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Aubree Johnson
Mrs. DeBock
English 4 Honors
March 3rd, 2015
Affects of Drug Abuse on Families
According to Calhoun, Substance abuse is a major public health concern that has
impacts not only on the user but also the users family. This is especially true for children
exposed to parental substance abuse in the home environment. Drug abuse affects a family in
many devastating ways. The research states the effects of drug abuse on a family and what
factors could contribute to the drug use. Drug abuse affects a family physically, mentally, and
Firstly, drug abuse affects a family physically. It is shown that the effects of drug abuse
are physical devastating to not only the user but to the family as well (Calhoun 15). The articles
state that parental substance abuse leaves children at risk of being hurt or malnourished when the
parents fail to take care of their basic needs, which consequently leads to serious physically
problems. According to research, Physiological manifestations of this exposure may include
low birth weight, feeding difficulties, increased irritability by the infant, and stunted cognitive
and physical development (Calhoun16). The article reports about the effects drug use may have
on one as well as others around them such as developmental impairment, learning disabilities,
affiliation with delinquent peers, increased risk of contracting an STD, violent victimization, and
a more positive attitude toward other drug use (Hamovich 3).
Secondly, drug abuse affects a family financially. The research shows that the effects of
drug abuse financially are mortifying. When ones family member is using drugs it presents that

Johnson 1
money may need to be used for drug substances, treatment, and any type of destruction while on
drugs. Yet, it is also found that poor financial decisions could lead to substance abuse ( DilkesFrayne 446). Many families face the risk of being taken advantage of financially by the user in
order to support their habit. Not only having to deal with the financial affects but this can also
lead to emotional distress (Rowe 64).
Thirdly, drug abuse affects a family emotionally. In the articles studied it shows that the
emotional results of drug abuse can tear a family apart. The articles of research state that not only
affect the families emotionally, but also could affect the development of adolescence (Rowe 60).
Adolescence growing up in an environment where drugs are used are at a greater risk of many
emotional and developmental issues. As Hemovich reports, Myriad intermediate processes have
been found to be strongly interrelated with the progression of early-onset substance use problems
among youth, including parental monitoring and warmth, peer affiliation, academic motivation
and involvement in after school clubs, delinquency, sensation-seeking, refusal strength, and
normative perceptions of drug use, yet the interplay of these intrapersonal and social factors is
rarely addressed in the family structure literature. All of these things could be consequently
affected as a result of drug abuse.
Drug abuse has many negative effects on a family financially, physically, and
emotionally. substance abuse not only affects the user but the families of the user as well. It can
be linked to many families falling apart as well as other similar issues. This is a serious threat to
the current generation and upcoming generations.

Johnson 1
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