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1. There are …….

a. a cat
b. Two cats
c. Two cats
d. Cats
2. This animal can’t fly (terbang)
a. Bird
b. Bat
c. Butterfly
d. Monkey
3. A : Do they like hamburger ?
B : No, ……
a. They do c. they don’t
b. They are d. they are not
4. A : What is that ?
B : That is a….
a. Cock
Anak b. Duck
ayam c. Bird
d. Chick
5. It’s a vegetable. It’s grey.
The shape likes an umbrella
a. Mushroom
b. Garlic
c. Spinach
d. Corn
6. Bani : ….. your father like coffee ?
Kia : Yes, he does
a. Do c. are
b. Does d. is
7. Feby : Does Nabila like pizza ?
Azza : No, …….
a. She doesn’t
b. She does
c. She is
d. She isn’t
8. This is a ……
a. Fried fish
b. Fried rice Mi
c. Fried noodle goreng
d. Fried chicken
9. Bela : What is your sister’s job ?
Mya : She s a ….
She helps doctor in a hospital
a. Doctor c. dentist
b. Nurse d. engineer
10. I have a pet (hewan peliharaan)
It’s funny. The colour is white.
It has along ears. It likes to eat carrot
it’s a….
a. Tiger c. rabbit
b. Cat d. bird