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Kathryn Lietz

Title: Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons

Author: Eric Litwin
Grade level for which the lesson in intended: 1st Grade
Math topic(s) covered in your lesson: Fact Families, Addition, and Subtraction
Short synopsis of book: The main character of this book is a cat named Pete. He starts out with 4
buttons on his jacket and as each page is turned Pete loses one of his buttons leaving him with
one less button then he started with. The book illustrates subtraction problems involving the lost
buttons as well as asking questions of how many buttons are left from the previous page. By the
end of the book, Pete loses all of his buttons and is only left with his belly button on his own
Reason you chose this book/poem: We chose this book because it is an attention grabber for
young children. The book is colorful and will draw kids in to want to listen and watch. It also
features a song which children can participate in singing which will also contribute to it sticking
in their memory. It also intertwines math within the book and gives a review of subtraction
before moving on to the harder material in our lesson planned.
The objective or goal of your lesson: To introduce fact families and reinforce the understanding
of addition and subtraction.
Materials needed for your lesson:
1-20 worksheet for each person
Fact families worksheet for each person
Lesson plan for each group of 2
Doc Cam
White board
Dry erase marker
Printed out numbers for around the classroom
Common Core Standards addressed:
MAFS.1.0A.1- Represent and solve problems involving addition and subtraction
MAFS.1.OA.2- Understand and apply properties of operations and the relationship
between addition and subtraction.
MAFS.1.OA.3- Add and subtract within 20
MAFS.1.OA.4- Work with addition and subtraction equations.
Step-by-step procedure of your lesson (there must be some sort of
visual or manipulative material used):
Put numbers around the classroom for later activity

Open up with synopsis of addition and subtraction from prior lesson on white board, have
volunteers come up to solve- 2 examples
Pass out all materials needed for the lesson
Explain what the class will be doing with 1-20 worksheet and buttons during the story
under the doc cam
Introduce and read the book out loud to the class
Have out the 1-20 worksheet and buttons. Have the class follow along with buttons on the
worksheet as story is read
Have an examples under doc cam as story is being read
After the book, use the numbers from the book to create 2 fact family example on the
white board all together as a class. Have the class fill these two examples in their fact
family worksheet
Introduce the activity that will be played. Pairs will find the missing numbers to two
problems from around the room, get the numbers and bring them back to their seats
Teachers will walk around to observe and help any groups who may not find their
Insert and solve the fact family problem in a house on the worksheet from the number
they found around the room
Teachers will then collect the fact family worksheet from each group to assess the
understanding of the students work
Explain that once worksheet is checked over by teacher, it will be given back to the
students and they will have to make up their own and complete the last two fact family
houses on the worksheet at home for homework

How you will assess student understanding of this lesson (include

a copy of the instrument you will use ex: rubric, checklist, etc)
Students understanding will be assessed by the teachers walking around during the
observation and work period of each pair of students
When observing the pairs, the teachers will be looking for participation, group
collaboration and both pairs contribution
They will also be assessed by turning in the worksheet
Teacher will assess completed worksheet for student understanding
Teacher will the asses the students 2 fact family problems that they made up and were
successfully completed at home for correctness
At least one possible idea for an extension of this lesson
An extension of this lesson would be the addition and subtraction of numbers 20-100.
Resources you used to plan this activity

Book- Pete the Cat and his four groovy buttons by Eric Litwin
Manipulatives provided by the professor