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Introducing the

Origami Bonsai®
Instant Flower

A pre-folded origami
shape, that with two
simple movements,
reveals a beautiful
and real looking

Origami Bonsai®
Instant Flowers
are the first mass-
produced origami
flower in the world.

They are printed on recycled paper with soy ink so they’re

inexpensive, non-toxic, recyclable, and eco-friendly.

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One pre-folded
origami shape
yields many
flower varieties.

Video instructions on YouTube makes creating

them easy.
No folding!

12 Folds
Available at
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8 Folds

“Long Bud”
16 Folds

“Lady Slipper”
12 Folds

8 Folds

Available at
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Combine petal styles to
create your own unique species!

16 folds

Available at
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Each package
12 pre-folded
Origami Bonsai®
Instant Flowers.

6 Red, 3 Blue,
3 Yellow
Each flower
four Inches
and two
inches deep.

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Origami Bonsai® Instant Flowers go where no
flower has gone before!

Insert into
(downloadable mini-
Instructions available at

Keep one
in your
wallet for

Available at
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Add a floral flare to anything!

Decorate gifts

Invite guests

Available at
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An Eco-Friendly Product
-Printed on paper with recycled content from
FSC certified forests.
-Printed with soy ink
-Non-toxic even if eaten.
-Easily recycled along with paper
-No plastic; even the packaging is paper.
-All byproducts of manufacturing were
-Quickly biodegrades when exposed to the

Available at
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A great gift for youngsters ages 8 – Adult
-Makes creative gifts
-Discretely teaches geometric concepts
with a hands-on approach
-Builds self-esteem
-Teachers: Two lesson plans are available at, one for basic
geometry, and one for trigonometry.

20 Packs for Fundraising, Shops and Crafters

-Sell a quality product with a good margin.
-20 dozen flowers (240) in retail packaging
-Raise funds for groups and charities by selling
individual open flowers.

Common Sense Safety

-Never place near an open flame.
-Keep out of reach of children under age 5

Available at
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A Business Marketing Tool
-Can be printed in corporate colors and
imprinted with corporate logos and slogans.
-An eco-friendly and growth-themed symbol.
-Inexpensive marketing tool in quantities of
20,000 or more.

Please contact
for more information
on custom imprinted
Origami Bonsai®
Instant Flowers.

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More ideas:
Origami Bonsai® Instant Flowers can be used like real flowers, attach them to straws and put them in a vase,
create delicate, beautiful displays of flowers in a bowl, but more importantly, they go where no flower has
gone before:

-Insert an unopened flower into greeting cards or invitations before you mail them. Small, downloadable and
printable instructions for inclusion in greeting cards are available at

-Keep an unopened flower in your wallet or purse. Write your telephone number on it. You can use it as a
conversation starter, or give it to someone you’re interested in!

-Keep some in your drawer at the office to cheer up employees when they’re having bad days.

-Keep some in the glove compartment of your car. You can give them to kids in the back seat to entertain
them, or if you get pulled over, try giving one to the officer – it might get you out of a ticket!

-You can decorate gifts with three instant flowers for less than the cost of one plastic bow.

-A great gift for a friend who is ill. They creatively entertain for hours!

-Put one on each of your guest’s dinner plates, or use as party favors.

-Use as part of fundraisers, for church groups, scouts and others.

-The Origami Bonsai® Instant Flower shape has the potential to yield hundreds of distinct flower varieties.
Try experimenting to develop your own, personal flower!

-Use in crafting to decorate wreaths, or add a floral flair to any project.

-Use a kabob skewer or sharpened chopstick to poke a hole in the base of the bud. Twist one end of a twist
tie into a ball and insert the other end through the hole you poked. Now you can attach Origami Bonsai®
Instant Flowers to virtually anything (gifts, gift bags, wreaths, trees, etc.)! For the cost of one plastic bow you
can use three recyclable Origami Bonsai® Instant Flowers!

- Kids Love Origami Bonsai® Instant Flowers. Origami Bonsai® Instant Flowers make a great gift for children
ages 8 and up. Children can make gifts and experiment with different folds. At the same time they'll be
learning some real-world geometry. Teachers: Origami Bonsai® Instant Flowers were invented by a former
high school math teacher. Two lesson plans based on Origami Bonsai® Instant Flowers can be downloaded
from The first lesson plan is for grades 2 through 8, the second is for grades 9
through 12. They provide a refreshing, hands-on approach to Geometry with many “teachable” moments.

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If you enjoy Origami Bonsai® Instant Flowers,
why not try one of our Origami Bonsai® craft
books? Click here for more information.

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