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CBSE Class XII Physics Viva Questions

1. Why the sonometer box contains holes?

2. What are the differences between free vibrations and forced
3. What is the principle involved in wedge film?
4. What is a wedge shaped film?
5. What is superposition principle?
6. Define interference.
7. What are coherent sources?
8. What is a mono chromatic source? Give example.
9. What is meant by lease count?
10.What is the lease count of traveling microscope?
11. Why a glass plate is placed at an angle 450?
12.Why the readings are taken by coinciding the cross wire with dark
13.What are the uses of wedge film experiment?
14.What is meant by figure of merit of galvanometer?
15.State Ohm’s law.
16. What are Ohmic and non-Ohmic conductors? What is the shape of
graph drawn between V and I in those cases?
17.What happens if P and Q are interchanges?
18.What is the use of Galvanometer?
19. What is the use of Commutator?
20.What is tangent law?
21.What is meant by magnetic meridian?
22.What is diffraction?
23.define’ grating’
24.Define ‘dispersive power of a grating’
25.If the number of lines drawn on a grating are increased then what
26.Instead of mercury source if we use sodium vapor lamp, what changes
we can observe?
27.What is meant by order of spectrum?
28.1 inch= _____ cm
29.What are the main parts of a spectrometer? What are its uses?
30.What is the lease count of a spectrometer?
31.What is meant by compound pendulum?
32. What is L in the formula for finding g value?
33.Why L values are taken from graph?
34. What is the value of g in SI units and in CGS units?
35.Which method gives accurate value, simple pendulum or compound
36.What is an inductor?
37.What is a capacitor?
38.What is meant by resonance in LCR circuit?
39.If the frequency increases, how the current in LCR circuit changes?
40.What is a solar cell?
41.How can you find the efficiency of a solar cell?
42. Which type of materials are used in solar cells?
43.What is Photo electric effect?
44.What is Work function?
45.Define Threshold frequency and Threshold wavelength.
46.What is stopping potential?
47. Can the work function depend on wavelength of the incident light.
48. 1 Joule = ______________ eV
49.What is meant by Rigidity modulus?
50.Define moment of inertia.
51. 1 N/m2 = ________ dyne/cm2.
52. 1N = __________dyne.
53. Which type of motion is exhibited by Torsional pendulum?
54.What is the principle involved in Field along the axis of a coil?
55. What is the principle involved in Sonometer experiment?
56. Which type of waves are produced in Sonometer experiment?
57.What are transverse waves?
58. Which type of transformer is used in sonometer experiment and what
is it?
59.What is resonance?
60. Why horse shoe magnet is used in sonometer experiment?

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