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FOCUS on Lib Dem apology

Windmill Youth Centre TRUTH
The truth about
Windmill Youth and
Community Centre is
that it was threatened
with closure because
the Conservative/Lib
Dem government has
cut Leeds budget by
160 million over the
last few years.

But it was Cllr Karen

Bruce who was the first
councillor to let Windmill know it was under
threat and immediately
started a campaign to
save it.

Cllr Stewart Golton

agrees: local Labour
councillors have been
One of the first coun- busy collecting signacillors to know about the tures to save Windmill.
community centre review Cllr Karen Bruce said:
was Cllr Stewart Golton I made Peter Gruen the
in his role as Lib Dem
deputy leader of the
leader on the councils
council visit Windmill to
powerful executive
meet the young people
and then agree to a plan

to keep it open.

Labour councillors are

working hard to get
Cllr Peter Gruen said:
more local community
Karen made me see
how important Windmill groups to use it.
is to Rothwell.
Ive already got a banCllr Karen Bruce said: ner outside advertising it
and am encouraging local
We only saved it because Windmill and your groups to use it.

Police say crime down in Rothwell

streets are in darkness
anywhere. When asked
Cllr Golton couldnt
name a single street with
a blackout!
Most house burglaries
arent committed at
Local Liberal Demo- switch off of street lights night, but during the day
crats have got it
has been welcomed by
when people are out at
wrong on crime as
many residents as being work.
West Yorkshire Pogood for the environDespite brutal governlice say crime has fall- ment as well as saving
en in Rothwell.
council tax payers mon- ment cuts Labour councillors have voted to iney. As its only a few
The part night-time
lamps on each street, no vest in keeping police on

the streets protecting

Instead of being tough
on crime Lib Dems want
to reduce or abolish prison sentences for some
drug and other crimes.
Cllr Karen Bruce said:
Its great news crime
has fallen in Rothwell
ward, but Im worried a
re-elected Tory/Lib Dem
government would cut
police on the streets.