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Spencer Navarro Crane

655 W. Kirby, Detroit, MI 48202
248-909-6526 |
Wayne State University
Detroit, MI
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Expected, May 2018
Major(s): Marketing, Mathematics (Subset: Actuarial Sciences)
Honors: Irvin D. Reid Honors College, Gold Scholarship Recipient, NSCS Invitee
GPA: 3.54 / 4.0
Kudla Macro Allocation Portfolio (KMAP)
Detroit, MI
Co-Founder, Vice President of Risk & Operations
January 2015 – Present
 Author, manage, and amend all procedural and informational materials, including the organizational
structure, governing procedures and rules, and new member and election application processes
 Maintain meeting minutes, member information, team assignments, and the team’s shared drive
 Oversee and manage the investment of over $1,000,000, including assigning tasks and focuses to team
members, researching and pitching stocks, and managing the fund’s tear sheets and benchmark status
 Execute changes in team functionality to promote efficiency, acting as the central point of
communication both for KMAP and its counterpart, WSU’s Financial Management Association
ENGAGE 2015: International Investment Education Symposium
Detroit, MI
Volunteer, Social Media Manager
December 2014 – March 2015
 Utilized preemptive research on speakers, sponsors, and the time schedules of planned keynotes, to
manage the event’s Twitter with a focus on highlights, notable speakers, and attendee interaction
 Recruited and educated fellow volunteers on key points of the event, and further drove attendee
registrations and ticket sales using cold calling methods and personal channels
 Exceeded managing and executive directors’ expectations in regard to interactions, follower growth,
and overall exposure, setting the tone for improved turnout at ENGAGE’s second annual event in 2016
Gathrd, LLC
Detroit, MI
Co-Founder, Marketing & Sleepless Bootstrapping
November 2014 – Present
 Gather and analyze potential user data via research, interviews, surveys, and segmented focus groups to
further market validation, offer possible pivots, and progress on business models
 Network and attain contacts and channels for launches, user data collection, and exposure events,
including leveraging the opportunity presented by the student body and a deep campus involvement
 Guide the development team with findings and knowledge of relevant, diverse market segments
 Attend and manage booths at entrepreneurship events and pitching presentations, where duties include
giving elevator pitches, seeking out critical contacts, and recruiting new candidates for focus groups
 Utilize social media management platforms as the primary contributor and manager to Gathrd’s social
media, with a current focus on branding and company culture still prior to launch and release
Languages: Basic Proficiency in Spanish
Activities: Volunteer work (education, environment), Writing and reading, Backpacking and hiking
Organizations: Financial Management Association, American Marketing Association, Pi Kappa Alpha

Interests: Debate, Political Science, Philosophy, Business Law, Travel, Sociology, Myer-Briggs