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HELKO User’s Manual

Electronic Tyre Inflator Designed by Krikor Elmayan

We thank you for choosing one of our products and insure

you that our Helco Electronic Tyre Inflator is designed with
advanced microcontroller technology to provide automatic,
accurate ( +/- 1 lbf ), fast and easy tyre inflation, combined
with heavy duty and durable construction.

- Fix the chassis on the wall by placing two 6mm
Rolled Bolts.
- Although the unit is water resistant, we recommend
using a metal cover over it, in order to prolong the
unit’s life and prevent electric shock.
- Connect the inlet & outlet hoses. Use unregulated but
filtered air.
- Connect the electric plug to a 220V 50Hz socket.

Unit Controls
- When you first plug in the unit, the following
message in scrolled “ HELCO ”.
- The unit has three illuminated buttons:
( - );( 0 );( + )

( - ) Press this button to decrease the preset

pressure. ( Min = 10 lbf)
( + ) Press this button to increase the preset
pressure. ( Max = 120 lbf)
( 0 ) This is the reset button. When you press this
button for more than 2 seconds the unit
redisplays the “ HELCO ” message.
- When you press either ( - ) or ( + ) while the
message “ HELCO ” is scrolling, the unit starts from
a default preset of “ 30 ” lbf.

- The unit is designed for a very easy operation.

- The user approaches the unit and sets the desired
preset pressure. (If the unit is already on his desired
preset, he may skip this step ).
- Then he takes the hose and plugs the twin connector
to his deflated tyre. The unit starts to inflate and a
loud beep is heard during this process. When the
desired pressure reaches the inflation stops
automatically. The beep also stops, meaning that the
operation is terminated.


- Caution ! Beware of incorrect voltage. Connect only

to 220 Volt ! The unit comes with a fuse protection
located at the left bottom. Use only 0.1 A Fuse !
- Caution ! Do not point direct water or a washing gun
towards the unit. Risk of electric shock.
- Avoid operating the unit without air.
- Discharge your compressor from water regularly.
- Do not disassemble the unit. No user serviceable
parts inside. Opening the back cover will also void
the Guarantee.
- The unit is guaranteed for 6 months against factory
defects only. Accidents and misuse of the unit are not
- Specifications are subject to change without prior

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