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Classroom Management Plan

1. Management Philosophy:
As teachers, we have to believe that our students are inherently driven
to learn in some way or another. However, we cannot assume this will be
apparent by the behavior of every student in our classroom. We have to
ensure that our classroom environment is conducive to learning for all
students. Also, it is very important to get to know your students not only as
learners, but also as people. Not only will this make them respect you as a
teacher, you are less likely to have management issues because students
will know that you care about them.
There are a countless number of factors that can play into a student
misbehaving in class. As teachers, although we have to accept that issues
will arise, we need to do our best to deal with them in the most effective way
possible. Starting out by having a private, constructive conversation with a
misbehaving student is a good idea. I think its important to try and figure
out why the student was misbehaving. Its also useful to ask yourself
whether or not this is a recurring behavior for a particular student. If the
behavior does happen often and youve already addressed the student
regarding the behavior, calling home or using outside resources may be
necessary. If the behavior isnt recurring, it probably isnt necessary to
involve a students parents unless its a severe behavior issue. Lastly, its
important to never attribute a students misbehavior to internal character
traits or lack thereof. Its possible the student just had a bad day (we all have
them). Every day is a new day and with it comes an opportunity for a fresh

Expectations, Rules, Consequences and Rewards:

Expectations and Rules:
Be on time and prepared for class. This
means bringing your book, a pencil and any assignments
that are due (no pens in math, please).
Treat others with respect. Lets make this
classroom a place where everyone feels comfortable to
Pay attention to me both when I am
speaking to the class and speaking with you directly.
Work quietly and efficiently when given
time to do so in class.

Raise your hand and ask a question if

something is unclear. Chances are, someone else is
wondering the same thing!
Use appropriate language. If you dont
know whether something is appropriate, dont say it.
Besides a graphing calculator, no other
technological devices are allowed unless I give you
permission to use it (this includes cell phones).
If you know you are going to miss class,
please speak with me ahead of time. Excluding unusual
circumstances, I expect that you will have any assignments
completed to the best of your ability when you return.
Learning mathematics takes patience
and practice. Please give your best effort on all
assignments and tests. Even if you arent sure you are
correct, try every problem.
If you have any issues or concerns, speak
to me privately. Before school, during lunchtime or after
class is a great time to do this.
Please do not ask me if there is anything
you can do for extra credit. If I decide to offer an
opportunity for extra credit, I will let everyone know.
I will accept 3 late assignments per
semester. After a test is given for a unit, I will no longer
accept homework for that unit.
Consequences and Rewards:
I prefer not to have problems and I am
sure you feel the same.
If I see your cell phone out, I will give you
a warning. If I see it out again, it will go on my desk for the
remainder of the class period.
If I see or hear you treating someone
with disrespect, there will be an immediate consequence.
If you forget a pencil or calculator, you
may borrow one if you give me something of yours to hold
onto until the end of the period.
Students who have turned in all
homework for a particular unit will be given the chance to
make test corrections for partial credit. If you havent
turned all your homework in, you will not be able to make

Students who have turned in all

homework on time over the course of the year will receive
10 extra credit points on the final.
There will be no test corrections on the
Beyond these classroom rules, all rules from the student handbook will be
enforced. Please familiarize yourself with school rules and expectations. Any
serious infraction will result in an immediate referral to the appropriate
administrative staff.

Warm-up problems: Students will have some form
of warm-up problem every day. They will be expected to quietly
start working on these as soon as the bell rings. I will walk
around while students are working to check for understanding.
After students are finished, we will go over the problems as a
class. On some days, I might ask for a volunteer to come up to
the board and present their solution.
Homework: I will assign homework (to be turned in
the next class) every day except on Friday. Instead of homework,
students will respond to a prompt in their math journals on
Fridays. On assignments, students will be expected to attempt
every problem and show their work. I will choose several
problems that span the content of a particular section and grade
those. The rest of the assignment will be graded on completion. I
expect students to correct all problems they missed on all
assignments. Occasionally, I will ask for resubmission of
assignments. I will explain to students that in order to succeed
on tests, it is in their best interest to correct and understand
what they missed.

4. Classroom Organization and Environment:

My classroom will be organized in a way that promotes student
learning. I hope to have tables in my classroom to encourage student
collaboration. Collaboration is important! If I dont have tables in my
classroom, the desks will be arranged in groups (I hate rows!). I want
my desk to be in a place where I can easily see what students are
doing and where they feel comfortable approaching me to ask
questions (although I will try to walk around most of the time).

I have read and understand Ms. Pierces procedures and course requirements
and am prepared to follow these policies.
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