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Setting: An a general music class that students take because they chose to.

1. Objectives:
Students will learn to label parts of a classical music piece.
Students will learn what a staff is, what lines on a staff represent, when
and how to clefs.
2. Procedures/Activities:
I will begin class with a demonstration of the lessons provided by I will go through The Staff, Clefs, and Ledger Lines,
Measures and Time Signature. After going through these lessons I will
open the floor to questions.
If there are no questions I will ask the students to use the rest of class
time to go through the Note Duration, and Generic Intervals lessons on
the Music Theory website. Allowing for questions throughout the class
3. Assignment:
To assess their understanding of the lessons plans presented during
class I would assign students to write out a piece of music. They can
use any classical piece from any composer. They will write in words
each of the components of the piece. Answering the questions of what
measure is it written in, what meter, scale, note durations, notes. They
will need to choose a piece of music and then they will identify all
factors that they learned about during class. I will also ask them to
include one to two paragraph about what they would like to learn next
or if they have any other questions. In this paragraph I would also like
them to include how would they teach these skills to someone who has
never had a music class before. They should use 12 point, times new
roman font, double spaced. They will turn this into me printed out.
Extra Credit: If they would like to go through other lesson plans and
label other components on their piece they can earn up to 2 points on
their next test.
If students need help I will hold office hours twice a week for the two
weeks the assignment is open for. If they are unable to come to my
office hours they will be able to schedule an appointment with me.
The Due Date will be two week from the posting of the Assignment. If
given on April 13th it will be due April 27th. Since I will require them to
turn it in to me it will be due at the beginning of that class. Late work
will be accepted but points will be deduced. Three points will be taken
off each day the assignment is late.
Are all The Staff, Clefs, Ledger Lines, Measures, Time Signature,
Note Duration, Generic Intervals labeled properly.
5 points = everything is labeled properly
4 points = less then two things are mislabeled.
3 points = more than three things are mislabeled.
2 points = more than five things are mislabeled.
1 point = 90% of their labels are misplaced or incorrect.

Paragraph at the end: 5 points

5 - 1 points = Points will be given based on the creativity
on their teaching idea.
Extra Credit: 2 points
They will receive two extra points if they have labeled
things properly that were not gone over in class.