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Interviewer: Darlyn Bao

Qualifications of this person: Best friend

Date of Conversation: 4-28-2015
1. Tell me a little bit about yourself.
a. I am from a family of six children, me included. I have worked with a
lot of kids. I have a lot of little cousins where I have to babysit and
entertain. I have also helped my mom entertain my many siblings. I
am from White, SD. I attended high school at Deubrook Area in White
SD. I am now planning on attending Dordt College to further my
education. While at Dordt College I will be studying elementary
education or foreign language. The foreign language I am seeking is
Spanish. I am working at a bakery where I am currently learning
person-to-person interaction and time management skills.
2. How would you prepare a classroom for elementary students?
a. I would set up my classroom with my desk in the back, a little library in
one corner, and a playing area for another corner. I would set the desk
in the middle of the room in pods of four. As they walk in I would
assign them there desk. When they sit they will find a piece of paper.
On this piece of paper they will write a name poem. I would have my
name as an example on the board
V- Volleyball is my favorite sport
A- Always wanting to learn
N- Not afraid to talk
D- Determined
E- Ecstatic for this year
R- Ready for anything coming
M- Motivated
E- Energetic
E- Efficient
R- Reliable
After the kids present I will read a book and ask for their comments. I will let
them know about the class rules. Then I will then give them assigned duties
such as line leader or pet master (being in charge of the class pet). I would
also introduce a song of the day. I would try to have a song of the day for
everyday of the year. After the introduction I would do a class test on a math,
English, and science sections. This will let me know how comfortable each
student is. At the end of the day I would send home a letter to each parent
asking for their email address and phone numbers for emergencies or any
3. How do you plan to motivate parents to become involved in the classroom
and their childs education?
a. I would first send a letter home with each student asking for their
email address and phone number. After I receive the email address I
would email each parent and tell them my plans for the upcoming year.
I would also ask them if they have any questions about the classroom
and what I plan to do throughout the year.

4. What are your personal and professional goals?

a. My personal goals are dealing with the self-improvement of my
teaching skills. My professional goals are teaching kids and letting
them love what they learn.
5. Tell me about a teacher who has inspired you?
a. A teacher I am most inspired by is one of my high school teachers, Ms.
Peil. Ms. Peil sets high standards for each individual student. She puts
in assignments that made us think outside of our comfort zones and
pushed us to work hard. One of the hardest lessons I learned form was
putting Macbeth in our own words. We would take notes, make review
games, and take quizzes to make sure we understand what was all
going on during each Act.
6. Why are you interested in the language you teach?
a. I have always found interest in other languages because I was born
from a different country. Even though it is not that language I am
learning it still does interest me. My favorite or language that most
interests I is Spanish. Spanish intrigues me by all the ways a verb can
be broken up and how each word has a male and female part by just
using the word el/la. I have never been bored with learning Spanish
and everyday it continues to intrigue me.
7. What is your discipline philosophy?
a. I use a lot of positive encouragement and feedback, but if I have to be,
I will be firm. I will have my classroom rules on the wall and if there is
any inappropriate behavior I will have appropriate consequences. With
the lessons I have planned, I suspect little to no inappropriate behavior
8. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
a. One of my strengths is time management and organization. These two
strengths tie in together making it easier and assuring for myself that I
will get stuff done on time and in an orderly fashion. A weakness I am
working on is a procrastination. Even though I dont procrastinate too
often, at times I find myself delaying things I should be getting done.
When these procrastination points come in my day I will use this time
to think for 30 seconds and then come back in to work on what I am
supposed to work on.

Now I have some questions for you concerning about the 21 st century.
What kind of leadership skills do you need in the 21 st century workforce?
How about your self-direction?
What is problem-solving like for you, on a daily basis?
How do you demonstrate creativity in your everyday work day?

What kind of communication skills do you need in the 21 st century?

How you use global awareness in your every day job?