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The Prestige - movie

PRE: Play the sequence with no picture (1:42:15 - 1:43:00) and ask questions like
What sounds do you hear? What do you think is happening? Where? etc.

WHILE: Play the same part again and check pre-answers. Also ask Qs:
What kind of a machine is it? Who is the man? What happened? Where did he go? How
did he do the trick?

AFTER: After listening to students’ ideas you can offer to play the part where it can be
seen how the machine works, thus how his trick works. (1:24:20 - 1:26:29)

Note: according to the movie, Nikola Tesla built the machine for the magician’s
tricks. It is actually a replicating, or cloning, machine. As a follow up students can do
research on Nikola Tesla’s work on the Internet.

PRE: magic tricks - brainstorm
How are they done? Can you do any?

WHILE: backwards viewing

Play the sequence (0:03:09 - O:01:00) backwards to the students, then have the
students reconstruct the story in chronological order, using narrative tenses, or future
tenses, or whatever you want the linguistic focus to be.

AFTER: Play the sequence normally so students can compare it with their version.