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Published by jablair51
Erisiana by Masks of Eris
Erisiana by Masks of Eris

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Published by: jablair51 on Feb 04, 2010
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”Planet? What blasphemy is this? Dwarf planet, you fool!”
”She prefers the term ’midget planet’, if you absolutely


”What ’she’? Are you seriously anthropomorphisising a
hunk of rock 2600 kilometers across?”
”A lass of rock. Planets like Mars, clearly masculine male
objects, are ’hunks’ of rock. But I appreciate the admiring

”Stop this planet nonsense. Dwarf planets are not a sub-
division of planets; they’re an entirely separate category.”
”That’s planetism.”
clear for them and all so they won’t get bothered by noth-
ing. What about the downtrodden small guys, huh? Is it too
much to ask for just a little bit of sympathy?”




”Also, one shouldn’t
listen to foul and
evil men, but instead
open one’s heart,
yea, and mind, and
pockets, and legs even,
to the merciful and
loving message of the
rabbit spirits of the
netherworld.” –-Anim.
Conc. 7:4

”I —”
”Sure, blame her. Everyone does
that. ’Oh, she came along, the
lady of Discord and Heated Dis-
cussions, and now everyone’s up in
arms about what’s a planet and poor
Pluto is just crushed — won’t some-
one think of the plutoids? Won’t
someone please think of the plu-
toids?’ Everyone says that. Sure, blame the starry messen-
ger! And the fat cats of the Solar System keep their planet
status for themselves — we wouldn’t be having this discus-
sion if the IAU was headquartered on Pluto, would we?”
”Well, that’s a highly hypothetical —”
”No we wouldn’t! We would have planets, planets, plan-
ets as far as the eye can see! Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars,
Ceres, Randi, Plait, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto,
Haumea, Kwisatz, Haderach, Makemake, Jesus, Eris, Yibb-
Tstll, Hastur, Hastur, Hastur — hundreds and hundreds of
planets, all metaphorically linking hands in one great har-
monious music of the spheres! You can download the an-
them for 99 cents, but it has DRM. It plays once, then bricks
your computer.”

”Listen! That’s chaos and anarchy! You would have chil-
dren needing a book just to memorize the planets! And half
of those aren’t big enough objects anyway.”
”Oh, it’s sizeism now? Sock it to the dwarf planet, huh?
You’re always moaning how children don’t read no more —


it! Besides, think of the commercial possibilities!”

”I think one of us has lost her grip on reality.”

”Why not both? Anyway, if you just were more lenient
with your definition of a planet, allowed a bit smaller ob-
jects, Pepsi could launch its ’Maximum Taste Planet Spon-
sored by Pepsi’ probe into solar orbit...think of it! Mercury,
Venus, Maximum Taste Planet Sponsored by Pepsi, Earth!”

”Do the words ’crass commercialism’ sound familiar?”

”Oh, this coming from the heirs of Galileo, whose idea
of scientific impartiality was to name the moons of Jupiter
afterthechildrenofhiswealthypatron: Ganymede,Callisto,
Io and Europa de Medici! And what about the 1967 NASA

[W]as Jesus was a rabbit
spirit in disguise or
not? After all, what
is one supposed to make
of Easter bunnies? And
why are ”angels” always
fluffy beings in white?

”Wait, what?”

”And I quote: ’In the light of the
recent events in Greece, to which
this administration does not wish
to draw unnecessary attention, it is
thereby resolved that new Solar Sys-
tem objects be named after Ameri-
can men of great renown.’ We were a breath away from hav-
ing Lyndon B. Johnson orbiting Saturn!”

”I’ve never heard about that!”

By the laws of debate I’ve won.”

”What — what law? Explain yourself, you Eridian hooli-




”I prefer the term ’Eristic exciter’. Anyhow, do you have
any further comments on the title? Or the content?”
”What content?”

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