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For this section of my portfolio I revised my first major writing assignment to

improve the content. Every writing assignment I have done has flaws, some larger than
others. This assignment was an essay analyzing an ad of our choice. As a future
anesthesiologist I chose to write about the Anesthesiology Residency Program at Duke
University. Although I was satisfied with my paper, after revising I found many ways to
improve it and many mistakes.
After re-reading my assignment I noticed Ms. Diaz pointed out a very awful
mistake. I had repeated a paragraph in my paper that discussed a general history of the
University and specifically the program I was discussing. This mistake was a bit
embarrassing to me because of how simple and obvious it is. I think this mistake
happened because I wrote my paper in sections and failed to re-read the entire assignment
before turning in the final assignment. To fix this problem I deleted the repeated
paragraph that was towards the end of my paper and kept the one earlier in my paper.
This is because I think the paragraph earlier on in the assignment flowed better.
The rest of the mistakes were significantly small and I was able to easily improve
them. These included using the right words in a context and differentiating what
corresponds to Logos, ethos, and pathos. For the different words out of context I simply
switched out the word with, what I thought would be a more fitting word. As for the
confusion between logos, ethos, and pathos, this problem was a bit more difficult to fix.
The three literary tools are very alike and are very hard to differentiate at times. The notes
that Ms. Diaz included in my paper where very useful when it came to fixing these
problems. She pointed out the strategies that could have been applied to a different
literary tool than the one I had correlated it with. To fix this mistake I looked at her

comments and closer analyzed each idea that I had written. They became clearer to me
and I switched them around a bit.
Traditionally revising my first major writing assignment was very educational to
me. Sometimes the mistakes I make are very simple and are caused because I do not
revise my work. I learned that I should probably re-read every assignment I write before
submitting it. This will boost up my grade and help me avoid these types of mistakes. By
revising my assignment I also grasped a better understanding of logos, ethos, and pathos.
By re-reading my interpretation of each and the actual definition I was able to correlate
examples to the right literary strategy. Revising an old assignment can really help
someone learn from their mistakes. I think I have earned new strategies of how to build a
better assignment through this revision. Proofreading is a major and important step to a
successful paper. After this revision I think my first major writing assignment is much
stronger then it was when I first submitted it.