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Activity 2.11

Activity 2.11
Qualities of a Game Designer/Developer
Introduction: Have you ever wondered if you have the skills necessary for the game
design industry? Take two online tests and see how you rate in some of the skills required
as a game designer/developer.
Materials: Internet Connectivity
1. The following are a list of qualities needed for a successful game designer/developer.

To make a career in game design, it is essential for a person to be highly creative.

Interest in Video Games
It is very important for a video game designer/developer to have an interest in the
video game field. Designing games requires a lot of dedication and focus. A good
game designer/developer should enjoy playing all types of games, looking for
loopholes and Easter eggs in them. This helps the video game

designers/developers to improve their own games.

Excellent Problem-Solving Skills
Besides creativity, a persons technical knowledge and aptitudes are very important
in the field of game designing. Understanding computer algorithms, various

programming languages, and 3D software is necessary.

A Good Understanding of the Customer/Market
A video game designer/developer can create successful and profitable games only if
he or she understands the end consumer and market. What sells, what is hot, and
what are the costs to sell the game, are all important information game
designers/developers must consider.

2. How creative are you? To find out, take one of these tests. Once you take the
test, use Ctrl PrtScn and paste it in a Word document. Save as Skills.


Activity 2.11

3. Are you a good problem solver? Take one of these tests to find out! Once you
take the test, use the Ctrl PrtScn function to capture the screen image. Once you
capture the image, then paste the result page in a word document. Save that file as
Game Skills.
4. Compare your answers with a few members of your class. Do the results surprise you or
do they sound just like you?
5. Go to and create an avatar. Have your avatar say your name and the results of
your creative and problem solver tests. You can copy and paste words into the avatar. See
example below