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Sunlight Shores Country Club

2705 Evening Glory Court
Corrected/Approved Minutes 18 March 2015
Board Attendees: Anita Smith-Vice President/Treasurer, Paulette Hill-Secretary, Phil Jones, Lance Porter,
Martha Fleming, and Don Guthrie by proxy.
Community Attendees: Nancy and Robert Boyles, Vivian Stembridge, Nancy McCallum, Diana Klein, Patti
Toombs, Wil Surface, Sharon and Glen McConnachie, and Ed Young.
Anita asked that all those in the gallery, who might have questions, to please write them down and hold them
until after the meeting in order that the business of the agenda could be completed and that the secretary
would not be distracted.
Meeting called to order at 6:05 p.m.
1. The minutes of 18 February 2015 were reviewed. No corrections were made and Lance made the
motion to approve the minutes as submitted. Phil seconded the motion and the motion carried.
2. (a) Anita explained to all present, the process in setting the budget and approval of the structure.
Anita explained that she herself has spent at least 56 hours with the bank, bookkeeper and reviewing
records. Phil explained the 1998 to 2014 spread sheet Anita had put together for easier across the
years comparison. Lance also explained we are still in the budget process; Paulette made a motion to
accept and ratify the budget as presented. Martha seconded. Discussion followed and Lance pointed
out that the caretaker rent should be under the clubhouse assets as he does nothing in regards to the
water. All agreed to this change and voted to approve the budget with this change. (b) In the report of
the guest pool fees, Anita stated that the amount of cash received was $77. The sign up sheet showed
there were 14 members and their guests for a dollar amount of $132. Still if everyone on the sign-up
paid, there should have been $206. It also showed there were non-members using the pool. This
clearly shows that the system is broken and we need a new system. (c) The propane bill was
submitted in the amount of $529.43, which put us over budget. Lance made the motion to pay the bill
as submitted and Phil seconded. There was discussion and all present with Dons proxy voted to
approve the payment of the bill.
3. On 9 Feb. 2015 an online request for approval to seek legal advice was made of all board members.
The online votes were five in favor and 4 against and the request is ratified.
4. The special meeting was done according to the bylaws, Article III Section 2.
5. Annual meeting May 3, 2015. (a) Anita explained that we need to set the next board meeting dates
for April 1 and April 8 because we need time to get the mailings out to everyone by the April 17 th. (b)
Anita made a motion to change the procedure for electing board members by nominating by single
votes rather than a slate of officers and setting up a nominating committee so that nomination could
be received and reviewed ahead of time. Lance seconded the motion. This would allow individuals or
their sponsors to submit their qualifications and willingness to serve. Phil had agreed to compile a
list. Anita explained that proxy votes are allowed. Lance then added to the motion that a nominating
committee be formed with Phil coordinating each person nominated. Martha seconded. All members
present voted to approve the motions with Dons proxy abstaining, and the motions carried.
6. Anita explained the board needs to acquire the 2008, 2009, and 2010 budget information, all bills,
bank statements, and all other related documents from the treasurer in place during those years.
Additionally, the board needs the caretakers contract for review. Paulette made a motion that the

board makes a request for all of these documents. Martha seconded the motion. All members present
and with Dons proxy, voted to approve the motion. The motion carried.
7. Based on legal opinion from attorney Mr. Waller stated that he had understood from Wayne, that the
non-payment was a water or lot assessment and had he understood that it was a non-verifiable $2.00
pool fee, he would have advised Wayne not to pursue this. It appears there is no verifiable
justification for Marthas removal from the Board based on the broken pool fees system. Martha is
therefore still a board member.
8. (a)We discussed the cost of opening the pool this year and after looking at all the figures, the cost
would be a minimal amount of the clubhouse expenditures. (b) There was discussion that the issue of
how to effectively collect pool fees and continued discussion on how this could be done equitably.
We thought maybe a pool research committee of guest usage could be formed at another time and put
on the agenda. (c) Phil made a motion for a resolution of intent to open the pool but the board realizes
there is a need to make arrangements for guest fee collection. Paulette seconded the motion and all
members present with Dons proxy abstaining, voted to approve the motion. Motion carried.
9. A ratification to seek legal advice by Anita and Paulette on 16 March 2015 was requested, as it was
approved previously to do so by the President Wayne Morrison and by the board via e-mail. Lance
suggested then that any further expenditure for legal advice should be approved at a board meeting.
We did discuss that the last attorney meeting would be over budget but did not know what the
amount would be. Lance motioned to ratify the e-mails approving Anita and Paulette seeking legal
advice with Michael Waller on 16 March 2015. Phil seconded and all members present with Dons
proxy abstaining, voted to approve the motion. Motion carried.
10. We reported that the attorney stated we did not need an attorney to interpret bylaws or RCWs but in
some instances it might be necessary and advisable. We discussed the process in making bylaw
changes. We could write them up and send them to him and he would finish the process for a
minimal amount. We might want to change some things like; clarify water language, change fiscal
year to match budget year, etc. It was also determined according to the 501(c) 4, RCW, that the
President can vote and that they can have a discretionary spending allowance of $500 as long as it is
spent for an already approved budget item.
11. Other: Lance made a motion that Wayne Morrison be removed as Board President pursuant to RCW
24.03.130 which states in part about the removal of officers, any officer elected may be removed by
the persons authorized to elect such officer whenever in their judgment the best interests of the
corporation will be served Martha seconded the motion. There was considerable discussion by the
board which included that the president does not have unilateral authority to remove a board
member. The president acts under the direction of the Board of Trustees, Article V section 1. The
Board of Trustees elects the president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer to serve at the will of
the Trustees, Article IV Section 1. A vote was then taken and the motion was approved by the all
members present, Dons proxy abstained.
There was general discussion from the gallery on a number of the agenda items and a number of written
questions submitted. Patti suggested training for new board members, such as having a facilitator to help.
Nancy offered a list of previous committee members who might still like to be of service for the pool.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:18 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted By
Paulette Hill Secretary