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Part II: Current Event Summaries

Name Oliver Palamides______________ Date 4/28/15

Article Title Ukraine Crisis: Will War Return?
Citation of the Article: Kirby, Paul. "Will Ukraine Return to War?" BBC News. N.p., 12
Nov.2014. Web. 17 Nov. 2014.
After the fighting beginning in the Ukraine Crisis in April raged on for months, separatists came
to a deal to stop the violence and free all the prisoners. However, the clashes between the nations
have not been initially solved, and full-scale conflict looks as though it will occur again soon.
The fighting began because pro-Russian activists took over control of government buildings in
towns and cities in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of the Ukraine. Because of this war, 4,035
people have been killed, and around 9,336 have been wounded in the Eastern Ukraine. This
war also includes the shooting down of the Malaysian aircraft the MH17, which is where 298 of
the deaths come from. As for international communities, there isnt much more that can be done
besides observing the troops movements and escalating violence. Whether or not Putin is
preparing for resumption of full scale hostilities is unknown at this point, and his aim towards all
this is remaining to be unclear. The only thing known is that Russias true concern is the
Ukraines tug of war relationship between the West and Russia. They are worried that NATO is
going to really reach their border, and is trying to maintain it to not do so. It hasnt been
confirmed officially, but there have been multiple reports that the United States military advisers
had helped Ukraine in its major offense against the opponents in July and August. Because of its
geographical placement between Europe and Russia, the Ukraine has been put in predicaments
between the two areas, and is always put in the middle of which country to side with in
agreements and reforms.

Reaction (Must include evidence of point of view and/or bias and/or understanding of article; no
less than 6 sentences for full credit) I feel as though this war is going to be a hard one to resolve.
No matter what happens, the location of the Ukraine isnt going to change and will always be put
in the middle of the two nations. I really hope that at some point it can be resolved, and a happy
medium can be found. After thousands of deaths and wounds, I think more fighting isnt going to
solve any more problems, but just have the war and chaos flare up even more. Im worried
for whats to come, because even though it isnt affected our nation at the moment, it could in the
very near future. We depend on Russia and Europe for a lot of our economic system, so if we are
to help the Ukraine fight against one or the other, we are sacrificing the one of them being angry
with us as well, or their economy breaking through. This makes me saddened by the fact that
something as long ago as the Cold War is still affecting the relations of some countries, and I
wish it were possible to resolve faster than it truly, in reality, can be.