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Vaughn 1

Shay Vaughn
Mrs. DeBock
English 4 Honors
March 13, 2015
Research Question: Is sex trafficking an issue in Myrtle Beach?
Working Thesis Statement: Myrtle Beach has become a popular area for sex trafficking.
Refined Thesis Statement: Sex trafficking has become a major threat to Myrtle Beach and is
continuing to increase.
Annotated Bibliography
Moore, Kimberly. "Local Group Fights Underground Sex and Labor Trade." The Sun News. N.p., 3 Mar. 2011. Web. 12 Mar. 2015.
In Moores article, she starts by telling of the Myrtle Beach- based internet radio. This
radio station has a weekly show called Trafficked. This show saved a 14 year old girl from the
life of sex trafficking in Thailand. She also tells us that even this can help people in the USA.
The grand strand, is not yet immune to trafficking. Traffickers have been known to lurk on I-95
and on beaches of the grand strand. Traffickers are not aware that the Grand Strand is home to a
vast network that expands six counties wide. This network is name the Eastern Carolina
Coalition against Human Trafficking. Kelly Bagwell was the founder of this organization.
Traffickers in Myrtle Beach find it easy to come and go. Myrtle Beach police are effectively
working to find the traffickers and help free their victims. The ECCAHT is urging people to
come out and join the effort to end this crime. This article supports the thesis because it is telling
how the industry is growing on the Grand Strand and the efforts that are being used to stop it.

Vaughn 2

Netzel, Natalie. "Human trafficking hits close to home in S.C." Newberry Observer (SC) 14 Oct.
2013: Points of View Reference Center. Web. 12 Mar. 2015.
Netzels article was about how close sex trafficking is to us, and finding signs of victims.
She interviewed Sara Damewood, a licensed social worker and human trafficking awareness
advocate. Myrtle Beach is the top spot for sex trafficking in South Carolina, this is because it is a
tourist trap. Other places in South Carolina that are hot spots include; Greenville, Charleston, and
Columbia. The most trafficked victims are kids and young women. Since sex trafficking has
become such a large issue on the east coast, South Carolina lawmakers joined forces to put
together a bill that would criminalize sex trafficking and gives prosecutors the power to seize
assets and property of convicted traffickers, and provides much needed support to victims, who
often suffer in silence. Danewood later goes into how to spot victims and what to do if
approached. This supports the thesis because it shows how severe this crime is in the Myrtle
Beach area.

Noble, Phil. "Slavery in S.C. Today." N.p., 20 June 2014. Web. 12 Mar.
Nobles article referred to the sex trafficking in South Carolina today. South Carolinians
are victims and traffickers. A report from Polaris Project says that South Carolina is ranked 28th
in the nation with 273 calls. Myrtle Beach was at the top of the list for most calls. Fortunately,
South Carolina has passed the best laws for this issue. This horrific crime has come out of the
shadows in South Carolina, and is being dealt with. Law enforcement is better enforcing existing
laws, funding victims assistance and services, and are offering more training and education

Vaughn 3
about the issue so that officers can recognize the signs of trafficking. This will support the thesis
because the article tell how South Carolina is a ranked trafficking state, and how dangerous it can