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Utica High


47255 Shelby Road

Utica, Michigan 48317

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April 24, 2015

To Whom It May Concern:
It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Carly Zacharias. I had the privilege of
having Miss Zacharias as my student teacher for the 2014-15 school year. She taught two
sections of Spanish 1 with me and two sections of English 11 with my colleague, Ms. Kevonian.
It was obvious from the beginning of the year that Miss Zacharias was called to be a teacher. She
is calm, confident, and animated in front of students. She makes the learning process fun and
keeps students engaged, thus resulting in a minimum of behavioral issues. Laughter is common
place within the context of the material being taught. Students enjoy their time with Miss
Zacharias and always want to talk to her after class. If there is an issue with a student disrupting
class or sleeping, Ms. Zacharias handles it calmly and efficiently. She talks to the student
respectfully and makes them aware of their options. Her tone is always positive and caring, thus
eliciting a positive response from the student.
Miss Zacharias is a fluent and confident Spanish speaker and has been able to break down the
language into meaningful parts for her Spanish 1 students. Teaching the fundamental year of a
language can be deceptive in that a mastery of the language means very little if one cannot
approach it from a novice level. Spanish 1 students have a limited knowledge of how languages
are constructed and so it must be taught in comprehensive pieces that they can relate to. Miss
Zacharias has adjusted to this beautifully and her students appreciate her ability to meet them on
their level.
Miss Zacharias has had the unique opportunity (and added responsibility) to use The Dell
Interactive Classroom System and The ASC Computer Language Laboratory. Both systems are
incredibly useful and beneficial to student learning, however they are more than a little
intimidating to use. Miss Zacharias has learned to operate both with ease and utilizes them on a
daily/weekly basis. Miss Zacharias has also used Schoology, Quizlet, and instructional videos on
YouTube in order to help students continue to learn at home. In addition, Miss Zacharias stayed
after school every Tuesday to tutor students who needed extra attention and Spanish instruction.
Her commitment to student learning is outstanding.
It has been my great pleasure to work with someone as kind, friendly, and competent as Miss
Zacharias. She has an incredible work-ethic and has not only met every expectation, but
exceeded them. Her students love her and one can tell how much she cares for them and their
success. Her drive and compassion make her an excellent teacher. Thus, it is with great pride and
enthusiasm that I give Carly Zacharias my highest recommendation. Please dont hesitate to
contact me with any questions.

Kimberly A. Hodsdon