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Conterser te FWVIIVEC and ISO 1101841 = United Kingdom (UK) SAFETY DATA SHEET SODIUM HEXAMETAPHOSPHATE (CALGON PT POWDER) (CODE 2022) mshp100 1. _ Identification of the substance/preparation and of the company/undertaking Predact name > SODIUM HEXAMETAPHOSPHATE ‘Supplier Issue date 22.08.05 + CALGON PT Please note: This is the MSDS provided by the supplier of these goods to FIBRECRAFTS. Chemical product name SODIUM HEXAMETAPHOSPHATE —_-FIBRECRAFTS does not have the qualifications Semyue SODIUM MEXAMETAPHOSPHATE necessary to gather such specialised data. EMERGENCY ONLY (CEC. CULHAM) 01865.407323 ‘TELEPHONE NUMBER Tel: 01483 565800 Formula NNalNaPo3jnNaO (n= 12aperox) Molecular Mass 1 678 2. Composition/information on ingredients | ‘Sabstance/Preparation ‘Substance bemieal ASN [% [EC Romper |symber Farmer }) SODIUM HEKAMETAPHOSPHATE eeorssi1 | 100 nooata |. * Occupational Exposure Limit), ifavallable are sted im Section & Compostien ‘CONTAINS 66%wiw min OF TOTAL PHOSPHORUS AS P208. FOOD GRADE PRODUCTS SATISFY THE REQUIREMENTS OF “THE MISCELLANEOUS ADDITIVES IN FOOD REGULATIONS 1989 CAS No. ce91S 31-4 EINECS Number NODATA 3. Hazards identification wn bealth hepa Notelassfid as hazardous, 4, First-aid measures ton + Remove fom expocure. Koop warm and at rest Seok modal aterien iu feel unl Ingestion + Wath outerouth with wala. De ratindica voring. Chin macica! terion. Shin contact + Wash sin wit water, emnove cortarrinated deting 88 washing proceode. Eye Contact + Immedicely Rood the eye with plenty f wale forat lest 10 rinutas,heking the aye open. Obtain madcolatonton ‘soreness or redness persists. 5. Fire-fighting measures ‘Exinguihine Meda ‘Sahiable {Sele extinguishirg agent proprio to other matratsinrvod. Mazardous therm! (cexemponition Reacts wit acids generating: otophosphates products Special fire-fighting procedures: Fo fghtoeehould wear eof contained positive pressure breathing apparatus (SCBA) are full umout goa. Protection of fryers 1 Wear i protective clothing and so contained breathing opperehs, Page: 113 1EXAMETAPHOSPHATE calgon PT cidental release measures Precautions 7 War appropriate protective dotting, Wear respiratory protection. {Sweep up into sua container foc racovery or asposal. Avoid creating 2 dust Aisa Authoites @spitagn has entered aor course or sewer orhas contaminated sot or vegetation 7. Handling and storage + Storage rea stould be: cont dry. under caver wel vested, ‘Avot sloring sacks na large stack to proven he product fem coking Recommended use Use crigina container. ing + Ue wll venilated area, Avoid contac! wth ayes, skin and clating, Avoid inhaling us 8. Exposure controls/personal protection Engineering messares| Use provess enclosures, local exhaust ventilation, or ofer engineering controls to Keop alibome levels below recommended exposure fins. user operations generale dust une oF mis USO verano Koop exposure © fartome contamhents below the exposure ht yglene mesures ‘Wath hande afer handing compeunce and before esting, emoking. using lavatory, and atthe ondt cy Occupational Exposure Limite + Notavalable ‘RenonaLnrotssivesouloment Resplratory system, + Dustrespirator i condtions ar dusty. Skle and body + Wear: dust proof evorll with hood. PVC or rubber boots. Mand PVC or eubbor gloves. Fyn Chemical goggles. 9. Physical and chemical properties Physea state + Sold, Granuies. Colour Calouress. Odor + Odouress. Melting paint 600 Density Not avatabe, Solubity = >5i9/100g nt 7.2(25¢M sohtior) Flash peta = Net avainte, 10. Stability and reactivity Sealey The produatis abl, Condens to Aveld Exposure io water o meistre Matera to ald 2 Acds, Akal Hazardous decomponiion products: Raacts wit acids gororating: othophosphates. 11. Toxicological information LocaLestects ‘Acute toxety 5 Lowordar of ecu toc. 12. Ecological information Eroticy + Low concertratons wilact as # plan nutient ard can cause “abel Door inners, _AEXAMETAPHOSPHATE _colgon PT . Disposal considerations Metieds of disposal ; Waste of + Dispose ofp accordance wth all appcable cal and national reguatons. residues | Contaminated packaging Waste Casifeaton + Notoppiiabie. 14. Transport information Interaatonal iranspert ulations UN: UN number Non hazardous for transport 15. Regulatory information ‘Ei Regulations Risk Phrases + This product tent clastied accontng {othe EU regulations, Product Use + Clasefication and faba havo boon porfermed according to EU directives 67ISARVEEC, RANTUEEC, inciting lamendmerts ad ie intended use. Consumer appeations 16, Other information ‘ate ta Reader To the bext of our knowledge, the information contend hertn i accurate. However, nether the above named supper nor any of ts substiaries acuumecanplnhliy whattorser forthe accuracy ov complatonecs ofthe information captained herein Final determination of stably of any material is the sole responsiblity of the user Al terials may present unknown heard and should be tuced with caution. Although certain hazards ae described herin, we cannot guarantee tha there are the only hacards tha ei. Page: 313]