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Grove The American Vision textbook:

US History Scavenger Hunt:

These questions are designed to help the student become familiar with the The American Vision
textbook. The questions can be answered by looking through the complete textbook.

1. How many authors does this textbook have?

2. What is the copyright date of this textbook?

3. How many chapters are in this textbook?

4. What is on page A10?

5. What is a “strait”?

6. What is the title of Unit 1?

7. What pages in the textbook is the Constitution located?

8. Who is the 44th President?

9. Who was the 21st President?

10. What years was Benjamin Harrison President?

11. How many presidents’ occupations are listed as “Lawyer”?

12. How many square miles is Rhode Island?

13. What was the 30th State to enter the union?

14. How many people live in Louisiana?

15. Is American Samoa a state?

16. How many people live in the U.S. Virgin Islands?

17. What was the first state to join the Union?

18. What was the last state to join the Union?

19. Who is pictured on page R53?

20. What year was the Supreme Court Decision “Brown v. Board of Education”?

21. What page is an excerpt from Uncle Tom’s Cabin located?

22. How many stars were located on the US flag in 1885?

23. What is hardtack?

24. What is the last page with a photo credit?