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January 28, 2010

Mr. Muhammad Abu Bakr

OPP Govt. Pilot School,
Abdali Road
Multan, Punjab 60000

Dear Muhammad,

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your commitment to The

IIA. We are extremely fortunate to have members like you who are willing
to volunteer their expertise, time and efforts. In fact, one of the challenges
we face as a growing association and profession, with enthusiastic
volunteers, is the ability to provide opportunities to everyone that has the
desire to volunteer.

Your name was submitted as a potential candidate for nomination to the

Board of Directors. This year we received many more nominations than
open positions, and I regret that we were not able to place you on the Board
of Directors at this time. Please note that the CIA designation is one of the
requirements of eligibility to be on the Board of Directors. I hope that you
will continue your interest in The IIA by participating in other Institute
activities, particularly at your local institute.

Your commitment is invaluable to The Institute, and I hope you will

continue to volunteer to support the Institute and the profession.


Patricia K. Miller, CIA

Chairman, 2010 Global Nominating Committee