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1. A flashing amber (yellow) signal light at an intersection means: 1. Come to full stop 2.

1. Only in the daytime 2. At any time 3. If the condition of traffic and the highway permit
traffic condition 2. As close to the rear of the other vehicle as possible to make more roo
2. Repor the accident within 24 hours to the nearest provincial or municipal police officer
1. When a red signal light with a green arrow is shown at intersection it means: 1.Stop and
4. When you hear the screm of an emergency vehicle, what does the law require you to do? Sp
Pass at any time Pass if the way is clear Never pass Pass only during daylight hours 121(a)
Five car lengths behind vehicle in front 124 15. Which of the following traffic convictions
21. The greatest danger resulting from following a bus or larger vehicle is from: The other
1. When approaching an intersection where a traffic signal light is red and a police office
Call the police officer’s attention to the red light Stop to make sure the officer want you
Within the assured safe distance which you can see ahead Within three car lengths Within on
13. If you are coming up behind a vehicle which you want to pass and another vehicle is com
Drive on the right-hand signal of the highway only 127(26) 19. A person whose privilege to
22. What information or documents may a police officer require the driver of a motor vehicl
24. When the title or interest in a registered motor vehicle changes, what does the Registr
1. If the signal light changes from green in amber as you approach an intersection, what sh
Turn from the lane closest to the right-hand sides of the roadway 127 (2) (a), 141 5. When
11. When two cars reach an uncontrolled intersection at approximately the same time the rig
Drink coffee or tea Keep plenty of fresh air in the Stop and rest Drive more slowly 18. The
Any or all of the above 68.2 H T A 24. When a truck becomes disabled on the highway, flares
All of the above plus other penalties 5. Every accident must be reported to the police wher
Four car lengths behind vehicle in front Five car lengths behind vehicle in front 12. Which
Registrar of Motor Vehicles require? The transferor to notify the Registrar in writing The
24. In what penalties is a driver liable who is convicted of driving while suspended? A fin
approximately what distance ahead of and to the rear of the disabled vehicle? 15m 30m 50m 1