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EXPRESSIONS-a group of words

with a meaning that is different
from the individual words
• 1. changed my mind- changed of
decision or opinion
• I’ve changed my mind about those
• 2. had a late night- went to bed
later than usual
• I’m tired today because I had a
late night.
• 3. getting nowhere- not making
4. all over the place-
In Kazakhstan kafe is all
• 5. take over the place
it in turns- one after the
• Students take it in turns in to
answer the questions.
• 6. make it- come
• I cannot make it on Friday
because I’m busy.
• 7. keep an eye on- watch, look
after, take care
• Please keep an eye on your
8. feel like- want
I feel like eating pizza pie and
• 9. feel like going out- want to go
• I feel like going out for a movie
• 10. get rid- remove, throw it
• I need to get rid of my old books.
• 11. get on my nerves- very
annoying,makes me angry.
• Naughty students really get on
my nerves.
13. on the one hand, on the
other hand- used to contrast
opposite points of view.
• On the one hand, she’s very
intelligent but on the other
hand, she’s always absent.
• 14. in the short term, in the long
term- a short or long period of
time in the future
• In the short term I can use my
old laptop but in the long term
I need a new one.
• 15. in theory, in practice- used to
contrast a general idea with
Common Idioms: everyday
questions and replies
• 1. hang on – wait a minute
• I am coming , please hang on.
• 2. what’s up- what’s the matter
• What’s up with you yesterday, you
went early.
• 3. never mind- it’s ok no problem
• I’ve forgotten to bring your book.
 Never mind.-reply of another
 4. If you like- happy to do certain
• 5. go ahead- help yourself, take it.
• Can I borrow your dictionary? Help
yourself, take it.
• 6. make up your mind- make a
• You needto make up your mind
about going abroad.
• 7. haven’t a clue- I don’t know
• What’s the answer? I haven’t a
• 8. it’s up to you- it’s your