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Use Self-Monitoring

Strategies To Guess The

Covered Word

Does it look right?

Does it sound right?
Does it make sense?
Guess The Covered Word

1. I saw a zebra at the ____________.

2. My mother drives a red __________.

3. I play with Brian every day. He is my best

4. I like to eat hot dogs ________ pizza
for lunch.

5. A kangaroo can

6. The moon can be seen at __________.

7. I _________ the ball when I play

8. That little girl is my

9. My grandfather is very ___________.

10. I live on this street. That is my


11. A mouse is little but an elephant is

12. Roller skating is lots of
13. My mother _____________ a cake

14. Please turn the light _________ and

say goodnight.

15. _____________ at my new toy!

16. The cow jumped _________ the moon.

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