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APPROVED SSCC Budget Meeting

SSCC Clubhouse
March 11, 2015

Board Attendees: Anita Smith-Vice President, Paulette Hill-Secretary, Phil Jones, Lance
Porter, Don Guthrie - by proxy, and Martha Fleming.
Community Attendee: Nancy McCallum
Meeting called to order 7:10 p.m.
1. Anita presented a spread sheet of the financial reports from 1998/99 through February of
2015, for comparison of Assessments and expenditures through the years so that we all had
the same back ground and could have a look at the different trends and better understand the
changes in needs as well as help us in setting the budget for next year.
2. We discussed the cost of continuing a community based reading of the water meters vs.
having King water do this and the savings that could be realized, as well as encouraging each
home owner in doing their own monitoring as well.
3. Reviewed and separated the repairs in accounting statement from the miscellaneous in
order to have a more accurate understanding of what actually needs to be paid for. It was
generally agreed that this would be a helpful change.
4. Anita worked with the bank to separate Lot and Water assessments amounts so it could be
easier to determine if each area had enough in assessments to cover its expenditures.
It was suggested that some of the carryover from 2014 might be used to pay down the loan
balance. We discussed paying the principal and interest payments ($322.60) from the water
account and then the extra principal payments ($377.40) from the clubhouse account would
better reflect the loan activity and be easier to understand.
5. We also discussed the use of online banking as it can make the process for the treasurer
more user friendly and understandable. There is a fee for this service. Anita pointed out that
having the paper trail makes it easier to insure that the banking is being done in the correct
manner and there is less chance of misuse or questionability.
6. The question was brought up as to what was the Co. Water Tax under the clubhouse
expenditures and that it had not been used. We may want to carry it over until we hear what
had become of that proposal.
7. We discussed what the amount should be for the generator repair and Anita was told that
$10,000 was the suggested amount. In 2002-2003 the new generator cost was over $17,000.

We also discussed the cost of repair and whether or not that had been researched fully as to
who could do it and what it would actually cost. This summer would be the best time to get it
done as the cost of calling operation manager or the techs was $40 to $90 per hour. Anita
said that she would try to speak to Kelly regarding this and Lance said he would be willing to
help and would talk to the original installer. Phil also thought he might be able to help. We
also discussed a special assessment to pay for the Generator repair to be divided per lot
owner. There is a need for additional meters at $750 per meter and to re-bore under the road
from lots 24-25 to lot 48 to do a reconnect where there was a break last year. That cost is
$1,500 for boring and including the meter would be about $2,250 plus tax.
8. There seems to be some question regarding the duplication of accounting charges under
pool and water and accounting under Clubhouse. Are they just divided or are they errors,
Anita will look into it.
Adjourned for the evening with applause to Anita for all the time and work she expended in
such a short time. We will continue budget meeting on Friday 13, 2015.

Approved Continuation of Budget Meeting

SSCC Clubhouse
13 March 2015

Board attendees: Anita Smith-Vice President, Paulette Hill-Secretary, Phil Jones, Lance
Porter, Don Guthrie-by proxy, and Martha Fleming.
Community attendee: Nancy McCallum
Meeting called to order at 7:10 p.m.
1. Discussed changes in the accounting spread sheet to include moving (a) the pool charges
to the clubhouse as it did not need its own section and for readability and true Lot
(Clubhouse) expenses as well. Clubhouse subtotal expenditure would show actual pool
expenses such as repairs, maintenance, equipment and permit (b) removing the $150
phone charge from the budget and the $60 propane charge.
2. Tony submitted the estimated pool expenses for the pool for the next year. The total
given was $482. Anita will research the year to date charges of $2119.22 under the pool
repair and maintenance to find out what they were for.
3. We looked at the cost of King Water doing our meter reading for us which is an
additional $345.60 additional accounting costs. We also discussed the fact that the
members would decide by vote at the annual meeting if they wanted their water dues to
increase to pay for a private company reading the meters instead of our volunteers. If the
community is comfortable with two community members doing the reading, it would be
to our benefit.
4. We also discussed the possibility of having the Accountant do the Bookkeeping, the
accounting and billing. That cost would be an estimated additional cost of $6000 a year.

5. We discussed the generator repair and its possible cost. We were advised of a possible
$10,000 cost but Kelly reported that there was a repair person in Lynwood who thought
it might be closer to $2,500 to $3,000 to do it. We asked for a vote to get an official
appraisal of the actual cost on the generator repair. Motion was made by Anita to
approve Kelly Westgard generator repair person to come out to do estimate of the actual
problem and its repair costs. Phil seconded and the motion carried. Voting for approval
were Paulette, Anita, Phil, Lance, Don by proxy. Martha abstained.
6. We discussed the cost of drywall in order to complete the work on the attic area but
decided it would be best to wait to see if the bats returned and required additional pest
treatment and then get an estimate for the cost to drywall that area. For budget purposes
it would still show on the budget.
7. The budget was then reviewed item by item for the purpose of setting and correcting
each item and to reorganize the spread sheet for better readability and understanding.
After this was completed, we then discussed what needs to be done vs. what can be
done and the difference and how to document it. It appears that there would need to be
added income to be able to meet the new budget. Anita then made a motion
recommending an increase of $25 in the dues to cover the increasing general and
clubhouse expenditures. Lance seconded the motion.
Anita, Paulette, Phil, Lance, and Don by proxy voted to approve the motion and
Martha abstained. The motion carried.
8. The disbursement of any excess budget was discussed and it was decided to not use it to
pay down the loan at this point because of the probable shortfall is foreseen.
9. Further discussed was the need to establish a committee to examine a new system of
setting guest fees for pool use.
10. We discussed setting the next meeting for April 8 th 2015, in order to get the final
financial report and have everything ready for the annual meeting. Anita to send the final
figures for the water system breakdown so it will reflect in the next meeting

Meeting adjourned at 10:20pm

Respectfully submitted
Paulette Hill Secretary