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Maria Regina Grade

Grade 2 Term 3 - 2015
Scheme of Work

By: J.

Lets Learn Language Arts Text & Activity Book

Language Arts Text Book & Activity

Units seven and eight to be completed

Casco English Book

Units 10 -30.
Please note some of these units are

reviewing topics which were

completed in term 1 and 2.
Some are simple and easy to complete
in one week.
Approximately 2 to 3 topics to
complete the syllabus.

New Comprehension Strategies

Units 8 to 12 to complete.

Spelling & Dictation

All Spelling & Dictation are taken from

the Lets Learn Language Arts Text &

Activity Book Primary School
Curriculum Toolkit and New
Comprehension Strategies

Other Strand Topics

Using Teachers Resource Books
Vocabulary Word Analogies, Word

Sleuths, Vocabulary Cloze & Words in

Context, Word Insertions and Revision
Direct & Indirect Speech
Study Skills Graphic Representation
(Time Tables, Advertisements, & Bar
Listening Skills other short stories
with questions.
Visual Literacy Pictures with