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Belmont Lesson Plan Template

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Lesson Planning Document
General Information
Teacher: Shannon Cain
Students: 30
Mentor: Mr. Cargile
Number: 1
Date: 4/9/15
Sequence: 1

Subject: Science

Number of

Grade: 8th grade


Time Allowed: 50 min

Lesson in
Unit Title:

Life Science
Topic- Chapter 2 Classification and Chapter 3 Adaptations

Subjects Integrated- Biology, Life Science, Ecology


Readiness and Background Knowledge

The students have learned about classification, domains and kingdoms.

They have completed lab activities, homework, and a quiz on this content.
They have also learned about animal reproduction, plant reproduction, animal
behavior, and natural selection. They have completed a lab activity, homework,
and a quiz on this content. The students are ready to take their test for this
unit. Today will serve as a review day for the test.


SPI 0807.5.1 Use a simple classification key to identify an unknown

SPI 0807.5.2 Analyze structural, behavioral, and physiological
adaptations to predict which populations are likely to survive in a
particular environment.



Student learning objectives:

I can list the eight levels of classification in order from most general to
most specific.
I can classify organisms based on similar characteristics.
I can use a classification key to classify/identify an unknown organism.
I can compare and contrast the ability of an organism to survive under
different environmental conditions.
Teacher learning objectives
I will work on lesson pacing and wait time.
I will assess the students informally throughout the lesson based on their
responses to my questions. I will go through material more thoroughly if the
students do not have clear understanding.

Resources and Materials

-PowerPoint- will be accessible to diverse learners


Instructional Model, Procedures, and Strategies

-Students copy down homework page- 2 minutes
-Go over last nights homework- 5 minutes
-Review of Chapter 2 and 3 PowerPoint- 20 minutes
-Student questions- 5 minutes
-Mr. Cargiles review- 10 minutes
-Homework- 5 minutes


Attention Signal
The students enter the classroom and start copying down their
homework page from the projector. They are great about starting class on time.

Opening and Advanced Organizer

The students are nervous about their test, so they will be motivated to
begin the lesson and go through what will be on their test.


Behavioral Expectations
We expect the students to treat the teachers and each other with
respect. Only once person will speak at a time during the discussion, unless the
class is notified to call out an answer collectively. If the students have a
question, they will raise their hands. The students will be active listeners and
participate in our discussion.


Instructional Steps
-The students will enter the classroom and begin copying the homework

-We will go over the homework from last night.
-We will begin our review of Chapter 2 and 3. I will first ask the students if
they have any questions about the test tomorrow.
-I will start going over the PowerPoint, asking the students questions
while reviewing the material.
-After reviewing, I will ask the students if they have any additional
-Mr. Cargile (or myself) will go over the content from previous chapters
that they will need to know for their test (electromagnetism, gravity,
weight, chemistry).
-I will pass out the homework. The students will have the rest of the class
to work on the homework.
-I will walk around the classroom to assist the students with their
homework and answer any questions they have.

Lesson Closure
I will close the lesson by walking around the classroom to assist students
when needed.

Feedback and Evaluation

I will evaluate the lesson through the informal questioning throughout the
lesson. If I feel that they students are answering the questions
confidently and correctly, then I feel that they will do well on their test


The PowerPoints are available for the students to look at upon request.
Our room is also open to the students during 2nd and 7th period if they
have questions.