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Desktop Roadmap Guidance

This latest Intel® architecture building block roadmap update is intended to

provide you with recommendations for your Desktop deployments.

Desktop Segment Processor Chipset Processor No. Clock Speed Cache FSB / QPI

1P Gaming / Intel® Core™i7 processor Intel® P55**/ X58 Chipset Intel® Core™i7 processor /800** /900 sequence Upto 3.33 GHz Upto 8MB Upto 6.4 GT/sec
Workstation (Quad core) L3 Cache QPI**

Enterprise Intel® Core™i5 processor Intel® Q57 Chipset Intel® Core™i5 processor 600 ** sequence Upto 3.46 GHz 4 MB L3 Cache NA
managed desktop with vPro™ Technology

Advanced desktop Intel® Core™i3 processor Intel® 5 series chipset Intel® Core™i3 processor 500** sequence Upto 3.06 GHz 4 MB L3 Cache NA

Evolving desktop Intel® Pentium® processor Intel® 4 series Express Chipset Intel® Pentium® processor E6000 sequence Upto 2.93 GHz 2 MB L2 Cache 1066 MHz

Basic desktop Intel® Celeron® processor Intel® G41 Express Chipset Intel® Celeron® processor E3000 Sequence Upto 2.50 GHz 1MB L2 Cache 800 MHz

Entry level desktop Intel® Atom™ processor Intel® NM10 Chipset Intel® Atom™ processor D410/510 1.66 GHz 512KB /1 MB NA

** Compatible with P55 & doesnot have QPI