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Pornography: A Report

To begin my report I want to share an experience from a boy named Jamie

(his name has been changed). Jamie began looking at pornographic images when he
was 10 years old (Manhydra). A friend began showing them to him and at first he
was confused and disgusted by what he saw. But he said it, gave me funny feelings
and the pictures started to stick in my head . Jamie started to view pornography on
his own on a laptop his parents gave him to use for homework. His tolerance and
desires for more hardcore pornography increased as his viewing habits increased.
He found himself viewing pornography
daily and said I stopped leaving my room
and seeing my friends because when I was
away from the pornography, I was dying to
get back to see what I could find. His
viewing material eventually included
animals, children, stabbing, and
strangling. At the age of 13 Jamie was
added to the Sex Offender Registry after police came to his home and took his
laptop for examination.

Lets define the word pornography. Pornography

can mean different things to different people.
What is defined as pornography is strongly
influenced by our cultural and religious paradigm.

1986 Robin West expanded on the difficulty of

defining pornography with the following
statement, pornography is notoriously hard to

define, yet like the Supreme Court all of us think we know it when we see it. Even if
we cannot define pornography, we can say if something is or is not pornographic.
Although this was written nearly 30 years ago, it
definitely rings true today. Robin goes on to talk
about a concept she calls traditional conception.
She says, This conception is not based on
definitions of pornography, for we have none.
Rather, the traditional conception consists of
broadly stated and widely believed inductive
generalizations, which are in turn based on a multitude of common and shared
experiences with pornographic materials (West). Robin is saying that each
individuals definition of what is pornography differs according to their personal
experiences and their exposure (or lack thereof) to pornographic material. For the
purpose of this paper I will use the Merriam-Webster definition, which defines
pornography as movies, pictures, magazines, etc., that show or describe naked
people or sex in very open and direct ways in order to cause sexual excitement

So what impacts does pornography use have? Pornography negatively affects our
minds, relationships and society.
I want to briefly touch on all
three of these. First,
pornography is addictive. Life
Star Network, a group that aids
in sexual addiction recovery
gave the following summary of
why pornography is addictive.
They state that, the human sexual experience creates powerful chemical and
neurological reactions in the brain. The neurotransmitters; dopamine,
norepinephrine, endogenous opiates, and oxytocin are responsible for the rush,
excitement, euphoria, and powerful human
connection that occur during the sexual
experience. When these reactions are
generated from artificial sources such as
pornography, the brain doesnt know the
difference. When this happens repeatedly
and with frequency, new neurological
pathways are formed, a connection to the
artificial source occurs, and a powerful addiction is created (LifeStarNetwork)! This
statement clearly shows how one could easily establish a dependency on
pornography. Through this process the brain alters its chemistry and the habit
becomes more deeply entrenched.

Second, pornography erodes intimate and

interpersonal relationships. Studies have shown
that after men are exposed to pornographic
material they see themselves as less in love with
their significant other (Bridges). Another study
concluded that after being exposed to pornography, people were more critical of
their partners appearance, sexual curiosity, sexual performance, and displays of
affection. (Fight the New Drug).These changes in perception will have a very
negative impact on a marriage relationship.

pornography teaches
lies about sex. It is
educating our youth
to believe that sex
should involve
degrading acts of
domination. Fight the
New Drug shared the
results of a
study done
by sociologist

Michael Kimmel, he found

that, mens

sexual fantasies have


heavily influenced by porn,

which gets

awfully tricky when their


dont want to act out the

degrading or dangerous acts porn shows. As a result, men who look at pornography
have been shown to be more likely to go to prostitutes, often looking for a chance to
live out what theyve seen in porn. In one survey of former prostitutes, 80% said
that customers had shown them images of porn to illustrate what they wanted to
do. It becomes quite apparent that pornography can interfere in a relationship by
causing sexual dissatisfaction reducing the chances of a healthy relationship.
So now we know that pornography is harmful. What does that mean for our
rising generation? What about our youth and even children? There is a news article
published this morning on KSL titled, By the end of high school, nearly all kids have

seen pornography, experts say. The article goes on to share some very scary
statistics, children as young as 7 years old are becoming addicted to pornography.
Most kids know how to use a smart phone or tablet and with a 3 billion dollar mobile
porn industry, that is very concerning. The primary problem is easy of access. Its
just so readily available. And even if kids dont go looking for it, there friends may
willing share. Dr. Douglas Goldsmith, executive director of the Childrens Center
said, Some kids may be able to ignore it and move on. But others cant. Once
theyve seen that, kids want more. There is an addictive quality that we know about
seeing pornography (Richards).
To summarize, the impacts of pornography use on our minds, hearts and
society are clear. There is significant scientific and social research to support these

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