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Darlena Mayberry

Sociology 1
April 12, 2015
Video Analysis
The video I chose to watch was Mean Girls Parody (Disney Princesses). The video is
starts off by Princess Ariel going to a new school. She is greeted by Princess Jasmin
who then guides her through school telling her to associate with and who not to
associate with. She then shows them to the plastics which includes Cinderella,
Belle, and ring leader Aurora. The plastics invite Ariel to hang out with them.
Jasmin uses this to so she can use Ariel to get into the plastics head. Ariel ends up
liking Auroras ex-boyfriend, and Aurora tries to sabotage whatever relationship
Ariel and her ex my end up in.
Comte said that societies hold together and order is maintained by social
dynamics. It balances the needs of social order with positive social change. The
Plastics seem to hold together when everyone in the group listens to Aurora. When
they go against her or question her she seems to get angry and put them down by
calling them names or walks away from them. This shows that when there is not
social order in the group then there is not any positive. In gay marriages, we now
finally see a social change within the past two years that gay marriage is acceptable
though out the nation. Without that social dynamic human minds wouldve never
evolved to think that same sex relations can coexist and that is not a taboo, but just
as a normality as a hermaphrodite.

Durkheims theory states that we find meaning in life through relationships.

The more interconnected and interdependent we are the less likely we will commit
suicide. (12) Aurora, Cinderella, and Belle seem least likely to commit suicide
because they have many relationships with other students. They are interconnected
with their society. Durkheim believed in anomie, when society feels lost in direction
after social control has become ineffective. Toward the end of the video the group
somewhat beings falling apart due to Auroras meltdown. In school we seem to do
team builders to meet new people, get other perspectives on projects, and maybe
even meet friends. People who have close relationships with others seem happy and
have less suicidal thoughts, whereas people who have no friends seem to question
if being alive is worth being alone or not.
During Marx studies he focused on control and power. In the video Aurora was
the leader of the whole group. She had convinced the others that she was
powerful and great. This shows that in a society, there will always be a leader
of the hierarchy and will always control the minds of the group until proven
wrong. This relates to humans even up until now. We as Americans follow our
president even though some people do not agree with all his polices. As long
as we seek authority for organization, there will ALWAYS be control and
All three sociologist Marx, Comte, and Durkheims theories still apply to todays
world. Each theory connects together somehow and relates to many
situations in life. Almost any movie can relate to these theories just like this