the Works Cited
Parker Mia, Alison. Sex education in schools pros and cons. Youniversitytv. April 22,
2011. Web. 4 Nov. 2013 If Alison is the first name, then Parker or Parker Mia should
be what you use in your essay.
You chose a very interesting and important topic. It seems that you conducted
a lot of research here. I would have loved to see more in depth explanations of the
benefits of sex education here. Statistics would have been useful, perhaps. The reason
more explanation would help is that you tend to repeat yourself a bit through the
paragraphs and I think having more information to work with would help you avoid
this problem. See my comments above and below.
Assignment requirements: 7/10. You are missing your in text citations. I also
took off a point for the format of the Works Cited page. The title could also have been
a bit more creative.
Content: 39/50. I would have loved to see more explanation, as I mentioned
above. I think you have a lot of good stuff here, but it just is only covering the surface
of all the information that is out there on sex education and the pros/cons.
Organization: 25/30. This was well organized. I suggested moving the order of
the paragraphs around, but aside from that you did a great job.
Mechanics: 8/10. Good work. See my comments in the text.
Total grade: 79/100.
Highlighted GREEN text means interesting or good
Highlighted YELLOW text means it needs minor revision
Highlighted PINK text means it needs major revision
Highlighted GRAY text means it needs proofreading
Bold purple text is my comments or corrections

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