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Additional Photoshoot – Double Page Spread

Agency name: Rawr!

Shoot Date: 04/11/09
Item/Model Shot Macro, Background Positioning on DPS Details of editing
type/angl Flash and
e/ Lighting
Theresa Long shot, The lighting will Warning signs i.e. ‘no loitering!’ etc and other This will be the main I will take the
Jones, eye level be slightly things which symbolises rebellion. This is image of the DPS so background image
Frankie-Rose angle brighter than the what I want the band's image to give out as it this will be placed two separately and cut the
Taylor, Jade, natural light. This also shows what type of music they perform. thirds from the left image of the band into
Annie means that there The band members, themselves will be hand side. This is also the image of the
won’t need any standing/leaning in a rebellious pose. They related to the background. It will have
flash for it. can give evil looks to the camera as this also composition of one of to be really clear as the
gives out a rebellious atmosphere. my DPS analysis. image will take up most
of the DPS.