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Calcium:Abundant in milk and milk products, shellfish, cereals, green leafy vegetables like

kilitis, kinchai, mustard, lettuce, amapalaya, etc.

Chloride: plays a role in acid-base balance, formation of gastric acid.

Cobalt: An essential element for all multicellural organisms as an active agent of an enzymes
called cobalamins. These include vitamin B-12

Copper: Found widely in tissues with concentration in veins, muscles, and bones. It functions as
a co-factor in saliva enzymes and copper based pigments.

Fluoride: Improvement of teeth structure.

Iron: Component of hemoglobin.

Manganese: Activates several enzymes needed for hemoglobin synthesis

Magnesium: Required for normal functioning of muscles and nerve tissues.

Potassiun: Needed for the generation and conduction of action potentials in neuron and muscle

Elements for Dry Ashing

a) Some acids like HCl may be lost

b) K salts
c) Copper and Iron - porphyrine compounds

Greates Facts About RDA

It is the daily dietary intake food of a nutrient which was considered to be significant to meet the
requirements of nearly all (97%-98%) healthy individuals in each life stage and sex group.

Acid-Base Balance of the Body

Fruits and vegetables increase alkalinty(they contain Sodium or Potassium salts which may
combine with Ch to form salt bases) while high-protein meat diets increase acidity(they contain
Sulfate and Phosphate which may combine with Hydrogen to form acids)