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Out from her dark domain she walk , her long cape combing the wet street, in search of victims for her
perverted fate for which they’ll meet.

Her cape flying in the nights wind with the taste of lust she hurried her feet! Eyes of black soot, lips as dark as
ebony that matches her hair, her introduction to one of her victims for which she seek.

Her name spat out her mouth as her victims analyzed her but will not compete, for her voice was of command and
her wooing was sweet!

Come she ordered! With irresistible deceit, her cape swerve as her victim followed with discreet. Inside a dark
tunnel she led her victim towards a loft slowly she creep! Without hesitation her victim fell into the arms of the
GOTH while her snakelike tongue entered the victim’s mouth, with a soft moan something overtook the victim with
an ecstatic sweep.

Her fangs began biting her victim but she cried out with pleasure and did not weep, the GOTH and her MAIDEN
were both entwine with pleasure, and for the Goth be it color, creed or age, was never a matter! The urges for
her victims inflicted deep, for pleasure has never been so SWEET!

By Lynette Anoop