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MEST 3 and MEST 4

 MEST 3 Completing essays

 MEST 4 Planning for CI and LP

Disability essay

 Not yet submitted:

 Rasha
 Hafsa
 Manisha
 Marwa
Second Life essay

 All except Safa

 Use as a way into exploring new media.

 Refer to The Virtual Revolution
 Disability essay
 By Monday 9am via email AND posted
on weebly
 No essay no entry to class until

 Second Life essay

 By Thursday 9am
 MEST 4
 Planning for linked production – schedule,
scripting, plan of what you are shooting, research
into style and genre of programme, defining your
own approach.
 Define it in a sentence or two.

 Critical investigation – define it to a sentence or

two “An exploration of…”
 Write 200 words showing use of PEEL
 List the sources you will be using – the beginning
of your bibliography and webliography